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  1. Hi All, New to CAG so sorry if i've posted in the wrong area. I'm looking for some advice i Took out a Loan with Welcome Finance on the 27th November 2007 for £2000 with interest and PPI came to around £3000 to payback, half way through the Loan i lost my Job and was unable to Pay this loan back, and as ever "Buried my head in the sand" shamefully and ignored this Debt, i was also alot younger and stupid to even get a loan back then i think it defaulted and remains outstanding. I had a telephone call from a company called the PRA Group the other day saying that they had purchased this debt and the balance was a whopping £4837 so from around £1500 remaining to nearly 5K i was astounded I've had no contact or anything in 10 years! and i said to the lady on the phone would this not be Statue Barred and she apologised and confirmed it was in fact SB since 1st May 2016, having thought about it i called the WFSL to ask if the loan i had did have PPI and she confirmed it did, she advised the Debt was sold to a company called Experto Credit in May 2014 i never heard anything from this company probably due to the fact of house moves etc, she advised that if a PPI claim was what i wanted to do i would need to go through FSCS which i called and gave the reference number provided by WF and she would send a claim form in the post. my Question is having not Paid off the Loan, the loan being statue barred and the Debt being sold on to Experto Credit then PRA Group, if i do a claim will i receive the funds to myself or will this go back to the loan, Either way I'm not bothered as i never had so wont miss but at least something would go back to the loan even though WF unfairly added thousands extra on. any help/advice would be very much appreciated. thank you.
  2. Hi all, Just thought Id post a pic of my identical twin boys who entered the world on 13/12/2017 at 0709 & 0720. Doc1.pdf I hope you can all give me a little leaway if I ask stupid questions or seem lazy this week, were (my partner and I) both burned out already an to top things off one of them have a cold so even less sleep.
  3. Waiting time before first payment of UC is made down to 5 weeks, that's if no other delaying tactics are used. The 7 day wait after claiming before payment can be applicable in the first place to be abolished. The payment to be applicable from day 1 of claim. A full month's payment to be given if needed in cases of hardship within a week of making the claim to tide the claimant over that first month and a full 12 months to be allowed for repayment of this advance. Housing benefit continues to be paid for the first two weeks of transition periods between other benefits an UC. It does not address the many issues related to UC but it will ease and relieve the initial hardship it causes as it is currently applied. Work & Pensions Secretary to spell out the details of this announcement in Parliament tomorrow (Thursday), including the dates on which those changes come into force.
  4. Hi Took out a Welcome Finance secured loan in November 2007 for £20k I have no defaults, pay £386.53 a month. My partner is about to be made redundant and was wondering about offering an early settlement figure. This is now under Prime Credit 5 since the demise of Welcome Finance. I know in my last statement in 2016 the remaining balance was £19719 it has been repaid in theory several times over with their extortionate charges. Is it worth pursuing early settlement for this with partner being made redundant? Thank you
  5. Hi everybody First post for me so not quite sure if I have done this right. Put in claim for PPI through Resolver for Welcome Finance. Had forms back from them, filled them in and sent them back. Have now received an offer for £6,208 but they want to take £4,595 off to settle a defaulted loan which they have sold to a DCA and are going to buy back so this will leave me with £1,213. The loan was originally taken out in 2007 and I defaulted on it 2010. I have received letters from a DCA but that was about a year after the default but I have not spoken or paid them anything due to my financial situation. Can anybody tell me if this debt would be statute barred. Also can Welcome Finance legally take the money off the refund to pay back the defaulted loan. The loan i defaulted on had no PPI on it. So I wonder can anyone tell me if they can use the PPI refund for this loan or not as the refund is from 2 other loans I had with them and were paid off. Thanks
  6. Hi First I have to thanks to the users of this forums because it thanks to much of the info I got from here that I was able to claim a few PPI £!! I finally manage to claim some of the PPI that WELCOME has misold/forced me to take with a few loans I had with them over a few years, even though pre 2003 they referred me to the underwriter - AVIVA, for which now I am waiting for a reply. My question is related to a worthless healthcare insurancce that they package together with the PPI, even after I had disclosed that I suffered from several health problems, which would make impossible to ever made a claim, but again due to the desperation and urgency I took the loans anyway! On the refund WELCOME offer this premium is not included but I believe and once they accept the liability on the misselling, I should be entitled to the refund of this healthcare insurance on top of the PPI refund, and the same for any future offers from AVIVA= which was the underwriter of the PPI and healthcare ins. pre 2003. Does anyone have any advice or experiences on claiming this? Finally, I took a joint loan with directline loan back in 2004, for which my ex=partner manage to claim the PPI but I never got a cheque, and I thought the guidelines are that all parties involved should equal parts of any refunds, or am I wrong? Once again thank you all.
