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  1. Warrant of Execution - After Final return of your claim was received I rececied a noice from MCOL - 'A final return for your warrant against Mr XXX was received on 06/11/2013', I am not sure what it means and why I suppose to do next. Few months ago, I started a claim that a guy own me £3000. He was my 'londlord', I paid one years rent but I only live there for 6 months, now he cut himself off from facebook, phone, email, ect. From my other resourse he might move out the house cause he was not a 'landlord', he rent it from someone else. I fear that court can not trace him and help me
  2. Hi, I have been paying £10 a month Magistrates Fine since November 2012. I have paid £100. I received a further steps notice as I was late paying in September by a week. I am on JSA and expected it too be deducted from my fortnightly JSA. However I have received a Distress Warrant for £135 which includes a 50% increase in the original fine. I am on JSA and a single parent and cannot afford to pay this plus the threat of £215 for a visit as well. I have written to the fines officer explaining my situation and appealing their decision. The fine should of
  3. hi i have just received a letter in the post from collectica demanding i pay £354.10 by 14 days. It was for a unpaid train fine. I believe they are referring to an incident that happened one year ago where i was travelling into london without a ticket as i was running late and boarded the train without one. I didnt think this would be a problem because the station i was travelling is a main one with guys at the gates with ticket machines. Plus i had over £60 cash on me, so i could pay for the ticket there. A ticket inspector told me i couldnt do this and
  4. Please help have so many questions Received a warrant for repossession which is on the November 4th telling me I need to vacate by then. My arrears are 4200 with santander eversheds. My husband has been out of work, so we have struggled we came to an afreement of 1200 of the arrears plus our normal mortgage amount each month, which we managed twice. We can't afford that as we were both put of work, now both employed we called trod at and offered to pay half by November 11th they understandably said no. They want 2225 by October 24 I know I can put a n244 form in, w
  5. Yesterday I was sent a copy of a thread that appeared on another forum (one that "claims" that bailiffs cannot charge fees of £300 for enforcing a Distress Warrant). Sadly, yet another debtor had taken the dreadful "advice" on that site and promptly paid the amount of the fine only to the court and refused to pay the fees to the bailiff company. As predicted, the bailiff returned to his home yesterday at 6am with a LOCKSMITH. Police were called and they took the side of the bailiff company. The debtor tried to convince the police that the "advice" that he had received from that web
  6. Hi, I've been a menber on here for a while now and have found it to be very helpful. I've even got a good credit record now thanks to this site!. But for what is approaching 7 years now I have had a horrible time with brittish gas business. Their incompetance (if it is to be believed as such) knows no bounds. To be honest, I fully believe their actions to be fraudulent, there is just no other explanation for the extent of errors that ALWAYS end up in thier favour. I've just been to court about a warrant for disconnection, I think this was the 6th or 7th time? I forget. But again it got po
  7. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?398052-Bailiff-Warrant-to-force-entry-amp-fit-prepayent-meters-searched-house-and-injured-animal&p=4302934#post4302934
  8. Advice needed please, My disabled aunt is a tenant and has a genuine dispute with gas and electric supplier over previous tenants bill being added to hers (she's only been there 6 months). Despite this and without any warning a bailiff turned up with a warrant to force entry and fit prepayment meters while my aunt was out. This they did but during the process not only has the house been searched, and internal door (unlocked) damaged, things moved, drawers opened and letters removed from envelopes, her dog was 'subdued' by a dog handler? and is now seriously ill at t
  9. Hi guys. Here's my story in a nutshell. 6 months ago I sold my car. I filled in the necessary documents and thought all was ok. A few months later I started receiving fines (9 of them in total so far totalling £1000+) for parking and bus lane contraventions in Leeds & Bradford. I live 70 miles away. I contacted the buyer, he said it has been sold on twice since then. I contacted the DVLA, they said I was the current owner on the system and the only way to change this was to send them a letter stating who I sold it to. I did this and received a letter back saying that
  10. Hi all, We are being chased for a debt of around £6k, originally from a Virgin Money/MBNA credit card. Last payments/acknowledgement of debt were around July 2011. Aplins successfully put a charge on our property for the amount owing earlier this year, and they then sent a nice (for them) letter saying they wouldn't be enforcing a sale, and things went quiet for a while. However they've now sent a letter saying: " We are about to issue a Warrant of Execution against you. This will incur additional fees and costs which will be added to the amount you already owe. Unless you pa
  11. Hello, hopefully someone can help me. Many months ago, my wife was stopped at the train station by an inspector and couldn't find her ticket. She offered to pay the £20 fine then and there but was refused and told she'd get a letter in the mail to pay. Much time passed, we forgot about it, and then over the span of a few months, a couple of letters came for her, however her surname was spelled incorrectly so I assumed them to be junk mail which she gets a lot of, wrote "return to sender" and posted them back. Finally another letter like this came and she decided to open it. Inside, was a
  12. I have had a difficult relationship with my now Ex, particularly financially. I am on benefits (as a carer), he recently went self employed which has only made my income situation worse because he hasn't been earning a great deal, hasn't given me receipts that I need to continue all the benefits (which I should be able to) so I am very very short of money right now. I received a Distress Warrant from Collectiva dated 3rd June related to several fines (totalling just over £1,000 that he was supposed to be paying off. He hasn't obviously, it looks like he's hardly paid anything off. Th
  13. Hi I took small claims action against someone and because they did not respond at all within the required time, they received a CCJ by default. Before I had chance to request a warrant online via the MCOL system however, they submitted an application to have the CCJ set aside. The hearing for this was last week but they did not turn up to the defend their application and it was dismissed. Please could you now tell me how I now go about getting my money? The facility (button) for requesting a warrant online via the MCOL system has now disappeared and I'm not sure what to do next.
