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  1. Hi, I'm after some advice for my son on how to deal with a letter he received today from CRS. He joined Xercise 4 less in Bolton when he started Uni there in September 2013, he paid £9.99 monthly by direct debit when he joined he was told it was a 12 month only membership. However he decided that uni was not for him and in Easter 2014 he returned home. As he hadn't completed the full 12 months, he continued to make the direct debit payments and thought that once the twelve months were up his membership would automatically finish and his payments stop (he's only just recently told me about this all) To cut a long story short, they didn't and he didn't realise until he checked a bank statement in June of this year, he contacted the Bolton branch who said they would cancel his membership and he advised them that he would cancel his direct debit. He thought that was the end of it as he has had no further communication from them until he received the letter today from CRS. The letter states his Xercise 4 Less membership remains in arrears despite previous letters being sent to him, he has received no correspondence, and as a result of this his account balance stands at £207.47 (£102.50 are their fees). He has tried to ring them regarding this but was unable to get through and the manager was unavailable at the Bolton gym. I've seen numerous posts of a similar vein on here and was just looking for some help on how I should advise my son to handle this. Any assistance would be much appreciated
  2. Hi, can anyone help please? I took out a one year membership with Xercise 4 Less gym last year but didn't really use it so decided to cancel after about 11 months. I cancelled my direct debit but, didn't contact Xercise 4 Less to cancel my membership (which I now realise was a bit silly!) but I only had a month to go so figured that when my direct debit didn't go through they would just cancel my membership. I had no contact from Xercise 4 Less to query why my direct debit wasn't going through or if I wanted to continue my membership, so I assumed all was fine. However about 3 months later I get a letter, dated 29 July, from CRS Credit Resolution Services saying that "We've been employed by Xercise 4 Less as your membership remains in arrears despite previous letters being sent to you." (which I did NOT receive) "As a result of this, our fees of £102.50 have been added. Therefore, your account balance now stands at £207.47". I then e.mailed Xercise 4 Less giving them notice that I wished to cancel my membership with immediate effect as I was under the impression that it would end automatically at the end of the 12 month period. My contract with Xercise 4 Less was for £9.99 a month so even if my contract continued after the initial 12 months until I gave them written notice of cancellation, the maximum I could owe them would be 3 months membership totaling £29.97 so how they came to the figure of £207.27 I do not know! I also understood from other threads on this forum that CRS's fees were penalty charges and so not enforceable by law, so I decided to wait for a response from Xercise 4 Less and ignore the letter from CRS. I had no response from Xercise 4 Less to my cancellation e.mail and I then received another letter dated 19th August from CRS threatening Legal Action, or passing to a Debt Collection Agency if I did not contact them within 10 days to arrange payment. Again I ignored this letter. I was then out of the country for a couple of weeks at the beginning of September but when I got back there was another letter from CRS dated 10 September saying that if they did not here from me in 10 days they would pass my account balance to Zinc Group Ltd "one of the UK's leading providers of debt recovery solutions". As I only read the letter when I got back to the UK yesterday, the 10 period is almost up. In between these letters I have also had various texts and automated phone messages asking me to get in touch with CRS. A few days ago I also had an apparently automated email response from Xercise 4 less, to my cancellation e.mail (which I sent back at the end of July!) simply saying that they had received my email and would deal with my query shortly. I am happy to offer to pay the one month's membership fee for the last month on my 12 month contract or even, at a push the 3 months' membership up to the point of my cancellation e.mail but I really don't think I should pay CRS's fees as they seem extortionate to me just for writing a few letters, and as I understand it they are not enforcable in law, and these companies just try to scare people into paying them lots of money. Please could anyone advise me on where I stand with all this and what the best course of action would be for me to take. Any advise and help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance Stuart
  3. Hello Slick132, I was looking at a question you answered for a member regarding xercise4less and was hoping you may be able to assist me also? I recently signed up to this gym after recommendation by a friend, initially contacting via email which then turned into a day pass followed by a barrage of calls from sales members asking me to come in for a "chat" Eventually they persuaded me to join however I had some doubts as I asked for my agreement only to be told this would be sent via email. I made the initial payment however did not receive any information and when queried the gym blamed a system error and my details however sent me a few emails. I decided after a few days this was not for me after being involved in a heated, almost physical altercation with another member of the gym. I have asked politely to leave but they are telling me as I signed