  7. Hi all, I have been a member of the site for many years, and was given great info about reclaiming bank charges years ago, thanks for that. However, my problem is now with Welcome. After scouring the Welcome forum for months I decided to go for the PPI on the loans I had with them, and through the info from this site I managed to get back a good bit of cash, again thanks, but Welcome used the refund to pay off an outstanding balance on my last loan, which I thought had been paid off, since found out why it is still open, but that's another story. However, after returning to this site I figured that there may now be charges I can reclaim, so after reading up on many stories and gathering advice, I sent off my £10 and £1 postal orders to Welcome for my CCAs and a SAR and this is when the problem began!!!! My first letter went to Welcome on February 10 and since then I have four letters from Welcome saying they can't prove who I am and each time I have sent them new proof. To date I have provided them with One of my original loan agreements, which shows my previous address, it was only one I had Letter from solicitor after sale of my previous address, showing full payment to Welcome for a secured loan Letter from Welcome Finance showing loan balance paid off, this was from my previous address. A bank statement showing current address Telephone bill from current address Letter, to my current address, from Welcome regarding a successful PPI claim Letter, showing current address, from FSCS regarding my PPI claim Birth certificate Divorce decree Welcome keep asking me for a passport, driving licence, firearms certificate or a police ID card and I have repeatedly told them, in letters and emails that I cannot provide these as I suffer from Graves Eye Disease so don't drive, I have not been abroad for more than 10 years and my passport expired about 7 years ago so don't have a valid passport, I do not own a gun so do not have a firearms certificate and I do not have a police ID card. Again I received another letter today and after scouring the house have sent them my latest pension plan and a copy of my telephone and Virgin media bill. When applying for my PPI I didn't have to send this much documentation, and I have asked the person dealing with my latest request to confer with the person who dealt with my PPI. So if these latest documents don't work, apart from standing outside their Nottingham offices with my name in bright neon lights, I have no idea what else I can send them to prove who I am. And bearing in mind they have written to me four times and I have replied to each letter with further proof of who I am!!!!! Does anyone have any advice about this????
  8. Dear Sir or Madam Back in 2009 I lost my full time job of 9 years, I had no work at all for a minimum of 5 years during that time I got letters from what was known as the CCCS back then now I believe Step Change and help from you too, I sent a letter to all my creditors back then and offered £1 per month which has been paid by a regular standing order ever since without default, a few credit cards, mobile phone contract got cancelled which Lowell had and the three contract through your help and letters from this site, the last lot of cowboys the welcome finance got to collect my debt, was not happy with £1 per month, I told them they accept what they are being paid or go without, since then with todays letter I have received 2 letters from Welcome Finance wanting me to ring them and pay more money, I cannot afford more money and they are not the only creditors I have, I will not be ringing them and since 2015 when I did some I.T. Courses I have each payment made on an Access Database, I need some sort of letter Template or advice on what to do, there is only temporary work out there nowadays through agencies, if work drops down you get laid off so can't make any long term changes for short term work, I do not want to be harassed from these people I cannot afford to pay more end of story Thanks KeithCP2
  9. Good afternoon, I have recently found my original finance agreement from Welcome Finance in 2007, for which I believe I was mis-sold shortfall insurance on the agreement. I was told by the salesman that if i did not take the shortfall insurance, then i would not be provided with finance. I had no idea it was optional until recently. I have contacted the FSCS in relation to starting a claim as per the Welcome website, I have the original credit agreement however, I have no details as to who the shortfall insurance was through as a) I was not given any documentation by Welcome other than the credit agreement and b) I never had to make a claim. I cannot contact Welcome as they are no more and want to have as much information as possible for the claim. Naively, I thought it was via Welcome Finance but it appears that was just the credit agreement. Can anyone assist with identifying who the shortfall insurance was through? the date i tool the policy out was April 2007. Any help appreciated
  10. Hi All... First off apologies if I am asking something that has been answered elsewhere... Truth is I'm in a massive hole and trying to find anyway out (not just with welcome lol) Long story short... Took at a 3rd charge loan with welcome about 12 years ago...it was a struggle from the off... About 3 years in welcome offered us the chance to resign to extend the length of the loan and reduce the payments which we did... Split up with the wife who remained in the home about 6 years ago. For the past 5 years no payment have been made to welcome. Current balance is about £29k. My initial question is that they have never really chased for the monthly payments....the only contact we have from them is a yearly statement and that's it. The debt doesn't appear on my credit file however there is a charge at land registry...does anyone know why this might be the case that they are not chasing us for such a long period of time? House in massive neg eq so am desperate for any ways out Thanks all
