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  1. Hi everyone, I am trying to get some advice on a secured loan that was taken out with Welcome Finance in March 2005 that was repayable over 10 years. Due to redundancies back in 2008 and 2011, I fell behind with repayments and I think it was November 2010 when the account was officially defaulted. When I took this loan out, it was secured on my home. However, a while back I managed to get a copy of my title deeds from the Land Registry and I discovered something quite interesting - under the section listing financial organisations having an interest in the property (e.g. my mortgage lender) I noticed that Welcome Finance was NOT listed. The account has done the rounds of a few debt collection agencies but now am repaying the debt albeit at a reduced rate. Now, if the loan had been secured, it should have been registered with the Land Registry and, if it was truly secured on my property, I would probably have received a repossession order by now ! What is also a mystery, is that in the original paper work, listing charges that they added to the loan, they added a mortgage indemnity fee of £ 1100. If the loan was not 'officially' secured, they had no right to charge me a mortgage indemnity fee ? ( as it was technically not a 2nd mortgage/secured loan, as it was not recorded with the Land registry ?) . Do I have any right to get this fee refunded, considering how long ago it was taken out and do I have any right to make an official complaint for the charges incurred when the loan was not secured, as such ? thanks Dean
  2. Hi, I would like to know if anybody could shed any light regarding LLoyds and Welcome Finance; I have written to LLoyds regarding the PPi mis sale , May 2002 loan, they agree that they are indeed the Underwriters but Welcome is responsible; I am awaiting Welcomes response - probably a negative one; I would also like help with a mechanical breakdown issue with additional insurances that I was forced to buy in April 2002; I have approached Welcome and they responded saying that they did not have to pay out because a High Court ruled that a ' Scheme' had been put in place in 2011 for 2 months and that I should have claimed then which I did to no avail; having scrutinised the agreement, I thought I'd approach Royal and Sun Alliance whose name appears on the HP agreement for the car as the Insurer/Broker - Royal Sun Alliance did respond and I have this in writing stating that they never sold this type of insurance back the - strange? I have also been in touch with the FOS regarding the PPi I was forced to buy yet could not use when I suffered back pain; I have submitted a GPs letter to each of the Underwriters as to why my claim was rejected and am waiting for their reply too; what can I do now; please can someone advise, thanks
  3. I have been trying for some considerable time to get a PPI miss selling claim paid by Welcome Finance. The problem is that I have now reached the conclusion that the process being used by Welcome Finance and being endorsed by the FSCS is not correct to avoid the correct processing of PPI miss selling. My original claim was rejected by Welcome ....reason given that I did not make a claim to their insurance company . The fact is, that I was never made aware of the insurance company. I was self employed when I took out the loan and when I broke my shoulder and could not do my work, I contacted Welcome and was told that I was not covered by their PPI policy. I made a complaint regarding their decision to reject my PPI claim and was paased on to a manager at FSCS. He has now agreed with Welcome that I must make a claim to their Insurance company ( Direct Group, Doncaster) I have received forms from this company. These forms make it almost impossible to conply with their terms. I have found that the NHS hospital who treated me seven years ago for a broken shoulder will not supply me with the details athat they require. I have since made a complaint to the FSCS, that this insurance situation is just a smokescreen to avoid paying out on PPI claims. I maintained that any claim has nothing to do with the matter of being misssold the PPI. I have now received confirmation from the FSCS that the insurance issue must be dealt with first before the miss selling can be delat with. I belive that this is proof that this is a ruse Has anyone else had a similar problem and any success with this company. Regards Alastair
  4. I had a loan originally from Welcome finance some 10 or 12 years ago for an amount I cannot even remember, but approx £1500. I was making the normal payments until I got into financial difficulty and they let me pay a small amount of £20 a month and they said interest would be frozen. Some time later I moved house but continued to pay the £20 per month, right up until I changed banks and the direct debit was not set up again. I have now started getting letters from Cabot demanding over £4500 for the debt. Looking back on old bank statements I found that the last payment to Welcome was made on 17th June 2009 which means that I am a few weeks short of statute barred. The latest letter I got from Cabot was telling me that they are going to instruct their solicitors to commence court action. Should I still send an SB letter? Can anyone advise me what to do.
