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  1. hi all I had a vist from a swift bailiff for a unpaid tv license fine 2 days ago who said he had a looksmith on the way. I did not let him into my home as I came home from work and he was sat in his van outside my house and he told me I had 1 hour to find the full payment of 650 pounds witch I just cannot afford I made him a offer of 100-150 pounds a month witch in no way was he going to accept and kept threating me with removal of goods from my home within the hour until I saw the letter he put through my door before I got home witch stated I had 24hrs to pay he was not happy when I pulled him up on this so he left saying he would return in 24hrs if I had not contacted him with the full payment then he left. I then phoned swift to try an sort something out with them but was told by the first person I spoke to too explain my circumstances and he should be able to help me. so I rang him back and tried again but he just kept saying I would not be getting a payment plan and I had to pay in full amount by the time my 24hrs were up. so I rang swift back and ask to speak to a higher person in charge. when she came to the phone her first words were hello I can only give u the same advice my colleuges gave you to witch I replied so u will listen to me but not help me to witch she replied correct so I hung up the phone. so I rang him back up the next morning to inform him that they was no way I could pay fine and explain I have 4 children and a disabled partner and that id spoke to varous people regarding this matter such as citizens advice the courts and his own company with all more or less saying he could help me out if he wanted to it is in his hands. he replied by saying I thought u was a genuine person and thought I was going to pay and that I just said I was going to try to sort out to get him from my home and then ring him and say I was not going to pay. this made my slightly angry as ive tried my best to come to a solution even saying why would I ring u to say I cant pay if I was not trying to sort out to wich he replied listen I don't care what citizens advice the courts or any body has to say you will pay the full amount or ill be back next week to remove goods. so I told him u are supposed to come back today when then 24hrs are up not anytime he feels like it I just want this sorted. he said no ill come when I want to. ive been told by varous debt advisors not to let him in and get it reffered back to court but I no he can just get a locksmith and just enter my property witch ive been told nine times out of ten they wont do because they have to pay a locksmith there and then out of there pocket. i just dont no where i go from here im making offers but just wont aceppet any of them
  2. last June we booked out holiday for this year in May and we told partners supervisor/boss at time and he said it was to early and to tell him in January this year. we just told him and he said no, I and another lad have booked ours to go away together, we told him this had been booked since last june and that he knew about it, and that we cant alter holiday as it the half term, and he knew this and he has no children an knows we cant re book or cancel it without losing money. Im so upset by this, we have all been very excited over this holiday for a long time. we have 4 children and 2 are disabled this holiday is a break for them as much as us. His boss/superviosr has refused it and if my partner now takes the time off he sacked I'm crying typing this I've got proof we booked it back and June 2014
  3. Hi, my mum is buying a property (effectively in cash) using money from family members. large bulk of money has been transferred from her cousin who is 89 yrs old. Countrywide have had the building society account book to show her savings but then they said it wasn't old enough and needed to go back a few years and we've done this. then they said they wanted a letter stating the income and job of the cousin from when she started working as well as an account of her lifestyle to prove how she's accumulated her savings and we provided this but now this isn't good enough either, they now want details of the earnings of her dead husband (who died last year at aged 97)! We understand about the money laundering aspect but this is becoming increasingly ridiculous - even the tax man doesn't keep records going back that far! We've said we'll change solicitors but then countrywide sayif we do that we just have to start from scratch and we're supposed to be completing on 12th December. Bank statements from other members of the family have been accepted. has anyone got any advice, thanks. the sum involved from the cousin is £130,000 and will be a short term loan.
