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  1. Hi all. It's my first time to post a thread and I am hoping that you can help me out with my problem. In January 2008, I took out a £3361 loan from Welcome finance, that included the fess and interests. And in June 2008, I lost my job and I was unable to pay the repayments. Recently, I checked my experian report and the balance now is £8500 and it is still not in default. All I can see are the red 6666666666666 from 2008. I know that when a credit agreement is defaulted or settled, it will drop off from the credit file after 6 years. But now I'm confused because my loan wasn't settled or
  2. Hi, I am brand new to the site, so apolagises up front if im posting in the wrong area and I am extremely grateful for any help or advise that anyone can give me. In Oct 2008 I purchased a car through Welcome, to cut a long story short, everything was fine until Nov 2011 due to me becoming unwell and off work with stress and anxiety, this was 1st payment i had missed, I contacted head office through email as I did not want to deal with local office advising that i was unable to carryon with full payment and could we agree on a smaller payment until I was back on my feet
  3. My Sister is in arrears with Welcome Finance. she has provided them with a breakdown of her finances and made an agreement to pay via CAB. They are however still phoning her and trying to raise the amount she is paying. and repeatedly ask her for copies of her recent Bank statements. I have advised her to make a claim for PPI as they told her it was a condition of taking the loan. I also believe they are charging her excessive fees for phone calls.letters etc Is she legally obliged to provide copies of her Bank Statements or other personal documents? How does she make a clai
  4. Hi this is my first ever post - I've spent the last few hours reading a sample of the various posts, can't believe WCF has 47 pages of separate threads! Anyhow, I'm here for the same reason as so many of you - Welcome Car Finance have totally stitched me up...I've been paying off my overpriced second hand car for two years, thought I was close to the VT point but they moved the goal posts... I don't have access to a scanner but I can copy and paste from my letters to them if need be. I've just drafted the rant below - haven't sent it yet as I know I need to whittle it down and s
  5. Hi Guys, I got a loan out with Welcome Finance in September 2006. That was paid off with another loan from them in April 2007. I paid the amount on time for 19 months of 37. Then I stopped paying them and moved house. I havent heard from the since Feb 2009 and they dont seem to have chased me about the debt. I want this cleared from my credit file and obviously will have to pay but not sure how to go about this as cannot afford that amount and am worried it will just keep going up. Not sure wether to contact them or not as they will know where I am then!!!
  6. Hii to all,Just a quick question. I have noticed on my statement from Welcome that they hav eapplied default charges to our account. Yes I agreed thet we were in arrears but surely they should of wrote to us advising that default charges would be applied at what level etcMy question is:a) Do they have to write to me in advance before applying said chargesb) If they didn't can I claim them back?I have already claimed £4.5k from them in terms of mis sold PPI
  7. Hi I received a letter from dcl In June in respect of a Welcome Finance Loan, I sent off a CCA request non recorded on the 23rd of June. Up until yesterday 18th July I had not heard from this company, so I prepared a letter advising that I was placing the account in dispute. Today 19th July I received the following letter. "Hillesden Securities Hillesden Securities Ltd. BUCKINGHAM ROAD BRACKLEY NORTHANTS NN13 7DN Mr X Xxxxxx 18 July 2011 Dear Mr Xxxxxx Account Number 1xxxxxxxxx0 Formerly Welcome Financial Services Ltd xxxxxxx Thank you for your letter dated 23 June 2011
  8. Hi, I've sent my letter off to welcome to VT i phoned them today to see what there playin at since they haven't got back to me. The man on the phone said a letter has been sent out to my home quoting the liabilty i'll owe. I said i've payed well over half and he went on to say i'll still owe them for the insurances. I didnt take out PPI but i have got shortfall extra emergency recover and mechanical breakdown. Will i still owe these? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks
  9. HI I took a loan out with welcome finance back in November 2006. The load was for 48 months payments of 284.62. I moved house, changed banks and missed about a years worth of payments as i didn't re set up the direct debit. I have sent an SAR request and received it on the 10th March 2011 but with no statements. They said the statements would be sent separately...still waiting. Although i spoke to them in the week and 'Greg' said he would re order them... My problem is i had a crash last year and the car was a Cat C write off. I got paid out by the insurance company and pai
  10. My partner, who is dyslexic took out a loan in 2004 with Welcome Finance and unfortunately did not tell me. He borrowed £10K and the charges on top were £4,133.51. It was all done over the phone and they said he had to secure it against the house and take out PPI insurance or he would not be given the loan. He never went to a Welcome Office and was sent the forms and told to sign where they had marked. He has now paid the loan back in full and is still having to make payments every month. They have also said he is in arrears but he was told before a new consultant took over that he was not in
  11. Hi there, in 2009 i recieved a default notice for 2 months payments on car finance with welcome. I rang them and agreed a repayment plan for the arrears and at no time was i told the repayment plan would still enforce the default notice in terms of if i wanted to surrender my car which i now want to do as i have paid half, that option now was not possible. I cant find the default notice i got to read the small print but i paid the default as i still have the car but welcome are sticking with their decision. Any advice please gang. Cheers.