in the gym I "waived all rights to a cool off period" and "any privilege to leave has been removed from me" and are trying to insist I stay even going as far as to bar the member who was involved in the fracas which in turn left me no choice but to play middle men between the two gyms as they decided on the person's fate (Without him ever knowing) I have spent hours on the phone to countless branches and staff who all say they understand my situation and can help me then ultimately say they cant and to speak to the next person up (who is conveniently never available) and now I am growing frustrated that they are trying to delay and stall me into a corner so I cannot request to leave. I can 100% guarantee I was never made aware of the no cooling off period otherwise I would never have signed. If possible could you advise on my next steps in order to protect myself and still get the desired outcome as currently I am in need of any guidance I can get. Initially I signed up on Friday 24th July and I made it clear I was unhappy on the proceeding Monday via email (which received no response) and in person on Wednesday which was when I was informed of my rights by the receptionist (which they have conveniently forgotten about now). I have sent out numerous emails to supposed managers and even an area manager with no real response. Please accept my apologies if this is not the correct way to go about seeking advice I am just extremely desperate for some help. Many Thanks
  4. Hey there! Beth here. I've never really done this before... more of a forum skulker than anything, though recently I've come to blows with Harlands after my years membership with Xercise4less was up (A membership which I never managed to utilise due to illness). Essentially the difficulty is that I was told by staff at my gym before signing up that my contract would be paid in full after a twelve month period and that I would have the option of continuing on to a rolling contract afterwards. They also told me that it was easy to cancel my place should I desire. I signed up happily and began my gym sessions. I managed two before realising I was having quite severe difficulties breathing and went to see my GP. He then gave me a diagnosis of Asthma and I stopped attending the gym. I enquired as to cancelling due to illness and the gym insisted I couldn't cancel until my first years payments were up. I was angry, but I conceded and continued to pay 9.99 a month for the 12 month period. I'd signed up in February of last year, so when bills continued to be taken from my account pertaining to march and then april, I cancelled my direct debit, having been told that this rolling payment was optional. I emailed the gym and informed them that I had cancelled and a week later Harlands sends me a letter. This letter tells me that there is a cancellation fee of £9.99 (something I was never told when signing up) and that I have incurred an administration fee of £25, plus another months membership fee's of £9.99! I ended up taking the cowards way out and called to say that I couldn't pay the administration fees, but that I would pay the cancellation and last months fees if it would get them off my back. They agreed, though added I'd still need to pay the NEXT month and so I would have to set up a direct debit. I set the direct debit up over the phone with a member of staff, paying the cancellation fee and last months payment and he said that my final payment would be taken out and that would be the end of it. Today I received a letter that states that they are disappointed that I failed to respond to their previous correspondence and that I have failed to pay my July instalment, which I set up the direct debit for on the 22nd of June. They've charged me another £25 along with the 9.99 I expected to have to pay (Though why I would have to pay for July when I requested cancellation in June, I have no idea) Blah. It's become an increasingly stressful process. Anyway, apologies for the essay! That's my issue and any help is appreciated, though take your time ^^
  5. Hi all, having read multiple threads about Harlands over the past few months and finally thinking that my problem was resolved, I have today come to the end of my tether with these cowboys. I joined end of 2013 and cancelled my DD in January 2015 as I hadn't been going for months as the facility was rubbish. I had completed my 12 month contract and wrongly assumed that I could just cancel my DD. I then received a letter from Harlands in March 2015 claiming I owed my Jan/Feb direct debits at £12.99 each, plus the penalty fee of £25. I didn't agree with this but I paid it to get them offs back and they told me I needed to cancel directly with the gym. Again, I accepted that I was at fault for now following the correct cancellation procedure, hence why I paid up. In March 2015 on the back of this letter, I contacted the gym at X4L Nottingham by telephone and spoke to the Manager, asking him what I needed to do to cancel to put this to rest. The Manager told me I didn't need to do anything as according to his end, I had already cancelled. I specifically asked if I needed to complete any forms and was told no. Brilliant I thought, this is over. I then received a further letter from Harlands later in March advising that I had missed my March payment and that I owed a £12.99 plus the £25 penalty. I took the letter directly to X4L end of March and talked through with reception what my issue was and said I wanted to cancel once and for all as I was tired of this issue. Once again I am told by X4L that I didn't need to do anything, no forms, nothing. The receptionist told me, face to face, that the Manager would contact Harlands (taking a copy of my letter) to advise that they