  4. hi all, i recently bought a car off ebay which was 350 miles away joined shiply transport to collect it for me, after i accepted a price from one of there drivers he said he would be able to collect i paid my deposit of £44.00 through paypal , the driver let me down after 3 days of messing me around and eventually said he hasnt got a job up that way, i contacted shiply for a refund , after waiting 10 days they eventually said i am entitled to a credit as the driver let me down but i dont want a credit as i would never use this company again surely i must be entitled to a refund as it wasnt my fault the driver let me down, thanks, Garry
  5. Hello all. I have trawled through the threads and cant find anything relating to my issue, but please accept my apologies if it has been posted already. I will try to keep it brief as possible, but really hoping someone can advise where to go to from here. I purchased a small cottage from my boyfriend back in 2008, in West Lothian, with the intention of fixing up and letting out. This was to be a project I had been wanting to try for some time. Following some renovation works, I finally was able to let out and my first tenant, Miss A, moved in in Aug 2008. She eventually moved away to London in April 2010. After a quick refresh, my second tenant, Miss B, took her tenancy in May 2010, until Dec 2010. This was the severe winter we had in Scotland, and unfortunately a pipe burst in the attic space. My tenant had been away staying with friends for Christmas, and when she came back the house was completely flooded, from attic to basement. The ceiling had come down along with some internal plaster walls. As I was doing most of the repair work myself (along with my boyfriend) it was likely to take several months to make good again. The house was ready by Sept 2011, and a new tenant was found, Mr C. He moved in, but due to personal circumstances, moved out again in Nov2011. He effectively left the house uninhabitable - like something out of "life of grime" on the television. I advised the council of this, but they declined to send anyone out to inspect. After some considerable renovation work (again) the house was left uninhabited for a period, partly due to personal circumstance which was using a fair bit of my time. Eventually however, another tenant Mr D, moved into the property, in June 2013. He stayed for about a year, moving out in Feb this year. Again, after a refresh, my current tenant moved in this summer and remains in situ. Here are the issues; West Lothian Council are demanding payment for unpaid council tax via Alex Adamson (sheriff officers), which, from what I can ascertain, are for four separate periods. £3948.88 from 2010 £213.99 from 2010 £1301.78 from 2009 £932.88 from 2008 all now have summary warrants granted against them. To further complicate matters, a letter has been sent to my boyfriend, at my current address, demanding payment of unpaid council tax of £106.48 - for the period 2013/14, even though the property is nothing to do with him whatsoever since 2008! Speaking to Adamsons is a waste of time, they simply refer everything back to the council at best, claiming they don't have authority to act. I have spoken to the council on several occasions, asking for a breakdown of the charges. To date I am still waiting. I have also advised them that during the periods where they are claiming council tax is owed, had tenants in place and it should have been the tenant paying, not me. They asked me to supply proof that I had tenants, which I did by way of receipts for rent, (my tenants have all preferred to pay cash) and tenancy agreements. Some time later they came back saying they could not accept any of the items as proof for the following reasons - the tenancy agreement was witnessed by someone known to me (??), and because the receipts are hand written, this could be done by anyone at anytime!! I also queried that they must have records of our tenants paying their own council tax, which was eventually confirmed in some cases. it would appear are claiming council tax from me from our first tenant, who they say didn't pay, and for a couple of periods inbetween when the house was empty. I should note that the council did inspect the property after the flood (2010) and agreed the house was uninhabitable and therefore tax exempt. They even advised that they would allow up to a year. (They deny this inspection even took place now - asking me to give them the name of their inspector which I cant remember) Following the mess/damage left by Mr C, the house was again uninhabitable. I asked the council to inspect to confirm this, but they declined - simply asking me to advise when the house was ready! Despite keeping the council aware throughout my entire ownership of the property when it was empty, and despite them advising the property has on occasion been uninhabitable, I have never questioned the fact the during these periods Council Tax may be payable by myself. By my calculations this would total somewhere in the region of £1200. I have advised the council on countless occasions that if this is the case, please let me know the exact amount and it would be paid in full immediately. They have yet to respond to this. I don't hear from them for months - then another letter from Adamsons drops on the mat. I even tried to get a lawyer, but because I am disputing the amount owed, they said they cant help Im really at my wits end now - the latest letter from Adamsons now threatening to arrest my bank accounts. As I have said all along, I am not disputing some monies may be owed by myself - and Im happy to pay that if the give me an accurate figure. However I don't think its fair for me to pay outstanding from tenants who didn't pay. I also found it very insulting that my proof was unacceptable. It was only because I keep records for accounting purposes that I had any proof in the first instance, not because I thought I would need it years later to dispute council tax bills that aren't even mine? Please help!! Laura
  6. I had an accident of my Honda civic and Hastings told me that a salvage company called CoParts will take my car and keep it in the storage until it gets assessed by Hastings Direct engineer who will estimate the damage on the car. I received a call last week from Hastings informing me that the car will be written off as Cat C and they will not be repairing it. I have a sentimental value towards my car and I know it can be fixed at very less cost (also confirmed by local garage) Plus it has only done 60k so it has a lot more life left as I have kept it well maintained and serviced regularly. Hastings direct has told me they don't do buy back so car will go to the salvage company and i will have to bid on my car to buy it back (which can be very expensive). Or I can cancel the claim and get the car repaired from my own pocket! I really want my car back and repaired because that's what I paid my insurance company for I feel cheated and if I knew my insurance company would do this to me I would have never insured my car with Hastings Direct. I am stuck in the middle and cant make a decision. Has anyone else come across similar situation? Any advice regarding this matter will be highly appreciated...
