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  1. I bought a car through Welcome in mid 04, paid until late 2005 when the car was stolen and burned out. I instructed The insurance co to pay Welcome the claim monies direct and whilst I had no gap insurance, as far as I was concerned, they were getting no more out of me. Never heard a sausage from anyone until I received a phone call today at work(!) from a company called "Sheldons" chasing this debt. I refused to go through "security" on the phone with them but they told me what it was. I told them never to call me again at work but they said "this will not go away, you need to deal with it or the phone calls will continue". I've had no contact whatsoever with Welcome or anyone regarding the original loan since late 2005, the insurance co would have paid out early 2006. What's the position? BTW, there's nothing showing on my credit reference file regarding this.
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new on here today and have been reading lots of things about our friends At Welcome Finance. My story goes as follows. We borrowed £20k off the sharks in 2009 payments are £379 per month, they put a charge on our house cos it was a secured loan. For the past 4 years I have been paying £625 per month to try and pay this off, I phoned up last week and found out that I still owe £9k!! I have paid back so far £37k! What would happen if i suddenly stopped paying this? Would the courts laugh at the and tell them to **** off cos they've already had my pants down? I want some advice, although I can afford to pay it, I really don't want to give these cretins any more of my hard earned money cos they've already had almost double back! Can anyone give me any advice?? Many thanks Nick
  3. Hi All, I'm hoping someone here can assist me with MKDP/Compello/Raven etc. For some time (years) I have been receiving letters from the above to my mothers house about an outstanding debt to Welcome Finance, I was duely ignoring them as I was not aware of any debt. Some time ago I re-registered on the electoral role after getting married and moving to a new house with my now wife, it would seem this meant the "group" knew to send letters there instead. I finally decided enough was enough when the "group" started calling the house, and so wrote them the attached letter. They responded after a few days saying they would supply the requested information which arrived today In the envelope they sent is a signed Welcome Finance Personal Loan Agreement that I had taken out in 2003 and several "Welcome Financier : Loan History" sheets showing direct debit payments that I had paid with the final one on the 22/02/06 (which is when I started University not that this is relevant). Then there is an entry for a "Cash Payment" on the 22/12/2008 which I have no recollection of at all. I guess my questions here and advice I require are: By my asking for proof of the debt mean I have accepted knowledge of it? I believe this is to be Statute Barred this year even working off this dubious cash payment date? Could it be possible this Cache payment has been fictitious added to skew the dates? Thanks in advance, Glenn
  4. Hi guys had a historic secured loan with welcome (1995-2001) loan is paid but loaded with PPI and plenty of charges. just need advice in sending for SAR and a up to date address for welcome Thanks in advance.
  5. I was wondering if anyone can help me. This morning I received a letter from Lewis Debt Recovery with a balance owing of £2k on a £12k loan for a vehicle purchased July 2005. |ewis want the full £2k by the 25 October. To date I've paid £10,067.75. I can't seem to work out the interest I'm supposed to be paying. I did query this at welcome in 2010 and they sent me a letter stating they had made an error in my favour off 200 pounds and it also says in the letter that they find that the figures on the contract do not reflect the correct total amount repayable. I have no issue paying off the arrears but i think they maybe ripping me off on the interest. Is there anyway someone can help me calculate the interest charges as I seem to get nowhere with Welcome. there's no way possible that i can pay two grand by Tuesday of this week. The vehicle wasn't mentioned in the final demand and just wanted to know if they can take the car. will lewis group accept any payment plans once I know for definite that the interest is correct. thanks
  6. Hi - I have just sent off a SAR to Welcome Finance to their Nottingham address with a £10 unsigned postal order. I did not take out ppi cover on any my loans I believe ( as I wished to keep the monthly payments down) but you never know if one pops up , that I failed to spot. What I would like some advice on is what other charges should I be looking for within the data I get back that have been unfairly levied and can be reclaimed. Inevitably I expect there to be late payment charges and extra interest. Apart from a small personal loan outstanding all my earlier secured loans have been cleared. If I do have a legitimate claim will/can they use this refund to clear the small current debt Any advice would be gratefully received.
