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  1. Hi I am just starting out looking at my friends welcome accounts as she has had some real hardship. I know there is PPI on there but Im not sure how to go about claiming the charges or do you do them both together . I have attached the account .
  2. Cant believe WF have done this, I cancelled the DD last month and have received a letter advising me of my new payment details. they have re set up my DD without asking for my bank details or permission, they have used the details they have on their records. How very naughty of them!
  3. Hi I received a letter in September from Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited stating the following and that I was to make payments to Robinson way. The first paragraph of the letter is as follows. " We are writing to notify you that MKDP LLP has assigned all of it's respective rights, titles and interest in respect of the above referenced account (Ex Welcome Finance Limited) to Hoist Portfolio Holding Limited effective 10/08/2015. The balance they say is £17580.00." This was a loan that I took out with Welcome Finance and was secured on my home which was subsequently repossessed in October 2010. Further down the letter it states that I should check my credit file and that this account will currently be showing under the name of MKDP LLP. However when I check my credit report (Both Experian and Noddle) there is no mention of this debt in either my Active, Default or settled accounts. When I spoke to Robinson way about this account, I said I would speak to Step Change and this gave me 30 days grace. However the time has now come when they will be contacting me again by phone. Before I speak to them I would like to know where I stand as if it was still a debt surely it would appear on my credit file. I look forward to some advice on this matter. Regards Kim Kitchener
  4. Hi All, I am sending my car back under the V.T rules to welcome Finance today I had a guy come to do an inspection from the RAC on behalf of the finance company his findings were:- Stone chips to Front Bumper stone chips to Bonnet Scratch to nsr wing( This scratch was on the car when I originally purchased the car) I bought the car 2 yaers ago with 96,000 Miles on the clock it has now done 113,000 MIles and the car is in better condition now that when I bought it. I have Full Audi service history wirth the car & surely a car with this mileage on it is expected to have this type of stone chip damage as i accepted it at 96,000 Miles with stone chip damage. The RAC man asked me to sign for the damage which i refused to do so as I would be agreeing to paying the £500 to rectify the damage he quoted. They are having a laugh surely, Simon
  5. I wonder if anyone can advise me on this, I took out car finance in 2008 with Welcome, got into problems and the car went back feb 2009, I now have MKDP on my case, I did CCA them, I have attached their response (attachment 1), I responded to them: 'Thanks for the response to my initial complaint the contents of which have been duly noted. However in light of the information disclosed there are several other matters which need to be addressed regarding the alleged debt remaining under the terminated agreement. 1) It appears that the agreement was voluntarily terminated on or about the 12/02/2009, this is news to me as I made no such request, as far as I was aware the vehicle was voluntarily surrendered. I am sure you will realise that the car had a re-sale value which under the VT would not have been allocated to my account and in this instance would have contributed to the amount outstanding on the agreement, also there was no default information sent prior to recovery process, so I was not made aware of any rights I may have had, this is a requirement under the CCA. 2) The agreement seems to include an insurance element, this was not explained to me at the time and I certainly did not choose to purchase, yet it appears to be included within the total credit price (this is confirmed by calculation of the APR). Please confirm the purpose of this policy and explain why a charge for credit was not properly allocated in the agreement'[/b] They have responded to this the other day, I am a bit lost now as I thought as they owned the debt, why should I have to go back to Welcome for info whilst MKDP continue chasing me? They have also stated that I have advised it was VT, I resumed it was as per the paperwork they sent me. Can anyone offer some advise how I should respond to them or the next step? Many thanks in advance
