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  1. This is quite annoying that I recently received 2 separate letters from my Council demanding council tax including enforcement charges at an old address where I use to live between 8-10yrs ago. Points to note are 1) Council Tax at that time was under 2 people's name including me and another person. Now the letter from council demanding council tax are under both people's name BUT I have no idea my other housemate is now. 2) At my time at that address I was in full time education and I did gave in all my college/university letters for exemptions. 3) Since it is such a long time gone pass there is no chance that any college or university would issue such letter again and I have not kept old college/university copies either. 4) I wrote to Council the following letter (BUT I did not get any proof of postage): To The Council Tax Team Address I write to you in regards to 2 recent council tax bills I have received which I would like to dispute. Firstly these bill are over 10yrs old and are in my and ********'s name. I have no idea where Mr. ***** resides and have no contact for him so in the first step can you kindly separate the liability as I am not responsible for any dues owned by Mr ********. Secondly could you kindly tell me following things: 1) The period for which the dues are seek for 2) Why are you seeking these dues as during my term on those addresses I have been in full time education and all the college/university letters were duly submitted to the council for the exemptions. 3) How many Liability Orders do you have against me 4) The dates Liability Orders were obtained 5) The addresses they were for 6) The period of time each covers 7) How much each one was for 8) How much is still outstanding 9) The dates they were passed on for enforcement I would also like to formally request council that I am at the dispute with the council tax dues sought and until this dispute is resolved council should not proceed with any collection or court proceedings. I would look forward to a prompt and specific answer to this dispute letter Thanksfully My Name. I have now today received 2 letters from Bailiffs just under my name demanding me to pay the entire debt in next 14 days. Can someone please help me and tell me 1) What should my next course of action should be? 2) Was the letter I wrote to council correct? 3) Who should I contact and how to make council deal with my query? 4) How to stop the Bailiff's proceedings until my query is dealt by the council? 5) Am I in my right to ask council to separate my dues with my other housemate of that time? Many thanks in Advance
  2. Hello everyone, I'll try and explain my issue as best as I can. After many years as a stay at home mum I finally found a job for a small company local to me. I started on January 26th 2015 and my trial period ended on April 26th 2015. On May 6th I was taken ill and ended up having an ECG scan and had emergency blood tests. I kept my employers in the loop and they seemed understanding. A few days later I was still quite unwell and told them I'd need a few more days. They understood and asked me to let them know. However on Friday 15th I received an email from the owner of the company saying that they were grateful for all I had done but after a performance review (done in my absence and without my knowledge) they were letting me go with immediate effect and they would pay me a week's notice. My question is: can they do that while I am off sick? Can they have a performance review without me present and then decide I hadn't met their "targets" which were never discussed with me previously in any shape or form?As I had worked past my trial period even though it was only a few days over, do I have any rights at all? It feels wrong that the first time I am in a difficult position they just fire me without giving me any other chance. Am I being naive? I appreciate any feedback.
  3. Hello everyone, I'll try and keep it quick as it is a bit of a headache. July 2014 started working for a small local business. No contract signed. Dec 2014 found out I was pregnant. Jan 2015 told employer I was pregnant. We discussed my Maternity Leave starting on July 3rd. I tried to make all of my maternity appointments on days I was not working, even changing midwives. Due to my health this was not always possible. I had a few sick days in Jan / Feb due to pregnancy illnesses and depression. Feb 2015 prescribed 25mg Amitriptyline which was doubled to 50mg after 7 days. Also prescribed Codeine and referred to a physio for PGP. My boss knew all of my health issues. 16th March signed off for depression from 16th-23rd March. On 23rd March my boss text me to ask why I wasn't in work, I tried explaining that the sick note was inclusive of 23rd and I would be back following shift which was on the following weds. He said I was wrong and phoned his gp who said I should have been back at work that day than phoned my GP who said my next day at work was Wednesday. The text messaging went bck and forth for a little while and actually made me very ill that day. I went back to GP that day who was not happy my boss had phoned his surgery and signed me off again and said it was inclusive of dates and if I didn't feel any better by following Friday than to go in and see him again. 