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  1. Hello, I am new to the forum and I'm hoping to get some advice from you good people out there! I have had a hand delivered letter from a bailiff stating that the have called to execute a warrant issued by Northampton COunty Court They claim to be authorized by a court under the enforcement of road traffic debts (certified bailiffs) Regulations 1993 (Amendments 2003) To remove our vehicle/household effects to satisfy an unpaid penalty charge notice due to the council. They say that I need to contact them within 24 hours or they will attend at any time of day or night to impoun
  2. Hi everyone i had a parking fine from manchester city council(my car was a touch over the white line when i parked). I am a blue badge holder in recepit of dla and esa which totals £120 pw. I contacted manchester city council who were unhelpful from the start and told me it was not there problem and to contact northampton cc. Northampton cc told me the same and passed me back to Manchester cc. Now i have 5 days left to find £93...marstons told me in no uncertain terms they will take my car,i live with my mother and have no valuable goods of my own(all have been long sold since my
  3. Hi, We issued a warrant of distress against a tenant. The bailiffs did not remove any goods nor recover any of the debt, and now claim that we owe them the fees for two attendance & levy costs of £1100 + VAT. Are we liable to pay their fees? They are threatening to issue Court proceedings to recover their costs. Thank you.
  4. Hi, Please help! Yesterday afternoon, I had a visit from a Mr. xxxxx from Marston Group. I was not in at the time and he put a letter through my door containing a final notice and a distress warrant issued by *** Magistrates Court. I had never heard of them and was unaware of any debt, so I googled them and found your website. Hence this message. I have since found out by ringing the court that it in relation to an offence for which I was ordered to pay £85 costs and had to now deal with Marstons directly. This morning, I attempted to phone Mr. xxxxx on the mobile num
  5. THIS HAS TO BE DEALT WITH AND I CALL ON EVERYONE READING THIS TO HELP BRING THESE PEOPLE TO JUSTICE AND MY GOD I WILL ONE WAY OR THE OTHER - ARGHHHH!!! Hello Everybody, I had an appeal application in place regarding an unfair trial I received for a conviction for "Failure to Provide Driver Details." relating toa £60 speeding fine ( I was NOT driving the vehicle at the time and I DID infact provide the drivers details. And in the trial the onus was put on me to prove my innocence rather than the CPS to prove my guilt ) However this is not relevant to the reason I am writing here
  6. Hi all, Let me give you a brief overview. May 2010 - I took my car to Hull as a car dealer was interested in buying and I took it over for him to look round and test drive - 2-3 weeks later 'speeding ticket' through the post. I informed them I wasn't driving and could only provide Name of the guy (i can't even remember that now, it was that long ago). The Police person who I was communicating with said that he will put in file that I refused/witheld the info for the courts - I told him that he was committing an offence for doing such a thing and I informed him this was the
  7. I have a HUGE story regarding npower and our bills but in short..... They keep threatening they are going to apply for a warrant of entry, can anyone that has perhaps dealt with this please tell me the process and how long it takes etc Thanks
  8. The history Four years ago I received a pcn for a bus lane and when moving through the PATAS procedure, the local authority - Richmond - confirmed a 'discretionary' penalty distance of 10m existed at the end of the lane(s), which I had apparently violated by almost 4metres - which turned out to be untrue after revisiting and measurements/photos. On the day of the hearing Richmond failed to offer evidence to the contrary, actually not bothering to turn up at all. So, case dismissed and a lost day of work, plus another day in travel and compiling . The adjudicator said at the time that if I
  9. Hi everyone, I was wondering if i could get some advise with regards to British Gas. On the 9th of January British Gas applied for a warrant to put a pre payment gas metre into my property for an old gas bill. The bill itself was 523.00. I infromed british gas that i could pay 200.00 towards the debt, which i have and pay the outstanding amount when i get paid on the 25th of january. I have now recieved a letter this morning saying that they are going to excute the warrant on the 23rd of january and fit a pre payment metre. I have since spoken to them to tell them i get paid on the 25
  10. I signed a franchise aggreement (unfortunately) and I would like to know if the : personal guarantee`s that was included is legal, if it was not witnessed, at the time of signing, and their is no provision for a witnesses signature, is there a set format for this, and could it be deemed invalid and/or, not binding? when is a deed not a deed? Your advice would be welcome. Thanks!
  11. Guys, This thread is slightly different from another on here relating to British Gas seeking a warrant of entry for non-payment of a bill, so please bare with me... About 2 weeks ago I received a letter from BG informing me that £577 remained unpaid from my last bill and that they would be seeking a warrant of entry on 8th January 2013 from the local court. This would allow them legal access on 16th January to either disconnect my electricity supply or fit a pre-payment meter (the latter being the most likely course of action, obviously). No dispute over the amount - I owe it. I
  12. I've received a letter saying that BG has obtained a warrant of entry. I received no prior notification of this. I have an outstanding complaint against BG with the ombudsman. How can I get this warrant stopped?