  7. Hi all, i'm desperate for some help! about 2 years ago I received a letter from HFO services to say that I owed £6k+ from an old Welcome loan. (included interest/fees etc) They threatened me with baliffs etc unless I set up an agreement. I made it very clear that the amount they were stating seems very high in comparison to original amounts I borrowed (which I think were around £1,000-£2,000). Bear in mind that the loan was from around 2005. Under duress I set up a plan for £50 per month but told them that I still wanted to see the original agreement. 2-3mths pass (still making payments to them) and I decide to stop paying as I still hadn't received any documents to support their claim of the above amount. Needless to say, I received another call to ask why i'd stopped paying... I explained that I wasn't happy with the amount they were claiming I owed and was told that they had requested this, but they didn't need to, they had all of the original amounts in front of them, and that if I didn't start making payments again, they were resume court proceedings etc. I started paying again. Again, a few mths passed and I hadn't heard anything so stopped paying again. Then a Claimform arrives for the full amount of over £6,000 I had no option other than to complete the affordability request and offer of payment (again, £50 per mth). This was accepted and I have had an attachment of earnings ever since. This has been on for over 1 year now. On the claim form, I included a long letter explaining pretty much the above story on requesting documents etc. There isn't a month goes by without me wondering if I have done the right thing. Clearly, I did not attend the CCJ hearing (if there was one), and now the A.O.E. is in place, I cannot stop paying as my employer will not remove without the Court requesting them to do so. My questions to anyone on here would be: 1) How on earth were they allowed to apply for a CCJ and/or A.O.E. without proof of the original loan amount? 2) I have tried Googling for ways to contact HFO Services, yet cannot find anything, does anyone know if they even still exist. (If they don't, who am I paying every month?!) 3) Have they broken any rules based on what I have explained? I had an argument with someone over the phone at HFO that I felt that I was being held ransom as they rang me and told me I owed them £6k+ but they didn't even have to prove it! Now I have an A.O.E. I feel totally trapped! I would really appreciate it if anyone can offer any advice or if anyone has been in a similar position or could advise what I could possibly do??? MANY THANKS!
  8. Hi, I am new to the forums. Thanks to anyone for some advice. My current situation is part time work 6.15 hours, in receipt of some JSA and a student studying an evening Level 3 course. back in 2008 I took out a hire purchase loan via welcome finance. After about a year or so I handed the car back due to unforeseen circumstances however was still paying the car off. I cannot remember exact date or times but I stopped paying for a while and remember it got taken over by a DCA which I had set up a payment plan with. I have been out of work for well over a year and have not paid into this debt however have received letters off Cabot Financial to say they have now taken over this account. They were trying to contact me from July. They had sent me a letter to say they would accept a final payment of half the balance. I have recently made contact with Cabot and sent them a call back request form and they contacted me on 28/10/2014. They went through my current situation, income and expenditure and offered me three options. The lowest option being £47.04 a month at £11.75 a week, over 5 years. I asked the guy on the phone if I could take some time to think about this but was told that I could not as it needed to go on the system. I agreed to pay this amount as I felt I had to make an on the spot decision. He advised me to set up a standing order. After the phone call I felt as though I could not afford this amount of money each month, it being more than my water bill. I also checked the figures they presented me and was a bit shocked. This is how I worked it out £11.75 times 52 weeks in a year is £611. Times that by 5 years it equals £3,055??? I called them back and was told by Louise that some months have more weeks? Yes but there are 52 weeks in a year no matter what. Am I being fed lies here? after this call I took to doing some investigating and realised Welcome Finance had gone bust and that Cabot would have brought this debt at a fraction of the cost. No wonder they were offering me the option to pay half. when typing in Welcome Finance I was welcomed with a whole ton of negative information and had noticed that a lot of people were incorrectly charged fees, insurance etc. I am not disputing the fact I have this debt but if I was incorrectly charged by Welcome and are now being done so by Cabot. With this I noticed I can apply to Welcome for a SAR. Which will allow me to see what information they have on me and to get all my account details. Also I noticed I can also claim back any charges on the account? Can you advice me on the best way to go about this as I have never done anything like this before. This is my only debt. I do not have any credit, debit cards etc and even if I did have the money to pay this off I would still be disputing this as it seems this has happened to the majority of their customers. Took me a bit of investigating to find out though. I want to get this sorted out as soon as possible as I want to start improving my credit rating in the future I have options available to me if I so choose. Thank you for any help you can provide me. Look forward to your response.