23rd March signed off for depression from 23rd - 30th March. Friday 27th March went back to see my GP as my depression was getting worse and Amitriptyline was doubled again to 100mg. Text my boss to say I had been signed off for another 2 weeks (27th March to 10th April) I text my boss to say I had been signed off and he text back saying he needed sick notes that day and I also needed to phone him. I phoned him that afternoon and he said he was in a bit of a predicament and he either needed to reduce my shifts to one day a week or lay me off. The discussion ended up going in the direction of me being 'laid off'. I specifically asked him if I was being fired or made redundant and he said 'no, you are being laid off. it's different'. The conversation was quite amicable, he knew I wasn't well and I think he was genuinely concerned for my health. I said on the phone I understand his situation and I would be leaving soon to go on maternity leave. There was no discussion about any notice or when my final day was, I assumed it was that day. On 2nd May I received my p45 in post with a couple of old payslips and a payslip dated 4th April with SSP payment and an overpaid holiday deduction. I have not received this final pay. Can I ask him to send me this in a cheque? We used to get paid cash weekly on a Friday for hours worked that week and I was once paid by cheque as he didn't have enough cash on him to pay. The p45 also has my leaving day down as 4th April and is dated 2nd April. I have had no contact with my previous employer since that conversation on 27th March. My boyfriend took my sicknotes down to him on 27th March as I just couldn't face it. I really want to have as little contact with my previous employer as possible, the whole situation made me worse when I was already quite ill and I am starting to get better and don't want to do anything to knock me back down or affect my health or the babies health. Can I text him to ask him to send me a cheque for the final pay amount? I really don't want to talk to him as I have been worrying since I got my p45 on Saturday. I didn't even realise I was owed and SSP and tbh I could really do with it now as I have no income until I get my Statuary Maternity Allowance in a few weeks. Thank you all for reading my post x
  4. Hi all i recently got a ticket for parking at the local shops i parked up went to the ticket machine returned to my car and had been issed a pnc i have appealed the pnc stating the time the ticket was issused was say 18:07:37 my ticket was purchased at 18:09:10 i had to walk to the ticket machine and back it took just 2 mins surely your allowed a amount of time to get your ticket ? so where do i stand is there a set amount of time allocated to get your ticket has this happened to any1 else and whats my chance of winning the appel many thanks
  5. my brother wants to buy me a brand new car and im receiving support group esa plus mobility low rate pip so my question is can I accept my brothers offer of a new car ?. I know this is a strange question but these days just covering my back.
  6. Hi, i have recently been off work sick for a month, during this time i had previously booked some annual leave. So it turns out i am off on painkillers etc unable to go on holiday. My company have paid me and docked my holiday entitlement, and cheekily docked me 3 days pay for the period after i am assumed to have 'returned to work from my holiday, when i was obviously sick throughout anyway. i emailed my h r department who clarified this was how it had been calculated, buy am i not legally entitled to transfer holiday if i am off sick ? My company have avoided answering this ?
  7. My son had an accident while working, he drives a lorry, he was on the motorway and was involved in an accident involving 3 other cars. Accident was not his fault, he has whiplash and back pain, and cant work/drive at the moment. He is not getting any pay, I would have thought that he would be on normal pay as accident at work. Does any one know the law? thank you.
  8. Hi there last August I started working 16 hours a week was a very stressful time as I lost my dad and stepmother within a month of each other. I thought i would get full housing benefit which I didn't only got 200 a month so had to pay 100 a month. A work colleague told me that as long as my basic wage stayed the same I could do overtime so have been doing quite abit every month. Have had a letter from my local authority asking to see my last 2 payslips and after looking on their website realise I should have told them about working the overtime. It worksout I have been overpaid 1800 pounds do you know what will happen once they get my payslips? Any feedback would be appreciated
  9. Hi Everyone, I really need some sound advice so please If anyone can help ! I feel helpless, embarrassed and ashamed that I have moved to Australia leaving debts behind in the uk. I have buried my head in the sand hoping they will go away but im at a loss what to do know. I have been in oz nearly 12 months, I have just received a phone call from a company who track people down debts. I put the phone down on them when they asked for me, and I have since pulled the cord out. I feel sick with worry, the questions that keep buzzing around my head are :- 1. Can I forced to pay my UK debts whilst im in Australia ? 2. if I am not in the uk can I be issued with a CCJ ? (I have read that this is illegal) 3. how can I stop being issued with a CCJ while im in Australia ? 4. What can happen to me if they have my address in Australia ? 5. I don't know if the debt has been sold on from the uk bank/ cc company so can they or a dca still legally make me pay ? 6. What will happen if I don't answer any calls, letters or deny all knowledge to any door knockers ? I am on my backside financially, it cost me so much to get here to try and start a new better life for my family, and this country is so expensive, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi, I would appreciate any advice on whether I should appeal this PCN. My sister has been taken into a nearby neorological hospital after having a bleed on her brain. I went to the horpital to take along some clothes for her, but the car park had no spaces, i parked in what I later found to be a resident only area (didnt see the signs) due to me being more concerned with her. ...I left my car in the area for ten minutes and on my return, it had been 'observed' for six minutes and was ticketed. Is it worth me appealing this ticket, or am I between the proverbial rock and hard place? Thanks to all in advance
