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  1. Hi All, In October 2013, I moved into a shared property in Norwich as a student sharing with 3 other guys. I organised/paid the bills and they all paid me. In August 2014, we moved out of the property. We had paid monthly to First Utility and had overpaid on our final bill. I had to chase First Utility and eventually they refunded me £350 (not sure to the penny as was a few years ago and I don't have the bank account anymore). However, during this chasing, I was told that I also had a £400 (ish) credit on my account and would refund this as a cheque. I did
  2. Hi, I'm posting here because first utility supplied my old house (I have since moved). They made an admin error on the final bill, and ended up sending me 2 cheques for the final balance (their mistake not mine). They sent me a few emails saying "you owe us money for your SUPPLY (not true, it was their error) please login and pay". when i logged in, their website told me "you are no longer a customer so cannot pay us anything". The value in dispute is £70. I did give my forwarding address but I'm guessing they've lost it. I have a disability which prevents me using the phone, so
  3. Misleading, and Untrustworthy After having dismal internet connection, my teenage sons couldn't tolerate the awful connection for their ps4. I decided to change my broadband to Virgin so my boys could have really fast broadband for gaming. I have all of services with UW and until that point was a genuinely happy customer. When I informed UW that I wanted to change my broadband, (but keep all my other services, gas,electricity and 3 mobiles) I had the rude retenti...ons call. Essentially I was blackmailed into keeping UW broadband or face a major price rise in my gas & electricity
  4. Hi everyone, I have a dispute with First Utility going back some years, and they are harassing me for the disputed debt. I don't know what to do with it so seeking some input please! First, a little history on the dispute. I had a dual fuel tariff with First Utility, with a monthly direct debit going out. Due to an error on their systems, I was not being charged for gas for about 11 months. They issued a single large gas bill which they said they would collect by direct debit - to which I emailed them asking them not to do it. The guidance in place by Ofgem at the time said that the
  5. Im not very good with technology I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place but I am desparate for some advice Im having a horrible time with utility warehouse. its causing me sleepless night and aggravating my health conditions. I have also had to have anti depressants put up from the stress and had to go to bed today for four hours after speaking to them. I am disabled suffer from anxiety stress and depression and also have CFS made worse by stress. I had utility warehouse on bills paid on time every month. sent meter readings as much as I could. (I had to get someone
  6. I moved into a new apartment just a month ago. Within a week, I got my first letter from Utility Warehouse: September 10th - I received a letter from UW demanding my bank details for direct debit, otherwise asking for a deposit. September 17th - Demanded a deposit of £100 per utility (gas/electricity), with a threat to install pre-payment meters. September 28th - Another introduction as my supplier and demand for £100 per utility. October 12th - Demanded payment for £200, threatening a court warrant to enter premises by force and install pre-payment meters with a further ch
  7. i've recently moved out of a flat i shared with a friend we passed on our final meter readings and we have now received our final bill. To my absolute shock the electricity bill read £628! Immediately i rung up saying there must be some mistake the woman on the phone said it is correct as it was part of the monthly payment plan. Never once when being signed up by someone who works for Utility Warehouse was i told about or explained what the payment plan was. Apparently to keep your monthly bills low they will only charge you a little amount of your electric bill (£7 i
  8. Hi all, Looking for advice... National Grid dug up the pavement outside my and my neighbours house last Thursday to replace gas pipes (scheduled work, not emergency). Unfortunately my car was trapped on the drive and they made no effort prior to notify me of works and ask for the car to be moved. The hole was open for 5 days, after which (with warning to them) I took it into my own hands and filled it in. I lost a days work (Saturday), and invoiced them for half a days labour on the Monday (this is confirmed in a recorded phone call). Just wondering what the forum think my
  9. Now I'm somewhat confused here. I've just received a letter through my door from a company calling themselves Utility Management Services, stating that intend to apply to court for a warrant of execution to change the meter from contract to prepay due to an outstanding amount, I'm with EDF energy and I set this up when I moved into the property, are they allowed to turn up with a warrant of entry or not? there is no email address on the form only a registered office address, what would my legal stance be if they do turn up with a locksmith to gain entry and start removing the meter?
  10. It amazes me that Utility Companies treat us with contempt again and again and get away with it again and again. Today’s CAG newsletter “Npower ordered to give energy away for free” or E.On fined £7.75m Sorry, as a newbe I can't post links but everything can be found easily on google District Heat systems only affect a few hundred thousand of us at the moment but that number is expected to grow in to the millions over the next few years. District Heat – a block of flats has one boiler making hot water for all the flats. In theory cleaner and more efficient (cheaper). That h
  11. Hi guys, this is my first post and i need as much help as i can. I have been with Utility Warehouse since i moved in which was in November 2011 and i thought i was getting a good deal as i was paying £68 a month for both gas and electric but it was only till August 2013 when i found out that i was under paying. I then chose to pay for what i was using and pay the excess (£330) off in one go and was told that i would be charged for what i used. I was not told that i needed to supply them with a meter reading every month and with the meters being read by a
  12. Hi everyone. I'm new here and need some sound advice on what to do please. Around a year ago I stupidly signed up with first utility for our gas and electricity. Unfortunately they failed to set up a direct debit and then never bothered letting me know. On the off chance I got in touch with them one day and noticed I was in debit nearly £1000! Eventually (months later) we resolved the issue and they compensated me £300 but my bills were now astronomical because of having to overpay each month to clear the debt. Since then we sold our house and I cal
  13. Hi everyone, I could do with some help regarding a direct debit amount that my new energy supplier First Utility have set which is three times the amount I was expecting. Sorry if this post turns out to be a long one. I tried to join First Utility in August this year after deciding to leave E-On when they got rid of my tariff. I tried to join via a comparison site, which quoted £34 a month via direct debit. Unfortunately, the first application was cancelled due to my address being incorrect on the national databases and E-On took their sweet time in sorting this out.
