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  1. hello, george, new guy, with a question: i have a temp agency pushing me to go on an umbrella pay thing, but i have no interest in this guff. can i insist on normal paye? if they continue to annoy ,e with this, i might just boot them anyway. thanks. gmcn.
  2. Hi My son bought an Advent laptop from Currys around April 2013. In October last year it developed a graphic card fault and he took it back. The store told him that it was out of warranty and it was a chargeable repair. He thought fair enough and, not being able to afford it, left the store. I was telling a friend about it last month and he said to get it independently tested to see if it was an inherent fault. If so Currys would have to arrange a repair or replacement under the Sale of Goods Act. That's now been done and the report says it was an inherent fault.
  3. Hi, First time post here. I have a problem which I am hoping forum members can offer their opinions and advice on please. I run a small business which has an office based phone system. Hackers somehow accessed our office phone system one night in January. They managed to remotely make hundreds of calls, one after the other, to a premium rate number in the Solomon Islands. Each time the call connected, it cost £50. The total cost of the fraudulent calls is £3,500. BT contacted us the following morning to say it looked like our system had been hacked, due to the unusual ov
  4. Hi I am trying to obtain some help for some close friends who naively accepted a 100% interest only mortgage about 8 years ago with no capitol repayment plan put in place. They bought the property in Scotland at peak price period. It is a sought after area outside Glasgow 5 min walk to a station with a 15 min commute into Glasgow City Centre. The area has been a low turnover in regards to property sales but downside has been an elderly population who have lived there all their lives. Over the last five years a significant number of properties have hit the market from deceased or el
  5. Hi, I am wanting to change from using prepayment meters for my gas and electric and going onto DD. British Gas have done a credit check on me and it failed, he told me to maybe check with Expedia to see if my credit file is wrong. I know it's right as I have a couple of CCJs. Am I now stuck on prepayment meters for ever, I wouldn't mind but they were already in the house when I moved in and when I asked for them to be removed they said there was a charge for removing them. I refused to pay it as I never had them installed. Topping up my gas is costing me about £40 week
  6. Hi there, In 2007 I was the victim (like many others) of the aggressive tactics of Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors in conjunction with HFO Services (they are actually the same people, or were then - HFO bought unsecured debts and Turnbull converted them to secured debts by a court order, on an industrial scale). At the time in 2007, I was ignorant of what I should have done, which was to question the validity of the contract by making a Subject Access Request. But as I didn't know about this I had no option but to complete the N9A and offer to pay by instalments. T
  7. Hi, some time ago we had notification that the housing association who own the house next door were going to remove the existing single dropped kerb between our properties and "give it to next door". I have downloaded a deed plan and property register of my property and the boundry puts the joint access on the housing associations side but the register states A: Property Register This register describes the land and estate comprised in the title. 1 (15.01.2001) The Freehold land shown edged with red on the plan of the above Title filed at the Registry and
  8. Hi, Does anyone know if it's a legal requirement to inform a company that you are calling that you are recording the conversation.
  9. Hi all hope you all had a great Xmas including the EA's even they deserved one. To all Caggers have a great break and please enjoy the new years parties too MM
  10. Hi all. I bought a TV from John Lewis online in the Black Friday sales. The TV is faulty and JL say they cannot exchange as the TV is now £150 more expensive. They can only refund my money. Is this right?
  11. Hi all, I purchased a BMW 320d saloon with 101,000 miles on the clock for £2400, full service history and the car had just recently had a oil and filter change, the dealer had been using it he said. I looked at the car and I pointed out that there was a very slight noise, ticking from the engine, he said it wasnt a problem. It was around 6pm on a Thursday night when I paid and collected the car. I paid for the car with cash as I have bad credit and dont have a credit card, the car was purchased from a car dealer. The following day I travelled to see someone ab
  12. There is an opportunity for each and every CaG member to feedback to the FCA on issues that they have faced with Lenders handling of any regulated mortgage here: http://www.fca.org.uk/news/dp14-2-fairness-of-changes-to-mortgage-contracts No feedback = No Voice! The deadline is the 30th September 2014. Apple
  13. hi everyone im new to this site so apologies now if i make a mistake i will try and keep it short. basically we took our mortgage out 15 years ago all has been fine until last oct just before then my husbands work of 21 years suddenly closed he found a new job but half the salary and we had to buy an old banger for him to commute ( used to have company car ) i also stopped work due to severe artheritis we fell behind with payments and also are in trouble with payday loans. i have written to accord many times with offer of payment but they never reply we had a letter asking for(yet!) another in
  14. Hello everyone, I have been working for a big Pizza home delivery company from last 5 years. Last year my manager started giving me less and less hours, despite knowing that this was my main and only job. The situation continued for a few months and I was forced to get another part time job as self employed. In my self employed job I was given generous hours in certain shifts but I decided to keep my first job at the same time have enough hours. Since August I have not been offered any hours at all and at end of September I received a letter saying that I had not attended a meeting w
  15. I am new here and this might be a strange query I have logbook loan and want the company to take the car they are offering me every alternative but to take it. I have just lost my job and have no means of finding the £200 per month as I have to prioritize my income for rent etc. I can not afford the car and informed them of this last month, they said they would reduce the payment. I told them it was a waste of time reducing the payment as I still could not afford that. I missed that payment and spoke to them this month and told them I would al
  16. It would appear that I am one of many who have in the last couple of days have had a letter from Cabot relating to an old citi card debt. Citi were chasing me for this in 2006 and I was awaiting a phone call from their collections dept to discuss the debt then all of a sudden nothing more was heard ! I cannot afford to pay them this money now and they are charging 12% p a interest. I am busy trying to clear my credit record and repaying several old debts and cannot afford for them to put this into default now. A substantial part of this debt is charges.