  5. I am on ESA and HB. I do a sponsored walk for a local charity annually and this year the charity want to do a piece on me for the local paper including name and photo. I am on ESA for anxiety and depression so if this would to get back to people at DWP etc would I get in to trouble for 'socialising' and doing this event when I am on ESA and 'ill'? I know how the minds of DWP work - if he is well enough to do this and socialise and walk a long distance he is well enough to work - let's get him and sanction him then put him back on JSA! Silly question but would you decline the offer or am I safe to go ahead without risking benefit sanction? Thanks
  6. Good morning. In January 2003 I took out a car loan with Direct Car Finance. The loan for the car was with Welcome Finance and front loaded with PPI of over £1500. At the time I was employed as a servant of the crown and as such can't be made redundant. I was also entitled to full paid sick leave so PPI was not needed. I was not worldly wise and was told that I needed the PPI to be accepted. I took there word for this and signed the agreement. Over the last couple of years I have tried to reclaim the PPI with the following results. Welcome Finance originally said that I fall outside of the agreement due to the date the loan was implemented. They directed me to the PPI underwritters who at the time was Norwich Union, AKA Aviva. Aviva have looked at the claim and said "we're sorry to advise that Aviva is not responsible for investigating the sale of your PPI policy. This is because the policy was arranged and sold by Direct Car Finance (DCF)" They have included the address for DCF. Has anyone successfully claimed against either Aviva or DCF? Is what Aviva has said correct? I do not want to give up but they make it so difficult. Thanks for your help, Rob
  7. hi guys, First Id just like to say what a great forum this is! Hopefully somebody here can help. Had a loan with welcome finance for just under £5000 in 2008. now have a CCJ (although this doesnt show on any of my credit files) for £13k against it with a charging order on my wages for £100 a month. I just wondered if I can still claim back unfair charges and PPI even though it is now a CCJ? Many thanks and keep up the great forum Paint1
  8. Hi folks my son was taken to court by Welcome finance last year and they were granted a ccj against him for £4 k odds he hasnt paid a penny off the debt because he realy couldnt afford too , im only finding out about it now as he has recieved a letter from the court , informing him that he has ten days to pay the full amount , or Welcome may seek an enforcement order against him. He hasnt a clue when the loan was taken out , though its possible it was pre 2007 , What i need to know in a hurry is how can he stop Welcome getting an enforcement against him . My thoughts are to request a copy of the agreement from them to asertain if they indeed have one and if it is enforceable and also see if there are any charges on the account , assuming there are charges will Welcome be able to proceed to court whilst he is disputing the amount owed ? If he does apply for the credit agreement and charges , should he write to the court stating that the amount is in dispute , and that all or any proceedings be halted until the matter is sorted. This is kind of urgent guys , so a swift response would be WELCOME lol
  9. Please can someone advise please as we thought this had all been resolved: Back on the 31/1/04 we got a car from welcome finance since then actually taking the car we had nothing but problems car was unfit was in garage more than on the road etc etc But we kept paying original debt was £11337 we got this down to £6,247 until we had enough and refused to pay till car was swapped or sorted well to cut a long story short it tooks many more years until 5.3.10 when WF told us to sell car as full and final settlement So we did and thought that would be the end of it then earlier this week (todays date 20.4.2015) we got a letter from a company called MKDP telling us we still owed £6247 as they had now bought our debt from WF i disputedd this and explain the situation over the phone and they said they would put on hold and check They sent me a statement of my finacial account with welcome finance on which it states 5/3/10 account type credit amount : £6247.48 balance £0.00 description: Debt written off ..... if this is on my statement which is supposed to be from welcome car finance how can mkdp be chasing us for that ammount and why have we not heard anything from 2010 until just over 2 weeks ago. The welcome car finance default was even removed from our credit score over a year ago and we thought we were rebuilding again can someone advvice whats the best course of action to take please..
