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  1. hy i had a letter from philips for a distress warrant about one things happened few years ago. me and my friend stole make up in boots and the police gave us a fine. i paid the fine at the Court in highbury and islington after 2 months and the man at the Court said that after the payment everything was ok. but today i had this letter werethey ask me to pay £125 in 7 days, but i have already paid the fine few years ago. how can i do? i don't have a copy of the receipt but really i have paid already... can you give me some advice please? thanks jessica
  2. (also posted in utilities forum...) Need advice urgently. I got a little behind with gas bill I am and always have been paying £70 a month by Standing Order. anyway, every time I try and set up a payment plan, always get through to an indian call center and all they want to do is take a payment and not listen. I do have a recorded telephone conversation telling them I had no objections at all in them fitting a prepayment meter. Despite this they got a warrant to change it on the 13th of this month. I never got a chance to tell my side at court (6th) also I never received hu
  3. Need advice urgently. I got a little behind with gas bill I am and always have been paying £70 a month by Standing Order. anyway, every time I try and set up a payment plan, always get through to an indian call center and all they want to do is take a payment and not listen. I do have a recorded telephone conversation telling them I had no objections at all in them fitting a prepayment meter. Despite this they got a warrant to change it on the 13th of this month. I never got a chance to tell my side at court (6th) also I never received human rights letter from rep, I sent him away
  4. Hopefully this will make sense! We got a penalty notice from Derbyshire, where we have never visited for a parking ticket. Been trying to fight this for nearly two years. The van was never registered at DVLA to us or to our address. The parking ticket was issued in a company name that does not exsist, although contains our surname. The registered keeper provided our address and the company name to the council involved. I don't seem to have got a warrant of execution notice from the courts. I have filed every form going with no joy......now I have a demand for
  5. Hi Out of the blue today, a bailiff from the council knocked on my door. He said he had a warrant for my arrest over non payment of council tax. i refused to let him in as I was on my way to work. Here's the story, He said I owed £4700, he wouldn't tell me when the debt was from, or for what years it covered. Said he didn't know, but he is going to return, arrest me and then bail me to appear in court. I admit a couple of years ago I got into trouble with the council tax, but in February 2011 I paid £3800. When i paid this I asked the council to confirm that my
  6. Please can anyone give us advice... Back in 2009 we were in arrears with rooftop mortages and it went to court - we were give a suspended possession order and had to pay back £100 on top of our monthly payment which we kept up with well at first but did struggle to pay on occassions, called rooftop explained and was told it was fine each time. A couple of weeks ago rooftop sent us a letter saying we were £700 pound odd behind with this order so we requested statements to check the amount was correct, we did and it was - called and said we couldn't pay it all at once and also that thi
  7. Well this is news to me,but according to the Marstons bailiff who I spoke to following being called by a relative after they turned up to execute a MCW it is too late to even challenge. On informing them that I did know about the rules given that I was a site team member of the CAG,the Marstons bailiff went on to say that this site is full of bad advice and wrong advice. I had to think as to whether I had told him CAG or else something which sounds like CAG that I had not yet seen. Here I am taking about a warrant that was passed following a fines order for no TV licence. The per
  8. hi, could anybody tell me if this is a warrant issued by the court ive had 1 letter from bailiff asking for £385 i asked for a copy of the warrant also a breakdown of the charges this is all they sent its not a good copy ive done it as a photo as printer scanner isnt working, id be glad of any comments as i think the charges are exsesive, the bailiff only dropped the letter off saying they would enforce the warrent, hand deliverd, works out about £250 i dont think its a reasonable charge i also thought the warrant would have had a stamp or
  9. Hello there,please can anyone help me with the following.... I have a debt that iv been ignoring now for a year....silly i know.... Iv had the court letters issud from Nottingham but didnt fill them in,then had the "Judgment For Claimant" letter from the court stating how much i owe and how much to pay each month.... I suppose iv been nieve thinking that there just fake court letters from Bryan Carter to frighten me.... I then got a letter this morning from Bryan Carter saying "WARRANTY OF EXECUTION"....there a warraant number after this.... This is when i googled for
  10. Just been served court papers (via Northampton's court bulk centre) for an outstanding debt to Anglian Water. AW have added £50 solicitor's/£15 court fee. The court fee I can understand, but the £50 sol fee is a bit much. Can I contest the sol fee?