  14. Good afternoon I was advised to come here from moneysaving expert as I have a query regarding a warrant for an unpaid fine. I was hoping you can advise on the following: Yesterday evening my friend found a note in his letterbox from Her Majesteys Court Service. It said You have received a visit from warrant officer xxx & xxx. Message: "Arrest warrant for unpaid fine" Call 077xxxxxxxxx In a bit of a panicked state he called the police station who said there was no warrant for his arrest and that it sounded like a civil matter with a bailiff. He is unaware of a
  15. Hi, I will describe my situation as fully as possible, hopefully someone will be able to help me make sense of this! Today I received a notification that a summary warrant has been granted against me with regards to council tax. Myself and a partner (we are both full-time students) moved into the rented property 5 months ago, in that time we heard nothing from the council regarding council tax until the notification of summary warrant was received. The amount due to the council is for a full year, with the addition of a penalty charge. The notification of summary warra
  16. Hi guys Long story short: - Had a dvla fine for non payment of tax on a car i'd scrapped - Was in process of applying to have case reopened as I moved shortly after scrapping car - In the meantime bailiff turns up demanding £567.67 for £80 fine - Paid in full on the spot, not going to risk my stuff being moved Yesterday found out the case was heard (and therefore any warrant issued by HM Court) using a date of birth exactly 20 years different to mine. For arguments sake 01/01/1956 instead od 01/01/1976. My V5 and DL were/are in the correct DOB. Is this a reason to ha
  17. Hey guys, I wonder if someone can help. Last time I was here, Ploddertom and wonkydonkey were brilliant when it came to reigning in the HMRC bully boys that attempted to steal £k's from me. I have posted this over at MSE. Although I am receiving helpful responses, there is a lack of definitive answers. I fell into arrears last year with electricity provider - Npower. We came to an agreement on a repayment plan but unfortunately as I am self-employed I defaulted on payments again. Npower then refused to budge. They wanted to fit a pre-payment meter. My son's use of the internet f
  18. Hi All yesterday I get home from work and find a letter from equita stated that I have unpaid council tax. the letter says: I have today called to your property with regards to a WARRANT OF ARREST WITHOUT BAIL. which has been issued by Coventry magistrates court. please contact me on the number below to discuss the situation. should you fail to comply with the terms of this letter, we will have no alternative other than to arrest you and take you into custody without further warning. it is signed by warrant office: then there name (not my mistake, that's how it is signed offi
  19. Hi there we are in a very odd situation and would require some advice. My brother is neither a citizen of UK nor he has ever lived here, he is of mature age and sometimes visit UK like once in 2 years for a month or sometimes 2 weeks in a year. He did a mistake without knowing UK motoring law took out dad's car in to the next street at night and got caught my police officer of driving without a third party insurance. He got a fine of £200. But instead of telling us or paying the fine online he gave 2 visits to the local police station, on saturday it was closed on Monday she was told by
  20. I just received this letter today stating: Marston High court enforcement officer & Certified bailiff CLient : HMCTS Cheshire Div 1 Amount Due : £706.67 we are in possession of a Magistrates court order as a consequences of non payment of this above fine. Your residence at the above address has been confirmed. As you have failed to deal with this outstanding fine or respond to letters delivered to this and previous address, we must inform you that unless the TOTAL sum due above is paid with in 7 days of this letter, our bailiffs will attend to levy dist
  21. Hi all, I hope you can help. I am a tenant in a building of around 20 studio flats which was a former commercial premises. A property management company bought the building with the intention of applying for planning permission to convert it into a hotel in 2/3 years. In the meantime, they have converted the interior into studios and tenants such as me are living there and paying rent. Our tenancy agreements explicitly state that the management company pays for electricity charges. The company used to actually have an office in this building but have since moved out. Since
  22. Hi there, I have had a letter from collectica stating that, they have been given the disstress by the magistrate court with reference to an unpaid fine I live in a block of flats which is relevant as u will find out later in the thread I rang collectica and they have told me if I do not pay £40 per week they will come and collect my belongings. I have told them I am on benefits and am I single widowed parent recieving widowed parent allowance and child tax credit and don't have a job which is hard as I have a son. i have paid 4 of the payments on time but simply t
  23. hi I came home from work today and hand delivered through my door is a pale pink slip, attached to a baking card that states it is a no bail arrest warrant and £100 is written in the box with my name and address. there is also a account number which i have never seen and a warrant officer name and telephone number, the number is a mobile and at 5.30 when i got home there was nobody answering the phone. It states HM court Service on the top with the date and visit 1 written on it, i am not sure what this is for, can i be arrest, i though only the police could arrest you? Please help i
  24. I recently sent my phone to back to HTC for a repair under warranty as for the last 3 months I have had issues which were as if i was repeatedly and rapidly pressing all of the buttons at once, the screen was going crazy and i was unable to make a phone call or send a text message. The day after the phone was collected I received an emailed quote from HTC demanding nearly £150 to repair the phone. Naturally I called them to find out why I would have to pay this charge and understand why it wasnt covered by the warranty. I was told that the phone had a known hardware fault known to
  25. Hi there, Just looking for some advice of where we may be able to go with this. A bailiff from Marston Group, Mr Harvey, called at my house on Saturday in regards to having the car untaxed on 3 occassions, 2 in 2011 and once 2010. He said he had a distress warrant. the list of what he showed had 5 incidents on there, 2 of which seemed to be duplicated as the same date was shown. They want £1500.0 from us. Now to be honest, when the incidents occured I was in a bit of a state and was hiding debt letters from my partner. I can't remember what came through and what I hid. I h
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