  7. I worked for a uk based small security company for two months and did'nt get any pay! I had a verbal contract I filled in all printed / headed logbook entries submitted all my paperwork ID etc p45 NInb etc.( I also photographed every logbook entry).no timesheets when I asked why I had'nt been paid, was led along to be told I needed 'vetting' for the job and could'nt be paid until I had clearance ( dbs check credit employment etc) Yes I know this is rubbish and 'unlawful' I checked with hmrc and sia (governing body)security. I also checked :dbs had no requests for my crb and x employers were never approached. I also found out that the same business has done a similar thing to at least 3 other workers within the last 12 months, you dont get paid after the 1st months work. ..you complain. ..the guy argues with you .. .results in you leaving the job somewhat fedup ...he employs another sia 'muppet'(his words not mine). you're then left to attempt to claim back cash through county court ...noone is given a contract / payslip. ..I feel this is a CON! I have done all letters / court papers etc.but would like advice from those in similar situation. SURELY THIS COMPANY CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH IT! It seems that everyother person in security knows someone whos been ripped off by SIMILAR licensed conmen somewhere around the uk.any thoughts please!!!!
  8. I am trying to switch energy surpliers from EDF to OVO. On a number of occations OVO have emailed me saying that EDF say I cant switch because there is an objection, EDF sent me a letter stating that I cant switch because i owe £1,246.00. I phoned them up and asked how did I owe this money, when I have been on a pre payment meter for the past 4 years of living in this house, before that i was living in america. They told me there was nothing outstanding on my account and that they have lifted the objection. This was done on Monday, Yesterday, OVO sends me an email saying that they still have an objection. What can I do and Who can i complain too, I think EDF are just stone-walling the move and its just sour grapes with me wanting to switch. I thought the government had made it easier to switch.
  9. I disputed some transactions that I did not make last week. I was refunded for some but not all..waited a few days then gave them a ring today about it as I assume if the refund didnt come, then those transactions are not being investigated. I am more concerned about getting to the bottom of this tbh than about the refund. Anyway, when I disputed the transactions I asked for a new debit card to be sent, which I was told it would be. The suspicious transactions have since continued, so they clearly have not cancelled my old debit card. I have no money left in the account now and plan on it staying that way until they can tell me whats going on..just a bit worried that these payments will end up makking me overdrawn.. Anyway, today I rang the bank to ask about both my debit card and the disputes. Went through security and such only to be told that they couldnt discuss anything on the phone with me until I go into the bank with my ID. I have absolutely no idea why this is as I have never had a problem before. I cannot get to the bank until next wednesday (health reasons) MY question is..can they really refuse to issue me a new debit card and cancel the old one when fraudulent transactions are currently going on on my account?! Surely they will be at fault if the transactions do end up making me overdrawn? I am really really annoyed right now..have put in a complaint using their online form but dont expect to get a call back
  10. Hi Hope someone can help me with this problem with RSA. I own three English Bulldogs and have done for 4 years, the first two were bought as a security measure after many years of being told by Family and even the police to get a big dog as they are the best security. Last year for the first time I bred the two girls - prior to this I had not - some puppies went to family & friends and the rest were sold, I have not bred them again and have no plans to. I was burgled in November 2014, someone came in the back door and stole valuables from the kitchen & adjoining room, they also took my safe which contained jewellery/cash and many treasured photos. I put a claim in with my insurance (More Than) and had two visits from them, the second visit was a Senior Claims Investigator who was employed by Rsa, he took a witness statement which lasted some three hours and everything he could ask was asked - criminal convictions, ccjs, non-disclosure it seemed to go on forever. Today I have received (7 months later) their letter stating that they will not pay the claim because they have termed my home as a business because of the puppies and as such there is an exclusion being attached that a business is not covered if a "sneak-in" theft occurs, which is what it was. I am going to complain to RSA and of course if they don't budge then I will go to the financial ombudsman but I wanted advice first. I have looked for clarification online about this and can only find that to determine a dog breeding business there has to be 5 litters or more born in a 12 month period and when this number is reached a Breeders Licence must be applied for - this is covered in the "Breeding of Dogs Act 1973" which was amended in the 1999 Act and states that hobby breeders & licensed breeders are not to be classed together and one is only termed as a "Dog Breeding Business" when one reaches the 5 litter or more rule or where a Local Council has had cause to visit the premises because of complaints - none of the above applies to me, my dogs are pets and I only have two females but they have told me that because people came to my house and bought puppies that I am a business. There were no puppies in the house when the incident occurred and the monies in the safe were not from the sale of any puppies but they are telling me that I effectively have operated a business from home because of the two litters and not told them, this is why they are not going to pay - they have gone through my life with a fine tooth comb and looked for reasons as to why they cannot pay and this is the only reason that they can find. Does this mean that every household that has sold puppies, kittens, rabbits and so on is a business? I have recently sold collection only items on Ebay & Gumtree which included a Jukebox and other electrical items, the buyers came to my home and paid me money for them - does that make me a electrical business? - last year my partner and I each sold a car from our home (upgrading) and received cash, are we now car dealers? Please advise as I am angry that they have gone over everything again and again and seemed pretty desperate to find a reason and the one they have chosen seems "flimsy" to me, this is my first dealing with any insurance company and my first claim but wanted to know what rules the ombudsman is likely to follow when he determines if my home is a business or not as this seems to be the sticking point.
  11. My dog recently developed glaucoma. cataracts, uveitis and a slipped lens. LV will not pay for her glaucoma drops as she had sore eyes back in 2010 for which she was prescribed an anti inflammatory. Apparently it is linked, even though she has had no eye treatment since. Does this mean that if she had stubbed her toe when she was a puppy and her leg falls off they wont pay for that either!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hello I would be very grateful for some help. 5 years ago we approached a debt management company to help resolve our financial issues by way of settlement. They were undertaking the work on a no win no fee basis, and required the settlement sum of money to be deposited in their client account. They have not solved the problem - in fact we are in a worse position. When we asked for our funds to be returned they objected on the grounds that we had not provided them with the information they had requested. This is totally fabricated and we have no way of proving it as it is our word against theirs. We were forced to accept a reduced amount of our money to be returned back to us under with out prejudice agreement. They have not honoured this agreement and refuse to answer our phone calls or answer our letters. This is heading towards litigation please would someone advise me on : 1. Is this a fraudulent offence ? 2. Can we present the "without prejudice save as to cost" agreement for the return of our reduced amount of funds in court under the point that they have breached that agreement ? 3. Is there any thing else we can do to facilitate the return of our funds ? Thank you for your help Orbi
  13. Hi could someone help my husband a builder gave an estimate to build an extension firstly he told the customer he would do it on day work and the customer would have every invoice so he could see how much everything cost so he was only actually paying for what he got he thought this was the fairest way he wasn't intrested in making a big profit just happy for the work really.it has gone over budget by £4000so hes not happy even thou when he paid up at the end of April he was told this and my husband asked him if he wanted to carry on with the work to which he said yes and now owes over £4000 for May labour and materials but wont pay nothing was in writing
  14. Hello Here goes first time using this... I am in desperate need of some advice and help. I have taken this matter to the Ombudsman however it seems like their not able to do anything either. Can any one help I have copied the letter to ombudsman below and if you wish to see their reply i can also share that. In 2007 I took out a credit card with Abbey and I used it and made regular on time payments, however in the March 2008 I started to receive double statements. One statement was the usual red and white A5 statement with the normal re-payment method and the other was an A4 black and white statement informing me to pay into a different account. I went in to my Oxford branch and showed these statements to them. The adviser said to me there must be some error and I should not have received them. He took these statements and said he would destroy them and make an entry on my file. The next week I received another Black and White statement asking me to make payment, the statement I received was accurate as it knew my details and it showed how much I had spent and how much I needed to repay. I contacted Abbey and they put me through to the fraud department explaining me that I must not use my card, hand in the statements to my local branch and that they were going to freeze my account so they could investigate the issue. I did as instructed. In December 2010 I received a letter from a third party debt collector demanding full repayment of my outstanding balance. I explained that Abbey was investigating the problem they said to me to take it up with Abbey, so I did. I called abbey they said that the case was forwarded to the agency. I asked if my issue had been resolved and the outcome of the investigation. They informed me somebody from the fraud department would call me. I called the agency and paid the outstanding balance, however to this date