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Found 11 results

  1. i am trying to get debts in order and went to offer these £25 a month... Story is.. Bamboo loans £4527.71 from a loan taken in November 2016. Original opening balance of £5259.11 from a loan of £3000. Paid monthly until June 2017. Defaulted and paid nothing since, to be honest took a bit of debt out late 2016 and realistically don't know what I was thinking as there was no way I could have paid all back long term when I look back now. Have a statement from Wilkins, lots of £12 charges since missing payments from June 2017 too December 2017. I have asked for als
  2. Hi I have had an ongoing battle with Lantern (motormile) trying to chase for an alleged Lending Stream Debt. I have provided them with a statement from Lending Stream showing a £0 balance outstanding which they have ignored and i am now receiving threat emails from Wilkin Chapman's "Lantern Team" saying they can't discuss by email due to data protection. I have sent them the same statement i have sent to Lantern and i'm certainly not calling them. Is there a templated response to an email? This is what they sent me "Good morning Thank you for your e-mail, we can
  3. Hi i have an ongoing dispute with Npower since April 2013 when they turned up at my rented property with a warrant and a bailiff and removed on of two meters. (its a large house that i rent out to multiple occupants). i found out they were chasing a debt between 20011-2013 when tenants were occupying the premises. Tenants claim they contacted Npower, but Npower deny it. Tenants deny Npower ever came for a meter read and i believe them as the meter is locked away in a cellar behind a number of locked doors. only one tenant has key to this. But by Dec 2012 i personally had been co
  4. Morning Guys, In the post this morning I received a letter from Wilkin Chapman LLP (Arrow Team) with regard a CCJ taken out by Arrow in early 2010 (the claim number matches the one on my credit report although the amounts differ? CCJ £9266, AG/WC £8946.33). I am sure that this is an old CC debt. They have supplied a Notice of Change of Solicitor and a personal financial statement (which of course I will not be filling in). I am sure that I did not inform the OC of a change of address in 2008 (home repossessed), so no chance of a set aside. The debt itself is SB bu
  5. Hi Everyone, I've been trawling through posts to see how I tackle my problem. I'll give the background of the debt followed by the steps I think i need to take, if i've understood things correctly, I would be very grateful for confirmation and any advice, as I'm really terrified of the consequences. Original agreement:- mbna credit card taken out in July 2001. Managed comfortably for nine years, career change put me in big trouble, couldn't pay. Tried to amicably arrange agreement with Default date May 2010. Assigned to Arrow Jan 2012. Today claim form
  6. My partner has today received a letter from Wilkin Chapman notifying of a 'Notice Of Change of Solicitor' regarding an unpaid judgement/order obtaied on 5th July 2012, for £1365.16 and wanting to agree payment terms for this debt... . They have given us 7 days notice of applying for an Attachment Of Earnings with the court and a whole raft of forms to fill in and return to them regarding her personal financial inforrmation We have no idea of what this 'debt' is, who it is from or anything about a court order back in July 2012, there is no mention of which court t
  7. Had a good job, career, home, money, etc. Then had a prolonged period of inactivity, debts piled up, not opening letters, spiral of anxiety and stress. blah, blah. Now, for past year or so, been earning, and getting back on feet. Looking to start paying back, and deal with all my debts. Have done as much due diligence as I can, and need some pointers. I have a number of creditors, with debts totalling around 45K. Have been paying token payments of £1 to most, some more. Looking to get StepChange advice and help. But also need some idea of full and final offers to re
  8. The missus has received a claim form from Northampton CCBC for an old Capital One debt. The debt is a couple of months from being statute barred but is full of charges she hasn't yet claimed. She immediately sent the CPR 31.14 letter for the CCA, default notice and NOA. WC's reply states it'll take up to six weeks to get the documents and they'll agree to an extension of 14 days after they send the documents to file the defence. Will WC tell the court that there's an extension? I thought it could only be extended for 28 days. Is this just a sneaky way to get a judgement? Surely they
  9. Hi all I have recently had the delightful Scotcall get in touch with me about a former MBNA debt of 5K+ Some time ago I got a letter from MBNA stating they could not locate a credit agreement so would not be pursuing the debt. It was then sold to Aegis who backed off and now some years later Scotcall. After requesting a credit agreement they have sent a photocopy of an agreement signed in a supermarket- not an agreement as I would define one. Any ideas on where I should go with this??
  10. Hi Folks Arrow Global has purchased my credit card debt 1050 pounds, they are using Wilkin Chapman solicitors as their collectors. I wrote asking for a signed copy of my credit agreement with MBNA the original owner of the debt, which they have sent me 9 months later. Now i have other debts and they are being managed in arrangements with no issues. Wilkin Chapman have sent me a personal financial statement,. that wants to know more about what I own who i work for my national insurance number how much is left on my mortgage do i own a microwave, but nothing about my outstanding debts a
  11. Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me. About a week ago (i work away, have just picked up my post) I received an e-mail from Wilkin Chapman Solicitors (Arrow Team) offering me the chance to pay off my debts, or they'll advise their client to issue County Court proceedings. They've given me 21 days, although due to only just getting back, that's now 9 days. There are a few strange things about the letter, firstly it doesn't specify what the debt is (although I know where it's from, silly, drunken, student mistakes) and merely state the debt is from Arrow
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