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Found 11 results

  1. I am enquiring on behalf of a friend who recently changed employer - he is still doing the same job but through a sub contractor. When he finished, under the instruction of a supervisor, he left electronic items he had been provided with by the employer in the company office. He has since been informed that these items have gone missing and so he owes them over £1000 and his last weeks wages were withheld to go towards this amount. Are the company allowed to do that and is there anything he can do to appeal this? Thank you for any advice.
  2. Needing help with regard to which route to go down to get back my refundable damage bond. To cut a very long story short, I booked a short caravan break through a private owner website. Paid the full amount upfront, included in this was a refundable £75 damage bond to be returned within 7 days of leaving the let, if left as found and damage free. I paid for the holiday with my credit card as refused to pay by bank transfer. I contacted the third party by email to book the holiday and paid by card over the phone, she said that the money would be paid into the owners account on the holiday park. Left the van on the Friday, contacted the third party on the Sunday to ask when I would receive my refunded damage bond. Heard nothing until I contacted them again on the Wednesday when I was informed that the owner had claimed that we damaged a piece of furniture in the holiday let. I was stunned to be honest, as left the property as found it, no damage by ourselves. Asked for proof of the damage, was sent two undated photos by the third party that were taken by the owner on the Friday we left (apparently). I asked the third party to contact the owner to ask him to send us dated photographs of the damage, she then said she wasn't getting involved anymore and we were to contact the owner direct. She sent us a name and email address for the owner. I have been in contact with him and again asked for my money to be refunded unless he had sufficient proof that we caused damage in his property and also to send us dated photographs of the damage. He sent a short email saying, because the let was so popular he hasn't been able to get access and he hasn't had time to get quotes to have the furniture repaired or replaced. No mention of the proof I've asked for or the photos. I replied stating that he was in breach of contract and has failed to provide any sufficient evidence that we damaged anything. Needless to say I've heard nothing back. I have been in contact with Citizens Advice and waiting to hear back from Mastercard. Is there any other measures I can take to try and get my money back?? Small Claims, Trading Standards?? All advice welcome.
  3. Cold callers hiding behind withheld numbers could be fined more than £2m in a new law to be announced today. From 16 May, all direct marketing companies registered in the UK will need to display their phone numbers when making unsolicited calls, even if they have call centres overseas. Companies can risk fines of up to £2 million from Ofcom and a further £500,000 from the ICO if they continue to bombard consumers with unwanted calls. The move will make it easier for people to decide whether to answer their phone and to make formal complaints if they are harassed. It will also help the regulator - the Information Commissioner's Office - to investigate those who break the rules by continuing to make nuisance calls. http://news.sky.com/story/1684141/fines-for-cold-callers-using-withheld-numbers Report it If you have received an unwanted sales call, please report it to the ICO. Although they cannot investigate all individual cases, reporting your concerns will help them take action in the future. https://ico.org.uk/concerns/marketing/report-telesales-calls/
  4. I viewed a flat yesterday morning for a rental. I made a payment of 350 pound and was told the property would be taken off of the market when I make an offer. I was also told the money would be refundable if the landlord does not accept my offer. At the end of the day I made an offer of 340pw. The landlord refused and counter offered 350pw. I declined that and the agent suggested 345pw as a compromise. I told him to see what the landlord said, but had yet to discuss with my brother, who i was renting with. Having discussed with my brother, who was unsure about 340pw to begin with, I called the agent and told them my brother was not happy with 340 and we wanted a refund. By this point, the landlord had not confirmed whether he would accept 345pw as he had to speak to his partner as well. So all in all, the offer was only live for a matter of a few hours, it wasn't confirmed and since I made the deposit, I know the agency still had the advert live and had made at least one viewing, directly after mine so it wasn't really taken off the market at all. However, the agency are trying to retain the full 350 pound as compensation for the landlord. I thought the deposit was to cover reasonable costs incurred? It's not like it was off the market for a week. And besides, there had been no agreed and confirmed offer. Do you have any advice to get at least part of the money back or is there no real hope in your opinion? many thanks.
  5. Hi My husband has been at the same company for over 30 years. He remembers distinctly when he joined he worked a week in hand. He has now resigned and going to work at another company. The company he originally worked for were acquired by a big blue chip company. He has emailed HR and that say that the onus is on him to prove that he wasn't paid the week in hand when he changed from weekly to monthly paid about 20 years ago. He does not have his wage slips for 20 years ago. Is the onus really on him? He distinctly remembers not being paid that money and he wants it. Any advice on what the law really is. Thank you
  6. Honourable Caggers, Please I need help to recover rent deposit I paid on 01/02/14 to prospective landlord. Details: My partner and I planned to relocate to a new city, so I saw flat to let advert on gumtree when I visited my friend who lives in the city we intend moving to, I rang landlord to view flat but his dates for viewings weren't convenient to my schedules, so we arranged that my friend viewed this flat on my behalf. After viewing my friend said it was okay, so I paid deposit on said date; hoping/wishing to sign lease and pay rent when I move in at later date to be agreed. Said landlord to be sent me pictures of this flat on 10/02/14, upon seeing pictures we decided against leasing said flat because kitchen and bathroom/toilet were too small. I wrote flat owner on 19/02/14 stating politely that I'd be going ahead and that need deposit refunded. Landlord replied he won't be refunding deposit that he turned away about 10 other possible tenants. Is he legally right to keep deposit money based on what he said and considering other circumstances narated in the foregoing. Any advice, hints or suggestions will be highly appreciated. Many thanks and high regards!
