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  1. My husband who was on the old IB then moved on to ESA, he was put into the WRAG group for ESA. He started a full time job on Friday which is fantastic and he can work from home which is even better due to his medical conditions. My questions are: He will be informing them today of his new current situation. is there anything he would be entitled to as he will changing to monthly pay? If for some reason he finds that he is too ill to continue with work, can he be put back into the same category within a certain timescale or will this become a new claim? Many thanks
  2. I'm ESA WRAG with a 12+ month prognosis as I have posted before on the forums Seetec continue to harass me with mandatory appointment letters even though I have not volunteered for WP. I have an appointment today and was told by the manager at Seetec that JCP now are requiring ESA WRAG claimants to engage with providers for the remaining period until re assessment. This is news to me, and I don't buy it. Anyone heard similar?
  3. I have requested a statement of reason, but can anyone tell me is that the same as requesting the medical report. I have not had any assessment, just got the form to fill in and then the letter saying WRAG arrived. I cannot walk 50m without stopping and i put this on the form, so I am not sure what they were reading. I have been on IB for 23 years so this is very worring for me, as it is for a lot of people. Any help would be good. Thankyou
  4. hi there i won my ESA appeal last month but was put in the WRAG. for 2 years how do i go about being placed in the support group? and also how long is the WRAG last for? and is it weekly meetings? and what happens after the WRAG as finished? any advice would help.
  5. so the dreaded ESA50 has landed on my front door mat again. I got this feeling that this time I will be taken out of the support group and sentenced to WRAG where because my partner is working my money will stop. Is WRAG, JCP and WP worth the hastle? I dont expect to live past 65, serious heart condition, so a pension means nothing to me. I also expect to lose motorbility when PIP comes around so even less money. Oh what joy!
  6. hi there, i am in the process of appealing ESA having been placed in wrag group, when i meet the descriptors for the support group. i have and appeal tribunal date set for next month and have received the appeal papers. There are many inconsistences in the bundle and i need to send my submission in ahead of attending my tribunal. I have additional medical reports to send to support me being in the support group. Hopefully if i can get the information across properly the decision will be overturned, and i will not need to attend. It feels like i will be saying the same thing over and over , it has been ignored in my original ESA form, and in my appeal letter- so not sure how else to address this without saying the same things all over again. I have never had a medical, but there are medical reports included in my tribunal bundle- which have been written on the basis of my ESA form- yet ignore my statements of difficulties and no attempt has been made to date to contact any of my consultants or GP to validate my statements , yet they have been discounted . i have cognitive difficulties amongst my problems and am finding it very hard to find a way of writing my submission.- im getting overwhelmed trying to find a way of stucturing my submission and wonder if there is a template anywhere that i could use? i understand it should be concise, but i dont know how to write it can anyone help me please ?
  7. hi there, my head is about to explode trying to work this out what happens if: you have been deemed to have limited capability for work LCW and you are getting ESA contributions based and your year then runs out As the beginning of that year you have had phone interview and you have been told you dont need to go on work related activity because of your difficulties and also because you are waiting an appeal to argue being placed from wrag to support group. And then you dont win your appeal and your entitlement has run out , and you dont meet the criteria for income related ESA? there you are a year down the line , you are without any ESA, have had no work related actvity to help you back to work (not that you could have done it anyway because of your illnessess/disabiliites- which is why you were appealing not being put in the support group ) is that how it goes .. what happens next , do they expect you to apply for JSA, even though your heath conditions mean you are not capable of searching for a job , let alone getting and holding done down ?
