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Found 35 results

  1. Beware about Vauxhall's warranty coverage. Tyres are not covered by them on new vehicle sales even if it is proved that the tracking was set up outside the approved specification that caused abnormal wear. There is a specific action group dealing with these issues
  2. Hi all, Stumbled on this site while looking for information around an ongoing issue I have with Vauxhall. The story so far: I went to replace a tyre yesterday as it kept going down got to the tyre centre and the technician said he wouldn’t fit the tyre as the wheel rim had two cracks in it and it would be dangerous to fit the tyre. my wheels are quite large as they are 20" alloys, anyway I took it back to the dealership and plonked it on their desk and asked them what are they going to do about it as the car is a 2009 model and I don’t think that the wheels on my car should be cracking after just 3 years (car is now out of Vauxhall warranty and the extended warranty won’t cover it). They have taken my wheel and have gone to Vauxhall UK to see if there is anything that can be done. at this current time I'm spending hours on the phone almost as a go between for the dealer and VUK, VUK are looking to see what they can offer but it’s not looking good at this time; so my question is what rights do I have to get my wheel/s replaced by VUK or am I barking up a tree for nothing. Any advice would be appreciated. Steve
  3. After five years of hard work the monkeys of Longleat Safari Park have put the finishing touches to a metallic blue Vauxhall Astra. Paul, spokesmen for the 100 strong Rhesus monkey troop proudly confirmed ‘It’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication but we pulled the final rear quarter moulding from an unsuspecting family last Friday and now we have a fully operational car. We’ve been at Longleat for 10 years now, and we wasted the first 3 just monkeying around, but then Curious George suggested we focus our efforts on building our own motor. Initially we set our sights slightly too high and decided to build a Jaguar XKR Convertible, but after 2 years with no models passing through we set a new target and haven’t looked back since.’ ‘Work was initially hampered as the tools were limited to a monkey wrench and monkey nuts but after I liberated a tool box from the back of a works van we haven’t looked back. The last few weeks have been manic and I’ve been rushing around like a blue ass monkey but it’s all been worth it.’ When asked what plans the troop had for the car Paul told us that as soon as one of them passed their driving test they were off on a road trip to India to harass tourists but until then they would probably just p*** and s**t all over it. The troop are keen to put their new found skills to further use however, and have opened a Kwick Fit franchise outside the gates of the safari. ‘We have noticed most cars do need some work done by the time they finish the monkey drive through’ Paul went on ‘and I’m pleased to say our specially trained grease monkeys can now successfully diagnose faults and fit tyres without biting them first. That doesn’t mean they won’t bite your children though.’
  4. Hi, I bought a Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 cdti a few weeks ago from a private seller. Drove it over 130 miles home with no problems. On Monday the car started making a squeeky noise in low revs so i took it to my local Vauxhall Garage where they recommended i have the timing belt changed... I agreed and booked it in for today. At 3pm they called me to advise that the car has been repaired, So i turn up, pay £382.26 (ncludes investigating leak) and drive away. No squeeky noise. A couple of hours ago i was driving my son back from the park (30/40mph - 4th gear) when there was a horrible bang, black smoke from the back and a loud clapping/clanking noise from the engine, i pulled over and called the AA who will be attending tomorrow morning to authorize transportation to the garage. This where i currently am at the moment and was wondering where i stand with Vauxhall.... Are they liable for the repair? I fear they will try to wriggle out of it and maybe not even take my keys when i turn up tomorrow morning?? Any advice will very much appreciated. Thank you for reading
  5. My Zafira has been making high pitched noises, similar to trains braking and intermittent rattling when using the clutch. Dealer diagnosed clutch and release bearing needed changing. I was shocked when they quoted £1100 and decided to think about it. A quick visit to Masterfit website, they had the price at £599 amongst other consumerable parts. I put the Masterfit price to the dealer and they said they could do it at that price plus the cost of the bearing for £730. With the money now saved I decided to get the cam belt and water pump changed, a problem that has plagued zafiras. The total cost was under £1000, what incentive does vauxhall give to their dealers to give fixed prices from masterfit and not their own? I saved over £300 by asking what difference is the job dealer quoted and the masterfit one.
  6. This is a scheme which provides for an increase in the total credit of a motot finance agreement which simply means you are buying back the cash back amount, or more simply you are buying back the car you part exchanged!