  11. http://metro.co.uk/2014/10/01/holidaymaker-charged-12500-for-downloading-my-family-while-in-turkey-4888919/
  12. Hi, Today I received a parking ticket for being in a loading bay and the officer didn't see any activity for 20 minutes. I was away from my van, delivering to my place of work. I was asked to wait for some goods so I did. I was away from the van for no more than 25 minutes. When I returned, I had a ticket. I was using the bay for the correct purpose. I have done for the last 3 years and never had a ticket before. I want to appeal but don't know if it's worth it. I have to pay the fine myself so don't want to pay the full amount. I checked the loading 'bay' and found that the road markings saying 'loading bay' are no longer legible on the road as they have virtually worn away. The sign simply says 'loading only', but doesn't specify a time limit. It is my understanding that the road markings have to be clearly visible. They aren't. Do I have a case? Has anyone contested a similar fine? Any help or advice appreciated. Thanks, Louise
  13. Hi there, Helping my neighbor out again and need some advice. 4 years ago the police executed a search warrant and confiscated a lot of equipment. No charges were made and he got most of his equipment back. They lost a bag containing about £1000 worth of equipment, and after about a year of writing to the legal department they paid him £100, and he decided no to chase anymore due to the stress. Now they have sent him a letter saying they found his stuff, and he has to pay them the £100 back before he can have it back. He doesn't have a £100, how should he proceed? Are they allowed to keep his stuff? What about compensation for the 4 years of non-use. He is not even being allowed to inspect it for damage first(its likely that after 4 years in a police lockup, the equipment might be unusable. Some of the other equipment was returned damaged, and they told him that was tough and refused to replace or compensate for it. Advice please.
  14. I am really needing some help. I have a house valued at £110,000 and a mortgage of £105,000 which I may need to sell. The only problem is I have a secured loan of £34,000 on my home through Picture (or whoever they are now) which has arreas of £650 and they will only get bigger as I am no longer able to afford the loan. What I am wanting to know is am I allowed to sell my home even though the secured loan won't get paid off. I am intending to rent if I can sell my home. Any advice would be much appreciated. I don't want to sell if I don't have to but will Picture?? take my home even if they won't get any proceeds from the sale.
  15. This happened last year, but the insurance dispute it still on going. My mother was stationary, indicating right to turn on to her road, when a teenager on a scooter came out of a side road, and tried to overtake her, but hit the side of her car instead. We have witnesses that confirmed this. The guy came off of the scooter and had injured his leg, I believe he had a fracture. Everyone that came to help noticed he stank of weed. Coincidentally, some blokes that live on the corner of where this happened knew the teenager on the scooter, and apparently the teenager owed them money but done a runner before. The neighbors told us his name, which the teenager actually told us a different name to begin with, but then came clean. After the police and ambulance arrived, they also confirmed had been smoking weed, but said they have no way to prove it. They confirmed to us he had insurance. Initially my mother and him agreed not to go through insurance as the damage to his bike and her car wasn't major and would cost too much on insurance over time. She still called the insurance company to notify them about the accident. A week or two later, she got a call from her insurance company and apparently the teenager was claiming for his bike, and also a few weeks of a hire car from her insurance. She disputed the blame entirely and decided to get her car repaired anyway since the claims already started to go though and she will likely loose her no claims anyway. The insurance company has been pushing for a 50/50 blame for a while, but has now moved to a 70/30 blame after she refused. She is entirely not at fault, how can she push for no blame at all? What happens if she doesn't accept the 70/30 blame?
  16. Hi there! I'm really concerned because I received a letter for a disciplinary meeting next week, reason: absence from work and no attendance for a meeting on the 11. May 2014. I've been off sick since April '14 and always called in to inform them about my sick note and sent it on the same day via post. On the 5th May the assistant manager (managers brother) called me to arrange a meeting to "come back to work". I had an accident and because of my hip pain, I'm not able to sit in a car for long (the company is around 20-25mins away). I told him, that I cannot attend a meeting at the company, but we could discuss this over the phone. The assistant manager declined my idea and wanted to speak to the manager again. I never received a call again and because my sick not is probably extending I thought it would be fine as long as the manager wouldn't contact me. After I received the letter I called the company to explain that I don't agree with "absence from work" and tried to explain the previous phone call, but the assistant manager (managers wife) said "you can discuss this with the manager next week" and "if you cannot attend, you may be dismissed" Would this be a unfair dismissal because I'm off sick and cannot attend? Besides that the reason is absolute nonsense? I'm still in probation period, does this matter? What should I do? I feel a bit lost now. Thank you very much for any advice! Edit: If it comes to the worse and I get dismissed from work, will our benefits be affected? My partner is receiving ESA, I send my SSP1 form yesterday to get paid for my sick days.. so am I claim ESA too as long as the sick note lasts?)