  9. Hi all I am in the very early stages in trying to claim back PPI on the loan I took out a secured loan with Welcome Finance back in 2001. I took out a £5,000 loan and was told I had to take the PPI out or I would be refused the loan. I repaid the loan in 2007 and I think I paid in the region of £21,000 all in! I didn't think about claiming PPI until quite recently as I thought once I had paid it off it was finished therefore no point. I have emailed Welcome Finance as I do not have the original paperwork or account number. They have emailed me back and asked me to send off either £1 for copies of my loan agreement or £10.00 for a full Data Subject Access Request, where they provide all information held by Welcome Financial Services Ltd. They have also emailed me a PPI reclaim form which they cannot deal with until I pay the fee. I am fine with this and think the £1 fee is enough as I only had one loan with them, would that be right? as my loan was pre 2003 which seems to be a sticking point for most, will my claim be automatically rejected? I have no idea how much PPI I would have paid for this loan. It was a loan over a 10 year period but I paid it off early. Many thanks for anyone that can help with my queries.
  10. The registered keeper has recieved a Claim Form from Parking Lie through Northampton County Court the POC reads; Claim for monies outstanding from the defendant, as registered keeper, in relation to a Parking Charge, issued 00/07/2014, for parking on private land in breach of the T+Cs (the contract). Parking Eye’s automated number plate recognition system, monitoring Welcome Break Michael wood (North), M5 Jct 13/14, Michael wood, Lower Wick, Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 6DD, captured vehicle reg.UL1ARS entering and leaving the car park, parking without a valid paid parking ticket. The signage, clearly displayed at the entrance to and throughout the car park, states that this is private land, is managed by Parking Eye Ltd, and parking tariffs apply after a free stay period, along with other T+C’s by which those who park on the site agree to be bound. In accordance with the T+C’s set out in the signage, the parking charge became payable. Notice under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 has been given under Sch 4, making the keeper liable. This claim is in reference to Parking Charge(s): 1234567890 end! There is only a date of issue and no mention of date or time that this refers to? Advice please?
  11. hi, I have just received my sar from welcome and even though they said i have no insurances i actually have "shortfall extra" amounting to a rather large amount. please can anybody point me towards a templete specifically for welcome and shortfall extra, I havent been lazy just cannot find one anywhere and believe me ive looked! thankyou in advance if you can help if not thanks for ready my post. Jamie
  12. Hello, I am new to this site, but after reading many of the threads on here, I believe somebody may be able to help/advise me. MY Loan with welcome finance:  Took a loan £2500 on 21st march 2007  Paid 3 instalment £178/month  A CCJ has been issued on October 2012 for a loan amount £6120.00 and paying £35/month  PPI has been claimed and deducted from total amount.  Current outstanding balance is £4120 I have asked IND (Welcome Finance) to send me CCA and from CCA I have found that I have been charged £75 for Acceptance fee and £900 for PPI. From few other forums I have found the loan is unenforceable if it is before April 2007 and there is an acceptance fee (correct me if I am wrong). I have offered 50% amount of total outstanding to WFS to settle my account, however they are demanding the full amount. Could anybody please advise me on this below : a) If the Loan is unenforceable How Should I proceed to qualify it unenforceable? b) If the agreement is unenforceable, can I appeal to court to put CCJ set a side? I have also not informed about CCJ. I have attached the CCA and I would really appreciate any help on this. Thank you.
  13. Hi there I sent a SAR to Welcome Finance and have just received my paperwork. I’m hoping to claim back the mis-sold PPI on 3 loans I had through Welcome Finance. I’m having some problems getting my head round how to work this out and was wondering if someone could please help me? My first loan was taken out on 09/09/2003 and this was refinanced on 27/09/2004 and then refinanced again on 11/01/2006. I've read the notes on PPI reclaiming on here but I’m confused when it comes to working out the figures. I can get so far on the first loan but then I don’t understand it when the loans are refinanced. Also, I have insurance rebates when the loans were refinanced; I then set up a Debt Management Plan in February 2007 and then the loan was sold to a Debt Collector on 01/01/2010. All very confusing I’m afraid but hopefully someone can help Many thanks
  14. Hi can someone please give me some advice please ? My husband took out a personal loan with welcome finance in 2008, he lost his job and fell behind with his payments, welcome closed our local branch , we hadnt heard anything from them until 2 weeks ago . There was a knock on the door , my husband was handed a letter from the court . The letter's title is SUSPENDED COMMITTAL ORDER FOR DISOBEDIENCE (order to attend court for questioning) it goes on to say he was orderd to attend court on 8 January 2014 , the order was served on 29 November 2013 , you did not attend court and you were found guilty of contempt of court by disobeying the order of 19 November, the court orders my husband to be committed to her majesty's prison for the period of 7 days. 1. This order shall be suspended as long as my husband attends court on the 12 th November and complies with the order made on the 19 November 2013 2. If you do not comply with these terms a warrant will be issued for your arrest It goes on to list documents required bank statements, utility bills and so on. We are extremely worried about this matter , my husband informed me that last year he received a letter one evening , hand delivered to him , but unfortunately that was the night I was admitted into hospital, he said he totally forgot about , I was very ill for a while , not an excuse I know but with everything that was happening he didnt give it another thought. We have heard nothing at all untill now. I have looked at my husbands credit file and he received a ccj from welcome finance last November, I cant see any defaulted payments from them I have written to them for a cca requst . My husband is self employed and we dont own our property I am worried that we will be forced to pay large monthly repayments , I was wondering if we could offer a settlement ? If anyone could advise me on what to expect when we go to court or any other information that you think may help I would be very grateful
