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  1. Hello dear Forum! Can somone please take a look at this letter i received today requesting £40. This is the first i have heard of this firm and have a recollection of using a car park (NOT on The Hospital Grounds) for 5 minutes last month and left. No ticket on the car, nothing. Now this.... Do i need to pay or shall i just ignore... Thank you
  2. Hi All Firstly , a little background history about my predicament.... I am heavily in debt, I have the following monthly outgoings: NRAM morgage on my 2 bed house £389 NRAM mortgage on mine and my estranged wifes house(with our 3 children) £675 Firstplus Secured Loan £383 Individual Voluntary Arrangement via Debt Free Direct £247 Food, fuel, gas , electric, living expenses approximately £300 TOTAL £1994 INCOME (depending on how much overtime I can get) £2000-£2150 As you can see, I am living on a knife edge financially. Now, during the middle of last yea
  3. I had no clue that when i claimed jsa that my claim would be affected if i had between 6k and 16k in savings so didnt think to tell them what i had. Recently the customer compliance unit got in touch and demanded up to date totals in my account and jsa subsequently docked my benefit by £13 per week. Now they want to know how i amassed the 9k in my bank. before i claimed jsa i did not work but did gamble in poker clubs etc with good wins and i banked the money. Its legally and rightfully mine and i no longer gamble which is the reason im on jsa to try and gain long term employment but will anyt
  4. I am living in U.K. and am very infuriatingly humble explorer. I want to implement a conservatory outside my bedroom just besides it. Can anyone suggest some good home improvement provider in U.K. area? I am being suggested some names. But I am still searching for better ones.
  5. We moved into a 3 bed semi detached property may 2013, from the offset weve had allsorts of problems, bei it curtain poles falling out of the ceiling to rainwater coming in and flooding the kitchen. Time frames are ridiculous, getting things repaired ie. in September 2013 we complained the chinney was looking dangerous due to a small tree growing out of the back - a contractor quoted the landlord and the neighbour to re-render the shared chimney but the neighbour refused to pay, as its our side of the chimney that is damaged. Still the chimney hasn't been done, still I feel its going to fall d
  6. Hi I have been a member of Consumer Actio Group for gosh many years now. Over the years I have backed many campaigns. I have also sought advice from many other caggers. There have been many times that I have been down at the bottom when I have had banks chasing me for money. DCA's on my back, my mortgage company not listening and oh god much much more. The amount of support and advice I have had has been without conditions and much needed. I have also picked up so much knowledge along the way to. Just this week I have used some of the templates to get
  7. Hi All. I have a bunch of debts that have been hanging around for years under a free debt management plan. I want to clear these up now. Firstly, my main concern is that the totals currently 'outstanding' exceed the original borrowed in the first place by quite a while. Also, the debts have been passed between a number of agencies and in some cases I don't even know what the original debt is anymore. I'd also like to note that these collection companies have added plenty of money on the totals too so maybe I need to request a statement from them AND one from the original le
  8. Hello, this is my first time using this website and forum but I read some previously in regards to my own question - the "DWP" people - and struggled finding one directly relevant to me. So here I am, writing my own. A week or so ago I got a call from these people, requesting a visit to my house to speak with my 15 year-old (soon to be 16) son. He has Asperger's Syndrome and I have been claiming an enhanced parents allowance because of it for a few years now, which, I assume, is what the whole visit is about. I was worried about this due to current financial problems, and so I was
  9. Hi all, Just about to finish my 2 years on the Work Programme and have received a letter from JCP for an interview next week. They have asked me to bring in my CV which I am slightly worried about due to the fact I have a few jobs I have done on there which were not the best, factory work, packing etc.. I feel that if I take it in without redacting this info I will be made to take any crappy job to get me off the books, We could not survive on a zero hours cleaning or factory job. Can I redact any information that I don't want them to see/know about? Regards Georg
  10. I've read and seen so much about people ripped off, or their Qualification not being worth anything! Does anyone know a Good Home learning Place thatd give me a proper qualification, and what PI course is also above board? thanks in advance.
  11. I bought some Hair Straighteners from Boots on Sunday. they were in a sealed box and I couldn't view the product until I had purchased them and opened the box. These were in a sealed cellophane wrapping which stated that "Please do not open this bag is you do not intend to keep the product inside." I still was unable to examine the quality of them without taking them out the bag. Once out of the bag I found these to be of quite poor quality and have 3 buttons along the length of the handle which you are continually pressing against your hand whilst using. These 3 button
  12. Hi, I'm new here but really impressed with forum. I try to describe my issue shortly. I have Sky TV from 3 weeks. Last Friday i lost TV and landline - it was message please call 0844... to subscribe ... I talk to advisor via chat on Friday 14th and t she said I lost service because i did not send back contract. What contract i ask? They never send me anything and i find here in different thread that '' you don't actually sign contracts with sky - you accept their terms and conditions when you activate the card and or new equipment - its from February 2013. And she advise me to call help de
  13. DLA have written to me asking for my birth certificate so that they can check my date of birth. I don't have a problem with that and will send it off signed for on Monday. I'm just curious to know if this is just some sort of random check and have others had the same request. I've been in receipt of DLA for about 10 months.
