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Found 330 results

  1. Hi Am hoping someone can help me. Have received a summons from Northampton Court requesting immediate payment for a loan from Welcome Financial Services Ltd for almost 5k. The solicitors associated with this are Hepwoth LLP, also Northampton. (Quick google does not return a legitimate company in this name) Previously received a letter from IND demanding immediate payment, which just dismissed as junk mail. I have never taken out a personal loan with Welcome Finance, infact never taken a personal loan. Can someone help me? Is this a hoax? Is this mistaken identity? Or is this fraud/ID theft, and if so who should I go to? The last thing I want to do is ignore it if it will implicate me. None of the paperwork looks 100% believable but it's hard to tell for sure. Is this a known [problem]?
  2. i took out a loan with welcome and still have the original agreement plus ALL correspondence they have sent, the original loan was £2k i had difficulty paying back they made an attachment of earnings order on my wages, the document outlining the AOE stated that they could take no more than £100 a month yet they have been taking in excess at times of +£180 they have put loads of charges for phonecalls i have never recieved and letters that have not been sent, the loan is now valued at nearly 4K and they once a month put my account into arrears when it is clearly not because they taking directly from my wages before i even recieve them and i have been earning constantly so there is no problem with my wage and the amount i get payed. i dont know what to do!
  3. Hi, I am trying to reclaim PPI from welcome finance and have written to my local office was a SAR and £10 cheque to cover the standard fee for releasing this information. Its been 3 weeks and welcome have written back to me saying that they aknowledge my cheque payment and have banked it however they cannot give me any information as they need to prove my ID and need a copy of my passport? This seems a little strange and is this a delaying tactic or are they being genuine ? may I ask what the best way to proceed with them? Thanks Scott
  4. Hi everyone, Firstly sorry if i have posted i nthe wrong palce, i am new and it wouldnt let me create in the FAQ part. I would greatly appreciate any help or advice you could give me. I took out car finance with welcome finance back in march 2008. Originally my payments were £343, but due to unfroseen circumstances i couldnt afford this 9 months down the line. I spoke with welcoem and they agreed to take off the insurances (which totalled £5000 inc interest) and lower my monthly payment to £200. in 4 years i have missed 3 payments. They are are hounding me this month for a payment saying my car may be repossed if i dont make some sort of token payment. It was only then that i realised something was a miss - basically i signed a new credit agreement that they said too koff insurances and therefore reduced my payments but would be over a new 4 year contract... .i have since found out that after paying £9000 to date over 4 years, that i still owe £7000!!!!! apparently the agreement is over 6 years not 4 and the insurances remain..... . I feel i have been well and truly had by them. In my own mind i had 5 months or so left of payments.... instead i seem to be 5 months away and they are telling me i could lose my car.. ..any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi all. I'm very new to this so please forgive me if I've missed anything of importance! I purchased a car from Welcome about 4yrs ago and finally finished paying it off in August (£9,600 for a 2004 Fiat Punto, bargain.....NOT!).When I purchased the car I did not take out the PPI as I knew from similar experiences that it wasn't worth the paper it was written on. I was threatened that I wouldn't be able to get the car if i didn't take it but i stuck to my guns and pretended to walk off whereupon they came back to me and said they would 'work something out'. This happened to be that I was lucky enough that they would accept me even without the PPI but that I would still obviously have to pay for the compulsory MBI and Shortfall Insurance. I thought I'd won the war so didn't question that they were 'compulsory' and to be honest, it seemed like a small amount of money compared to what I would finally pay! But now I've been told by several people that I was mis-sold these additional insurances. Is this correct? Can I claim back for them, even if I don't have a PPI claim?? Is there a template for this? I just called Welcome to clarify how much I had paid for these two insurances and it comes to £850 which is a huge amount of money to me so would definitely like to claim back if I can. Incidentally, the staff member was disgustingly rude and shouted at me that I was jumping on the 'insurance bandwagon' which I thought was great customer service......!!! Many thanks in advance for any help or templates that you may be able to share with me.
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