  6. In 2008 I took out a loan with welcome finance for £17,500 after I have already re-paid them over £43,000 in loan repayments. I now want to sell the flat the loan is secured over and was horrified to discover that they say I still owe them almost £16,000. I have no way of understanding how that redemption figure has been calculated and they did not provide a breakdown (they say a letter has been sent but it has never arrived). If I repay them at this figure it means I will have paid them a total of £58,593.56 on a loan of £17,500 (3.3 times the loan). Surely that cannot be fair or reasonable? I had offered them the sum of £7,500 to redeem this loan in full and final settlement but this is rejected. I am desperate to sell the house that this loan is secured over but cannot do so until this loan is redeemed. I see others have been getting discounts to clear their loans but despite repeated letters from me they refuse. I am supposed to complete on my new house and am worried this loan is going to make the whole sale fall through. I have a disabled daughter and desperately need this house sale to go through so that we can move to a home which is more disabled friendly for her. Please can anyone review this for me and help? I have attached a copy of the contract. Thanks so much!! MM
  7. Hi, I'm not sure if anyone has any advice on this: I took a Welcome loan in 2008, which was refinanced. I then defaulted and did not hear anything for a few years. I did not follow up as heard they had gone into administration. Last summer I received a County Court Summons via Cabot/Mortimer Solicitors. I sent one of the CPR request letters, from this site and needless to say, they missed the deadline. This morning, I received a letter from the fore-mentioned Mortimer Solicitors, who have included all the info I requested in the CPR letter. They have stated that their client is happy to settle out of court and have offered a 50% reduction to settle. The question is: 1. is there anything further I can do? 2. Can they issue another County Court Summons, when first one timed out? Many Thanks talkback
  8. Hi all please can anyone give me some advice before i contact them. I got a new boiler from b/g in 2007 and they financed it with w/f i was paying £68 pm but now i pay £80 pm. I have been paying every month but now my hours have been cut at work and i cannot afford the monthly payments and i was going to get in contact with w/f to see if i could reduce my payments to £20 pm but i have read all the horror stories from people who try to deal with them. my question is can i reduce my payments and ask for the interest to be frozen and can w/f add other cost on to my loan like missed payment fees and fees for sending a letter. any help will be most appreciated kind regards michael Just a bit more information for you. I got a statement from from them in November and it had default sum interest on it. i did miss one payment about four years ago but i increased my payment and it is well payed off so i dont understand why i am still paying default interest. i did phone them up and they said i will still be getting interest on the loan as i defaulted on it.my monthly payment was £69 pm i have been paying them £88 pm for the last three years i keep getting phone calls from them asking me to increase my payments so i dont think they will accept a reduce payments even if i cannot afford to pay them the full amount. one more thing when i took out the loan they said my last payment will be on november 2017 now they say it will be march 2018.
  9. Hi this is my first post to the group- My name is paul and live in york. Back in 2004 i took out a home inprovement loan via safestyle uk for the sum of 2171 over a priod of 120 months and i took out payment protectection at a cost £471. Shortly after taking the loan out as i was contracting my contract wasn't renewed, upon trying to claim againt my payment protection i was informed i wasn't covered as i was classed as self employed (shame they never told me this when charging me £471) i had a dispute with them as i wasn't working and wasn't covered after months of haggleing i got them to agree to a pro-rata refund which would go onto my account to clear the arears. I started and work shortly after and started to make full payments since then never missed a payment and i thought my payments were up to date. Then about 3 years ago i started to get your accounts in arrears calls to cut a long story short the payment protection refund never appared on my account and once again in dispute but i continued to pay. Last september 2014 my loan should have finished but was informed i actually owed more 10 years on than my actual loan amount. I have exhausted all ppi possibilities they claim they don't have anything on the pro-rata refund despite me signing a form in their york office. the FOS say as its pre 2005 theres nothing i can do, welcome say it was sold via safstyle so they wouldn't be responsible even though i thought i was dealing with Welcome in their office. currently despite paying for 11 years my £2171 loan stands at £2852.77 i told the lady at welcome i had just had a stroke and couldn't deal with this at the moment. she turned round to me and said well as long as you relise if you die the debt gets passed onto your familly. This has really upset me i don't know what to do Surely they cant charge me for 11 years on a 10 year loan and actually owe more money. This loan if continues will never be paid off ? Please if someone can help i don't want this debt hanging over me or if i die want it passed on to loved ones. Apparently i have already paid 7000 on this loan.