  14. Hi i have a court hearing due on wed for warrant for ppm for gas so looking for any advise or help first i am self employed and broke foot last dec i had problems paying i called them to ask to set up payment plan i was told no and that i had one prev year and was just in time limits to set up a new one they would take legal action and would do no more i have paid off these monthly amounts although a struggle noticed i had income protection with them i emailed them to be told that they probably would not look at it and they would continue legal action
  15. Hi , Hopefully this if the right forum for this question . I am coming to the end of my fixed two year price with my utility comapny (i get gas and electric , monthly direct debit) I now have started to get the reminders that my price plan ends in one month and to avoid any increase for the next 2 years etc etc etc if i dont change o automatically go onto there variable rate plan are there two 2 year guaranteed fixed price plans a bit of a con ? , as i assume they are charging a higher rate so they can guarantee no price rises but on the flip side the
  16. What Regulations apply to the case of a Tenancy Agreement being entered into, but the gas company refuses to reconnect the gas to the boiler until the debt paid by a previous tenant is paid. Can the Utility Company insist that a new tenant accepts liability for the debt owed by the previous tenant.
  17. british gas repeatedly ask me for my date of birth, as if they need it for 'security'. if they need security you should ask to set a password for the account security. you do not have to give your date of birth. i always refuse to give my birthdate as it's inappropriate to request it and private info. another utility company refused to supply me when i refused to give my birthdate and disconnected the call. is this breaching some sort of regulation?
  18. As the title suggests, just hung up on a 50 minute wait to speak to them after moving house (as there is no reply via email or through the website...) and don't want to be charged £30 for "leaving" them, but this is the third aborted call bordering 1 hour. I found the CEO email on here so left them a nice email about how bad their service is. But has anyone actually got through to them? Do they ever answer??
  19. Hi - OK its quite a long story, but I will condense the best I can. This post is a combination of a warning to others and also a shout out for advice.... I had a house in the UK and four years ago I emigrated, but due to the housing market I decided to rent out my house until the housing market picked up. I had a tenant for two years and when they moved out, I changed agents (as the one I had was useless). The property was then empty for 7 months. As it was over the winter time I had the heating system drained to avoid a burst pipe, so no gas was being consumed. There was no othe
  20. Hi Guys Bit of advice needed guys. A girl I have recently started seeing told me that she has a CCJ against her name relating to her house share and an unpaid utility bill she was unaware of. the utility company were owed approx £1k from an 8 bed house and my Girlfriend was the named person on the utility contract. They then left the house, utility company pursued the debt, my Girlfriend probably buried her head in the sand as girls sometimes do and then next thing is a letter from court stating she has a CCJ. Queue the month to pay and satisfy the deb
  21. Greetings CAG forum members! I left First utility (FU) last June transferring both fuels to EDF. Before the final bill was due I cancelled the direct debit. In the following few months I chased FU up for a final bill on several occasions, they finally provided one in February 2014 which was based on estimates not the final reads provided to the new supplier. After contacting FU customer services they assured me an accurate bill would arrive with 2 weeks. Fast forward to July 2014 and a debt collection threat based on the estimated bill arrives. After
  22. My Utility Warehouse Nightmare and how I solved it Where do I start with this company. I met a distributor for Utility Warehouse (UW) back in early April 2014 at a Model Railway Exhibition. He was a nice chap (so I thought) and he told me he could save me money on my utility bills. Both my Gas and Electric are on Prepayment Meters but my TV, Telephone and Broadband contract with Talk Talk was due to end in May 2014. He made an appointment with me to come to my house (on my week off work) and he would show me how I could save money. When he arrived for th
  23. tried to switch my gas and electric to another supplier, who will remain nameless for the next 2 days to give them a chance to start correct things but was told that I was not wanted as a customer as I suffer from a neurodisability that prevents me from using their online system. All I required to make their services accessible was to use my meter number instead of a created password when contacting them but they refused this and suggested my carer could be the named account holder or that I should give power of attorney to a friend or relative to manage my affairs. This wasnt some front of h
  24. I have my electricity & gas with Utility Warehouse (“UW”). Owing to employment issues I developed arrears in my energy account with Utility Warehouse. In Calendar 2012 my total consumption and charges were as follows: Gas: £1,172.89 Electricity: £1,265.66 Over the same period UW has billed me a grand total of £1,010.00 in other charges composed of £66.00 in “DD –refer to” and the balance of charges described as “Legal / debt charge”. I have paid in full all of the energy charges but am engaged in a dispute with UW over the other charges. UW has taken me to magis
  25. Hi guys, I'm going to try to keep this brief and I hope your not going to mind, but I'm not going to mention names in order to avoid jeopardising the on-going case. Recently I've had one of the big six utility companies install a boiler for me. Unfortunately:- 1. They didn't clear up properly and left a lot of mess 2. They have also done some damage to the bath panel, bathroom floor and hallway carpet has been left dirty with debris 3. The electrician has incorrectly re-wired the circuit breaker for the boiler and now when one of the living room light switches is us
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