need not pursue me and that the Manager would contact me the next day to confirm. This, by the way, is a new manager as the manager I had the previous telephone conversation with has left. The next day came and no call from the X4L Manager so I called them, the Manager confirmed they would sort this and that I did not owe anything and did not need to cancel. Great - matter resolved. Today, I have received a letter from CRS who I believe to be 'Harlands' own DCA?? I now owe £180.47. Wow - even if I owed my March, April and May gym fees of £12.99 per month and their "penalty fees" it should not come to this!! I called X4L and this time spoke with the sales membership manager who confirmed that if I did not complete a cancellation form, my membership won't be cancelled which is why I've been receiving the letters and I cannot cancel until the balance is paid. So, my issues in summary: 1. Harlands advised me that I needed to cancel directly with the gym, so; 2. I have contacted the gym by telephone in March 2015 and visited in person in April 2015 advising that I wanted to cancel, but was told BOTH times that I need not do anything as I was cancelled their end. 3. I have attempted to cancel twice now and have basically been blocked from doing so, whether this is due to a lack of knowledge and training on X4L part or not is not my fault - I have made two attempts to cancel to avoid further debts occurring. 4. I am not prepared to pay the balance of £180.47 in order to then be able to cancel the membership, as I have already attempted to cancel officially twice and don't see why I should pay a debt that has accrued because X4L has given me the wrong information. If they had allowed me to cancel in March or later in April the second time, the debt wouldn't even exist. I refuse to have any telephone or face to face contact with either of these cowboy outlets from today and intend on writing to them to outline my concerns and complaint. I could really do with some advice on what I should include in the letter and also what your thoughts are on the situation. I know that the penalty fees are not enforceable based on other threads I've come across, but at present this is a separate issue altogether. I just want to cancel, as I have tried to do on two occasions now!
  6. Hi I am hoping somebody can help me, I cancelled my gym membership toward the end of last year, i went into my gym and filled in a close of account form and handed it into the lady at reception, i then waited a month an cancelled the direct debit as i was told i had to give a months notice. As far as i was aware the matter was now over until last week i received a letter from CRS Credit Resolution Services saying i owed £222.47 as my account was in arrears. I rang CRS and they claim the gym have no recollection of me handing in the close of account form in and and there for it has been classed as missed payments. Xercise for less have been sending letters out so they claim saying i have missed payments but these have been sent to my old address as i moved house mid membership, they had my mobile number but made no effort to get in contact with me. I spoke with CRS today and they was very off hand and said the best they can do is i need to pay £112.49 today or the matter will be sent for collection of goods totalling that amount. Can sombody please help me with this ? Kind Regards Daniel.
  7. It seems i'm not the only one with these guys bugging me! i entered into a 12 month contract in May 2014 with the gym, at 9.99 a month. I made my last payment in December. I do acknowledge that I canceled early but i do have reasons. On a number of occations my person code would not work and i wasn't allowed access to the gym or classes, which wasn't very good when i was sat waiting for my aunty and mother to finish their session so we could go home together! I complained at the desk a number of times but no-one knew what was going on and no-one helped me. So as far as i could see i was paying for a service i wasn't getting. i recieved a letter a couple of week ago from CRS saying i was in debt of £192.46, i have since sent them an email (as i will only communicate via written word with companies like these) explaining my reasoning and also asking for a breakdown of fees, although looking at threads on here i have seen that it is likely that the fees are non-mandatory. I also have no emails or letters containing some sort of membership agreement so i cannot find out where i stand in this matter. I'm happy to pay the £40 i owe, but not the fees. As of yet i have had no reply to my email, but i don't want anyone going to my parents house as this is where the company still think i live! Any help would be appreciated, thank you
  8. Hey guys, I signed up for the 1 month minimum contract with Xercise 4 Less back in February 2014 after 3 months I decided to cancel this month to month direct debit as I had to return to my home country. Apparently, this is not the way to proceed with this contract, as I have just received a call requesting a payment of £220 from some credit collection company. They claim that they have sent me many letters but since I am a university student my address changed and I have thus not received any of the letters they supposedly have sent. (They claim that I owe them membership since May 2014) Is this legal?? I understand that I am liable to pay the last month termination fee but are these admin/late/cancellation fees legal? What is the worst that will occur if I do NOT pay these fees? Advice on how I should proceed with this matter is greatly appreciated ! (Sry for bad English, I am international student. I can clarify some parts if needs be) -PepparKakor