  15. Hi Everyone, Took out WF secured loan in 2006, missed a few payments and rep came around house a pushed me into taking out new loan to repay the old one. He asked for my contracts for the previous loan and I gave them too him. He never gave me a copy of my new loan agreement but on checking my credit reference info the old loan had been paid. I didn't fill in another land registry document with witnesses etc. Years later I requested copies of my CCA but WF said they couldn't find them however I still had to pay. I disputed the amounts and stopped paying until they sorted it. I never made anymore payments and the loan is no longer on my credit file and no contact made for over 6 years. If my second loan paid of my first loan shouldn't I have had to sign for a new land registry charge? I have checked recently and the charge is still present for the first loan and no mention of the second. I have zero paper work as the WF guy took it with him. How do I get this charge removed, is it even legal? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi there I wonder if i can ask a couple of questions after reading other posts on here I would like some help too now. I have a secured loan with welcome, this loan was initially taken out about 2004 for a caravan, over the years we stupidly got talked into increasing the loan and re starting it. In 2008 i went to university and struggled financially during those three years and reduced the payments to welcome. I recently received a statement from them saying the original credit was £17409.65 for a duration of 240 months in feb 2008 the outstanding balance is currently £163.6.54 we have hardly missed any payments and theres a capitalisation fee on there every month of £153.34 which i am guessing is charges ? the monthly payments should be £185 so we have always paid a little extra but this loan does not seem to be going anywhere fast. Please can anyone help me with what is the best way to deal with this? if i stopped paying it would they sell it on (as ive read they have in other posts) and then would this capitalisation fee continue ? i really dont want to be paying this off forever as i am trying now to sort all my finances out as now in a job and stable. Any help appreciated Thanks Michelle
  17. hi I am hoping if someone could give me some advice pls.my daughter had a loan with welcome and after financial difficulty ceased making repayments about six years ago.she recently received a letter from Cabot threatening court action.she phoned them and has been bullied into making an immediate payment of £200 with further monthly direct debit payments of £450.this seems excessive on an outstanding amount of £2150 ? Please can anyone kindly advise if any course if action many thanks in advance martf
  18. "Spot on" about the "Down Time". Glad too see you" back on line" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D Well done "All" !!!
  19. Hi, Really hope for some advise here, I have today when I was working from home very unexpectedly been served with an N39 form. I had taken a loan from Welcome Finance in 2008 as a much younger man, then through a series of circumstances moved away and failed to keep up repayments on the unsecured loan. It had not even crossed my mind until last year when (this is important as i would like to have had the judgement set aside) I was served totally out of the blue with a CCJ, the hearing had been and gone and I had no and I mean no awareness of it what so ever. Then today I have been served with the N39 and much attend court to go through my finances. I am in a position to pay the order, despite my own personal feelings on it. However I have no idea, how where or whom to pay the address on the court order provided for Welcome Finance is for the company that is now in default and no longer exists. I presume I should write, recorded to them asking for payment options etc.. . Any advice would be very gratefully received. Many Thanks
  20. Hello This morning I recieved an N56 form from Bromley court refering to a Debt the Lowell Portflio claim I owe Welcome Finance £5500 Somewhat alarming since I the last time I had any dealings with Welcome was back in 2007 and it certainly was nothing like 5k. Do I complete the N56 as this threatning in itself Would there have been a County Court judgement before then, I have not recieved any sort of Court summons at all Not sure what to do, please advise Thank you for your time
  21. In 2007 my fiance took out a loan with welcome finance. They came to the door out of the blue (just happened to be in the area!?) and he was told they could get him the credit the next day if he signed that day, he was told he wouldnt be approved for the loan if he waited any longer. He then signed as he desperately needed some money. The loan was for £2000 for a period 36 months. Total charge for credit would £1814.92 with an apr 60.35%. The PPI box is ticked though my fiance was not asked to sign underneath the box where it is stated he should. It also says that by signing this agreement you have declared that you have signed this agreement at our business premises which is obviously not the case. The agreement is not signed or dated for and on behalf of welcome finance in the box it is requested. My fiance asked to cancel the loan a week after he took out the agreement but was told his cooling off period was over. On the agreement it simply says "once you have signed this agreement you will have for a short time a right to cancel the agreement" The agreement also says there will be various charged for telephone calls to him (£10), letters to him (£10), if any payment made is returned unpaid (£20), we have to visit you (£25). My partner then stopped paying as he knew he couldn't afford it, hence why he tried to cancel. The whole situation and agreement sounds pretty dodgy and the guy was very pushy, saying my fiance needs to move out of his parents house and the money would help him do this etc. can anyone help with what to do to battle these guys? its been sent to various dca and a default entered on his credit file. thanks!