I have not received a call from the frauds team. In Jan 2013 I applied for a mortgage; however I was declined due to a default on my credit history. I was advised by my financial adviser to ring Abbey and inquire why there was this default from them. On Tuesday 29 Jan 2013 12:45pm approximately, I called Abbey customer services and explained to them my situation and what had happened. The lady informed me that due to the account being closed there was no way to confirm who I was, so I must take identification into my nearest branch and call back once they have confirmed my identity. I did so and called from Nottingham city centre branch. The lady I spoke to understood my issue, confirmed with her Manager and informed me that they would to remove the default; however this would take up to 10 working days. She assured me that she had spoken to her manager and he has confirmed he would do this as soon as he can. I explained that I was in an urgent situation as I had found a house that I wanted to buy, however it was my mortgage that was on hold due to this default. She assured me after I asked her several times that would the default be removed so I can continue with my mortgage application she again reassured me that her manager has said he would do it but the change comes into effect after 10 days. On Friday 8th Feb 1pm I called and spoke to Shaks. I told him about my issue and about my previous conversation and what they promised to do. He could not find any record of my conversation despite the fact that an entry was made that I was asked to visit a branch and show identification. He emailed his manager explaining the situation and took my number and email address so he could call back and email me. Within an hour he called back with good news saying he has had an email from his manager saying that they would work to solve this problem and would remove the default and would send me a confirming email and this would be done in 5 working days. On Friday 15th of Feb I called back and asked if there was any progress, there was no record of my conversation and no notes on the system I again explained my situation and the lady assured me that she would have this matter resolved and after speaking to her manager she said that it would change by the end of the month. I asked that my complain be logged and I requested top have a copy of all my conversations with abbey, which she said she would send. I am still waiting for those transcripts and the complain department to call me back. Since then I have rang several times and I have a list of these times also. I am utterly disappointed and frustrated with the service provided the lack of fulfilling agreements and promises. I am in the process of seeking legal advice, however I want to know what you intend to do to resolve this issue. Satander replied in writing saying they were right in Defaulting account and even suggested I was aggressive towards a clerk whilst calling - I am a minister I don't do aggressive- I forwarded complaint to ombudsman and they said that Santander were justified as I had not been making on time payments - when I was under the impression that the account was frozen - didn't address the phone calls that I had made and advisers telling me that it would be done. I asked for these phone call conversations but they didn't send. What should I do. My kids have out grown our rented accommodation and I am in a position to buy, Abbey/santander have already caused me to loose one that was perfectly ideal for us. Thank you
  15. My ex partner had an accident in her car last week it was her own fault an accepted that straight away, she rang hastings to report and a body shop drove the damaged car to there shop an left her a 2 door ford ka bear in mind she has 3 young children to take everywhere, no contact from hastings unless u bug them at least twice a day for info on the case. When I got through to someone in the end after a long wait they said if the car is a total loss it will be recovered straight to a salvage yard, I asked what about her stuff and just got a wishy washy answer that they should let her know before taking it. After reading some of the story's on here soon as they said it was a loss I got it recovered home for her. Now the garage quoted a big bill what I think is daft personally so I said buy the car back and with the money I will repair it for her. Hastings then said they don't do it an said it's never heard of it before? She is waiting for what I am guessing is going to be daft offer for the car that she is still paying a loan off for to buy it in the first place. The car has had a large amount of money spent on it in the last year to get it looking perfect paint ect and I have carried out extensive amount of work so that its safe an reliable for her to carry my children round in. She is now left with a car she can't drive and because they says she has not got substitute car cover even though it's says it on the paper work she has no courtesy car. I personally think hastings are trying to pull a quick one and make some extra money by selling her car on to the salvage company. She has been with them now for 2 years but can guarantee she won't be renewing with them and I personally will NOT be recommending them to anyone from now on.
  16. Hi all I have a problem with a store that wont provide the goods that I paid for. It was a TV and I asked and paid for it to be delivered. It was a really good deal and the price may have been a mistake, However I have paid for it but now they are saying that they cant get it any more and are trying to force a refund to me. Can they do this?