  14. I have been having problems at work since new management took over this year i have worked there for 2 years with a clean record and excellent references, an incident occurred between myself (i am a receptionist) and a manager were she shouted at me on a corridor in front of patients and pointed her finger in my face. She then called me into the office and continue to be abusive, i complained to the general manager and she promised a full investigation would take place and asked me to send a statement. I did this immediately and expected a full investigation. Around 2 weeks after the inc
  15. Hello, Need to get to the bottom of this pretty quick. THe company I currently work for have identified my role as at risk due to it not being financially viable. I agree and to be honest will be happier out working for myself. When I start up my own buisiness, the company I will be leaving have a number of commissions that they really could do with me finishing and hence I have suggested the easiest thing would be to sub contract the work back to my limited company. The 'boss' is open to the idea but is not sure if he legally can. Does anyone know if this is correct? My
  16. Hello, I am hoping someone can help. I have searched the forum but can't find anything specific about WANTING a car repossessed. I will try and include all the facts. I bought a car in Sep 2009 from Black Horse Finance (HP agreement), total cost of agreement inc interest £18000. The half paid figure is £9000. I can no longer afford the repayments and would like to terminate the HP agreement. I am only £3000 off the 50% figure which would enable me to voluntary terminate, but I am in no position to do this and believe my only option is to allow BH to repossess. I have seen a te
  17. Its a long story. But basically I need to remove the phone number I have on my Orange contract and put it on another phone on a different contract. BUT, I have another 12 months left on my contract, and they wont give me my PAC code unless I pay a £535 contract cancellation fee. I am happy to continue paying the orange contract with a new phone number. But they say this is impossible. What I don't understand is that they are more than happy to give me a new number, but cant give me the PAC code for the current number before they do. Where do I stand? What are my options? Thank
  18. Evening I just received a letter asking me to repay all my mortgage. I am in arrears - but only by half last month's mortgage. The current month is due now. I have been slow paying for the last year but have always paid monthly, just not the correct amount - due to having too many recent unexpected financial commitments and juggling. I am panicking. I am just not in the position to repay all the mortgage now. The term is not up yet. And can not let them even begin to instigate legal proceedings. Not for being half a month in arrears. I am not sure what I w
  19. I've been managing a DMP directly with my creditors for several years now and have never missed a payment. I'm currently 3 months pregnant and with the prospect of 6 months off work on the horizon from Sept this year, I wanted to contact my creditors and ask them to accept a drastically reduced payment for 12 months, while I am pregnant and then on maternity leave, with normal payments to resume once I am back at work. I would put the money I usually pay them to once side to help pay my priority debts while I am off work as SMP does not cover what I have to pay out as well
  20. Hi all, My wife is in the process of entering a DMP with Payplan. She has just received a letter today from Payplan asking her to pop into the HSBC (which she has a overdraft & credit card to be included in the DMP) and give an up to date signature and sign some paper work. Is this normal, any advice please. Gericke
  21. http://www.rossendales.com/rossendales/index.php/careers
  22. Hi, long time since I've visited this site! I have a car the is financed by British Credit Trust. The car was financed over 6 years!! There is 18 months left of the agreement which has been extortionate in the cost, I now want out of it and wish to voluntary terminate the agreement. What are the steps i need to take? Is there a template? What can I expect from BCT with regards to hidden charges? Will they try and claim any damage to the vehicle? Many thanks for any help and advice offered.
  23. after a non fault accident my car has been classed as a total loss by hastings direct ,should i send them my vehicle registration papers they have asked for,even though i have not recieved or accepted any offers for my car....why do they want them before i get an offer
  24. hi i have sent all 5 of my creditors a request asking why i owe the alledged amount i dont dispute owing them some money but not to th eoutlandish claims they have! one i do totally disagree with is sky as i was told when i took it out " i had to have the HD pack it was the only one they did" when i rang sky a few weeks later then confirmed i had been misold and that i could cancel with no charge i nopw havr landed a bill 2 years later with no propr communication for £400! one thing i did want to check is that when i have sent the second letter requesting deatils of debt if i either dont get a
  25. Hi Guys , i really hope you can help. What can i do next in terms of the debts below? is it still possible to send off letters asking for credit agreements or is that not longer effective? can i settle? ive tried before but they all want 50-80%. i can just about afford 20 tops Credit Cards Arrow global ltd default since feb2012 Owe 4,610 Currently paying 30 pm hfc bank HSBC credit card - took card out jan 2007 Default since june 2008. OWE 6120 pay 20pm 1st credit - default since oct 2008 owe: 10,400 paid nothing since oct 2008 Apex credi
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