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Found 18 results

  1. Hi there, I'm really stressed out and hope someone is able to provide some advice. We went to a car dealership yesterday and viewed a used car. We were there with two young kids for 3 hours and, perhaps it was the fatigue and wanting to get out of there, ended up agreeing to the deal and signed an Order for the used car with a part exchange of ours. We left the car dealership at 3:30pm. We now have cold feet. It's a huge amount of money and really regret it. My partner and i have rowed about this since last night as he wanted to sleep on it but we ended up signing as salesperson was very effective on me. I've tried to call them but the salesperson has the day off today so I've emailed and asked him to ensure no action taken on the car and I will call tomorrow when he's in. The car literally arrived into their dealership on the Friday. We viewed the next day (Sat). Nothing has been done to the car yet to prepare it. It's not due to be booked into the workshop to prepare it for release and sale to us until Tuesday. I know this for a fact. So no expenses incurred except for 3 hours of the sales person's time. I paid a £500 deposit to hold the car on Friday so we could view it on Sat. I've read the Order terms several times. There is no cancellation clause (nothing to say I can or cannot cancel) and no mention of any deposit. My marriage isn't worth breaking up over for this car so I'm going to cancel tomorrow. Do you think the dealership (it's a respectable brand) will sue me over the balance? Secondly, do you think I have any chance of getting the deposit back? There's been no expenses incurred on their side. At most, they would have lost viewings on the Sunday to any potential buyers but that would have been the case anyway had I booked my viewing on Monday (holding deposit stated to be fully refundable in that case). Thanks in advance for any advice. Super stressed about this. (((((((((((
  2. hi guys just saying hello, i look fowards to posting on you forum and please be patiant with me. modo
  3. Hi , i admit i have only joined as i needed some advice on behalf of an elderly neighbour and have been overwhelmed with the help /advice i have been given. I will browse and if there is anything i can contribute i certainly will although the legal side is an unknown area to me normally Andy
  4. hi to all im a new user on here and need some advice please! here is a brief description on the matter back in 2013 i signed up with talk talk for phone bb and tv services, after approx 3/4 weeks of no services i rang them up and told them i would like to cancel the contract as they had not provided me what im paying for. after numerous phone calls about the above issues talk talk said the contract would be cancelled and that would be the end of the matter there would be no charges due to early termination of contract etc. although i never received anything in writing from them i left it as the matter was delt with. fast forward to two days ago and i got a claim form from Moriarty law working on behalf of jc international acquisition. they are claiming £572 for non payment of agreement from talk talk I'm confused about this as i was under the impression it had been sorted years back!. i have sent a reply to the court with a acknowledgement of service i can get some information about this as i intend to fully dispute this. how do i get information about this old account ? any letters that was sent to me , phone calls ?? how do i file a defence for the court I'm confused by all the info on this if anybody could help id be so grateful many thanks for your help
  5. Hi, hoping someone has some advice. While visiting family last week, my husband parked up in a disabled bay in a council car park while we took the children to the park. Parking was free for up to three hours. Blue badge and time clock displayed clearly. he drives a WAV, he has to be careful about how to park, very few car parks have spaces that are ok for WAVs. This particular car park layout meant for safely and to not cause an obstruction, he was within two BB spaces, ie making a 'through' space. We've parked there before with our previous WAV. He got out the van from the back, two of our children were with him and they noticed a traffic warden nearby, he checked the sign, and went off to meet me in the park. He came back to the WAV alone just over two hours later, got in the back, got into driving position and realised he'd been given a ticket! He called over another traffic warden, who said the first one had told him she'd ticketed him for occupying two spaces and she'd called her supervisor to ask if she could do it. My husband asked to speak to the supervisor himself. 