  9. Hi, I signed myself and my girlfriend up for gym memberships back in June of this year. I then had some financial difficulties and couldn't pay the gym memberships. I had no idea how to deal with letters for both my girlfriend and myself, I have spoke to Harland's a few times and tried paid them a few times. Although they keep adding charges I had no idea till this evening that I didn't have to be paying these. They passed my account on to another company crs I think, I have moved home and have no letters or correspondence will them. All I know now is I'm due to pay £40+ on the 10th of this month to fix arrears and charges on my account this is a repeat payment till June of 2015 and another £38 on the 17th for my girlfriends arrears and charges. I will silly and naive and also my girlfriend was some what worried when we received these letters. After reading posts on the forum tonight I wonder if anyone could give me my best course of action as I feel I am being took advantage off. Thanks
  10. I was with exercise for less for 18 month. In may this year I canceled my direct debit and told the gym via email I was. I moved house. I've heard nothing from them for 5 months but got a letter from crs debt collectors today wanting a balance off over £200!! I went to the gym to see what was going on. They still had my mobile number on their system but have not contacted me once, they may have sent me letters but as I've moved I've not received them. The gym say they need proof off the email but I no longer have that account as it was hacked. Where do I stand? Any help appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi there, I googled Harlands after receiving a letter from them and sure enough it led me here! I've been reading through other peoples issues but wanted to post my own. I joined my local Xercise 4 less on a month by month bases in mid 2012. In November 2012 I switched to a year contract as it was cheaper. The final payment for this contract was on 19 December 2013. So on 9 December I posted the gym a letter of cancellation, as they require 30 days notice. As I did not hear from them I cancelled my DD on 15 January, as it was about to come out again on the 19th. Then on the 27th of January I received a letter from Harlands stating I had to pay £9.99 outstanding balance, £9.99 cancellation fee and their lovely £25.00 admin fee. I spoke to Harlands who informed me I would need to speak directly to the gym to sort this out, so today I'm going to post a letter (recorded delivery) to my gym which looks like this: I just wanted to check that this seemed ok? I'm sure it won't be the last of it but I want to start on the right foot. Many thanks for any advice!
  12. Hey, I've been reading around and not too sure, so I decided to make my own thread. I joined Xercise4Less on April 24th 2012, my first payment was paid that day. The first payment included £20 joining(?) fee and then £9.99 monthly on top of that. The payment for the May was taken out of my bank on the 15th of May, which is 9 days earlier than what I expected. When I went to the Gym, I asked an employee, he told me that I'd have too bring in a bank statement too sort it out and that it shouldn't have came out on that date. I didn't want to take in a bank statement and just let it fly, expecting the June payment to come out on the 24th. When I went to the gym, around the 15th of June, I entered my passcode to enter the Gym through the turn stalls, I was receiving an error and just thought it was the turn stall. An employee behind the desk asked "are you Lee Waller"? as she saw me struggling, I said yes, and she let me through. A few days later, I received a letter from Harlands saying that the June instalment has been returned unpaid due to insufficient funds and that I owe them £34.99. £9.99 of which is the instalment and the other £25 is "Administration Charge." I then put 2 and 2 together and realised that they must have done something to my account because they didn't receive my payment, although I should've still had 9 days left for that month, if I'm correct? If I knew that the payment was going too come out on the 15th I would have made sure too put money into the bank. I showed my dad the letter and he called them up informing them that I wouldn't be paying them these charges. I cancelled the DD through online banking. On the 29th of June I received another letter from Harlands saying that I owe them another £25, and saying: "You have now incurred a further £25 charge and are £59.99 in arrears. "You must call us by the 13 JUL 12 to avoid further charges." After this, I showed my dad this letter, he called them up. He first off told them, Mrs L Waller doesn't exist and that it's his son that joined the Gym. (To clarify I'm Mr L Waller, but they sent letters to Mrs L Waller.) A simple mistake yes, but my dad and I thought it rude and almost embarrassing. He then told them that I will not be paying them these charges, they then hung up the phone and refused to speak to us. At the bottom of the 2nd letter they said: "You must call us by 13 JUL 12 to avoid further charges." Which I did, and informed them that I will not be paying these charges. I recently just received a third letter from Harlands, here it is. Hilariously, the first thing they say is "Mr L Waller," which is cropped out. They then state that I didn't contact them! I have no idea what this "contract balance" is either. What should I do? Thank you for any advice in advance! Edit~ While speaking on the phone to Harlands, they said I should have received an e-mail containing details about when the DD will be coming out, I've checked my E-mail but I couldn't find an E-mail. The spam box may have caught it and removed it before I could see it.
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