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  1. I will try to keep this brief: We were in financial difficulty and so in July 2012 we gave the keys of our house back to the bank as voluntary repossession and left. We moved from England to Scotland and started afresh. Around xmas time my wives parents forwarded mail from the council to us which was a bill for council tax. I wrote on the bill that we had given the house back to the bank and they should pursue them, and sent it back to the council. Fast forward to October 2013 and we get a letter direct saying we hadn't paid the council tax and that fees had been added. I wrote
  2. A subject that we receive a huge number of enquiries about concerns a credit card (or debit card) 'chargeback' and whether bailiff enforcement may recommence. A year ago I started a thread on this subject which has received 6,000 views and given the new legislation (that came into effect on 6th April) it would be wise to update the information with a new thread. Again, from the enquiries that we receive, a lot of people are encouraged to make a 'chargeback' request following information on various websites. The following is taken from one particular FMoTL website: As can be s
  3. Hi, Just received a letter from a court stating that they have issued a "notice of issue of warrant of control" stating that they will collect goods if payment is not made. It is for a debt i had starting in 2008 i took out hp on a car which was repossesed in jan 2009 as i lost my job and was not able to make payments. this is the first letter i have had from anyone relating to lowel portfolio and as the debt is over £6k and im not working and not able to pay the full requested amount of £6227.16 the court is asking. does anyone have any advice on where to
  4. I received a criminal damage conviction 5 years ago and now I've just had a card through the door asking for pay payment in full, or to attend court this Tuesday 18th Nov. The card reads... Does anyone know if I'll be arrested as soon as I enter the court, and held in a cell for a specific court hearing, or if I can walk in court and pay the fine in full, then walk out a free man? I ask because I will have to make some important arrangements in anticipation of being held in custody. Any advice is appreciated p.s it's been more than 24 hours since i received
  5. I successfully prevented a warrant of entry being granted for a disputed electricity bill earlier this year, quoting the Electricity Act 1989, section 6. I am in a similar position with gas at the moment but can't seem to find an equivalent act for gas, which clearly states a warrant cannot be issued when a bill is in dispute. Scottish Power have ignored letters and emails regarding a wrong charge for a very long time and are now seeking a warrant since I stopped paying their bills in protest. Is there a similar act which I can quote, other than the 1954 act, which doesn't have a s
  6. ive got into arrears my own fault and all that just couldn't afford it at the time. got a summary warrant notice this morning phoned the office the guy was quite cheeky and demanded £27 a month said i couldn't realistically afford that i can't even afford gas at the min. told me thats what they/he wants and no less refused to accept any less on a plan and if i can't afford it sheriff officers will be at the door. can they do this? i want to pay it i just cant afford that much. might not be a lot for some people but im in the
  7. Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding Edinburgh council tax and Scott and Co and stumbled upon this great site, and after a bit of reading I cant seem to find another post that quite matches my issue. I would like to start by saying I am under no illusion that i am perfect in this situation but I still believe i have been treated unfairly. I am also able to afford the payment, i just disagree with the 10% addition. I will try and give you as much information as possible as briefly as possible... For several years council tax has been paid on our flat a full year at a time to sa
  8. I had a fine for £945 in September for driving with no insurance . I completely forgot about the fine due to relationship problems etc . I have now had a warrant issued for my arrest unless I pay fine in full or attend court . I have opted to attend court as I can't afford to pay in full I have made a payment of £145 today and plan to take £300 in cash with me ( which is all I have ) and am going to ask for a payment plan for the remaining . Could I possibly go to prison tomorrow when I attend court? Thanks
  9. Hi all, I have got myself in a mess and probably do not deserve help as its my own fault but here goes. Today i received a Notice of issue of warrant of control from my local county court. The letter states that I have seven days to make a payment of £172 including fees with a remaining balance of £500. If i do not pay this fee then bailiffs will attend in 7 days. Now I think I recall receiving a claim form several months ago from the Northhampton bulk centre court and I ignored it (I am regretting this now). I have several old debts from the early 2000's when i w
  10. Hi urgent help needed please I gave my car to my son so he could use it. The car was insured under his name only. He then bought a new car and transferred his insurance to that car. A friend of his was going to buy my car and I was going to give that money to my son as my contribution towards the cost of his new car. His friend could not come up with the money. my car was not purchased. Of course, i was not fully aware of the last final piece of information. So the DVLA fined me for not having insurance on my car. Unfortunatel
  11. Hi, I'm a small landlord of a shop. The shop tenant returned the keys to me Sat 5th July and told me the elec was up to date. Shop had a clear 'To Let' notice on it with my phone number. I've received no letters or any other clue something was amiss. Today, I missed a call, picked up the voicemail after work, a guy purporting to be from Opus saying they have a Warrant of Entry and they will breaking in in the next 5-10mins. I frantically called back thinking they have caused damage to my shop. They used a locksmith to get in and replace the meter with a smart meter - withou
  12. Hi All, I have had an issue with Npower regarding my gas as I believe they have been charging me for a period of 1 month before they should have (tenancy started after the initial billing period on their bill This has been going on for a while and they passed the info over to PDP Management Services to chase me for the outstanding balance. I advised them that I have a dispute with Npower and have been paying the current bills and its the first quarter bill that I have a dispute with. A couple of months passed and I get a letter from PDP to advise that the
  13. hey guys just received a letter off regal credit stating owe Northumbrian water £774 for an address I have not lived in for 4 years letter states with a CCJ already against you we propose to take legal action without further notice we will apply for a warrant of execution ect ect ends with to prevent legal action it is vital you pay in full immediately . ..I don't aknowledge this bill I don't owe this money and have told the waterboard I have not lived at this address for years when I did live there my bill was paid by deductions from my DSS.