  17. I signed on this morning and my advicer gived me a leaflet about payments been sent early but don't understand when my payments will go in my bank and just wondering if anyone know from this: Expected Issue date Payment for Period Ending 15/03/2013 15/03/2013 27/03/2013 29/03/2013 12/04/2013 12/04/2013 I know the top one as I signed on today and it will go in my bank on the 20th (on wednesday) But when will the 27th go in? is it on the 29th it will go in my bank or the 3rd? I should signed on the 29th of March but due to been good friday Jobcentre is shut. Any advice would be great, cheers
  18. http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/the-department-for-work-and-pensions-dwp-don-t-cut-off-people-s-benefits-while-the-government-gives-a-second-opinion-on-who-is-fit-for-work
  19. Hi Everyone, I am suspended awaiting a discipline hearing. My employer said that when I am given a hearing date I cannot resign, but that they would consider it. I asked them to explain and give me details of my contract or the relevant law that they are relying on, they didn't reply. Does anyone know the answer, my opinion is they are talking rubbish, if I hand in my notice, what are they going to do? say " sorry you can't resign, we won't accept it" can't believe they even think they can do it. In that case I could say, I don't accept you sacking me, but I might consider it. Surely resignation is not a two way thing. Look forward to your opinions.
  20. Sorry another question. My dad has offered me a chance to go and stay with him for a couple of weeks while his new wife is away. Me and her don't get on so while she is away visiting her family is the only way I see him nowadays. Am I able to do this, it is in the UK and I can provide details of where I will be etc. What form would I need to complete? Also if it is allowed would any JSA payment be processed as normal or would I lose the money. Thanks again for the help
  21. Hi, I am currently receiving ESA and have an overdraft with Barclays. Currently my overdraft has been limited and when I receive my ESA, Barclays are taking £22 a time every time I am using my reserve. This month they took £88 in charges and this was taken from my ESA which left me with little money to survive on for the rest of the month. Can Barclays do this even though I am receiving benefits? Thank you.
  22. Hi I'm not very well and don't think I will be able to sign in 2mrow! :/ Does anyone know what I have to do please? Will I lose my 2weeks money? Think I hav this stomach bug going round Someone says ur covered for 14 days or something? Thank u peeps! Alf
  23. Hi there We are in a DMP with Payplan and are really trying our best to get on top of things. However, I have just checked our Lloyds bank statement to see what the balance now is and see that they are charging an Overdraft fee and Overdraft interest which is over and above what we are paying through the DMP. The balance is therefore more than it was when we started. I suppose they have a right to make these charges but is it worth my while writing to Lloyds and asking them to stop. If so, does anyone have any ideas of what to say. Many thanks
  24. Hi Guys Someone recently asked me on a forum about the possibility of a CCJ while in trace status with a DCA. It got me thinking. If the DCA doesnt have a valid address for you and they cannot find you, does it mean they cant serve court documents to your address? I think you may see my logic here... Although am i guessing they could also send documents to your last known address? (Of which we see many CCJs set aside due to incorrect address for court documents etc) What if for say they didnt trace you within 6 years, wouldnt it hit SB status?
  25. Hi folks, This is my first ever visit to this site so please be gentle My Mums rather stupid ex partner was caught drink driving (driving from pub to his house) a couple of weeks ago. I dont know what he blew, my Mum never asked him, but they went through all the normal procedures-he was arrested, charged and was up in court last week. He told my Mum, who by the way has never driven and has had her mind warped by this guy for the last 8 years, that he had NOT been banned and only received a fine. She believed him until friends and family told her otherwise. He HAD been banned but was still drink driving and the idiot got caught AGAIN 4 days after he had been in court for the same offence! Does anyone know what kind of sentence/conviction/penalty that can carry? Also is there a forum on here where i can get advice for my Mum re harrassment as the guy ive mentioned has been following her for the last 3 years since they split and is aggressive and controlling and getting worse. Shes been nice to him just to keep the peace because she scared to death of this man. She found him snooping around the outside of her house the other night and the police are involved but she is scared of any repurcussions as hes a very nasty piece of work. Thank you in advance
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