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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Guys, I picked up a Sony Vaio for next to nothing and it's in pretty good nick. I am however having internet connection problems. I have connected it to my router via ethernet and wirelessly, but Internet Explorer still can't display the web page. The internet icon says connected with 100mbs speed, but still can't work out what's wrong. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, Could you please help? Not sure where to post as this also involves poor service from Sony not just the laptop purchase. Bought a Sony VAIO Fit E model SVF1421S1EB laptop for £444.88 and a 3 year warranty £44.00 in November 2013. In January 2014 the mouse started behaving erratically, contacted Sony who sent a lengthy list of things to do in an attempt to resolve which I deemed overkill as it involved a system restore which would have wiped my data and software - I opted for an external mouse instead. In May 2014 the hinge broke, contacted Sony who claimed I had damaged it, even though I pointed out that there were cases of this 'common issue' all over the internet. The casing and hinges are plastic not sturdy at all. Shortly after my wireless signal quality dropped - max 2 bars, most times 1. Again contacted support who admitted this is a known issue. They asked me to do a bunch of stuff including a system restore which I did, asked me to do it again when it didn't resolve. At that point my sound started misbehaving. Support offered me a wireless adapter to 'boost my signal' and asked me to do yet another system restore to resolve the sound issue In the middle of the emails I asked Sony for my money back but they suggested I contact the vendor as my contract is with him. I contacted Laptops direct last week, initially they gave me directions for filling a return request online but it seems they have refused my claim. My Issues: The laptop hinges broke within 6 months. This is not acceptable period obviously expected the laptop to last that's why I bought an additional 3 years warranty. Sony has refused to replace or repair the laptop even though it is still under warranty. Sony Support is crap - I have sent over 10 emails and 2 online complaints - their offices are only open week-days till 5pm. I am pretty sure the troubleshooting instructions I got are meant to serve as a deterrent - one was over 2 pages long! When it still wasn't fixed received a second email was the same instructions in a different order! The laptop can not be used for the purpose it was intended ie internet and movie streaming - touchpad & sound are still erratic and wireless is rubbish. What to do? I am looking to get my money back. Is this a feasible position as the laptop is over 8 months old? Worst case I would like to get at least half of my money back and a refund on the additional cover I bought. How do I go about doing this - presumably it is the vendor and not Sony? Small claims, ombudsman? This is the worst computer I have ever owned by the way and I been using them since Windows 3.1! If anyone is thinking of purchasing a Sony Vaio DON'T Thanks so much, sorry about the length - not happy !!!
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could suggest me what should I do. I ordered 2 units of Sony Vaio laptops from sony website. I received an acknowledgement email from sony that they have received my order. Then after 3 hrs I got another email from Sony that for some reasons my card payment was not authorized by my bank and they asked me to call them. I made a call to sony straightaway. One of their Sales Agent told me that my bank did not authorize the payment but when they tried 2nd time my bank did authorize the payment and my payment has been accepted and the order is in under production. 2nd day I called sony to know about the status of my order. I was shocked to hear that they cancelled my order without letting me know. The reason they gave me over the phone that they didnt receive the payment because my bank didnt authorize it. Then I called my bank to know about the problem with my transaction. They told me that there was not any problem with the payment. The money left my account the day when I made my order. My bank gave me the authorization code as well. I called sony and asked for the manager because I didnt want to talk to those agents as they were playing with me and were not serious about the matter. i spoke with the manager and told him the matter. He was not believing me that my bank authorized the payment. I did give the authorization code but still he was not believing me. He asked me to take a snapshot of my online bank statement and send him. I emailed him my bank statement. Got a reply from him that he got the document and he will investigate within 2 days. The next day I called them again, the manager was on holiday. One of their sales agent told me that they received the payment but on further checks on my account they cancelled my order. I asked them on what grounds my order was cancelled when you have already accepted the payment. He said on further checks they found out that the mobile number which I gave them during placing my order was involved in some SUSPECTED ACTIVITIES back in march and my email address didnt match with my debit card. I asked him whatever you are saying I want this in written. But he refused to give me this stupid reason in written and said if I required any further information I need to write to the head office. and I will get the refund in 10 days. Why they were keep saying 1st that they didnt get the money then I gave them the proof then they changed their statement and giving me ...... They should have made checks before taking the money out from my account. Please any suggestions. What should I do? Regards Jimmy
  4. I have a Sony Vaio laptop just coming up on three years old, purchased from my local Comet. A few months ago two keys became detatched that I've clipped back on, but now the pins have become worn and they'll only stay on a few mins before dropping off again, so today I've tried to reach Sony about a repair. What a nightmare! My local Sony centre say they're not a 'repair' centre, try this mob instead. This mob say they are a repair centre, but not for laptops, try Vaio UK instead. Vaio UK have automated answering that demands a serial number before speaking to you, and the sticker with that on it has gone from under the machine. No serial number? No speaky, go away. Trip to the shed and miraculously find original box, ring back local Sony centre to get help deciphering the various numbers on the box into a serial number, and ring back Vaio UK. Input serial number at request, and get told 'its out of warranty'. Out of warranty? No speaky, go away. Somewhat irritated that after an hour on the blower I've still not got someone to even give me a price on a repair, I decided to speak to the retailer. Miracle number two - I've still got the original till receipt showing I got it at Comet. Ring Comet and say that I've been trying to get someone to quote for a repair but keep getting stonewalled, and that since the E and S are pretty indespensible characters in the English language this is effectively making my otherwise serviceable machine a write-off. Suggest further that the Sony Vaio is definitely a premium priced product and that I've got every right to imagine it'd last longer than this before being a write-off. Nice helpful lady at Comet says she's happy to collect it for inspection for the somewhat outrageous price of sixty quid. Then once they've performed this very complex and detailed inspection (or alternatively once they've opened the lid and glanced at the keyboard), THEN they'll charge a further fee IF they can fix it. Ummmm, it doesn't NEED an inspection, dear, I can SEE perfectly well what's wrong with it - its got two keys missing. What I'm after is a price for a new keyboard fitted. Nope, says lady, no can do. You have to give us sixty quid first. Only then will we have a look to see if we can get a new keyboard, and give you a price for it. If we can't get a new keyboard, you're out another sixty quid and you've still got a knackered laptop. If we CAN get a new keyboard, but its another hundred and fifty quid to supply and fit it so you don't want to bother, then you're still out the extra sixty quid and you've still got a knackered laptop. So, am I being 'unreasonable' by saying that I'm not happy with that? I'm effectively being held to ransom here - I can't even discover whether its appropriate to shove a new keyboard on without having to pay a pretty hefty sum. I'm not even sure that I should be paying for a new keyboard anyway - the laptop only gets VERY modest use and its an expensive model, shouldn't it last longer than three years? And even if, for example, the keyboard should only last til now, doesn't the consumer have a right to know the likely cost of a repair without having to pay, in circumstances where no detailed inspection is necessary to ascertain the problem? I've only once used SOGA against a retailer and that was extremely straightforward - I told Blockbusters that my 2 year old Wii should last longer and they immediately agreed and gave me another one! Thanks for any and all advice
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