  8. Hi I am claiming JSA and interest help with my mortgage. My GP has signed me off for a month today (I am due to sign on Thursday). This is my second certificate this year (for the same health issues). Do I send the sick note to my local JC, also will the help with my mortgage continue. I expect there might be a delay as I change from one to the other. Pretty scared really, as I am waiting ECG tests, and just had my meds upped for depression. GP was very nice and understanding, not sure the DWP will be, reading what some of you folks face it all sounds horrible. Any help much thanked Lily
  9. hey im asking on behalf of a friend that is been made to go on a work realted activy course, what is this course she is been made to go on? and will she be forced to look for work? because to me it seems to defeat the whole point of being on esa in the first place as shes unfit for work thanks in advance
  10. Not for me; but my brother: He had one yesterday and mum came along with him. He asked his address, telephone number, DOB, etc. He was told (he's in WRAG - appealing) that he has to either do education or find a job. Are you required to do these things? I thought the stuff discussed in WFIs were just recommendations and you don't have to do anything? The woman then admitted she's clueless about Aspergers Syndrome. By this point my brother was twitching. (if I do this, it's generally a sign of sensory overload / I'm starting to get uncomfortable an am about to have a meltdown of some sort) The lady then gave him and mum a lecture and asked him how long he's had Aspergers for? Mum replied and said that he was diagnosed at 14. The lady then made some comment about how he can't stay on benefits for ever. What business is that of hers anyway? Yes, like me, he's considered high functioning; but with some of the issues associated with Autism / Aspergers, getting a job is bloody difficult. And then there's the attitudes from other people... Mum has contacted a local support group to get advice on this. On a side note - I asked mum if brother had been called for an assessment by ATOS and she said no. (I wasn't either - but was put into the support group) How can they just put someone in WRAG by the stuff that's been written on the forms? It would have made more sense to see him and then decide whether it's support group, WRAG or fit for work and not WRAG straight off.
  11. I was put in the wrag group without a medical assessment (provided medical evidence) - I was expecting support grp and asked for further information....app my condition (agoraphobia/panic disorder) does not come under any of the support descriptors and therefore placed in WRAG. My question is can I appeal it does not mention this in DWP's letter?
  12. Hello Everyone, Can someone please tell me if you are on ESA Work Activity Group are you able to apply for a Budgeting Loan! I've checked and it says 'Employment and Support Allowance (income-related)' I am not sure if that applies for sure. Thanks in advance! helen
  13. Daughter been in WRAG group since end of last year she as mental health, she left work in August 2011, she had been struggling to maintain a job. Since being placed in WRAG she as been diagnosed as Bipolar and after many tests etc starts on 3 lots of medication under mental health in 3 weeks. My daughter is supported by us but lives alone in a 2 bedroomed house she is 25. Most of the time she is very low but she also as highs but not that often. She as seen Job Centre Plus once, they made her another appointment then changed it to end of July, since then they have changed it again back to June we thought this letter was an overlap so ignored it, Job Centre rang and were very snotty about her failing to attend and said the appointment was most urgent as it is a interview. Swapping appointments left right and centre is a great way to push someone over the edge with mental health. We recently appealed low rate care disability and the notes from her ESA interview was sent back with the papers the Nurse who carried out the interview recommended a return to work within 6 months, this is ridiculous, my daughter as not even started on medication yet and lacks any form of motivation. We have appealed her being in the WRAG group 2 months ago I rang them Friday they said they cannot say when this will be dealt with. My daughter is in no state to keep attending any form of interviews at Job Centre Plus, these ESA`s are not fit for purpose and being in the WRAG group and all the stresses with it are making my daughter much worse, these at DWP do not understand the different effects of mental health they effect each individual differently yet they are grouping them all the same. My daughter should be exempt from being in the WRAG with how she is, she is getting so upset about having to attend an interview this Wednesday, yet I assume if we do not somehow get her there her ESA will be stopped? I do not know what to do next she is at Mental Health in 2 weeks they said at her last appointment she is a danger to herself and others if she worked.
  14. Hi there, I feel a little rude coming straight in to ask a question, I hope it's ok. I'm feeling worried and confused and not sure what to do. I am currently in receipt of CB-ESA-WRAG and it ends on 20th June. I'm assuming this means I'm being classed as fit for work? I have, amongst other things, chronic sciatica and bladder incontinence as a result. I am also in the middle of a rather difficult withdrawal from prescription painkillers that were over-prescribed years ago. Between the pain, incontinence and agony of the withdrawal, I spend much of my time in bed, conked out on medication to help nerve pain and the withdrawal. I believe I have a lot to offer the workplace (not to mention how desperate I am to earn my own money again) but all I could offer right now is countless sick days, bad timekeeping because I get so sick and to be honest, I want to get better, not cripple myself even more and end up relying on painkillers to get me through again. What options do I have, if any? My JC personal adviser isn't much help and is rarely in the office. When we do speak, he tells me he's sending all these forms but obviously forgets as they never arrive. I feel a little lost with it all and could really use some advice on what to do. I'm not sure if this is relevant but I'll share it anyway. I'm single, I have no other income and I live with my brother who rents privately and I pay towards the bills and food out of my ESA. I do not claim any other benefits. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I really hope there's a way to get through this and I appreciate any advice or help you can give me.