  10. I have just received an Application for Attachment of Earnings Order from Peterborough Court with Welcome Financial Services Ltd as Judgement Creditor. However, I don't know this company, have never heard of them until now and they say I owe them £5188.10! Surely they should at least have the decency to contact me before to detail how they think I owe this money? I got to say the form is very scruffy and poorly photocopied, can this be a [problem]? Will try and call the court concerned to verify this, and at the same time contact Citizens Advice. Any Advice?
  11. I took out an agreement with welcome finance in 2004 for a car that I needed for work. after a year I had to resign or the company told me I would be sacked. I was unemployed for almost a year & could not keep up with the payments. In the end we decided to refinance the agreement so I could make affordable payments. When the original loan was paid off I do not think that the PPI was refunded plus something called short fall insurance which I have no idea about. I believe that the ppi was miss-sold as I would not of agreed to it had I known that I could not claim if I was unemployed. Also they did not explain the PPI properly & as I had been kept waiting for a car for almost 8 hours I just wanted to get out of there. I may consider going to watchdog about these guys as they seem to be nothing more than loan sharks I now owe £7000 for a car worth about £1500. I will be very interested in knowing if it is legal to put a finance charge that amounts to 2/3ds of the worth of the vehicle. Also finance charges of £1300 on insurances that I did not ask for any help will be great as I want to get unhooked from these sharks many thanks Martyn
  12. Hi, we are currently being pursued for a debt by the above three (which I understand are all the same company). The original agreement for this was in 2003, although payments were made to them through a DMC and I think the last of this would have been in 2008. The debt stayed on the credit file and we think it may have been resigned in or around 2007. However at our request as Equifax have removed this debt from the credit file. Can these people apply for a CCJ or not? does a debt become statute barred six years after the original agreement or six years after the last payment was made to the account? I plan to send a CCA letter to them but if they are able to provide a copy of the agreement would the debt be statute barred anyway if the agreement is dated 2003? I should point out the the original loan was for 800.00 and the debt they are trying to recover is over £2000.00. thanks Roadhog1
  13. Hi, I purchased a car last December using Advantage Finance. I'm up to date on the payments, but lost my job at the beginning of this month. I was employed by my own Ltd company, which lost it's main client and as a result I had no choice but to make myself unemployed. The next payment is due on the 26th of this month (next Wednesday). I'm aware that being in arrears can cause a problem in this situation I need to decide fairly quickly if I need to arrange to hand the car back or to keep it and try to work through the problem. I'm an IT Contractor. It's possible that I may be back in work very shortly, but a former colleague in the same field as me has been out of work for nearly a year. I'm hopeful that I can get some work soon but I need to be prepared for any long term issues. Although there is an image that people in IT are high earning, the realism is that I was earning only just enough to support my family so I didn't get a chance to put any money away. If the car has to be handed back or gets repossessed, my brother has kindly agreed to lend me his car until I can afford a 2nd hand one. So transport won't be an issue for the next few months. I'm aware that I can't VT the vehicle as it's not at the halfway point. However, looking at the figures, the VT figure is £5436, the one third figure is £3624. I've paid £436 plus 8 payments of £286.49 so £2727 has been paid. What would be my best course of action in the circumstances? Should I tell them to just pick the car up and work out an arrangement to pay whatever the remaining figure is, or would it be better to speak to them about possibly arranging to pay the missed monthly payment over the next 2-3 months? What I don't want to do is find myself in arrears and then try to negotiate - I understand the fact I'm up to date at the moment may work in my favour. To add to the mix - as my company has effectively ceased trading it's likely it will be compulsorily liquidated. As a result as I have an overdrawn Director's Loan that I will be liable for it's possible I may be made bankrupt or forced into an IVA - if Advantage Finance do start to get nasty I can just let it happen rather than spend years paying for a car I don't have (the original plan was to negotiate with the Official Receiver).