  10. A few days ago I was in court with IND they were asking for a claim that was struck out in sept 2013 to be re-instated. 1 week before the hearing IND sent me a letter containing a witness statement from themselves to be read out in court, as they said they would not be attending the hearing. I decided that I should on this occasion attend. I didnt in sept 2013. When I arrived at court I was dismayed to find that a barrister was there to represent IND. I felt like going back home. When I walked into the Hearing room it was warm and didnt feel threatening. There was only me the Barrister and the Judge in the room though I think the Hearing was recorded. I sat there gob smacked as the barrister was verbally taken apart by the Judge. The Barrister even apologised to the Judge saying "Im sorry maam but I am only acting on instruction". After stating some legal Jargon to the Barrister which I did not understand, the Judge then made 2 Judgements 1. That the application by IND to have the claim re-instated was denied and 2. That the request by IND to have the struck out order lifted from the claim was also refused. Thank god for British justice and a bloody good Judge. Never be afraid, fight it, stand up to it. And dont despair, Debt collection agencys are not popular with the courts. Even if you think you have not got a chance. fight it, Defend it. I am glad I did. I was also awarded costs.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm totally new on here and not even sure if I am posting in the correct place. Situation is I have had three separated loans with Welcome Finance. The first loan had no ppi on it, the second did, and the last one again did not. Unfortunately before the third loan was complete I fell into financial hardship, and entered into a dmp (debt management plan), initially the payments were going to Welcome, then they changed to PRA/Active Finance. I submitted a complaint to Welcome/FSCS nine week ago regarding missold ppi, and got a response back yesterday, stating my complaint was upheld and compensation was due at £954, however they stated this would be used to setoff against the liability still owed on the final loan, which is in my dmp I understand under FSCS rules they are able to setoff to recover monies owed to the original creditor, but on calling WFSL today I was advised that final loan had been sold to PRA/Active Finance, so surely the ppi should be paid directly to me as WFSL have no further recourse to this, and also the ppi claimed was against a different loan . Any thoughts.
  12. Morning Guys/Girls. Thank you in advance for this help. Hope this is in the right section (sorry if not) Very long story short, when I was younger, burying my head was great and new cars had been top of my list! Fast forward ten years, that's not the case!! About 8 years ago, I took a car on finance through Welcome...(£6995) after 3 years, I got into trouble with work & the car got repossessed. At the time around 3900 had been paid. Fast forward to last year, I got called to court (8 months before it with have been statute barred) and I was given a CCJ for £12000. At the end, the judge said, "the creditor will contact you for payment" And as we walked out, so did the solicitor. I recently received a "missed" parcel from APS. Quick look ok here, it seemed it would be in relation to the CCJ. I called welcome to make payment plan, they told me to contact IND, I contacted them, and they said I need to reply to APS as I have a date set in court on 10th November. But I MUST get te letter re delivered from APS. I'm assuming they are trying to SERVE me? The girl at IND said it was to sit with someone in court to arrange a payment plan and go through my finances. Would that be a "Order to obtain information" ? So, the second I finished the call, I sent a letter registered, to the court that issued the CCJ, Welcome Finance And IND wth a breakdown of my finances and an offer to pay £35pcm. My basic wage is £15000 before tax. And have other debts I have payment plans with. I suppose I just need some advice on this "order to obtain" if IND accost my payment plan, will they cancel that? Has it done me any favours with the court offering to make a payment? What happens if I'm not Served before the 10th November? Will they just set a new date? Thank you so much again, any advice is helpful ��
  13. Hi I have a Welcome Finance agreement on my car & like lots of other people have been fighting with the Lewis Group. Today I received a letter from Irwin Mitchell Solicitors Recoveries, however on the back there is a standing order form made payable to Ascent Collections Ltd. Strange thing is Irwin Mitchells address is Manchester - Ascent Collections is Sheffield and the post mark is Sheffield. Does anyone know anything about these companies or had any dealings with them.