  17. Hello I had a parking ticket from the council and more fees added so was £240 and i agreed to pay £24 pw but missed 4th payment yesterday as changing job and forgot. And now had notice of attendance £500 total bill owed pushed through letterbox. Shall i ring and offer £50 pw , any advice appreciated
  18. That would leave us with Belarus and Kazakhstan as the only European countries who haven't signed up for human rights. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/ampp3d/uk-scraps-human-rights-act-4350443#ixzz3EtmaLEIP Wishful thinking I think.
  19. Been playing ping pong games with Uncle Bryan for a while now - I get free paper and stamps. They wanted payment proposals.. so offered them £1.00 per month for two months.. they accepted £1.00, but said it would be reviewed in 90 days.. I pointed out their error and reminded them it was for 2 months and not 90 days.. But my offer was still on the table. They got their crayons out to say they have passed the account back to CrapOne.
  20. work in security and just a standard security officer in a building monitor things etc. The other day a person from a learning centre thing, that work had signed us up too, I asked what is it, they told me Marshalling/stewarding, I said oh no I'm not into that not interested, then they learning place kick off on me saying wait till we tell your supervisor you have to do what ever they say. I contact supervisor and tell him look I'm not doing marshalling or stewarding at all! and he said it needs to be done for audit reasons, I tell him no as they will make us work for the stadiums
  21. My WP keeps calling me today and leaving messages for me to ring back on a mobile number!! A I will not ring mobiles and B I am in the support group. I know I do not have to participate, so can I just keep ignoring the calls, I have got nothing to say or update them with anyway.
  22. I have a fantastic vintage racer and would really love to hop on and cycle a good few miles each day to get fit. Yet, I fear that it could be considered uncool and perhaps, inspiring of motorist disgust and loathing to have yet another pedestrian on the roads - blocking their traffic flow - regardless of how sensible the cyclist may appear - or not. In Scandinavia, where some of my very own gene-pool originates; more than chick to be seen peddling anything with two-wheels, yet certainly not the case in the UK. I can drive, and have driven a spectacular reliable car from t
  23. Morning all, I sent off a CCA Request to NatWest around mid-March that was signed for at their Birmingham office on 17/03/2014 - that request included the £1 statutory fee in the form of a postal order. I have kept the tracking number for this item and have the surname of the signatory. I have since received notification that my debt has been passed on to a company called APEX, who were actually surprisingly helpful when I rang them. They've advised me to get back in touch with NatWest and in the mean time they will ensure they don't bombard me with calls and letters
  24. hi i had an mbna cc from 2001, sold to moorgate 2012, there was an arrangement on it to pay 57.00 per month from 2008 as balance was well over 5000. i paid mbna all this time, i didnt know moorgate purchased the debt and they rang and wrote saying to change my standing order to them, i refused saying ive no agreement with you bla bla. they then wrote saying my account would be paid late as mbna takes 2 weeks to give them the money, i again said not my problem my agreement is with mbna not you. ive since (apr 14) found Removed website read up
  25. Ok this is going to be a long one so bare with me In 2006 my sole trader business got so big I needed to change to Ltd, I spoke with my bank regarding changing over the account to Ltd which as they said was not a problem and they would handle everything, when we got closer to changing the following happened Meeting with Bank Manager 2006 Bank manager said I would need to sign a debenture in order to still have the £20K overdraft facility that I had when I was sole trader Shortly after they said I would also need to sign a guarantee, I didn't question this at first until we
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