  11. I received a notice of distress warrant off Phillips Baliffs yesterday the letter is dated 2nd of July and it says that I must pay £1200 in 48 hours which would have been the 4th of July. I do not have that type of money as I am unemployed and on JSA. The ammount of £1200 relates to 2 court fines 1 of which I was aware of. I have a lot of other debts, I recently settled a council tax debt with Bristow and Sutor by paying in installments so I am willing to pay what I can afford. I rang citizens advice as soon as I got the letter they have made a telephone appointment for me at 12pm Monday
  12. I'm in shock. I've got 4 letters from the Sheriff Officers today for council tax dating back years ago, saying that warrants have been granted against me and a former partner (letters addressed to both of us, we split 6 years ago) in the sheriff court. They are all for one address. For three of the years claimed we were not even living there, plus the council tax was included in what we paid our landlord (as far as I am aware - I wasn't party to the tenancy agreement) - we NEVER got a council tax bill the entire time we lived there an never since for that property. They have got ho
  13. Does anyone know the legalities of who is authorized to serve a warrant? I have a warrant issued from Northampton for a PCN from Bromley Council who have employed JBW Group to collect but then used a independent bailiff. This chap is on the Bailiff register in Leeds and not with JBW but his own company. Is the council allowed to use this independent Bailiff since he is not employed directly by them?
  14. Hi all PLEASE could you give me a bit of help? I have had a Notice of Issue of Warrant of Execution, however it has been sent and addressed to the wrong flat. It has my name but is is addressed to Flat 2, I live in Flat 1. My friend who lives in flat 2 gave it me as it had my name on it. The question I am asking is it valid as it has the wrong address on, or can I just send it back saying "NOT AT THIS ADDRESS"? Thanks for any help,,
  15. Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of help with our current dealings with Philips Bailiffs. My partner had a fine for use of TV set without a license and we had difficulties paying this fine. It has since been passed to Philips Bailiffs who are now dealing with the matter. We received a letter from them dated 28th March headed "NOTICE OF DISTRESS WARRANT". At this time the outstanding amount was £195. We immediately made an offer of repayment to them @ £10 per week. The first payment was due on 17/4/2012 but we failed to make this as we only realised after making
  16. Hi, I'm not sure what to do, a warrant was issued on 4th october 2011 for a pcn, and this was revoked by the traffic enforcement centre (TEC) (court) on 20th november 2011 when i filed an out of time witness statement. I received a letter from the bailiff on saturday 2nd june 2012, and a visit from them this morning. I had appealed to the council but not had a response, and have heard from the TEC that they have not reissued a warrant and that hounslow council is basically acting on the old revoked warrant issued on 4th october 2011. surely this is unlawful? illegal? have tried co
  17. The local council were informed that we were moving out of the property and a forwarding address was given. We moved out on the 9/4/12. On the 10/5/12 I contacted the council because I had not received a bill for the final payment. They said they were dealing with it and have our forwarding address. I have just received a council tax statement from Aberdeen City Council and I am annoyed to say the least. They have asked us to pay £65 which is the right amount, but they have also added 198.48 as a statutory penalty because of late payment. The problem with this is that we have never received
  18. First time poster so please be gentle! I've received a warrant of execution from the bailiffs for a debt I have no knowledge of. It's been sent to an address I've never lived at but is in my name-it's only by chance that I've received it. It appears a claim has gone through the county court without my knowledge, instigated by a chap I've had dealings with in the past. This chap harassed me by phone because I wouldn't evict one of my tenants quickly enough for him (he wanted to speed up an eviction making it illegal) and I refused. He threatened to visit me and have it out, even thoug
  19. Hi Guys, I have received a few letters from Clarity which started with the usual we are trying to contact someone, which I ignored (why help them?) then came the "you owe us loads of money" letter, which I also ignored because I see why I should ring them or do anything initially. Then came the "we will send round the FieldCall people to discuss the fact that you owe us loads of money" letter. I was not too purturbed because a) I had been chased almost a year ago for almost the exact same amount by Lowell, who finally admitted they were wrong and appologised for writing to me (I had
  20. Hi people just thought I would ask what you think of this. on 10/10/2011 I bought a clio 2001 from a guy in auto trader advert said he was a trader car was not sold as seen or anything anyway I went to se car and he took me around block in it seamed ok.I had a car that i was going to scrap but it had mot and tax so he said I wuld take your car off you he wasn't interested in even looking at the car. I paid him cash and give my car in he said ill deliver it anyway next day I went to use car and warning light started to flash people were saying take it back but silly me didn't.Even eight
  21. Hey guys, I've been a reader for a while taking in the advice on your forums - it's proved invaluable so far, many thanks to all and keep up the good work However, I'm truly stumped and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to shed some light on the following.... I've just checked my MCOL site today I noticed that under my claim history it states that a final return for your warrant against Person X has been received on 01/11/10. This is after the warrant of execution was obtained on 13/07/10, following the defendant's refusal to respond to any court correspondence and subsequent
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