  12. Hi, My Aunt took out a wfs loan and secured it against her property, she then retired from workinglife and came upon some difficulties repaying the loan amount. She then entered into an arrangement to pay £50 a week over the phone, this didn't cover the default nor did it cover what was actually required to pay the normal installment. So she continued to rack up charges and arrears. I did an SAR and they kindly sent a pack of stuff through, here are the bits that jump off the page so to speak: Insurance Suitability Document: Already has Insurance in place for Homecare24, PAP an
  13. i recieved my FSCS claim form today and need some help. about 9years ago i took a loan out for 3k with welcome and was making regular payments of 180, but then i lost my job in 2008 and within amonth i was then able to make payments of 17 pounds aweek and this was done by me signing anew contract. Ive been paying them 70 pounds amonth since then and my outstanding balance is 2300 and for this is silly as ive been paying this loan forever. basically i was wondering as im going to put down my 70pounds amonth detail would the compay beable to access my old contract from this welcome ha
  14. Ok, in may 2007 i got a car through a garage the finance was provided by welcome car finance, I was told i must take out PPI at the time of sale though i can cancel it within one month. I Contacted welcome and they did nothing about it, Untill about 8 months later i refused to make any further payments. Welcome then made a new agreement minus the PPi, they refused to return the PPI i had paid, The new agreement was for the original amount, So they would not take in to account the money i had already paid on the original agreement, also the second agreement welcome alterd the date o
  15. Hello Folks, I have just ordered my credit report from experian and equifax, and I'm a bit confused on how some information is recorded on my file. Experian is more of a concern. I was discharged from bankruptcy in November 2010, I bought my credit reports, everything seemed ok except for entry's from Welcome Finance... They seriously make me ill, and caused me so much bother, to the extent I had to change mobiles numbers and change jobs... Anyway, some files are showing as defaulted, but file updated for the period to ././.. Welcome finance are showing as 6payments or more
  16. I'm new here but looking for a little advice on where I stand with this truly awful company. I have a secured loan with Welcome Finance, I have always made my payments on time and never had any problems for over 3 years. Unfortunately I was unable to make my December payment to them. Since missing that payment I have had nothing but hassle from them. I have promised to make a double payment on the 25th January to catch up with the missed payment, but they just will not stop calling me. They insist that unless I agree to change the Direct Debit for January to include the extra payment, or
  17. Hello, I was hoping someone could give me a little insight into something going on with my credit score, and how welcome finance are keeping records of my finances. I was made bankrupt just over a year ago. In fact my bankruptcy discharge was the 11.11.10. I've been keeping a close eye on my credit score and report and watched it steadily rise. The issue is, on my credit file, some accounts are showing settled, some show default (with a date) my welcome finance record is showing late by 6 payments (closer to 36) and updated every month!! Is this right? I'm trying to clear my
  18. I took out an unsecured loan from welcome on Jan 2008. It was for 36 months and my payment was for 182.50. Interest rate was 58% APR (variable) I understand the interest rate was high but my credit was not the greatest at the time. I have made 22 payments of 182.50 plus a payment of £20 and 50.86. So I have paid back in total 4085.86 They are telling me that I still owe £2612.96 Because I was not in work for a while as I lost my job I was not able to meet the payments anymore. I received a few phone calls from the Welcome Finance Branch office but I never received a
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