2nd traffic warden refused. My husband asked him if he were not a power wheelchair user, and could park up without alighting from the rear, if he would have got a ticket. The 2nd warden said no. 2nd warden also said if he'd purchased a ticket from the machine as well, he wouldn't have got a ticket. The sign says disabled parking free for up to three hours, nothing about parking a WAV and alighting safely, or having to buy a ticket for having a WAV. He told him he couldn't cancel it, so to appeal, gave him a number to ring for the supervisor as well. My husband asked how he was supposed to get the ticket off the windscreen, he couldn't reach from his chair. Bearing in mind he was alone, the vehicle is obviously a WAV with no drivers seat, and the blue badge is directly in front of the drivers seat anyone checking that could see it clearly, the 1st warden would have looked directly into the space to place the ticket. The 2nd traffic warden had to hand him the ticket. The time on the ticket is 15 minutes after he got there, and is for parking over a line. He told my husband he should have parked in one space and caused an obstruction. There wasn't actually room for him to deploy the ramp to alight from the rear of the vehicle if he'd done that. By this time, my husband was really stressed and upset, getting chest pains, and called me, the traffic warden left before I'd got there. We waited about 15 minutes till he'd calmed down and felt better but the warden didn't come back. My husband didn't get a choice with motability about the size of the WAV, it's because of the equipment, ramp etc, in the back and adaptations. He's had it for almost two years, we park in car parks every day. On the advice of our local police, we also carry cones to place behind because we've had a couple of incidences of people blocking the rear doors so he can't get in. My husband parks in the safest way possible so not to get run over when getting out, to avoid causing an obstruction etc. He's never had a parking ticket before, especially not for being a wheelchair user with a WAV, can't believe he said that! The children confirmed they'd seen the first traffic warden as they'd parked up with their dad. She could have come across then and spoken to him, the car park wasn't busy, but instead she decided to ticket him. I bet she told her supervisor it was just a van with a BB, not a WAV with no drivers seat. I messaged the local council that evening, and they're supposed to be looking into it. He has 14 days to appeal, it's now day 7. The council say it's an unusual situation and apologised but they haven't yet cancelled the ticket, apparently the team who'd look into it were away last week, no excuse yet for this week. I checked their 'other rules' for car parks online later on, and it mentions nothing about parking WAV's safely, without causing obstruction. If he'd parked like they wanted him to park, he wouldn't have been able to get out at all. We took photos of how he was parked, of the sign and how the 2nd warden thought he should have parked. Their sign said people 'may' get a ticket, suggesting they should use some common sense :-/ Not sure how ticketing a BB holder parked in a BB space is common sense at all, or to anyone's benefit really. Seems like a massive waste of time for them and us. I'm emailing the council again today, to find out if they want him to go through appealing or what. It's 200 miles away, so we can't just go in, or we would! Very much feels like he's been ticketed for needing a power wheelchair and adapted vehicle though. He's never got a ticket where we live, or anywhere else actually, and he parks up for work every day in a BB space. Any advice on how to handle this?
  6. Hi there I've just attempted to post in banks,finance,credit forum but it states that it's not accepting any more posts.. .. I hope you can re direct this for me and hopefully help. I have four credit cards (all defaulted against) and one loan (with a ccj) that I am looking to settle . two of the cards are in my husbands name but I will be negotiating in the same instance. All of the creditors have payment plans in place which I negotiated myself which have been running and paid on time for a minimum of two years agreed payments are between £20-£40 per month each. I have recently contacted Vanquis and Halifax with proposed settlements and have used template letters from the Internet requesting full and final settlement to avoid the debt then being sold on. Vanquis has a balance of £1800 of which I have offered £1000.. ..they are happy to accept this but only on the basis that the debt will show as being partial settlement on my credit file. They have stated that the account will be closed and that the debt will not be sold on ( which I do not believe) I have had a very basic email accepting the offer (with no mention of the debt not being sold on) I really am not in the habit of liasing over the telephone but meerly contacted them to confirm they had received the letter. I then asked for all dealings to be done in writing. I am not disputing the