  7. If you dial 141 before the normal number, your number is withheld from the person called. But if you try this with a text message, it does not work. Does anyone know why? How do I withhold my number on text messages?
  8. I’m a carer to a wheelchair user with whom I attended court with as a witness two weeks ago. Whilst at court, I witnessed the claimant’s barrister and solicitor withhold new evidence before and during a high court hearing and The evidence was then handed to the court after judgment was given. I have no doubt this led to an unsafe judgment against the Defendant. I believe that the claimant’s representatives misled the court and interfered with the administration of justice. How do I go about reporting this and to whom?
  9. Hi there, I'm hoping somebody will be able to offer me a little bit of advice. I've recently changed jobs, and in my final pay my employers didn't include several hundred pounds of shift allowance I should have had for my last run of night shifts. I chased a number of times, and was eventually told (by e-mail, so I have this in writing) that the outstanding overtime would be paid in the next pay run. When this didn't happen, I again chased it up, and was subsequently advised that my shift allowance was discretionary, and that as I was allowed full pay for a couple of emergency operations I had the previous year (as opposed to the statutory sick pay I was contractually entitled to) that in light of this they wouldn't be honouring my shift allowance payment. I don't yet have this confirmed in writing from them, but I have requested it. I've checked my contract, and it doesn't make any mention of overtime payments. Does anybody know if I'd be likely to have any redress if I were to pursue this through small claims or similar, I'm guessing chiefly on the grounds of the previous statement from them advising I would be paid? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all, I eventually submitted my PPI claim to Black Horse and it has been upheld and interest has been awarded. £1100+ is the amount of PPI I have paid in premiums (exact figures are not relevant at this stage) BUT BH say: "we propose to use the refund of PPI premiums due to help reduce your arrears" (the above £1100+) and actually only pay me the interest of £600+. They provide a tel. no. to call "If you do not wish us to use the refund of premiums to reduce your arrears please contact us onn 0844 800 7915". More background: I took out a loan from BH in 2002, failed to make payments (ill off work, self employed and still too ill to work) in 2005. CCJ filed and charge placed upon my property 2007 for outstaning amount £4000 by BH. 2010 I sold my my property and the CCJ outstanding amount via the charge on my house (c£4000+) was paid/settled by my solicitors upon completion. What I wasn't aware of/couldn't remember until BH upheld my PPI claim and "propose" to keep the refund £1100+) is that in 2008 I received a letter from Hillesden Securities Ltd stating: "This debt has been assigned to Hillesden Securities Ltd (trading as Direct Legal & Collections -DLC). This means that Black Horse Ltd no longer own your account and your account is now owned by DLC. All future payments and contact must be made with us". I still have the above letter, CCJ, agreement etc. and other paperwork. When I became ill in 2005 (with PTSD & depression) I couldn't (so didn't) handle my affairs all through this period and only re-found the 'Assign letter' when BH said I still have arrears on the account. I (only) assumed that when the CCJ was paid via the charge on my house by my conveyancing solicitor that he was making the payment to BH (as per CCJ/charge) and the Completion Statement from my solicitoe at the time of the house sale states "Black Horse Loan Repayment £4044.80". I tought the loan was paid off in full (to BH) but now suspect that DLC received the money and kept it whilst BH still have their records showing me owing them the same debt! Regardless of this, BH have upheld my PPI claim (1100+ and interest of £600+). I read this BH saying I CAN claim the PPI from them (claim is upheld) but they say they "propose" using claim amount to offset the debt I still owe them (BH) - the very same debt they (BH) assigned to Hillesden Securities and which I have paid off in full. I have made not contacted BH for any reason and neither have I contacted my conveyancing solicitor for any clarification on this. I would keep any contact with BH in writing. Where do I stand? Having upheld my PPI claim, am I within my rights to object to their keeping the £1100+ 'to off set the debt' and insist they repay me this amount? My gut feeling is that BH is 'trying it on' with a view to keeping my money (by trying to be clever with words as they have no legal standpoint) as they have asked to sign a statement to this effect. So, if I DON'T sign a statement agreeing to this but, rather, write back objecting to any such arrangement and insisting/demanding all PPI premiums (the aforesaid £1100+ with £600+ interest) be paid direct to me, am I within my rights and taking the correct course of action resulting in BH having to honour this? I need to know how to respond in an effective and concise manner. Thanks all, sorry I rambled a bit but hope I didn't confuse the issue. Any and all help will be really appreciated and please bear in mind I have to keep this as simple as I can!
  11. Hi all, I posted about this back in April, but figured I still need to deal with this! In short, we agreed for part of the deposit to be kept by the landlord when we moved out of our old house. This was fine, until the agent decided that they would keep amount for a 'renewal fee'. We didn't agree with this, but the agent went ahead and refunded an amount less their 'fee', having told us that they would first call us back to explain on what grounds they were doing so. The additional deduction was not agreed by us or the landlord, and was processed on the last day that we could have possibly filed a dispute. I intend to pursue them on this, as I don't believe they have a lawful reason for keeping the money, but wondered if the following draft letter could be opined upon: Many thanks
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