  14. Hi In 2007 i had a secured loan with Welcome, i got into financial difficulty and stop paying, (house was in negative equity and still is) They chased but as i couldn't afford to repay and they couldn't force me to sell they sort of frittered away for a few years whilst they were in financial trouble. I have now discovered that the 2nd charge on my property has been lifted and on my credit file it says 'settled' There is now a company called MKDP LLP who own the loan which i have found out only be looking at my credit file. what do i do? i think i do nothing! the loan isn't secured anymore, and they would have paid next to nothing for it? Your thoughts please! Hi, similar situation here! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?414653-Welcome-secured-loan-sold-on welcome sold debt to MKDP LLP ( google them) not heard anything from either, My question to you is. .is the debt a secured debt? Six years is unsecured but 12 for secured( someone correct if I'm wrong) I think welcome sold off debts when they got in trouble to people like MKDP , I'm keeping my ead down!
  15. Hi all, I've been reading many threads online about Welcome finance, and as I have a securered laon with them (we live and learn), I wanted to get a thread up on my secured loan. Took it out around 2008 for £15k, paying around £330 back per month. Approx 2 years ago I started to claim back PPI which in the end came to about £6k which they took off my balance. 3 months ago I received another letter from them saying they have not maintained thier requirements by not sending me statements frequently enough, and they have kindly taken £3k off my balance and reduced the APR to 0%. It sounds all good as now there is light at the end of tbe tunnel and I have about 18 more payments remaining, balance is approx £7500. Has anyone else received the same deductions as I have and APR dropped to 0%? Based on all what I've been reading online about Welcome for some reason I'm feeling paranoid about the balance left and remaining payments, thinking should I have to pay them ( to confirm I will be maintaining the payments), and how honest is the actual loan?
  16. I am so angry. bank holiday ruined by Welcome. My husband took a loan out with welcome in 2006, we borrowed a little more in 2008, however we paid this off about 3 or 4 months later, in full when we sold our car. We have recieved letters from IND and welcome saying they are chasing the money, following the letters i wrote to them asking why they hadnt marked an account as settled from 2008! We also wrote to them a year ago about PPI and they said he had none, there letters now say we did. They also said that there is copy agreeemnts and letters that we have apparantly sent in the mean time. none of which were included. i am not happy at all as we are trying to get a mortage through and they are claiming they are putting him in court. I cant beleieve that a company like welcome would regiser a default in 2009 and not chase until 2013. also i know this was paid off in 2008. but the credit files say default 2009. i am at a little loss, what do you do. Thank you all. x
  17. I'm sure I saw it on here but can't find it. My partner had a letter from Welcome Finance (MKDP) saying she owed over £4,0000. It was statute barred which, with the help of the Ombudsman, they eventually agreed. However, we just saw that the 'debt' appears on her Experian credit score! Is this legal? We've just emailed the Ombudsman again to ask advice on how to get this b/s off of her credit score.
  18. Hi, Just checking that my debt would be statute barred - it is unsecured loan and balance now showing is £2984. Last payment was made on 7th December 2007 to welcome finance themselves and no communication has taken place with MKD or Welcome since except for sending this letter today. - Dear Sir/Madam Without prejudice Account No: ******8158 0 You have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself. I would point out that under the Limitation Act 1980 Section 5: “An action founded on simple contract shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on which the cause of action accrued.” I would point out that in their Consumer Credit sourcebook, the Financial Conduct Authority states the following rules: "...a firm must not attempt to recover a statute barred debt in England, Wales or Northern Ireland if the lender or owner has not been in contact with the customer during the limitation period." 7.15.4 "A firm must not continue to demand payment from a customer after the customer has stated that he will not be paying the debt because it is statute barred." 7.15.8 The last payment or acknowledgement of this debt was made over six years ago and no further acknowledgement or payment has been made since that time. Unless you can provide evidence of payment or written contact from me in the relevant period under Section 5 of the Limitation Act, I suggest that you are no longer able to take any court action against me to recover the alleged amount claimed. I would also request evidence that Welcome Finance did not also put a default on the account more than six years ago as I allege that you have placed a second default for the same debt. Therefore, I would request it is removed from my account. I await your written confirmation that no further contact will be made concerning the above account and confirmation that this matter is now closed. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully Have I done the right thing, default is due to go off credit report on 2nd January 2016 - but a seperate query exists as to whether MKD put another default on the file years later as well as Welcome Finances original default (unfortunately cannot prove this as no data from Welcome is now on my report). Should I do a SAR on Welcome as well to find this out? Thanks NS
