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  1. Hello, to cut a very long story short, we had to up sticks and quickly move from the place we were "living" in over 5 years ago (I'd say surviving more than living), unfortunately we did not inform a number of people of this move - including the gas/electric company but we had good reasons to keep our whereabouts to ourselves. Fast forward a few years and a DCA is chasing us for the old gas/electric bills. Fair dues tbh I was expecting it sooner or later and I am willing to pay it off, we are on benefits but we are no freeloaders. We would like to pay in ins
  2. Twelve months ago ,changed over to Utility Warehouse for gas electric phone and broadband.Was told in writing that at the end of the twelve months I would have a 10% discount taken off my February bill as I was a Gold customer having taken four of their services.Today I phoned them and asked why this one off discount had not happened, I was told they no longer did this but instead would send voucher to spend in a shop on their list. I am a pensioner and was looking forward to having this discount taken off my last bill, I did not expect I would have to go to a shop and spend £70 + on something
  3. Have been a customer of these jokers for 3 years and wish to register my account online. Anyone know how the hell I do it? All I can see is new customer switching/registration.
  4. Why oh why did I decide to take the mobile service with Utility Warehouse? My Samsung4 broke after 2 months and a five month saga began of unsent couriers, charging me for the courier, sending my phone back still broken and to cap it all, chairing me £402 for a loan phone that they said hadn't been returned even though it had been picked up by a courier. I called UW that said yes, they had received phone and to tear up the letter. Hey presto, £402 appears on my bill. After calling and writing, I receive a call to say after so many issues, I would receive a substantial goodwill gesture.
  5. I left the country in Oct. Before I did this, I informed Utility Warehouse of the move - as you're supposed to - and gave them my forwarding address in the USA. I had the house on the market, but was unable to hang around long enough for it to sell (in the end, it has been rented.) Admittedly, I didn't do much about their bills until my tenants were in, etc... and gave them final readings at that time. (mid-December) I'm now having a lot of trouble with them. For some reason, after cancelling my direct debit (mind, this was October! coming out of the warmer months), my November bill
  6. Hello all! :)I am a tenant living a flat above a retail premises.My electicity meter is located in the shop below and is a sub-meter to their main meter. My share of the electricity bill is divided up, charged to me every month and paid alongside my rent. Now then! I have recently recieved an email from my landlords property manager stating that my share of all previous bills did not include VAT and therefore I owe them additional money.After asking why the bills were not issued inclusive of VAT, I was told that the electicity account with Utility Warehouse is a business account and therefore
  7. Hi i waS with british gas. My wife got doorstepped and changed to first utility. No issues till they stopped taking direct debit. Now £1000. should of checked statement but thought no issue. No contact they have been emailing bill to unused email. However have found out british gas account was in my name not wifes and now first utility is in wifes. I have not signed or agreed to transfer. Where do i stand.
  8. I have stumbled across this forum and have had a read through the articles, posts and stickies but haven't stumbled across anything which explains the scenario I am in: I am leaving my house share after 6 months and have come to the point where bills are to be split among house mates. I have a partner, which was made apparent to all housemates during initial discussion before we moved in with each other (none of the other house mates have partners). The LL of the house is a parent of one of my housemates. Reading through my contract I was aware that there was a section that referred
  9. My gas bills have become outrageous. We have a 3 bedroom semi and it's just two adults, a small child and a baby living here. We get our gas from British Gas. On the 6th of Feb this year we got a quarterly bill for £682.56. On the 11th of May they estimated another £540.28. I checked the meter today (26th of May) and their estimate for 11th May was high, but now two weeks later it is pretty close. Our usage is (in Kwh): Jul - Sep1352.28 [2012]Oct - Dec9651.26 [2012]Jan - Mar13994.18 [2013]Apr - Jun4642.55 [2013] As we pay £100 per month direct debit for gas we are now £1200 in d
  10. I do not have the money to pay off my utility bills the moment my tenancy agreement finishes, however I am going to pay them two weeks later. The tenancy agreement states that my deposit can be used against: any unpaid accounts for utilities (gas electric etc) consumed by the Tenant and for which the Tenant is liable. Now, all the bills are on my name. The agent has failed to register my deposit which ive only found out a few days ago and so I have asked him to give me the deposit in cash the day of the checkout because that would be in his best interest (on the basis that I wo
  11. Hi everyone My friends Mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and is going into a care home as her condition is quite bad. A utility company deb agency has refused to deal with his family stating they need a doctors letter which states who is to deal with utility company ! This cant be right can it ? They have already sent a doctors letter which states her condition but the debt agency wont accept it ! Any advice please would be helpful Thanks in advance.
