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Found 168 results

  1. Hi everyone, I hope that someone here will be able to offer some advice. I recently bought a MK5 Golf from a private seller on Ebay. The car was described as excellent condition etc and the seller is a mechanic and stated that all repairs / modifications had been carried out by him. Got the car checked over by VW as a couple of Engine lights came on, and they have come back with a list of about 15 things wrong with the car, some of which are major parts that will cost a lot of money to fix. I know I don't have many rights as I bought the car from a private seller and I am fully aware that I might have to suck it up and get rid of the car. However I was just wondering if the fact that the seller stated that he was a mechanic and carried out all repairs himself (after saying that the car was in excellent condition) would give me any sort of right to complain that the car is falling apart a couple of weeks after I purchased it? If he did the work himself could it be his fault that the car is broken and do you think I could prove that he knew about the faults before selling it to me? Thank you in advance for any advice, all help is much appreciated! Kind Regards, Andy
  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2213975/Tradition-selling-jam-used-jars-breaches-EU-health-safety-rules.html
  3. Hi All. I recently bought a 55 plate Renault Grand Scenic 1.9DCi from a small dealer in Portsmouth. We have had the car for 8 weeks and so far we have had to charge the AC as it wasnt giving any cold air at all, taken the car back to the dealer to have an emissions fault fixed and now the car has lost all power and seems to have a failed turbo. We have spoken to the dealer and they have said that they will only pay for the first £300 of repair as per their warranty conditions. Now, as I see it we are covered under the SOGA as the car to us is only 8 weeks old and a failed turbo is a serious issue. We have spoken to our local mechanic and the quote is £950 using genuine parts. We are going to email the dealer to try to resolve the issue but should the dealer stick with only paying the first £300, should I get the car repaired myself and take him through small claims? Thanks for your advise!! EDIT: Just had a thought, the car was purchased using my Tescos credit card. How does this affect the issue and getting it resolved? J.
  4. Hi. I'm new here and am desperately looking for help!! I brought a used car from a private dealer 6 weeks ago. Its a 06 reg diesel fiesta with 72000 miles. £3600. It was part ex for £3k and £600 cash. The dealer was selling from his home and had around 10 cars for sale. He had a website and gave me an invoice in a company name.... It was sold as serviced... but i have since found out that the dealer who 'stamped' in the book did not service the car! Today the turbo in the engine blew and the ford mechanic thinks this will have knackered my engine too. I was offered a private warranty at the cost of £200, but the small print said it had to have full service history and this was missing 1 service so it rendered it useless as the terms were broken so declined it. Having read up on the SOGA i think i may have a case as the car clearly was not of satisfactory quality when it was sold to me. I have had it 6 weeks (2 of which i was on holiday) and its done 1000 miles since i brought it. I dont believe a fault like this can develop in such a short time and therefore it must have been a fault when i brought the car 6 weeks ago. Can anyone give me any advice??? Thanks. Rachel xxx
  5. Hi All I just joined this site after not being able to find an answer for my problem anywhere on the net. Basically, I am only currently 18 and have a default on my credit score from early 2011. I registered with Very when I was 16 in order to buy a dress. I can't quite remember how I signed up but do remember paying for the dress there and then and receiving it soon after. I also received a letter a few days later telling me I had a credit account for £150.00. Looking back, I now know that it is illegal to have a credit account under 18? Which makes me think it must of required a minimum age which I probably entered in order to receive the dress. Anyway, being younger and stupid, my mum asked if she could buy a few things using the account which I agreed to, not really thinking into it or about the future. She informed me that she'd pay it all back and as I didn't want the account (didn't buy from Very regularly) I just left it to her. Things happened at home and I stopped talking to my mum and was advised to move out by the police (can provide proof of this) and I moved on without even thinking about the account. Then around 3 months later I received an email from Lowell informing me that there was a debt of £270 which had been sold to them. I sent them an email in December 2011 which I received no response to. They sent me another email in April 2012 and being 18 now and understanding it more, I called them and explained my situation. The woman stumbled over her words when I told her