  22. I recently completed a SAR request with Welcome Finance. I wrote to them to challenge the charges on the account, and their total charges are pretty much the full value of the outstanding amount so I was hoping to finally rib myself of this debt. I received a letter from Welcome saying it would take 8 weeks to process the complaint (fairly standard from seeing other posts on the forum). But I also received a letter saying the outstanding balance has been sold onto Aktiv Kapital (UK) Ltd! Does anyone know where I stand now? What happens if a debt is sold but the charges on the original debt were unfair/excessive, how can that be challenged? It seems unreasonable to me that to get out of refunding charges all a company has to do is sell the debt on, but also who do I fight now? Welcome who have sold the debt and I am not apparently dealing with. Or the new company that hadn't actually charged those fees? Does anyone have experience with this sort of situation?
  23. I have an old debt with welcome finance which is over 7 years old, I know welcome went into liquidation and MKDP have taken on the debts. I didn't hear anything of this for years until recently from a telephone call my son took while I was out. What I'd like to know is how to handle this. Any advice would be appreciated.
  24. hi I wonder if someone can help. After what seems like a lifetime and a few PPI refunds, we have finally gotten rid of Welcome Finance or so we thought. We received the settlement letter as requested in the post on 28th July. Balance is a big fat zero ! On Friday 15th August, we received what looks like a Solictors letter looking for a payment of £174 on behalf of Welcome Finance. The letter starts "We act for the lender. You previously had a loan with them which was secured by way of a mortgage over your property. Since the loan has been repaid it is in your interest that the mortgage over this property be removed" ???????????????????????. We weren't aware that was a mortgage and phoned Welcome. Got no help whatsover and they said we need to pay. Can someone please advise what the heck this is all about or should we contact the FSA. Something stinks !! Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  25. Hi, I'm about to go and nail Welcome for the current hassle i'm getting off them and thought i'd document it here for anyone else that might be in the same position. I've had 4-5 loans through them over the years, not really had any issues until now. My current loan is a secured loan (i'm very aware of how unsecured the WF secured loans are). I had a few issues with my job a few years back, and had a couple of payments made a few days late, the worst probably about 2 weeks, but all were paid and before my next payment was due. A couple of years ago Welcome kept suggesting I up my payment to pay the loan off early. My payment was £311 at the time, and I didn't feel to comfortable about doing this. My local office in the North East closed down and my account was transferred to an office in Wales (???). I had a conversation with a new account handler that suggest I up my payment again and mentioned some charges against the account that I should pay off (no mention of the amount). I agreed to pay £350 going forward and left it at that. I'm more comfortable that I was, so was actually quite happy to add a little extra. He then asked when I might be able to look at increasing again, and I said i'd have a think about it. In May this year we had the discussion again and I said i'd see how I was in August. At the start of August I started to be bombarded with calls from their office. Then a letter asking me to call them. I eventually answered a couple of weeks back and spoke to the handler. He asked me to up the amount to £400 "as I had agreed" which i'd done no such thing. He then said I would have to go through an income/outgoing expenditure which I told him I had no intention of. When I said I wouldn't he became aggressive, spoke over me, was practically shouting down the phone. I was disgusted. He told me I obviously earned enough to pay the amount and I had to complete the form. It was then that he told me I had over £300 outstanding and over £240 of this was in charges. When I told him there was no way that could be true and I wanted a statement he was very snotty. I told him to only contact me by letter and not phone again. Anyway, income/outgoing form has arrived that duely went in the bin, and still no statement so a SAR is going in the post tomorrow With loans from 2007 to now there is bound to be a number of naughty things on there. They will wish they never p***ed me off! And just for the record I've never had PPI through them - always insisted that it wasn't added
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