  13. Hi, new here but wish Id found this goldmine of knowledge before! I have received this in the post today, I have to pay 197.66 by tomorrow or they will remove goods. The debt is from capital one to cut a long story short I lost my job, made the mistake of getting a debt company to start helping me sent letters and said that the debt would be reduced as it was not properly executed then they disappeared and I didnt follow it up. Stupid I know. I have been reading forums and it seems that I should have received some sort of court order previously but looking at my post al
  14. In brief, late paying a magistrates fine. Contacted fines office got the brush off, " nothing we can do mate notice of distress issued you must deal with the bailiffs ( Philips ). Go to local court , same story you cannot go in front of a Magistrate to explain situation as Distress notice issued. Give the fines office a ring see what they can do ! So I am at the mercy of Philips, if I do not agree to their terms I am snookered. They could pluck any figure out of the air for me to pay back monthly. If I am not happy do I accept their terms
  15. Hi, I need some help please, this is quite involved but I will start at the beginning. On Tuesday 20th at 06-50 I awoke to see someone outside on my drive fiddling with my car, I got up and went outside to find it clamped and faced by a very aggressive bailiff from Marston Group in respect of a debt for my son, who does not live at our address and for whom I cannot recall seeing any previous communication or correspondence in respect of this matter. He advised that he had a distress warrant and openly acknowledged that althoughI was not the named person (as he knew tha
  16. Hello.I hope I may get some words of wisdom here! I am not working and my wife has been on long term sick for three years on around half pay. My mortgage lender got a possession order just over two years ago but have only now enforced it and we are to be evicted on 13/12/12. Our payments have been somewhat erratic (the money goes into my wife's account and she is supposed to pay bills but she has severe depression and doesn't keep up to things). Our arrears are £15000, the house is worth about £180000 with £152000 owing. I spoke to the CAB advisor on Friday and she said about the N244 form
  17. Hi all, This is my first post so please bare with me. Had a visit on monday from a rossenadales bailif at my business adress which is a limited company, the ccj was issued to myself at my home adress and relates to a debt when i was a sole trader prior to starting my above limited company. Rossendales have not caught me in at home and have traced me to my new business adress, and have now put my ltd company adress onto their paperwork, but i have had no notification of this from the court. Can they do this???? Thanks all for your help
  18. Several weeks ago I received a visit from a man form Rossendales explaining that we had an oustanding Council Tax bill that had been passed on to them and they had a Magistrates Order to recoup the money. I agreed to send an income and expenditure breakdown and come to an agreement over paying it in installments. I filled this in and sent it back. Today a man appeared on my doorstep with a piece of paper explaining that I hadnt kept to the deal, and he was here with the van. He told me I have to pay over 1200 pounds or he will be back with the van and the police. I
  19. I had a parking ticket from the London Borough of Kingston unfairly. I now have a company called Collect Services sending Bailiffs to my house. I asked for an execution warrant. The copy they sent me does not have a stamp from the courts. Can anyone advise me if this warrant is valid since I have never been in this position ? May also add that I did not receive a CCJ from the courts since the case was thrown out because the Council did not have a statement from me.
  20. Hi, Thought this might be a good place to seek advice, I am trying to help a friend. British gas have been granted a Warrant of Entry to fit a pre-payment meter. We want to try and stop fitting of said meter as we believe we have a strong argument. My friend was abroad when they were granted the warrant in the County Magistrates and hence was unable to attend the hearing to argue why the meter should not be fitted (various reasons, but main reason is because meter is outside and she is a disabled person living alone). We rang the Court for some advice in hope there is a f
  21. Scottish Power are demanding half the balance of £1125.70 that I owe or they will come and fit a prepayment meter in my home, with force aparently. I have already paid them £25.70 and offered them £250 today and said I would pay £300 on 07/11/12 however they have turned around and refused unless I pay them £550. Surely as I am willing to clear the debt quite quickly they would just accept that payment and stop their plans. They have told me to "be home" on Thursday. But won't tell me what time and we are in work all day. I live in an apartment block and don't know where our mete
  22. Hello, I owe Scottish Power £1125.70 and have not been able to pay the bill. I didn't hear from them for a while and to be honest forgot all about the debt. I then received a letter saying they have a warrant of entry and are coming to fit a prepayment meter, whether I am home or not. I called the company and paid them £25.70 and said I would try to get some more money together to which I was told they wanted half the debt or they would still use their warrant. I live in a large apartment block and am not even sure where the meters are myself so I don't see them bre
  23. My friend started a business at the start of the year which I was helping him set up. He took out a 3 month license on an industrial unit which ended at the end of February and wasnt renewed as the business never really got off of the ground. I was acting as his advisor at the time due to having a bit of business knowledge and helped him through the process of finding a unit and also dealing with attaining the license for it. Fast forward to last week and I receive 2 Bailiff Removal / Magistrates Liability Order / Warrant Of Execution orders for Non Domestic Rates addressed to both mysel
  24. Hi Guys, I hope someone can help. I will be as clear as I can - the long and short of it is that I appealed a parking ticket as I was unaware that I had one until the baliffs came calling. All paperwork was sent to my old address so I did not get the opportunity to sort it out. The council dont want to know and I had a hearing at my local court to which they threw my appeal out. The baliffs are demanding £497 (for a £25 ticket) - I have written a letter to the baliff company as advised on one of the forums and stated that guidelines state that where the bali
  25. Hi All, Very new to all of this but essentially me and my partner got together a year ago and it turns out she has some minor debt. A fine from the courts for a theft which ended up a £120 fine. Now, this was two years ago (When she was 18) and they have decided to catch up to her now about it. The initial amount owed was £120 and has risen to £420 she has had no previous contact with them except for the court date, she received no warrant (Until today), and no notice of the debt to be owed. The Warrant we received today was stated as a "Distress warrant" And was of the value of £
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