  7. My Mum bought a year old vectra two years ago and we have just noticed she was sold a warranty promise....i have asked the main dealer (perrys) what it is and they've gone all shy (it cost £500)...it was for one years cover but we never received any pack and they are intimating that it was a promise to carry out work under factory warranty Can anyone enlighten me or is it as it seems...mums been ripped off ???.....next step is customer complaints me think thanks in advance
  8. I bought an 06 Vauxhall Zafira CDTi SRi at the beginning of May on Finance and also part exchanging my old car. Before I picked up the car, it had a full service and MOT done by the dealership. The car was also RAC inspected, but this would of been when they had the car. (February 2010) The 1st month of owning the car, it was fine. The 2nd month is when the trouble started. A light on the dashboard appeared (picture of car with spanner) on my way to work one morning, but went off again after a few minutes. The same happened on the way home. The next few days saw the same light appear, but got more intermittent as the days went ahead. At the end of the week, the light had stayed on and I was due to travel to Cornwall on holiday the next day, so I called up the dealership from where I bought the car from and explained what was happening. They advised me that the car only comes with a 1 month warranty. I was not aware of this, and I wasn't offered any extended at the time of sale. The dealership advised I take it a garage across the road which they use for their repairs. I had been doing research online in the week as to what the problem may be, and the EGR valve was tops. I took car to the garage and they cleaned out the EGR valve for as they agreed, this is a common problem with the Zafra. This cost me £45 and no receipt given as it was just 'cleaning'. Anyway, went home and dashboard light appeared again. I assumed that as the valve had just been cleaned, it may not have registered properly, so proceeded on my way to Cornwall with family in tow... Got about 50 miles into the journey and the car started hissing from underneath! I had to pull over as unsure how safe it was! Called breakdown services and the Air intake Intercooler pipe (?) had ruptured. This was replaced, about 5 mins driving again it had popped off. Put back on and a pipe further up the engine came off. It was decided that it would be best to tow me to the nearest garage. Got to a garage and they agreed to take a look at the car and it appears to be the Diesel Particulate Filter that is blocked. I was advised that this can cost around £750+ VAT to get replaced! I then got towed home. I spoke with Trading Standards and they have agreed that the garage I bought the car from is in breach of the Sales of Goods Act as the car it not fit for purpose and not of satisfactory quality. I would expect a 4 year old car to last longer than a month! The service book, it states what oil is to be used and the garage who did the service put in a different one! Unsure if that would make a difference though. I took my car to a diesel specialist for a diagnostics check. There were 4 fault codes which all relate to the DPF. As I took the car out on finance, I contacted the finance company with the faults. They had attempted to contact the dealership I bought from, to no avail. This then resulted in them sending out an independant engineer to inspect the car. Engineer came out. It was a man with a clipboard. About 10-15 mins, he looked at the car, jotted down a few things and that was it. I was expecting a man with a van with some tools/diagnostics kit at least! He came back the next day to take some pictures tho... Engineers report came back, confirming the fault and they said that the DPF was a serviceable item? They offered me £200 towards repair costs. Not good enough as it will cost me considerably more! I decided I would take the car to Vauxhall themselves for a proper inspection. They plugged in diagnostics and done a physical inspection. They have confirmed the DPF is blocked. Cost to fix: £2020 Also, an intake manifold has come adrift. Cost to fix: £909 I contacted the finance company back with the report and have replied saying they have given their final word on it and no further correspondance will be sent unless I accept the £200 goodwill gesture. My car has now been sat in the garage for nearly 4 months as it cannot be driven. My questions: The wrong oil was put in when serviced. It is stated on the service book which oil they used, and bottom of page specifies which oil to use. The DPF is a serviceable item. If this is the case, why was it not picked up when the dealership serviced the car? The car has a full VX service history. Where do I stand? What rights do I have? I really like the car, but its no good to me.
  9. Hi, as you can probably tell, I have no idea what I'm doing. I can't even figure out how to post! Here goes. Last week I recieved a letter from Vauxhall say my car had been recalled to check the cam shaft bolts. I made an appointment and took the car. They rang back a few hours later and told me they had found a problem with the starter motor. Total cost £201.16. Am I just being cynical or could they be making work (and money) for themselves? Would be interested to know if anyone else has taken their Vauxhall in on a re-call and ended up shelling out. Many thanks
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