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  1. Hello everybody, I've been looking through the various forums and very impressed with the help and advice given out. Now its my turn to ask for help/advice. I'm currently paying Alex M Adamson £70 per month for council tax arrears, which I've been doing for a few months without any problems. Recently the council sent me a demand for a benefit claw back which I couldn't pay and they passed this debit on to Adamson. Now Adamson have sent me a letter requesting that I supply them with my employer's details, home and mobile number, email as well as details of my income (wage slips).
  2. Hello! I sent capitol one an SAR request, I put a cross through my signature - was that the right thing to do? They have replied saying that cannot process the request unless i send them a copy of a current driving lic or passport showing my signature- thought i better check before I went ahead and did this! Thank you
  3. 5 years ago I began an admin job with a sole trader independent social worker (!) who urged me from the very start to register as self-employed. Being naive and desperate for work, I eventually registered for self-employed status about 6 months later. I have kept up NI 2 contributions since that time and put in self-assessments at the relevant times. HMRC's ESI tool says I was an employee. The job consisted of going into the office with the exception of a couple of times when he was away on holiday and I did some work from home. It was established at the beginning that I would be pai
  4. Hi, I guess like a lot of people I was scared when I got my notifications about the lapse in my payments to council tax. I was two months late and hid and then it went straight off to me owing the full amount (£1200ish) which I really couldn't afford to pay. Now it's got to the stage where I had a bailiff leave me a letter today saying he came to work out how much my stuff is worth and take it away from me. I'm so scared. I realise entirely what I have done is wrong and i've left it too long for recompense. I'm not denying the fact I owe them money (I believe they're saying aro
  5. Hi everyone, My Lloyds TSB account was in perfect standing order 8 months ago until i couldn't pay for a bill that was debited from my account (was a payday loan of £200+). I have no overdraft with Lloyds and i tried to get one with them several times before but kept getting declined, so what gives them the god given right to provide me with an unarranged overdraft to cover the payment, then charge me £10 a day for it? My Lloyds TSB account was sitting at £0.00 with no overdraft facility, now 8 months down the line i'm -£970.00 because of them providing me with these u
  6. I recently joined a gym which has a 12 month contract. I paid the first month in cash to the gym, and chose my first DD date, which was the 24th August 2012. I've only been there 5 weeks but I'm already starting to dislike the place as some weights are being broken, bathroom and showers in filthy condition. So I want to know If i have the right to cancel? The first month was cash in hand with the second being my first DD which was only 2 days ago. Don't these things usually have a 30 day time period in which you can cancel after your first DD payment? As the cash one wouldn't have
  7. hi i have ccj issued against a company but the company is showing dissolved on companies house now. paid debt recovery on 2 occasions, once they sent a letter and second time they went down but the business doesnt exist no more and office is taken over by diffrent trader... they have identified the director of old company , they think he is still directing 2 more companies and have his home address, im annoyed that i paid court fee and been paying debt recovery twice so far and there has been no result, decree is for £500 plus expenses, so far court + debt recovery expens
  8. Hi Folks, I submitted a claim for miss sold PPI with Yorkshire Bank. Last week was the 8 week deadline, and yesterday I received a letter from them saying that they had been trying to contact me by telephone all week. Well I haven't changed my number nor do I have any missed calls from them. everything else that they have sent me regarding the PPI claim has come through the post. Anyway I'm going to call them tomorrow and see what they have to say. I can't understand though why they would call me rather than just send me a letter with the outcome. Has anyone else had this happen
  9. advice needed please i was on income support/incapacity benefit before being moved to esa leavel 2. Ii have had a few assessments at ATOS my last one meaning i was put in a work support group. i have agrophobia and and have not left the house on my own for over 4 years and i have been assessed by a pyciter in a core 10 assessment scoring 29 !! meaning i have a high level of clinical need. They do not want to put me on drugs as they feel this will not benefit me until i have intensive therapy and I have been put on the waiting list for this. I am also under a drug clinic as i have been p
  10. Hi all, sent 2 SARs weeks ago to the halifax, to reclaim PPI on my loan and mortgage, and to also reclaim penelty charges. Well received a letter back saying they cant process it as it has........(come to their attention that my signature does not match theirs on the database, and can I go to my local branch with ID to update and verify my signature) The SARs I sent were joint ones with my partner, we both signed the SARs but put crosses through, so it could not be copied. Yet they only need mine. The reason for that is they collared my partner while she was in bank an
  11. This is great, type in your postcode and the advert will run, but on some scenes it will use Google street scenes and taxy past your house. http://taxi.ba.com/
  12. I have been rather ill recently. I am already disabled with a broken back, but I was diagnosed with cancer last year and had surgery to remove the tumor. I had to go back again this March to have some more surgery to finish things off. I have been unable to work for some time, and the little money I have coming in does not cover the bills as such. I wrote to my creditors and asked them to write the debts off as there was no prospect of paying them. I have received a letter from one credit card this week. A nice enough letter, but it asks me for a doctors letter to confirm my illness
  13. Hi all. I purchased a vehicle from DSG autos and after I reached the half-way point, I voluntarily terminated the vehicle. DSG wrote to me and said that as long as the car was picked up by 29th April, then no further sums would be due. I would have to sign a premature termination contract. The car was collected on the 27th April. Now Leaseplan/Network have issued a credit note for £629 - 2 payments worth. DSG have told me to write to them and request information as to why I have been asked for this money since the car was returned by the 29th April. The sums due h
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