debt as my credit file shows all payments to them, hence the phone call which I hope hasn't jeopardised any future negotiations. The account was opened in 2006 with an initial credit limit of £1200 which rose to £3000 I'm not certain when the default took place but I'm guessing approx 2013 it's fair to say every penny of the outstanding balance is charges and interest only. (Cringe) The Halifax letter I have yet to chase but is of lesser amount being approx £700 of which I have offered £350 taken out in 2012/13 again being made up now of interest/charges this is still accruing interest and only approx £3 per month reducing the balance I am certainly not flush but in a position to clear these hopefully over the next 6-12 months based on each creditor accepting approx 50% of the debt. Your advice on how to push for a full and final settlement would be very much appreciated as I'm finding it very difficult to get any help elsewhere and I don't want to jump out of th frying pan as it were by settling on a non favourable basis. Any other loopholes would be very much appreciated you guys appear to really know what you are talking about!! The other outstanding cards which I have not yet contacted are with lloyds approx £1200 held by my husband literally forever 25 years? and is made up totally 100% charges/interest........ ... ppi has however been claimed against this account as it was the only one with it (we have just had a letter reducing the balance by £800 due to some legal error on their part also) this has been outsourced to Robinson way for some time although the refund letter came directly from LLOYDS you never know who you are dealing with!! Barclaycard....held since 2005 balance approx £5000 AGAIN all charges/interest nightmare negotiating with to stop interest and charges managed by LINK (charge refund request made a couple of years ago by requesting bank statements to no avail) Finally a loan initially taken out with LOMBARD for £12,500 in 2008 then passed on to idem/Arden/idem I can't keep up with this!!! CCJ in 2013 sadly again the original loan has been repaid in essence but outsourced due to late payments with an outstanding balance of approx £5000 All of the defaults as a result of my mom dying and me losing the plot for a while sadly!! In 2013 -So frustrating as my credit history wasn't bad until then Any advice you can give me would be so gratefully received - I appreciate you taking the time to read this and appreciate that my circumstances may not appear as desperate as some- my mental health is however suffering a great deal as I am desperate to keep my family home I am the midst of a very complicated lost will scenario three years after my mothers death With a Contentious probate scenario not of my making. My only way out is to raise enough funds to buy out my very wealthy brothers (I am not) .hence my need to clear outstanding debt as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is my only way forward and any help for the sake of my sanity and my children's home would mean the world to us all.
  7. Hi there I would like to ask for advice re unfair parking charges at Lidl / Athena car park in Eltham SE9 Thanks Ross
  8. I've known this was going to happen for a while, but I have now become the proud owner of a shiny new wheelchair. I've opted for self-propelled even though my upper body strength is sufficiently limited to mean that most of the time I'll have to have help, but I'm a control freak and leaving my speed/direction/ability to move entirely in the hands of someone else totally freaked me out. I've had the session with the physio but that was of necessity very limited, and the physio doesn't actually have the knowledge a day-to-day wheelchair user has, so thought I'd see if any other CAG members would be willing to share. We've already run into issues with door thresholds - even if I could open the two fire doors between my front door and the entrance to the building, I'd not be able to get myself over these and my son had some difficulty even pushing me over them. The supermarket was also quite illuminating. Since my son had the trolley (they'd run out of the wheelchair ones since the other two wheelchair users got there first!) I was quite successfully moving myself around but had to learn very quickly that people can stop much quicker than I can, they never look behind them before stepping back and never see anything below their own eye level. I'm not complaining - I'm sure I've done exactly the same things hundreds of times because it simply wouldn't have occurred to me that I might be causing a problem. Having had so much fun negotiating the supermarket, I can't wait for a visit to the pub tomorrow, and I'm certainly not planning any solo excursions any time soon, but would appreciate any tips/hints/advice from more experienced users. Also any recommended forums/websites for wheelchair users that might prove useful.