  12. I'll keep the names of the parties involved anonymous. I received two letter yesterday from a debt collection agency on behalf of a utility company for two amounts; one for say £300 and the other for £400. This arose from last year when I was living with three international students, and we were all named on the bill - I paid my quarter promptly, however the other three left the country without paying. I am still a student and having to pay someone elses debt doesn't really appeal to me greatly. I have remained in the same property and my landlord has gone on the new t
  13. PLEASE HELP!! I've just had yet another conversation with utility warehouse!!! I'll post my previous thread below so you know what I'm going on about! I have had an ongoing issue with Utility warehouse for months ever since I moved in my property. It is my mums house and I rent it from her, Utility warehouse were her provider when I moved in. She gave them a final meter reading and agreed a repayment plan to pay off some money she owed. We Moved in and the problems started! Firstly they would not let us change the name of the account due to the out standing
  14. hi all, not really got time to go into too much detail right now with the background of how this all came up (will give details tomorrow when I can) but due to changes in circumstances certain benefits got stopped last year and took quite a few months to be restarted again. .the same has happened over the summer this year and both of these instances have resulted in a build up of debt. I am on the verge of being taken to court for repossession of my home (local authority) but have paid the majority of what I owe with back payments of the benefits I have just had reinstate
  15. Utility Warehouse! I've been having problems with utility warehouse. I recently signed up with them as a distributor after a collegue recommended them. Paid my £100 to go on the training etc. Training was great, all it's so easy you just read this booklet out and you get all these benefits and commission in return. I was so hyped and ready to go, I went straight to my mums and signed her up, after quoting on the online system it showed she'd be alot better off for gas, elec, phone and broadband. I then went home and signed myself up too, same again for me. So it was all going throug
  16. Hello everyone I have a serious issue with a outstanding debt of £562.24 from upaid electricity suppied by utility warehouse. I knew nothing of this debt as my partner had hidden the extent of it from me and it wasnt until I checked the mail that I found a letter from Grosvenor Bailif services. My partner has told me that the reason she hasnt been paying the bill is because everytime she has tried to setup a direct debit with utility warehouse they would try and bill her on a different date to the one originally arranged. My partner is now on statutory sick pay since last w
  17. Under a joint tenancy agreement me and my ex had it was always split down the middle. Both our names are on the utility bills etc. She hasnt paid for 5 months and is refusing to do so. I have been paying my half but the accounts are not being paid in full. Any advice?
  18. Hello, We have a house, which we moved out of on 16th July 2011. Our current tenants moved in on the 29th August and have been there ever since. A few days ago, I received a letter to my parents address from "LCS" where I used to live a long time ago saying that I owe £125 to British Gas for a period of 17th July to 28th August. I certainly don't remember having anything outstanding and I have received no letters saying from BG demanding payment. I wouldn't have missed any letters since I forward them to my new address. The letter is addressed to me but they misspelt Somerset w
  19. Hi, I am new to this forum and I hope I got the right forum. I have a question about the deposit (which is made in TDS - Tenancy Deposit Scheme) - a substantial amount is in this service and from what I have read in forums the agency/landlord can not withhold money from the deposit in order to pay outstanding utility bills. However in our contract with the letting agency there is a point stating that the deposit could be well used to pay the outstanding bills. I am not quite sure if they have the right to do this? Aren't utility companies supposed to look for the money owed to
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