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  1. I have just recieved all the info i requested in my SAR from yes car credit. Could someone please advise me where to go next ? The ppi was with Advent but do i complain to them or Yes? How do i calculate what i should try and claim back ? Sorry for all the questions but i want to make sure i do everything properly. Many thanks Di x
  2. I wanted to do a SAR request to Yes Car Credit for documents, however who do I write the cheque out to? is it Provident Financial Services or DAF? Also does anybody know the address for them?
  3. Hi all, I have literally just join the site after reading a few pages which werebrought up when I did a Google search and I hope someone can help me as I amconfusing myself! I took our car finance with Yes Car Credit and remember being told that I had to take out PPI in order to qualify for the finance package. Sadly I don’t have any paperwork anymore and I have moved a couple of times since myf inance ended. Is there anyway I do anything or get the information about myagreement as I know Yes Car no longer trade.... Any help or advice would be great
  4. Hello! I am about to embark on a PPI claim with Yes. I have done a lot of research and reading and have my plan of attack and steps to take at each stage sorted, knowing that they're wriggly as possible in trying to put you off and get out of repayment. I am about to send off an SAR request but a thought struck me this morning. The loan was in both mine and my mothers name and we were told the usual, no PPI, no loan nonsense and we tried to cancel the PPI the day after signing with no luck. However, my mum has a list as long as your arm of pre-existing medical conditions, rendering the PPI useless, these medical problems have been an issue for a good 40 years so long before we took this loan out. Would it be prudent to just go ahead and put my claim in on this basis alone or should I get all the info I possibly can from them first then go in all guns blazing as it were? I have my spreadsheet ready, have the original agreement with both our names on it and have downloaded and mostly filled in the consumer claim form thingy. Any help much appreciated.
  5. Hi I am new, I posted on someone elses thread but think it may be better to start my own so here is what I would like help with... I would love to know if it's possible to claim my PPIback from a car loan I got from Yes Car Credit. My situation is a bit difficult, so any advice would be most welcomed! Okay, here are the details: The car loan was in 2003 It was a joint loan between myself and an ex boyfriend who I no longer have contact with I am not at the same address as when we got the loan I have no paperwork at all The payments were by payment card which I have no details of The car was later stollen and so we stopped making payments, but a finance/debt collection company tracked us down a few years later (2008 I think) and agreed to half the outstanding amount (from about £6k to £3k) so we agreed and paid our £1,500 each off Can I still claim back the PPI? If so how do I go about it? Thanks in advance for any help x
  6. Hi there I did have another thread going but thought since I now have my paperwork from Yes Car Credit/Direct Auto Finance I would start a new one with the appropriate title. Ok so I sent my SAR a few weeks ago and have received a CD rom with all my papoerwork from the car I bought (with my ex partner) in 2003. On the agreement it doesn't seem that I had PPI as it is left blank (number 10) BUT it does have some other premiums on there which I know nothing about which are 'Mechanical Breakdown Insurance' and 'GAP insurance Cash Premium' Is this simelar to PPI and can you claim any of this back for being missold? Does anyone know how I can attach the file so you can take a look? Thanks for your time xxx
  7. Hello Guys, well ive started what seems like a very confusing battle to try and claim missold ppi and gap insurance for a car that was sold to me by Yes Car Credit and they arranged the credit company of Welcome Finance. Wher do I start ??? Welcome Finance have told me my account number but passed me back to Yes Car Credit as they sold the ppi. Is this correct and do I now write to Direct Auto Finance Ins Services as YCC have gone into liquidation, or do I write to Irwin Mitchell Solicitors as they seem to be the people dealing with the creditors. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  8. Hello, I am completely new to both forums and this website. I would like to start a claim against Yes Car Credit to reclaim PPI. I have found lots of forums about this but I feel like my head is whirling!! I need a step by step guide!! Thank you to everyone who can help me and apologies for being so pathetic!
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