  19. Hello, in 2004 we took out a loan with Welcome Finance. This has now been repaid in full. Now things are paid off I'm looking into re-claiming fees and charges etc. On the day we took out the loan, the salesman was in a hurry as it was nearing the end of the month and insisted the loan was signed off that day due to it being the end of the month. I realise this was probably for his end of month targets maybe. My husband was unable to leave his place of work that day so we tried to make the signing appointment for the next day however the salesman needed it all signing that day. In desperation the salesman asked if I could take the paperwork to my husband to sign, as if we didn't do it that day, we may not have the loan approved. I took the paperwork to my husband to sign. I then took the paperwork back to the office and the loan was granted. As we were consolidating an existing unsecured loan with Welcome I assumed the loan was unsecured, but we found out a month later it was a secured loan. During the course of the loan we successfully reclaimed the PPI as we were unaware that this had also been added. This reduced the balance significantly which enabled us to finally repay the loan and get rid of the debt. I am just wondering whether I would be able to question the validity of the overall loan, have researched this on the internet but getting lots of conflicting information. Does anyone out there know if this would be a possibility and if so where do I start? Thanks for reading!
  20. Hi all, Sorry this may be a tad long-winded!! Car purchased from Welcome Finance in mid-2008, stopped paying the instalments in mid-2009 as I was unhappy with the car, how they operated and how they had treated me. I have no records from that time as to when the last payment was made but I know that the car was returned to them around October 2009. They agreed on the phone to collect the car and because I had rectified some existing faults at my expense etc etc I was told the final balance owed was up to £300 once the car had been handed back depending on a few factors. I asked for written confirmation of this as a full & final settlement offer and would make payment immediately. I never received this and then didn't hear anything else for quite some time. In the mean time I had been in and out of the country, moved house etc eventually a couple of years ago I received some letters via my mum's address from MKDP saying I owed £4000. Significantly more than £300!! I confirmed this detail by applying for a credit report with experian and note that they hold an account on my record for £4000 which is defaulted as of 28/10/2009. Then today I was passed a letter from MKDP, which was again sent to my mum's address, stating that the debt of £4000 had been sold to Robinson's and also enclosed was an offer letter from Robinson's saying I can pay £10 per week for several years, £15 per week for less years or call them to discuss options. I've always ignored all letters and never replied to them or spoken to them on the phone. As I was;t even in the country for some of the past few years I never even needed credit so it didn't affect me, however I'm now back permanently so want to make sure this doesn't go to CCJ. Now, I'm aware that this debt is either Statute Barred already or is about to be. If, for instance, the SB start date is indeed 28/10/09 then this is just 2 months away from now, however I'm not exactly certain when the car was returned or when exactly the last payment was made to Welcome Finance. I've never received a default notice, never received a notice of assignment to MKDP and generally didn't receive anything after the car had been handed back so I assumed there was no outstanding amount and that was the end of it. I moved house a couple months after the car went back so I can only guess that some paperwork may have been sent to my old address, but seeing as I hadn't heard anything from Welcome Finance in that time I assumed, rightly or wrongly, that there was no need to update my address with them. Now my questions, if I may.... 1. Should I just sit it out and hope a claim form doesn't arrive in the post? 2. If no to Q1, then I'm looking to clarify exactly when the debt was/will be SB. What''s the best way to do this and how long does that add to the process? 3. If yes to Q1, then I guess if a claim form does arrive I'll need to formulate a defence and cross that bridge when it comes? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  21. Hi Everyone - this is my first post! We booked a cottage with Welcome Cottages in February 2015 with their £25 special offer deposit deal. However, we decided not to go ahead with the booking for financial reasons when the balance was due late July because I'm on a temporary contract at work which could end any day. Welcome Cottages are now chasing us for £145 which is the balance of the deposit. I sent them an email asking them the following questions: "On the Welcome Cottages website, the cottage appears to have been re-let again from 4 to 11 September 2015, which covers the period of our cancelled booking. Therefore, if the cottage has been re-let again, please can you explain why we are being asked to pay Welcome Cottages an amount of £145, when the owner of the cottage and Welcome Cottages appear to have not suffered or incurred any financial loss from our cancelled booking. Please can you explain how the amount of £145 you are claiming was calculated. Can you also provide a breakdown of actual costs and losses suffered or have been incurred by the owner and Welcome Cottages, resulting from the cancelled booking." and they replied with: "Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, as you know, the reason for cancellation does not meet the qualifying criteria for a refund of some of the monies paid. We understand your concerns and are grateful for the opportunity to explain our position in more detail. You may wish to show this letter to anyone you seek further advice from. It is unlikely that the CMA is the appropriate forum. At the time you made your booking, the low deposit offer was running which afforded you the choice to pay in full, pay the standard deposit or the low deposit. You were advised at the time of booking, if the booking is cancelled for a non-qualifying reason, the difference between the low deposit and the standard deposit is payable - (£170.00) in your case The amount of deposit is commensurate with the cost of the booking. The cancellation terms provide many qualifying reasons for cancellations ; including redundancy, illness, death and even when extreme weather prevents travel. Many other companies do not provide this benefit at all. Of course, there is no obligation to continue with a booking if our terms are not agreed to. We feel that if you had read the low deposit terms, and the booking conditions, you would have understood that the low deposit offer does indeed allow a booking to be secured for £25.00 with nothing more to pay until 8 weeks before departure, but that if it is cancelled for a non-qualifying reason, the difference between the low deposit of £25.00 and the standard deposit becomes payable. This is an industry standard and not an unfair contract term. Our booking conditions carry a Plain English Campaign Crystal Mark and we believe that Section 4 is clear about the low deposit offer and that the cancellation terms are also clearly presented. We hope we have satisfactorily responded to your concerns and look forward to receiving the outstanding amount of £145.00 by return. Welcome Cottages have ignored questions I put to them in my first email but have confirmed that cottage has been re-let over period of our booking from 4 to 11 September in another email. We have not said that we will not pay the £145 balance and Welcome Cottages have hinted that remaining balance could be paid by monthly instalments. However, if Welcome Cottages had not re-let the the cottage again and they and the owner had made a loss, then we consider that we would be liable to pay the balance. Therefore, do we have a case to challenge having to pay the remaining amount of £145 because Welcome Cottages and also the owner have not suffered a financial loss on our original booking as they have successfully re-let the cottage? I also consider that they will be making an additional profit because they have also made a profit on the new booking. Or are we still liable under contact law to pay the remaining balance of the deposit? Any comments or advise will be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance.
  22. Hello All, Can someone help/advise me please? I am feeling stressed at the moment so will post the outline of what has happened. I know that you might need further information to possibly try and help, so please tell me what information I need to post and I will try and do that. Basicallly, I took a loan out on in April 2007 and continued making payments on it. Some time later, I stopped making payments and was relying on Payday Loans. I was making payments to a doorstep collector and when I found out that I did not have to do that, I basically stopped. I have now received a Claim Form from the Northampton County Court stating Mortimer Clarke Solicitors have referred the matter to court. When I was checking the "penalty" charges that Welcome had levied on my account, I questioned these and did not receive a satisfactory response from them. I then referred the matter to the Ombudsman who stated that they could not see these charges added on and I was advised to pay Welcome. I have default notices where Welcome have added approximately £500 in charges and I do not know the amount of interest this has generated. The "accounts" Welcome have sent to me in the past have shown an "adjustment", this adjustment is basically the total of what they are now claiming I owe them. I have read the other threads on here and know that I have to acknowledge service of the claim form. Can someone advise/tell me what else I can do please? Thank you