  15. I had my ESA medical back in June 2012 and, lo and behold, got 0 points. I then appealed against this and lost the appeal. With the help of my local CAB, I took the appeal and medical to tribunal and got 15 points and was put in WRAG. This was on 15 April 2013. Before all this I was on IB of £106.00 (roughly) per week. During the appeal and tribunal this went down to £71.00 (roughly) per week and my last payment was on the day of the tribunal at £142.40 for the fortnight. My questions are: 1. How long does it normally take for DWP to backdate the money I should have been getting in the first place and 2. Can anyone tell me what the current rate of benefit is for ESA WRAG as I have just checked my bank account and I have had a payment of £142.40 for the last fortnight since the tribunal. I thought I would be getting about £95 per week on ESA WRAG. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  16. I applied for ESA and have been placed in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG). I am registered disabled and revieve the highest component of Care and Mobility for DLA. The reason for my disability is I had a badly compressed disk in my neck resulting in loss of feeling/use of my left leg. I also suffer loss of feeling, strength, pins and needles and constant severe pain from my neck radiating down my right arm to my finger tips. Since my ACDF operation in January this year, I now also have similar problems with my left forearm/hand. Due to the length of time the disc was compressed, the surgeon explained the procedure would be viewed as a success if it stops the symptoms getting worse. When applying I filled out form ESA50 and for Part 1 point 1 I ticked NO for the moving 50 metre questiona and NO for the 200 metre question explaining the issues facing the loss of use of my left leg and having to struggle to mobilise on two crutches. I also answered NO for the question relating to Going up or down stairs. I was somewhat surprised to not on the ESA85A Medical Report Form states they used evidence from ESA50, Med 3, 113 and FRR4 forms. Under Justification for Advice, it states "The available evendence does not suggest that the client has severely restricted musculo-skeletal or cardio-respiratory function such that they would be unable to mobilise more than 50 metres, or transfer between two seats without assistance from another person." I was never called for a medical assessment by ATOS Healthcare which confused me as I'm sure, had they had the opportunity to see how restrictive my mobility is they would not have put this as a reason to deny me the Support Group catagorisation I'm sure I should be in. I made Subject Access Requests from the DWP and my GP and had the opportunity to see the ESA113 form my GP filled out. Despite visiting him several times and seeing the numerous letters from my hospital appointments my GP left section 4 completely blank and left the most importact issues relating to my physical health off of Conditions and Dates of Diagnosis part of the form. Could this be the reason why the information given on ESA50 were ignored? I have also seen the following as part of my SAR from the DWP under document LT54 'WCA Allowance + WRAG': "The Decision Maker has also considered limited capability for work related activity. Having considered the available evidence the Decision Maker has decided that by reason of his physical condition none of the descriptors set out in schedule 3 of the ESA regs apply to Mr XXXXX XXXXXXX." Is it possible my GP's lack of information could prevented me being called for assessment and/or put into the incorrect group?
  17. Not for me. Advice on behalf of a relative. If you're appealing your ESA, are you still required to attend WFIs? Mum doesn't think the decision has been received yet. Well, she's not had a letter stating they've got it yet.