  17. A small van hit my car last week. Rear ended me as I was waiting in a traffic jam on the way to work. It was weird because everybody had been in the traffic for a while and he just sails into me at about 30mph. The boot floor was crumpled up quite a bit, bumper damage etc. Anyway we exchanged details, I contacted my insurance, they tow the car away to the garage, and I got a hire car. So a couple of days later I get a call from the garage asking me if they can go ahead with repairs. I say no, I want the insurance agency to contact me first. He says, okay, you should hear from them. Two day later the garage calls me again saying the insurance agency have given them the go ahead for the work. I say, what about my go head? Where's my call? So I contact my insurance and they say they want to go ahead with £2400 worth of repairs. That's 65% the value of the car. I said, look I don't really want to be driving a repaired car that's been in a semi-serious accident. I also ask them about the repair related diminished value, and they basically say that doesn't come into it. I would have to prove diminished value. The insurer is Tesco, and I'm kind of regretting this choice now. They wont budge on doing a repair. Anything I can do?
  18. I bought a brand new vivaro sportive top of the range for 20k 18 months ago. I had first service done at 25k as per website. last week my van stopped so the RAC took it to my vauxhall main dealer. For 4 days I have been ringing to get an update but could either never get through...just answer machine. or we will call you back which they didnt. Well today I finally spoke to someone who said the cam chain has snapped and this has ruined engine. A new engine is required at...10k. They then said the warranty wont cover but unsure why. I have been ringing vauxhall customer care for the last 2 hours but cant get anyone. it just rings out after 30mins of robot talk. The only thing it can possibly be is in the manual it gives 2 engine numbers....1 to be serviced 20k the other 25k or every year. ive no idea which i have but bet its the 20k one. Even on the vivaro website its just sais 25k/1year, which is given as a selling point. when I had it serviced by a different main dealer at 25k, they never mentioned if i was late. van is now on 43k. I am really worried about this as 10k will put me under. Any ideas?
  19. Hi, I sell some items on ebay. I sent an item to a customer and they raised a claim against me. I did send it but couldnt find the proof of posting, however I always send 1st class signed for. i couldnt prove it so ebay refunded the customer for the item including the postage. i have now had the item returned by the post office and it seems that they tried to deliver but the customer wasnt in. They must have left the customer a note but they didnt collect so the item was returned to me. I have contacted ebay and they say that they cant reverse the refund for the postage. Ebay reversed it through Paypal, I am now out of pocket for the postage. Can I do anything about it?
  20. We moved into this house in March this year the supplier was for the gas supply was with British Gas, I had tried to change suppliers to another company, however they blocked it claiming a bill hadn't been paid, this bill was for £16.68, and yes I had missed it, the letter they wrote stated that the reason for blocking the supply was this unpaid bill which was fair enough even if it was only for a pathetic £16, this was then paid and I thought nothing more of it, and expected the transfer process to go ahead. I next received a bill at the beginning of August from British Gas for £372.24, stating this payment is due by the 9th August, things went into a panic as there was no way I could afford that. I had never agreed a contract with BG, and tried to move away from them, I am also on the standard tariff which is far from the cheapest. "then followed a letter which says in large bold letters across the top Your gas is now at risk of disconnection" My wife called their very unhelpful call centre and offered all we could manage right now which was £70 every month starting on 15th Sept (payday), he said no chance and they want £150 by the 20th September or it would be going to court. I wrote to them following this call letter below clearly expressing the fact that we could only afford to pay £70 per month I received a response to my letter basically saying they are refusing to set up a payment plan (the spelling/grammar mistakes are not mine) I have no intention of calling them after they way my wife was spoken to on the last call, they were extremely rude abrupt and demanding, and wouldn't listen to a single thing she said, simply saying that the offer wasn't enough and action would be taken unless we agree to their terms, we only use gas for cooking and hot water, we hardly ever have the heating on, the only reason this bill was as high as it was is because we had a burst mains water pipe in the loft causing a lot of damage, the heating was on full for around 3 weeks constantly to try to dry everything out before work could begin on replacing the electrics, sorting the plaster out and putting new floor down. When she called he also said there's no way we know that you have set up a Standing Order so you could be lying to get more time, so we sent a printoff from online banking showing the payment was set up as she told them. There is also no way they are fitting a prepayment meter, I have had them before they are terrible, and also much more expensive. Now today (our anniversary which should be a happy day but has just been destroyed) received another letter from BG, the paid was made successfully on 15th for £70 we said it would hence the lower balance. If they had switched suppliers at the start after I paid the pathetic bill I received then this wouldn't have happened, I forgot to mention that in my letter, after the bill was paid they had no legitimate reason to block the transfer, they also never contacted me to set up onto a tariff at any point they simply started billing I had no idea how much we would be paying until the bill came through the door. This isn't we don't want to pay, its that we cant pay the amount they are demanding, as I have said we have set up a SO for the most we can afford right now, yet they are refusing this, can they do that? Also can they refuse payments simply because it is a SO and not a DD which they can set to whatever they want without us having a say in it.