  11. I would appreciate help with the following: Name of the Claimant - Cabot Financial (UK) Ltd Date of issue – 06/02/2017 AOS - 24/02/17 Defence to be submitted - 10/03/17 Particulars of claim: 1. By agreement(s) entered into between the Claimant and Defendant, the Defendant has failed to pay the sum of £23k. The Claimant has requested payment but the Defendant has failed to pay the full sum demanded. 2.The Claimant claims the sum of £23k and interest under s.69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at a rate of 8% per annum from 03/02/2017 until judgement or sooner payment. 3.Costs. The claim does not include issues under the Human Rights Act 1998. 4.The Claimant has complied with Sections III and IV of Practice Direction PreAction Conduct of the Civil Procedure Rules. What is the value of the claim? £24k Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? Secured Loan (3rd charge). Joint with wife - 2 separate claim forms received. When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? Nov 2008 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim.- Debt Purchaser Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? Yes Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Not certain Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? No Why did you cease payments? Financial circumstances What was the date of your last payment? Not sure when original payments ceased. Arrangement set up with previous solicitor Nov 2014 with payments ceasing early 2016?? when Ascent took over from previous solicitors Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? No Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? No Couple of initial questions/thoughts: Can we submit a CCA request as this is a secured loan and was taken out in Nov 2008? Should we be sending a CPR 31.4 request? The POC are general and vague Is there any mileage in arguing as well that the original loan was missold and affordability was not assessed appropriately? Any initial help would be much appreciated Thanks CBBlue
  12. hi I'm a welcome finance loan miss selling customer ppi and loan - hi thankfully I'm one of the lucky ones as I got a refund of my insurances through the finantial services compensation scheme and I don't have to pay my loan back as they admitted to us for the miss selling of the loan - and welcome compliance gave us three options only one of them we could take it was not written off but they could not make me pay the debt back as they had deamed my loan un enforceable it remained open on our credit file for 6 years and then it came off but they could not make us pay the debt back and they could not take the house from us either as it was un enforceable . but my advice is take your case to the financial services compensation scheme and as the company are no longer trading and cant pay their customers out they are paying out on behalf of welcome finance .
  13. Name of the Claimant ? ME III Limited Date of issue – 12 Dec 2016. What is the claim for – 1.By an agreement between WELCOME FINANCE SERVICES LTD & the Defendant on or around 21/11/08 ('the Agreement') WELCOME FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD agreed to loan the Defendant monies. The defendant did not pay the instalments as they fell due & the Agreement was terminated. The Agreement was assigned to the claimant. 2.THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS 5930.89 What is the value of the claim? £6440.89 Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? loan When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? Unsure, I think is was around or before 2007. Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. Debt purchaser Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? Possibly, but I have no recollection. Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Again I don't know for certain. Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? Don't think so. Why did you cease payments? F ell into difficulties when losing my job in 2008, the payment demands were unreasonable, c harges were being added to the account at an alarming level (£10 for a letter/visit etc.) and after severel doorstep visits, I decided to just accept a default on my file and see what happened. A lot of what is claimed is charges, the original loan I think was £2000. What was the date of your last payment? Don't know, could possible be more than 6 years ago, I've asked for a full statement of the account. Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? Haven't heard dirct from Welcome in many years. Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? No Hi, I have read up on other cases and have already sent off the various requests for documents, and completed the online form stating I intend to defend all. But I may need further help. The particulars are as below. This is a very old debt that has dropped off my credit file, and I thought it had disappeared, to be fair I forgot about it. I received a reply from my CPR request today (30th Dec) as below. We acknowledge your request for documentation pursuant to CPR 31.14. We confirm our client is willing to agree to the extension of 28 days, for you to file your defence. Pursuant to CPR 15.5(2) please notify the court in writing of the agreement. CPR 31.14 relates to a right to inspect a document and can be distinguished from standard disclosure of evidence during the course of proceedings. We believe that you may have already "inspected" the documents to which you make reference because on various dates in the past they would have been sent to you by another party such as the original creditor. We confirm that we have requested documents from the original creditor and will forward these to you upon receipt. The account will remain on hold in the meantime. Any advice on how to play this out would be very much apprecaited.