  9. I seen this user name(sticky) before on the anonymous.uk. site!
  10. Hi, I'd like to change my User name as it seems outdated now (I'm through the worst!) and was told this was the place to go?? Can someone help me with this? Many thanks
  11. I have been racking my brains to find a solution to my particular problem with GE money, thanks to this forum I have inspiration as to the course of action I can take. Ge money are trying it on with me now, but with the contributions from this forum I have found a way to chain the rottweiler. Thanks people. Some of the comments are so familiar that I feel as if it were me being spoken about. So, Briefly. Ge have been on the phone over many months with me; hiking up repayments & changing the game on an almost daily basis. Now they are taking me to court with a notice to seek possession. Well, That's what they think. Case date 14th Jan 14. I have considered carefully what response to present & after due consideration here's what I am going to attempt. 1st, they have levied charges on my account for late payments. These will be contested vehemently! 2nd they are relentless in their pursuit of so called arrears. 3rd, they think I will roll over for them to crap on me. Oh boy are they wrong! Thanks to the info found here I now have not only the confidence to tell them to go f**k themselves & the desire to make them answer to the stupidity, harassment, stress, pressure & worry they are putting me through! I am going to make them wish they never tried this on with me. Any success in my corner will be another victory for all those who are manhandled by this American run company who's only interest is cash & how to accumulate more of it. Iv'e no need to go into my personal story because it's much like those here that are talking about late payment fee's etc. Suffice to say that in addition to that they(GE) have ramped up repayments on me to a limit that I can no longer go beyond. In doing so and after accepting a genuine offer to cover cost of mortgage & additional amount for the arrears, they then proceeded to issue a notice of intent to seek on me not one week after accepting my repayment offer of +£60 a month on top of my actual repayment figure. I even have been told that they want to know what I intend to do to defend my case. Yer right, like I'm the idiot going to give the rottweiler a bone! I am composing my response, taken legal council through the legal aid route. Attaching supplementary evidence and statement of income etc along with a stern request of SAR if I get it back in time and going for the levied charges excess route that has contributed to untold stress, and racked up interest charges which hopefully will persuade the Judge that their action is ludicrous to say the least as they are the one causing my debt to stay constant.. By the way, Debt hovers around £ 1000.00 & is maintained there by late fee's and my monthly repayments. Hope I can make the Judge chuck this out & this ends in my favour. In the meantime, anyone with comments that are constructive is welcome to air them. If, & I say IF there could be a joint complaint put together that would bring GE Money crumbling to their knees with deepest apologies for all. Then count me in. I'm up for signing that petition any day. In fact, what would be even better is a joint class action law suit against this atrocious animal! Their rottweiler would need dentures after that eh?
  12. Just trying to get a sense of whether I'm paying too much or not... I'm paying £135 per month direct debit. I'm a single man living alone in a one -bedroom flat. I have gas central heating and a gas cooker. No TV or hi-fi, but my computer is on all day. As a single man, I don't do a lot of cooking:), so the oven doesn't get used much. I have a washing machine too. The property is rented, so I can't change suppliers: they're set by the landlord. The supplier for both gas and electricity is e.on. I've just been reading about a family of 6 who say their combined energy bill is around £80 per month. How can my bills be £50 more than theirs? OK, maybe they don't all have computers and hi-fi's, but they must cook, and wash? So, how does my bill compare with other people's? What do you pay? Is mine about average, too little, or too much?
  13. My "notifications" bar has disappeared and I cannot access my messages. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  14. Hello, first timer here. I got a call from Global Debt Recovery last Wednesday, i confirmed my name etc and then was told that they were acting for Lloyds Tsb, and that i owed £5323.41 plus interest of £3518.49 accrued over the last 10 years. I admit that i had a Lloyds account, but when i moved away in 2000 i opened another account with another bank and things have been good, i thought that i had got my life together. I had payed off several old debts through various companies and had had no correspondence with Lloyds at all, even though i had a redirection of mail when i moved. I assumed that maybe the debt had just been written off, but then 13 years later i got this bolt from the blue. I received a letter on Saturday with details of the debt and a computer screen print out apparently supplied by Lloyds, with the address on it that i lived at 13 years ago. Should i try to find a lump sum or make a payment plan or just offer them a lower amount?
  15. i'm a new User and I am looking to solve my problem with Usenext
  16. Hi, I thought I would give you some feedback on a 'newbie' perspective of the website. Firstly there is confusing information on the welcome post, the youtube video says explain your problem etc whilst the welcome screen says dont, so you end up saying hi then being asked to tell a bit more...two posts instead of one. Then your thread is moved and unless I am incredibly thick, its really hard to navigate and find it, my thread was moved and although its been seen by around 300 people not a single word of advice...I only asked if you have to fill in expenditure forms? The concept is great bit its really easy to be overwhelmed as a newbie and lost in the multitide of information. Thanks Mick
  17. Hi this is my first time on the forum and I need help and don't know where else to turn. I am having trouble with Marston Group Bailiffs. In short I have just received a letter from my old address which was sent on 4th May this year saying I owed £220 which was an outstanding court fine of 135 plus 85 charges from marston. I went to their website to pay the £220 on friday night and was told I couldn't pay it. I rang Marstons yesterday morning to pay by debit card and spoke to a guy who informed the debt has now risen to 400 plus due to it being in the hands of the bailiff. I was told the extra money had been added because they have had to make a visit. Now as far as I am aware no bailiffs have been to my current house or my old address so how can they make the extra charge. I am quite prepared to pay the 220 but can't afford the extra 215 for attending. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am at my wits end with it now. thanks in advance
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