  14. I paid a fine after the first steps notice as I was only back in work then (March). I had received a bailiff letter saying in February saying if the fine wasn't paid in 7 days they would pay me a visit and charge more fees, when I paid the fine they still hadn't attended. The bailiff finally arrived on my doorstep 6 weeks later claiming I hadn't paid the fine but since I had proof he then changed this to his fees claiming I owe £320, he then paid me a further visit last week leaving paperwork in my letterbox (I didn't take the paper from him) stating he would be back in 6 days to take the vehi
  15. Since March I have been receiving letters from Scottish Power telling me I owe £2000 for a flat I have never lived in. These letters have been delivered to my mother's address, rather than my own. At first I did not take the letter seriously as I knew I owed them nothing. After the initial letter I received three duplicate letters telling me to pay up or face court action. I called Scottish Power who told me that the letters were not sent from them and that I should contact the police which I then did. I then received another letter saying court action has been taken and that they have obtaine
  16. Account with British Gas for Gas, currently in credit and have been for some time. Bill is always estimated. They want to check the meter for so called safety reasons, no problem with that. However, they come out, nobody is at home, they leave a card saying when they'll be back and then don't come back at the time they say they will, this has happened several times over the years and as the occupant is registered disabled, getting to the door sometimes can be a task and by the time they do the gas person has gone. Last week they received a letter from face2face naming them or th
  17. Hi all, My partner had a run in with a Basiliff from Marstons just over a month ago regarding an unpaid Court fine issued to her in 2011. She had moved away and unfortunately forgot about the fines existance until the Bailiff showed up, Bringing the original £120 fine up to £420. As My partner lives with me and the majority of the goods in the house belong to me our baby and older children, the Bailiff couldnt seize the goods and we are in no financial position to pay the bailiff in full, he said he was referring this back to court. From what I understand the Court can issue an arrest war
  18. i have been in dispute with engery company that supplies electric to my business . as some months eels very high even thou my use does not go up. the tenancy I am on is tenant at will. my daughter took over running the business in march due to my ill health i have asked for our landord to change the TAW to my daughter but they taken forever to come up with it while all the license and bank account have now been changed to my daughters. my energy company said they won't exempt my daughter as the new person responsible for the supply of electric. even th
  19. I have recieved one from a company i have never heard of "Me Lii Limited" and have had no corrispondance (sic) it just came out of the blue I have a charging order against me taken out by restons this is the same court that the warrant of execution was issued from Can a debt be trannsfered from a charging order to my goods How can i find out the finer details of this debt to see the original owner Thanking you in advance
  20. Hi I have been absent from my property for a while. I normally just pay £50 ad hoc on-line in to Edf account to ensure there is a regular payment and the account is being serviced so no huge debt surprises. Turns out they had sent a larger bill than normal and I owed £250, followed by red letters and then a Warrant of Execution to gain entry, remove the normal meter and fit a key meter. Without knowing this I continued to pay ad hoc £50's so that actually by the time of the allocated court hearing for the Warrant - this week - there was only £50 owing to Edf.
  21. The bills in my flatmates name, but they don't live at the property anymore, and npower has sent that they are considering getting a warrant of entry, however we requested a payment card in november and this still hasn't come. what can we do?
  22. I have just had a bailiff at my door with a distress warrant for a motoring offense in 2003 which i do not recall he told my husband that if we didn't pay 750 they can force entry to our house with the police i fell sick to my stomack please can anyone advise me with this thanks linda lou1
  23. I am in the process of buying a business. The current owner (the seller) has allowed me to begin trading at the business until the paperwork has been complete. I have been there for a month and the lease is nearly complete A company named Face 2 Face (authorized officers of British Gas) have issued me with a warrant notification stating they will be applying for a warrant to enter the business and disconnecting the supply. They have given me details on where the court is etc and the time of hearing. Is there any way I can stop this from happening? I'm currently in the business, wait
  24. Tomorrow Scottish Power will be visiting to install a pre payment meter. i have just found out about this from my flat mate as he hasnt been paying bill! the warrant has been accepted. he now owes £1411. Is there anything i can do e.g setup a payment plan or is this too late? If it is too late, what actually happens tomorrow? i will be in, will they activate meter straight away? will the cut gas but not electricity? any scottish power representatives that can help me out? if i could pay it all off i would, unfortunately i could only afford £75 a week (weekly pay) thanks in
  25. Hi, i recieved a letter from Collectica marked "Distress Warrant" for a speeding offence. However the person who committed the offence was the previous owner of this house. I contacted Collectica to tell them the person no longer lives here but they have asked me to "prove that" otherwise they will continue with sending Baliffs. They asked me to send them a copy of my Council Tax bill to prove who I am and that I live here. First question - am I obliged to respond to this? I see no reason why I have to prove to a Debt Collection Agency who I am and that I am the o
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