  14. hi all I am new to here I have a dilemma about 8 0r 9 yr ago I had a loan with welcome and as I moved around and had problems I just forgot about it, in 2012 I was given a CCJ and is now on my file from IND LTD I refuse to pay as the length of time and welcome went bust out of principle I was young stupid and hassled into taking a loan I was only enquiring about. just before the 6 yr was up and debt would be wiped ind got a ccj crafty but they have now issued me with another ccj for same debt and I am due to go court on 16th march. any advice plse on how to get these off my back. thanks
  15. Well Theres No Surprise....
  16. Hi Guys, Today i got a letter to say welcome finance has won the court case and i need to pay full balance of £5000 even thou i got a loan of £2000, I did apply last month online for to hold it off for 28days but as i'm getting redundant and getting all stressed but i have to do 4 week notice period i cant afford the full balance is there a way i can get round this and pay little bit till i get another job? please help im stressed enough,
  17. Hi I took out a secure loan with welcome finance in 2007 for 27k after making payments for about years I sent in one of them ppi template as I was sold £5k ppi welcome on accepting my compliant reduce the loan to £22k within 3 months increased the loan to £36k saying this was due to interest charges on the account I made several complaints but to no avail I stopped making saying if push comes to shove they would take me to court i moved out of that address renting it out I have not being in contact with them since 2009 in the last 2 years they have manage to trace me and now sent me half yearly statement of the 36k I owe them adding a £50 interest each time they have a 3rd charge on my property , I m in the processs of selling as I now have a buyer how do I settle them I want pay them little or nothing as the way I being treated me
  18. Hi All, Came home from work today to find a letter packed with 6 monthly statements of account going back to 05/03/2010 this was for a welcome debt that I stopped paying sometime in 2007 or possibly earlier. I have been chased by robbers way about this debt I have ignored them because I know the debt is statute barred. I wonder why they have sent this lot (the letter states un CCA 74 they should have been sending these every six months but failed to do so). The other point it that the first statement is from 05/03/2010 showing no transactions on the account which in my eyes means they have just admitted that the debt is statute barred (and indeed all the statements up to september 16 show no transactions). I never got chased by welcome when I stopped paying them (due to extended period in hospital and out of work for 8 months) funnily enough I only started hearing from robbers way about 6 months ago random phone calls and the odd letter. Anyone else had this?
  19. Hi Sorry if this is in the wrong place or missing any key info, first time in posting to the forum. My partner received a letter with a claim form from cabot financial, for county court business center, in relation to car finance taken out in 2004, the last dealing we had with welcome was disputing the account as they couldn't provide any account info and we kept being passed between departments. the claim is for 7k which is alot of money to just pay when we dont even know what we owe if anything. we have 5-7 days to respond to this claim form, and i have no idea where to start or what to do :/ Thanks in advance
  20. I am awaiting the outcome of a ppi refund from welcome but stupidly I went back for more. I have had a couple of loan increases and/or rewrites and now find myself with an outstanding balance of around 30k.i I am currently paying £375 pcm which quite frankly I cannot afford. I have just missed a payment due on 31/12/09 and I just know that the phone calls from the branch manager are going to start tomorrow threatening home visits etc. I do not have anything to pay them with this month. How do I , step-by-step sort this company out? short term and long term. I have already sent letters to the branch saying that I will only deal in writing but as soon as I miss any payment that seems to negate that agreement. I used to pay by debit card on the last day of the month but come the 6th or 7th they would phone me 4 or 5 times to find out when to take the next payment. I have now managed eventually to get their bank details and pay by internet banking. The branch manager told at one point that I had not been given these details by head office(basically calling me a liar) HELP!!!