  14. Hi all. Went bankrupt in 2008 and included a welcome loan in it as a debt. Last year received a CCJ from them claiming repayment, filed a defence saying it was included in the bankruptcy, now received a demand saying i need to provide proof or they will proceed with the claim. Do i need to provide proof, surely its not that hard to prove i was bankrupt They claim they cant locate any proof of the bankruptcy. if so HOW DO i prove it??? Rgds
  15. Hi In 2005 I got the following: Together Mortgage £113000, Picture Loan £33000, Welcome Loan £21000, RBS Debt totaling £25000 credit card debt totaling £ 9,000. PAYDAY LOANS total £1200. I was in great despair as I was going through a divorce had an ectopic pregnancy and lived in a house half built. I was off work due to ectopic pregnancy and was losing money fast. On top of this my step daughter came to live with me and I was trying to help her through college etc. My ex husband was very nasty and he was due to leave the army and I got frightened in to not taking any of his pension that I deserved for giving up my career to bring his daughter up. He cashed in all our joint policies and left me with nothing but debt. I was in despair literally and had a breakdown turned to alcohol (not badly but enough). I then tried reading self help books to try and change my mind set. I wrote myself blank cheques to all the people I owed and had them on my wall so that I could visualize on attracting money. I won £3800 from a 10p bingo ticket then I got a windfall of £32000. I cleared the credit card debt, got the house finished and reduced the welcome loan to £9000. I still owe the rest, I got the RBS loan secured against the house to free up monthly spends. My house is now worth £136000. I was annoyed though as I have paid over £37000 to IDEM not realising that to settle I need to pay another £42000!! I was younger stupid and scared. I have now rented out my house and I am living in a room, I have started my own company using all the skills I have and have enlisted friends to help me with their trades (I take a small percentage from them as I get them work). [EDITED] It is about visualizing and felling the luck and wealth. It takes only 16 seconds to vibrate mentally and put good thoughts out. I do not ask to win the lottery e.t.c but I try to create ways that I can help myself out of the mess I got in with money. [EDITED]
  16. Hi All, First post here and im hoping you can all help as im a little rattled. I've been back to my parents this weekend and they've handed me a letter from Mortimer Clarke working on behalf of Cabot on behalf of welcome. There's been a CCJ against me for approx £510, and my month to settle it period runs out on the 19th. The address they have been using is my parents that i haven't lived at for over 2 years (although i do have banking etc registered there) What should i do with this? I've read a lot about excessive PPI etc from welcome so should my first port of call be writing to them about this? I know im not going to be able to pay in full before the deadline, and i have suspicions that the debt may have been statute barred prior to the CCJ. Should i offer to set up a payment plan with Mortimer Clarke or would that be seen as accepting the debt? Apologies for my general ignorance on this and my slightly rambling post. Dave
  17. Good morning all, Firstly I am new to the site...so please be gentle. Many moons ago, I was stupid! I took out a loan with WFS and naturally, like all good people did not pay it due to a number of reasons. I acknowledge that I need to pay the dabt and am getting in control of my finances. However, just as I start to get comfortable, I received a Notice of Application for Attachment of Earnings Order in the post, which refers to a judgement that has now been obtained against me. I have spoken to the County Court and they have confirmed that a CCJ was registered against me in January. Now this is the first I have heard of this, I have received no documents to support this, no opportunity to put in a defence and all "parties" involved have the correct address details. I also served them with an SAR last year, which they did nothing with and cashed the £10 Postal Order as a form of payment towards the debt. I really do not know what to do. ..I am now self - employed, support my whole family (wife and 10 month old daughter) and doing ok money wise. But, with this CCJ against my name, is some considerable trouble! I would be grateful for any help and advice - no doubt you will require some more information, so please ask away. Thanks in advance all.