  21. i have been working for this company who are an agency for scottish power i have been forced to leave and they still owe me a wage of 14,000 they are still refusing to not pay me im not the only one in the same boat please help anyone on were i go with this as there not listening to me.
  22. I have had my Natwest current account for over 2 years, I have never gone overdrawn, I have at least £3k a month paid into my account but Natwest wont give me an overdraft. They can see I am trapped in the PDL cycle, paying over £500 a month interest, when i asked at the branch why they wouldnt give me a overdraft they said because I am using Wonga and Wage Day Advance. The cashier even went to say that the my risk factor with the branch was lower than hers. Can anyone suggest a more sympathetic bank?
  23. Hi Interesting but at the same time a worrying newspaper article from the Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2012/sep/15/welfare-bill-iain-duncan-smith?mobile-redirect=false Looks like overlapping benefit, debt and housing enquiries / issues are set to rocket over the coming months and years even. Due to the rising cost of living and travel expenses, wage freeezes, cuts and the rest disposable income is already on a China syndrome type course affecting those already in debt management arrangements, IVAs & bankruptcy orders with more now certain to follow. Universal credit on its way, what a disaster that also might turn out to be. Credit Unions maybe hoping to fill the vacuum or soften the blow in some way, the signs dont look good for them though from what I see & hear, unfortunately it looks like they (the credit unions) may well have aleady been overtaken by events. Can the fee chargers and other agencies with a financial interest in debt management arrangements hang on to what they have got or will they do the right thing, think we know the answer to that one, either way though, people are really starting to struggle, so something has to happen and they know it, get ready, it should not be too long now. Hard times ahead with people needing all the help thay can get to weather what looks set to be a very lengthy and prolonged financial storm.
  24. So last week I upgraded my account with 3 and got the iPhone 5. The day it arrived I was not in but family took it and place3d it in my room When I returned I opened the box to discover the screen glass was cracked ( the box was fine and new) I phoned 3 straight away to tell them and ask for an exchange. They then pull up some company policy, which I was not told about , and say as I have not contacted them in 24hrs they cannot help me. I have spent the last 10 days arguing , politely , with various different 3 departments but to no avail. I tried to cancel my upgrade as within 14days but they wont even accept this To rub it in they offer me £5 to credit my phone for any inconvenience caused Looks like I will take it to apple and exchange for a new phone now I have been with 3 since 2005 , and this in defo my last dealings with them , there staff in india was polite and friendly but did not have a clue phone arrived on 4th june, I opened it on the 6th morning I called trading standards and they advised sending three a strongly worded letter , which I did. The response from three was they may take my phone back to have it repaired but I would have to pay the costs today over the phone I was advised to contact the ombudsman whats my best course of action , just carry on or try apple ??
  25. Virgin Media. They are the only people who have put late payments on it, I have tried to set up direct debts several times and each time its not gone though, so i have paid late? all my other contacts, loans etc are paid spot on, so i spoke to Virgin on the phone and i got the following email after an investigation. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Mr ****** , Thanks for getting in touch with the Virgin Media team about the entry we added to your credit file. This might have appeared on your file as a Virgin Media or ntl: Telewest entry. We’ve taken a look at your account and made a full investigation and we will not be making any amendments to your credit file as it shows a true reflection of your payment history. If there is any more questions in regards to the above decision then just write to me at address above. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Is there anything i can do about this, I did not note dates or times and she has said there is nothing in virgins files to say that i even tried. BUT I 100% Did. any help on this matter would be fantastic
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