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  1. I got behind with my TSB credit card payments because I have been off work due to illness. I sent TSB a valid sick certificate signed by my doctor. They have now sent me a large form which not only has to be filled out by a doctor but if I sign it will give them access to my medical records. I told them that they have a medical certificate and they are insisting I sign the form or face legal action. Can they do this?
  2. The government plans to close 91 courts and tribunals across England and Wales, and integrate or merge 31 more. The Law Society want your views and case studies to help formulate thier consultation response. Please complete our short survey to let us know how you will be affected. Their interactive map shows the courts affected by the proposals, where the work would move to and how long it would take by public transport to get to the alternative courts. https://www.lawsociety.org.uk/news/stories/court-closures-we-want-your-views/
  3. Hey guys. I've unfortunately been on the receiving end of being duped by an absolute cowboy builder that really and truly needs to be stopped before anyone gets hurt. Over the Christmas period, i was looking to have some work done to the house, namely a new bathroom, toilet and to refurbish the kitchen. I posted an advert on rated people, received a call from a builder who came over to view the job and priced it up. I took a little time to mull it over, even went to view work he was doing at the same and agreed to hire him a few days later. Deposit was initially paid with the remainder
  4. I advertised an item on ebay but the winning bidder changed his mind and wouldn't collect I had to re list it at the same time I complained to ebay about the situation and got a reply back, so they knew the situation I was in. I re-listed and sold it and got paid, however when my statement came it showed they'd debited my Santander credit card for the first time the item was sold but not paid for/collected I contacted ebay but they said I was out of the time scale for a refund and to claim on my credit card which I did. I put in a section 75 claim wit
  5. More of a rant, the new manager I have always asks for the reasons why I want to book a day or half day off. It's not in a friendly "oh doing something nice?" way, its more of a "You should never take days off, you can do those things at the weekend" kind of way. Requested a half day for Thursday, got an instant response of "Why?". So I just said "Personal reasons". Does anyone else get this too? /rant Edit: one other thing, I once took a couple of hours off to leave early, thinking it wouldn't be a problem since I work late occasionally and do the odd weekend. He later
  6. This morning I had a phone call from an Enforcement Agency who had been to my old address. They want almost £500 for a traffic ticket where they said I went into a bus lane last May. Obviously I cant remember and they said they are going to post me some papers out as I live in a different town now. I did give DVLA my new address and its on two MOT's since but apparently its not updated on the system. I know its on my credit report. Can anyone please tell me how I can fight this as I dont have the money to pay and they say it has been to court and finalised
  7. First of all... hi and thx for the forum! I am wishing to claim PPI on a loan and credit cards I had but I no longer have any of the account numbers etc. I only know who they where from - barclaycard, sonycard & egg. Can someone please inform me of how I can go about getting the information needed? I also had an old bank account with barlays which I would like to see about claiming the excesive charges - £25 & £30 etc, if I can but as with above I only know the bank, no account numbers etc. Will it be the same way as above to find this information out as well. Also
  8. Hi all. My friend's parents would like to start proceedings to take out some kind of restraining order on their son to stop him ever visiting their premises or sending them letters. He has not threatened them although he does have a history of violent outbursts and seven months ago was issues a restraining order by the local court to stay away from their other son. Please can I ask if there is any advice anyone can offer them before they go to a solicitor tomorrow? Thank you in advance. B
  9. Hi, I have seen a few threads on topic but couldn't find one where the OP had any success in it. My wife and I have been david lloyd members since 2012 and renewed every year. Always paid for a year in advance. This year, i want to renew but wife wants to stop the membership. So when my wife called to confirm her cancellation a week before it was due to end, she was told that to check her contract that she needs to give 3 months notice. We were never told about auto renewal or that 3 months are required to give notice. As we are paying in advance, membership should end at the en
  10. Hi All, We are moving home at the end of next week and have begun the process of transferring utilities etc.. We have been customers of NPower for some 8 years and have always had a credit meter for both gas & electric which have been paid via monthly DD. Today we phoned NPower to notify them that we were moving and that we wished to remain customers of theirs. The property we have purchased is already supplied by NPower and presently has credit meters fitted so we expected no issues. NPower ran a credit check and have informed us that our only options are: a) Have prepaymen
  11. Hi, I have just renewed my car insurance and the provider is requesting copies of both mine and my partners driving licences!! Is this law? can I refuse? Im not hiding anything, I just dont like it when businesses start making my life more difficult with all this crap. Now I have to dig out these items, photo copy them and post them. Why dont they just deal with this direct with DVLA instead of making it my problem!! Anyway, can I just say No. Ta
  12. When I first moved to this flat three or so years ago there was a card meter and I asked my electric company of twenty years, British Gas, to alter it to a 'normal' direct debit one. When their engineer came, he said that he couldn't because this meter and the other three flats' meters were all interconnected (back in the 60s) in such a way that to replace it correctly (& legally) meant ripping the whole wiring system up, which, he insisted, would entail a massive job because the whole apartment block and most of the road would have to be ripped up too. he instead tampered with