  18. Hi all My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I have looked but cannot find an answer. A charging order was placed on my property 5 years ago by Welcome Finance, I was not required to make any monthly payments. I received a letter today saying that the entire debt has been sold to PRA Group and they are seeking to recover the debt. I was under the impression that as a CCJ, then a charging order had been granted, that the debt was stagnant until I sold my property. Could anyone offer any advice? Many thanks in advance. Emma
  19. Hi I have recieved a county court form from bw legal stating that they have been assigned a debt from welcome finance. I have checked my credit report and can't find any record of this debt with the amount that i apparently owe. Does this mean they haven't got a leg to stand on? Any help appreciated
  20. Hi All, I have a claim with Welcome finance. The loan was for 36 monthly payments of £120 back in 2004. It has been agreed and it just needs signing off. They will not tell me how much I can expect. Any ideas? Cheers Lee
  21. Do you mind if i use this too Brigadier? I defaulted early 2008 (I don't have the actual date - Should I send an SAR?) Sorry to hijack a thread
  22. When hubby and I met almost 10 years ago I knew he came with a little baggage which was in the shape of some outstanding debt he had relating to a property he'd had repossessed. This included a £7k shortfall following the sale and an outstanding secured (against the house) loan with WFS (from memory he seems to think it was around £8k) We've had a few letters on and off over the time then a couple of CCJs during what was a very difficult time. I know an attachment of earning order was set up and he was paying direct from his wages for about a year during 2012/2013 maybe (I can't remember exactly) then he changed job and we failed to notify and have never heard anything since. We are currently working with StepChange to get things resolved and upon checking the credit report TWO CCJs appear - one for £46k issued March 2009 and one for £35k issued February 2009 both for WFS. I've initially requested copies of the CCJs but don't have any clue what to do from here. Thank you in advance
  23. Hi there Very new here and hoping someone can give me some advice on a claim I've received for a Welcome Finance debt. Particulars The claimant claims the sum of xxxxx being monies due from the defendant Welcome Finance Ltd under a loan agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 which was assigned to the Claimant on xxxxxx. Notice of assignment has been provided to the Defendant. The Defendants loan account number was xxxxx. The defendant has failed to make payments in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement. A default notice has been served pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974 by Welcome Finance Ltd. The claimant has complied, as far as is necessary with the Pre-Action Conduct Practice Direction. Background I took the loan out in 2007, I think I probably stopped paying a year after that. I had lost my job at the time. I have no record or documents relating to this loan now, although I am pretty sure I agreed to PPI and there have been charges added to account. Loan amount was 2k, claim is for over 3k. Having looked at other threads, looks like I need to send a CPR 31.14 - do I send this to MKPD or Welcome? Any other requests that I need to make? I have another week to reply to the claim and I want to defend if I have grounds. Any help much appreciated!
  24. Hi All, I am new to the forum however have read many posts. To cut a very long story short I had several loan accounts with Welcome Finance dated 1999-2006 all of which had PPI on ranging from 28.00 to 1711.00 - total PPI premiums paid 4610.00. All our loans were paid off on time and no payments missed. In 2006 I contacted Welcome regarding mis sold PPI as we were told due to our age we were classed as high risk and PPI was a requirement of the loan. We had no reason to believe this was not the norm. At the time I was battling cancer and I explained all this to the manager at our local branch. The manager was quite rude and I escalated my complaint to head office. Head office told us all our loan documents were archived and therefore our case was closed. Approx. 6 months later my husband was told his bank account was being closed due to Fraud! - He rang and was told that when we had applied to upgrade our account it had showed me as deceased! - Further investigation showed that Welcome Finance had updated my credit record to show me as deceased. An internal investigation took place and the Branch Manager had done this. I was given 250.00 as a good will gesture at the time. I have out of the blue received letters from FCSC, I rang FCSC who told me I was wrongly informed by Welcome in 2006 however they can only deal with loans after 2005 I have written again to Welcome and outlined my complaint again and stated that if I had not been misinformed in 2006 I would have been eligible and that I do not feel I should be told my PPI is time barred for that reason as effectively until that letter came I thought I could not claim. I still have the letters from 2006 stating that is the case. My question is I do not have any loan documentation, the guy at Welcome gave me the account numbers and PPI premiums. This is the basic premium excluding the annual interest paid which was 29.9%. The majority of the loans were reloaned so the balance of the PPI settled and added on top of the new loan as well as taking out new PPI. Will Welcome if they uphold my complaint take that into consideration a nd refund the annual loan interest as well as the standard 8%? Thank you for your help in advance
  25. Just received a letter this morning saying my account was now owned by cabot financial and was sold 24th june 2014. Ive been paying weekly for years and still have my direct debit paying welcome drect, they say they are only handling the payment and forwarding to cabot.... As this is a secured loan does this have any implications for my home? Ive rang welcome they said to contact cabot but i dont really want to until i have the correct info. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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