  21. I took a secured loan out in 2006 for £5,000 secured on my home I believe, in 2008 I lost my job and could no longer pay, I had them knocking my door and I was giving them cash I didn't really have, eventually I stopped paying as I could no longer afford it. I found out in 2010 I had PPI and this was never activated despite me losing my job, (I have never tried to reclaim the PPI) and them being aware of this. I am now looking to sell my house and have heard nothing from Welcome since 2012. Will I still have to pay this amount on sale? Any help would be much appreciated
  22. Amongst other issues dispute with Welcome Finance, initially attempting to repossess car "forthwith no court order needed" as it was "linked" to a joint personal loan the hp in my name only and not in default +over1/3 paid Dealt with that one sharpish. When over 1/2 paid finances tight with divorce very carefully enquired regarding re negotiating payments advised not possible so again very carefully said that I wished to exercise my right as sufficient sums had been paid to return the vehicle in full settlement, after some time I had to sorn it and put it into secure storage. Then it was removed. Then the you owe thousands letters started eventually told to put up or go away ...long silence now after sending a notice they are terminating agreement and will recover car( been gone a year) calls and finally a letter asking for £2,064.19 from Atlas who are "a trading name of Welcome Finance" I have replied: 17/11/2011 Dear RE: Notification of Instruction Your ref: Thank you for your letter 14/11/11 advising me that you have instructed yourselves to deal with this matter. As you have already no doubt carefully noted the letters and faxes sent regarding this issue you will be aware that there is no outstanding liability to yourselves for yourselves to pass to yourselves trading under any name and I am therefore surprised that you have instructed yourselves in this manner. I assume that the turmoil caused by the recent financial difficulties of the group may have introduced some lack of clarity within your procedures. This matter has been discussed with yourselves in detail before your cessation of loan activity and restructure and I see little point in resending the letters etc. to you acting for yourselves under a different name. I would make clear to you that I will not accept any dealings with yourselves trading under any name or by agents acting on your behalf, by means of phone calls, texts or any other means of communication to any phone number or other electronic account that you now hold or may obtain. I will take appropriate and proportionate action should any such contacts re-commence. It is your responsibility to ensure that any such agents comply. As you have drawn my attention to this matter I had considered closed I will of course undertake a review and I will contact you as soon as is practicable should I find any miss-selling, over or unlawful charging or practices which would give grounds for my making a claim against yourselves. Yours faithfully Anyone had any dealings with Atlas Collections? I suppose a SAR is next and settle in for a long haul
  23. Hello Everyone, I have looked at many old posts but I'm still unsure how to proceed. Brief History: 2007 - Secured loan for 7.5K 2009 Secured loan re-write due to charges and late payments 2010 Secured loan re-write due to charges and late payments. Current balance 13K Last payment made in 2010 On the last 2 loan re-writes I was never given any paperwork. Welcome finance cannot find them and admit the loan is unenforceable. They are also relying on the 2007 land registry charge and they claim that this covers all re writes. On the last re-write a welcome colleague came round my house and pressured me into signing and also took all my documents relating to previous loan. He also said that my new loan would be un-secured. They never sent any new docs out. The FOS sided with welcome in 2010 that they believe Welcome would not transfer a secured agreement into a unsecured one. I have just done a SAR and it contains all my statements and conversation transcripts but no credit agreements. My end goal is to remove the land registry charge and to pay back as little as possible. I have already paid more than the original loan back. Any help or guidance on the next step would be appreciated.
  24. Hi Firstly fantastic website, the knowledge and help you guys give out is second to none. I'm here as not had any PPI claims before and not got a clue what to do, total noob lol. Can anyone help me start the PPI claim against welcome please ? I've had 2 loans of them in the past and need to find out if there is any PPI on those loans. Thanks in advance Si
  25. Here's another Welcome Finance issue. We took out a loan in July 2007 for £14k, payable for 168 months (14 yrs) so ending in 2021. The monthly payments were £273 now risen to £320, by my calulations that's £45484 minimum to pay back. Since then I've had late payment fees and interests added on at crazy amounts where i was last quoted by one of their agents that there is still £19000 to pay the debt off. I have a PPI claim with them going through the FSCS and its come up that the Welcome loan was refinanced by Bright Finance in 2007, i know nothing about this and have no record of this happening. I'm still in contact with Welcome and not Bright so how can this be redeemed?? I'm very tempted to stop payments but i belive the loan may be secured on the house. can you suggest my next moves please as i see Welcome finance are causing a lot of stess and grief to others Regards
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