  18. Hi Folks, Had my dreaded ATOS medical on the 4th of December (been on long term incapacity for 21 years) and had my Jobcentre Plus phone call this morning. I have apparantly been put into WRAG starting on the 10th of January which kind of surprised me a little as one of the illnesses i have is worth 15 points alone but after trawling the internet i appear to be one of the lucky ones. Anyway, i also have underlying entitlement to Carers Allowance for my son so if anyone out there can tell me what happens with this please let me know. A friend told me that i shouldnt have to attend these work focused interviews because of the carer aspect but i just want to make 100% sure and how does Carers Allowance affect the amount of benefit i would be entitled to. Delilah PS. I received a questionnaire about the Atos medical and the way i was treated at the medical. The questionnaire didnt contain my name or personal details so i filled it in and told them straight that i was made to feel like a liar and that the assessor i got was a waste of space. Has anyone else had a questionnaire after attending their medical
  19. Hi, I am assisting my sister who is a long term mental health sufferer who has (or had) been on IB for approx 5 years. In 10/12 I helped her complete an ESA50 as part of IB to ESA migration process and with help from this great site the form was duly returned. Surprisingly, on 15 Jan she received a letter from DWP stating that ESA was to be awarded without the need for a dreaded ATOS medical assessment/ interrogation. The ESA start date is 11 Feb 2013. The bad news is that despite referring specifically to the support group descriptors within the ESA 50 she was placed in the WRAG. As she is on contribution based ESA then her benefit will cease in 12 months. Further, she will not have the confidence to attend an work focussed interviews without being accompanied etc. Anyhow, I intend to lodge an appeal for her to seek to have her admitted to the Support Group. At this stage I simply want to express the core grounds of appeal with further and better particulars to follow. What is the timeframe within which I have to lodge an appeal at the Tribunal ..i understand its 30 days ; if true is that 30 days post the 15 Jan letter, 30 days post the date of receipt of DWP letter which was 19 jan, or 30 days post the ESA commencement date - 11 Feb '13 ?? I look forward to your comments.
  20. Hi everyone I am accompanying someone this afternoon to their first interview with the Job Centre - he should be in the Support Group - GP has said there is no way this person can work. Is anyone able to tell me what to expect from today? The claimant suffers with mental health issues - reason I am accompanying is to attempt to keep him calm, be there to understand what is expected of him and because he will not go to unfamiliar places alone and the location of the Job Centre he has been sent to is unfamiliar and a half hour drive away. Also, last week, he received another assessment form to complete - he only won at tribunal in September having been awarded nil points by ATOS. Any thoughts on this also will be greatly appreciated.
  21. ...or face sanctions. http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/work-programme-memo-082.pdf This is not good news. Too ill to work means you're too ill to work. Being made to work for your benefits WILL tip people over the edge. More news here as well... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/9683811/Prepare-for-work-or-lose-your-benefits-long-term-sick-are-told.html
  22. I'm writing on behalf of my partner. Cut a long story short, he is on ESA WRAG (IR) for severe depression and anxiety. He has been claiming for just under 3 years now, he has failed all 3 medicals, but succesfully gained enough points at tribunal to be awared ESA. (with the help of me and his father, and a rep from cab). He is worried sick about the new mandatory work programme and work placements he can be put on, and if he refuses, the sanctions he will face. We are in no position to be sanctioned, but he is also in no position to be, (well the equivalent) of working full time. My partner is on high dose Anti-D's aswell as going to group therapy twice a week (one is CBT), and counselling once a week. The counselling is 2 hours in the middle of the day (12-2) and it takes an hour transport there and back. The group therapy is 10-4 and takes the same amount of time, if not a bit longer. My partner cannot use public transport on his own without panic/anxiety attacks or just breaking down and wondering around aimlessly. I go to all these appointments with him (luckily they are both close to his parents, so I stay in theirs while he is in the app until it's time to pick him up again. He had been waiting for the counselling and group therapy for over 2 years, they all only started in the last 3-4 months. Partner has been mentally ill since his early childhood, has seen many psychologists/psychiatrists and counsellors, none of which have helped. He has been on many different types of anti-depressants over the cause of about 6-7 years, none of which have made any significant change. He has never worked, never finished a project in his life, left school with no gcse's, attempted college courses but never completed any. When he fails something (which is often), this spirals him into a very dark place. One were he secretly plans his own suicide etc. Not one that is pleasant. My main concern is, if he put on a work programme or work placement, what will they do about the app my partner has throughout the week? Will they make him stop these appointments? He finds the counselling/group therapy VERY stressful, so having to 'work' every day, when he isn't at his appointments also worries me, as he needs a day off. I'm not sure how my partner is expected to get to the job center on his own, nevermind work programmes and work placements? Partners doctor is quite helpful, though, and I, aswell as him, beleive my partner COULD get into work, with the right help, and slowly into it, however being forced into something like this, is not something I think will help him in the slightest, and I worry it will put him back in that dark place. Dr is convinced we are stretching the truth, and it will not be as bad as we say it will be (and many others saying it will be). I'm very worried of my partners wellbeing. And I doubt he will ever make the support group. Any advice? Sorry in advance, I'm both tired and very stressed.