  23. Thank anybody in advance for any advice or kind words of encouragement you may have for me : To start off with My Wife and I took out a Loan from WF in 2007 for £19,000, all was well initially as a monthly payment of £300 PM was taken from my wife’s Bank Account and I supplemented her account with £150 PM to pay my half. As months rolled away unbeknown to myself she fell into some financial hardship which she didn’t tell me about through embarrassment or some other crazy notion and decided to stop paying the WF Direct Debit. All the while taking my half of the money and also letting the arrears mount up on the WF loan. Months later I was contacted by WF and the story was laid out, I was away overseas during this time as I am serving in the British Army and still am. At this point I took the decision to change the bank account that it was taken from to my own and up the payments to £330 in order to drive some of the arrears that had built up down. Time went by and I continued to pay the DD’s on time and in full before I was again contacted by WF stating that if I were to up the amount again the arrears would noticeably reduce. I contacted them today as I am on leave and the issues has been at the forefront of my mind for some time and is starting to in my opinion effect my mental wellbeing as I am constantly worried, and quite depressed about the whole issue (may not be the best choice of words as this as it stands has a very good chance of financially ruining my family) They stated that to date I have paid approx.: £31,000.00 back to them. The balance still stands at £13,796.00. If I continue to pay back the amount that I am doing which is more than the original agreement, I will of payed approx. £60,000.00. Obviously the best thing for me to do would be to borrow from family or a very low interest bank but I’m afraid my family does not have any such resources and my credit rating thanks to my wife missing payments on the above and numerous other things (some of which I’m still discovering, but I am sorting them out ) means nobody will come within 100ft of me financially. Declaring myself bankrupt is not an option either as my job states that I would be un able to perform at my level of which I have been doing for 14 years without security clearance, which involves vetting including financially. I am aware that a rock and a hard place springs to mind and my options seem if any are not ideal or unworkable for the most part. I suppose I’m just after some advice on whether there is another option available to me, which I am unaware of, or some advice on dealing with Welcome Finance. Please help. Further to this I have just sent off a SAR to WF so I can get into the nuck's and cranny's of all this, is there any advice on what I should be looking for when the information turns up. I will be posting under a different name for obvious reasons stated above but really appreciate it.
  24. Hi all. I`m trying to reclaim £3807 from mis sold ppi insurance for my husband. The basic details are; 1. Single policy ppi 173.33 + 150 "healthcare" on a loan of 500 21.5.03 2. Single policy ppi 330.32 + 150 healthcare on a loan of 500 + 746 used to settle loan 1 6.10.03 3. Single policy ppi 759.25 + 150 healthcare on a loan of 1000 + 1282 used to settle loan 2 19.8.04 Welcome have said that they do not feel the ppi was miss sold and I have the letter with their reasons why. We are now planning on making a complaint to the FOS but am worried that this will also get rejected. Can anyone help? I have all the copies of the paperwork from welcome and the questionnaire we completed with our reasons why we felt it was mis sold.
  25. Hi, This is my first post on here so hopefully i am posting in the right place! I obtained a copy of my credit file last week and noticed that a CCJ has been entered against me from November 2013 from Welcome finance (HFO capital Ltd) this debt relates to a very old debt dating back to approx 2004, which was a loan for £3,000. Some of this i have repaid and the outstanding amount is said to be £1,890.15. I was paying this off each month until i went on maternity leave and my financial circumstances changed. I had several discussions with various people from HFO and their solicitors Turnball and Rutherford, however after these discussions nothing came of anything and to be honest they were the last thing on my mind once i had a new baby in the house. I had never recieved any letters from them and certainly nothing to do with court proceedings/CCJ's being issued etc. I contacted the court and requested a copy of the judgement and claim form.. . the court has sent me the copy of the judgement however they have written to tell me they do not have a copy of the claim form and that this may be with the claimants solicitors Turnbull and Rutherford. The courts passed on their contact details to me and i have tried contacting them and HFO but the number is no longer in use and according to the internet neither are no longer trading???? I am at a loss as to what i do as i have no way of even contacting the company about the so called CCJ they were meant to have sent me. I feel totally sick as the reason i got a copy of my credit file is because i am looking to get a mortgage and something was flagged up.. ... Everything now is such a mess and my future plans are looking very dismal! The annoying thing with it all is i was always happy to pay it off and i don't feel like i have had a chance to sort the problem out as i had no idea the CCJ had been placed on record. Is there anything i can do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated..
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