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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I was hoping for some help and suggestions. I have had great difficulty on getting taylor wimpey sorting out issue with our kitchen that they have fitted. I have reported that there was a problem with the the kitchen cabinets which have started to swell about 3 months ago. They have acknowledged the issue and are dragging their feet. I have contacted NHBC who say that its between me and the builder if there is a problem within the first 2 years of the build. I have all the communation in writing they are hiding behind the clause that states that according to the contract I should allow them reasonable time. I have issued court proceedings to force them to comply and questioned the fairness of the term under the consumers rights act. I am yet to send out a full POC would appreciate your help in drafting one. I have tried to seek legal help and am more than willing to pay for the cost but seems like i am in this fight on my own. One of the lawyers i spoke to said they cannot take on my case when i asked why ? are they too big for you ? he said i cannot comment.
  2. Hi there, hope this is in the right place. Background - we reserved a home with Taylor Wimpey in January 2015. On 14th Feb 2015, we completed a reservation checklist (of which we have a copy) where we went through the plans for the estate, this detailed drains, trees, sub stations, etc etc... We completed and moved in on 3rd July 2015. Very happy in our home, until 7th Jan this year, when the local bus company erected a temporary stop outside our kitchen window. This stop is less than 3 metres from the front of my house and right in front of my gate. We knew the road was to be a bus route, but at no point were we informed that there would be a stop directly outside our house. We have contacted Taylor Wimpey to express our concerns on the 10th January (along with letters to the bus company, the local council and our MP). The bus company say the locations were decided by Taylor Wimpey (TW), the council have not adopted the roads yet so have given us the brush off and our MP is sympathetic but cannot really help either. I have been through our purchase paperwork and at no point was the location of the stop disclosed to us prior to sale, even though I have since discovered plans dated 15th August 2014 which show not only the stop located outside our home, but also that a shelter will be built with real time bus information. The path outside our house will therefore be blocked by this shelter, the view outside our window also obstructed. At the moment the path and our very small front garden are littered in gum and cigarette butts. Our reservation checklist dated after the plans for the bus stop (14/2/15) specifically says regarding Bus Stops "N/A not currently on development", and on our neighbour's, it states "N/A No plans to view". Other people on the estate claim that they were informed about the site of the stops. Do we have a case that TW purposely withheld information and mis-sold us our home? We would not have purchased this home if we were aware that a bus stop would be located directly outside.
  3. Our flat was built in 07,we moved in 09,since then we have been fighting Wimpeys to listen to our concerns with no success,we can hear the people above using the loo,having sex,them showering sounds like we are in a caravan when it's raining on the roof,preparing food,washing up,walking,talking,kitchen cupboard doors and drawers opening and closing and one of the worst things is sunday night she does the ironing in the kitchen which we can hear and then the bedroom drawers opening and closing when they are putting the clothes away. We have to change our sleep times so we can get to sleep.The people above are great,they are not noisy purposely and the things we hear are just daily living noises. Wimpey did a sound test 2 year ago,they said it passed but would not give us the results unless we paid £150.The only thing left to do was get a builder friend to remove the bed and en-suite ceiling and install some soundproofing,it didn't work as when the plasterboard was removed we found big holes and gaps in the concrete that separates our flats(my roof and there floor). Still they would do nothing and refused to visit to discuss the problems so i contacted one of the big bosses and said there are health and safety and fire issues due to the holes and fire could easily spread to the flat above,amazingly he told the divisional manager who refused to visit to make an urgent appointment to come to my home,he is coming on the 4th June with either a production or technical manager. There is absolutely no insulation in any void or cavity nor are there any fire walls above the plasterboard.Any advice for when they visit would be great.If i have done it right there are photos of the problem.
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