  23. As some of you may already know there has been discrpency been given to job centre staff been able to defer interviews. According to my advisor who I have an appointment with and now confirmed by my local welfare rights a email has been sent out earlier this month telling job centre staff they can no longer defer interviews or do over the phone. I spoke to the job center today as well and the lady dealing with me does seem nice but I will know more about how strict things are going to be when I have my interview next week. I find this hard to believe its a reccomendation of harrington as he even stated claimants werent been treated well enough and that job centre staff should have more leeway not less, so I feel the government when stating they implementing reccomendations arent been honest about it.
  24. Hi All I have been place in the WRAG after a face to face assessment. I wrote and appealed but the decision is upheld but will go to an independent tribunal. In the report that the health professional wrote it states in the activity 2 Standing and sitting that ...'cannot, for the majority of the time, remain at a workstation, either standing unassisted by another person (even if free to move around) or sitting (even in an adjustable chair) for more than an hour before needing to move away in order to avoid significant discomfort or exhaustion. does this satisfy the SG descriptor? There are other conditions but I am trying to find out what will be effective in my letter to them. Also, the health professional has said in the Prognosis section- Expected Change, 'I advise that a return to work is unlikey in the longer term' and she qualifies this by saying ' significant functional disability is likely at this time due to physical problems effecting upper and lower limb - conditions are degenerative in nature and are unlikely to improve with time. I would have thought that this was suggesting i would be put into the support group? I intend to ask them to adivse of how they came to their decision and to ask which documents they will be sending to the independent tribunal and requesting that I have a copy of everying thatthey will send. Do I have the right to know who will make up the tribunal and will I be able to contact them directly? I apologise for the length of this post, but am quite desperate and worried about how I will manage if they stop my money. Forgot to mention that I was assessed by one of their doctors about 18 months ago and awarded a small amount of dla as I am unable to make a cooked meal for myself - you'd think that would tell them something! Apparently the Medical Profession don't know what they're talking about - all that education!! Apologies again Any help advice welcome Bob
  25. Hello all I'm new here but I've been reading the forums via many Google search results since I received my ESA50 in the summer and now I've got the Decision Makers decision and I've been placed in WRAG when I thought I met descriptors to place me in support group. I'll try and keep this as clear and succinct as possible but I've typed it several times now and each one results in a novel so I think to get started I'd best keep to the basic facts. I've been on Incapacity benefit for over 10 years due to mental health problems, I had the ESA50 form which I completed and returned. I requested a home visit for the WCA medical and my Doctor sent in medical evidence along with a letter requesting the home visit. ATOS eventually informed me that the medical evidence from my Doctor was enough and a medical was no longer required. So this where I am today; I've been placed in WRAG, I requested my ATOS medical report and received a ESA85A form, I'm led to believe (via google) that you get this when a face to face medical hasn't been carried out. Is the ESA85 report different? My ESA85A form states: Advice I advise that the person meets the criteria for having limited capability for work. Prognosis: I advise that a return to work could be considered within 12 months. It then goes on to list all the descriptors, none of which apply to me according to ATOS. No mention of points, I thought there would be. Help needed, some questions I've just read about the ESA85S Personalised Summary Statement, would I be able to request that if I didn't attend a medical? Are there any other forms I can request to help with my appeal? I've read that Support Group isn't about scoring points but meeting one or more descriptors, is this true? Do ATOS give the DWP DM the medical evidence my GP submitted to them (ATOS)? Would it be wise to include it again with my appeal form along with a letter from my GP stating that the medical evidence expressively shows I qualify for certain SG criteria? In my appeal form is it okay to state your reason for appealing is that you feel you meet certain criteria for support group and set out your reasons? During the appeal will I have to send in sick/fit notes if I've already been placed in WRAG? Do I still have to attend the Work Focused Interviews? Thankfully my doctor has been really supportive which has been a great help and relief, just to feel someone is on your side when everyone else seems to be against you. If you have been thank you for reading and for any help you can provide, I'm sorry about the length of this post and for all the Q's. I've read so much info that my head is in a right mess, hence all the questions, I'm struggling to keep it all in. Thanks again Bill
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