  13. Hi My name is Yasmin. I live in London. And I am about to show consumers what 02 are capable of. I want to sue 02 because while I was in dispute with them over a contract they mis-sold to me - they refused to listen, did not once pick up the phone to me. Moreover never answered my questions nor launch an investigation into how they sold me a contract when I expressly told the sales agent I wanted to buy a mobile phone meant for a minor then aged 10 who needed it for her first day at new Secondary school where she would be travelling alone to and fro. Prior to this I had been using
  14. Hi all, I was freelancing last year, opened up my ltd company very early January 2014, and the first accounts will be due in September, along with the tax money. However, for personal reasons I'd like to hold onto that money a month longer. Can the payment be legally delayed for any reasons? Thanks, JB
  15. I have a question about the annual assessment for working families tax credits. I had a claim running last year that I cancelled in October as my earnings went above the threshold. I now have a form for annual assessment 2014/2015 and they are asking for my income for the full tax year. What I want to know is why they need to know the full year? As far as Im concerned I ended my claim in October and my finances from that point onwards is none of their damn business. I get really sick of these government agencies prying into my finances & thought that when I ended my claim I would f
  16. Hi all, For personal reasons I'd like a particular day off next week, however I happen to have a 'Personal Advisor Interview' on that day. Ideally I'd like it moved to another day, and don't mind losing JSA for just 24 hours. Am I right that you can't just suspend it yourself for a day? What acceptable reasons could you give (I suppose I can pull a sickie but I guess you are only allowed X of those per claim). Thanks, JB
  17. This thread is designed to assist you with obtaining as much information as you may need to get a good understanding of certain types of benefits including 1. Universal Credit (UC) 2. PIP (Personal Independent Payments (PIPs) 3. Contribution based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) 4. Contribution based Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) for people who are eligible for UC The link below was first published 22/03/2013 and updated 23/04/2015 If you wish to know more please follow the link below and then spend some time looking through the large amount of links and dat
  18. Dear All, I made a big mistake a few days ago. I cancelled my membership at the gym and was told I would be contacted a few days later by a manager before completing the cancellation. I made the big mistake of then cancelling the direct debit. I only just realised I should have waited for the 30 day notice period. I want to avoid Harlands harassing me? I don't mind paying but I just want to avoid the harassment. I don't want the hassle of sending letters, making calls etc. Can someone please advice me what steps I should take to avoid any harrassment? I've already paid 7
  19. ...but I need to know what the statute of limitations is. He finished his shoddy work in December. Main thing he did was drill through the damp course all over the flat to put in new sockets. His wiring was also shocking - pun intended but true. There were sparks coming out of the wall and there was damp all round them. Highly dangerous. That set off a chain reaction and I fired him and got another builder in to fix his work and it cost me £10000. The whole flat needed to be done. I already paid him £6500. Apart from the money I also had the inconvenience of living in a building site
  20. I've recently checked my Experian Credit File to clear my debts and keep up to date. On there is a Vodafone Debt for £995.00 showing a default. The debt is from 2011 when i was made redundant and was unable to fulfill the contract. I'm not in a position to repay this in full, therefore I want to set up a repayment plan. All my 6 other debts are on repayment plans which are being reflected on Experian and having a positive effect. I've been offered a job (where they intimately check your credit) but they wont give me the position until this is resolved. I've spoken to se
  21. Hi, We recently bought a vehicle from Carcraft. We had the usual Mis-haps with being called back to sign paperwork they'd forgotten etc - but that's not the issue. We recently had the car MOT'd at their Radcliffe branch, and there were a few advisories. Some of those indicated rust, and also a leak (I think transmission fluid?) The car has been used for a month since this, and then - yep - you guessed it, engine management light came on. I pulled over immediately, and contacted them. They wanted me to take it to Radcliffe - which is a fair drive - and I wasn't prepared
  22. Hi all again, Been awhile since I've been on here, hospitals don't have the best of wifi's. Anyway I sent Natwest a SAR for my dad so we can have a look at doing his package account. They sent back a letter not long after asking what information he wanted. I'll upload the letter so everyone can see. I'm not sure what to post back. I used the SAR from the library. Thanks Andrew
  23. Hello Coop Energy sent us a statement for electricty in April 2013 for £213 and did not send us another statement until August 2014 for £1,490. They didnt contact us and I dont always check the online account until a few months ago. After speaking with them on the phone they admitted: they dont supply Economy 10 meters and have been charging what we thought was the cheap night rate at the expensive Economy 7 rate since July 2012 - they also didnt advise us of this, apart from the terms and conditions and they never changed the fixed April 2014 tarrif. Do we have any redress?
  24. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this...hope so. I wonder if I share a story, if anyone can offer advice please. 9 years ago, due to illness and family tragedy, my husband got into financial difficulty. Via the CCCS, token repayments to creditors were agreed an interest suspended. Since then, payments have increased in line with affordability. We have reapid a considerable amount, but still have a fair way to go. I know some will say, 'why didn't you try to go the non-cca, unenforceable route' but, all apart from one were helpful (I
  25. Hi I made myself bankrupt in December regarding other debts (not specifically council tax). In October, the council issued a summary warrant for council tax. My advisor stated that I would not have to pay 2014/2015 council tax as the summary warrant was issued prior to bankruptcy and the full year would be regarded as a debt. I received a letter from council stating I owed £181 for the above mentioned year and I questioned this and the said it was for council tax for after bankruptcy. Does anyone know what is correct? Should it all be written off for the full year or not? Thanks in adv
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