my date of birth was only 1994 and she informed me that the debt would be investigated for the account being used illegally. She told me they'd sent many letters to my Mum's address which I obviously never saw, so I gave her my new address so they could keep me updated. I then never heard from then again, and still haven't. I've now come to apply for credit and been refused so I signed up to Experian and saw that I have a default on my score from 2011, from Lowell. I work in HR and have monthly income, and have done for the past 2.5 years. I pay my car insurance and phone bill every month without fail and so it's frustrating that I haven't even had a chance to obtain credit. (I'm aware that low age etc. is bad for credit too, but obviously having a default at 18 is bad!) Is there anything I can do to get this removed from my name? I don't really have a clue about this stuff so any help you could give me would be great! Thanks Laura
  6. Hi all, I have just bought a used van from Ebay and went down to collect it yesterday. I paid cash to a business for it, although the owner of the business told me that it was a private sale as he did not want to put it through the books for tax reasons. on my way home last night I noticed the windscreen was cracked and then the clutch went... I immediately sent an email to the seller letting him know but he has not got back to me yet. Does anyone know where I stand with regards to potentially getting him to pay for the new clutch? It is a 9 year old '53' plate van with 100,000 miles on the clock. Thanks, EB.
  7. Hi I have a very upset friend who has been looking after her 20 year old son for over a year now because he refuses to find work and has been claiming jsa. He was giving his mother £70 a fortnight towards food and household bills because she is a single parent working hard to put her other 16 year old son through college. However for the last two months he has gambled all his allowance as soon as it has hit his account so my friend has had to feed him for nothing. Is there any way my friend can have his allowance paid directly to her or at least part of it
  8. Hello everyone, i was hoping to get some sound advice regarding the purchased of a car which has now broken down. I apologise as this is likely to be a lengthy post. I purchased a used Kia from a main dealer (not a Kia dealer but a main dealer for a similar brand) in September 2011. The car had covered 40k and was 5 years old. The main dealer was over 300 miles from home however the car was exactly the specification we were after so we considered the journey worthwhile. The car was advertised with full service history and sold to be with 6 months road tax and a 12 month warranty. The warranty was an aftermarket one. Fast forward to July 30th 2011 when the car started making a strange noise from the engine area. We immediately pulled over and called the AA who diagnosed a faulty timing belt tensioner and towed me to the garage of my choice. I was aware from reading the warranty booklet that the garage labour rates had to be under £50 per hour for the warranty to cover it so I took it to a small independent garage. The garage contacted me a day or two later to advise that they suspected it was the oil pump and not the tensioner as per the AA diagnosis so advised that they had removed the sump. On removing the sump they found lots of metal swarf in the engine and have diagnosed that the crank shells have worn very heavily to the point where the engine requires rebuilding or an exchange unit. Thats OK i though i have a warranty........ The warranty company are refusing to pay the claim stating that the car is 5000 miles over its service interval. This is despite the salesman at the time of the purchase advising me that the car only needed annual services and it wasn't mileage dependant (I rather naively believed him) as i had not had the car 12 months i didn't get it serviced. Sure enough after 11 months the main dealer texted my phone and advised that the car was due a service. It gets more interesting that when i gave the warranty company the service history they stated that it had also gone 5k over the service interval before i had the car and so therefore wouldn't have been covered anyway. I have been in touch with the garage who sold me the car who after 3 days of deliberating have decided to tell me the same story as the warranty company that they wont help as the car is 5k over the service interval. I am not sure what to do now. In my mind the garage sold the car with full service history despite it missing a service by 5000 miles, now that i have let it happen as described above they decide that the service history is not good enough..... I paid for the car partially on a credit card and partially on a debit card (both visa) although I am aware that to reject the car now i would have to prove the fault was present at time of purchase. I am more than happy however to have the car repaired either by the supplying dealer or the warranty company. Currently the car is in bits in the local garage and i have asked them not to continue work on the vehicle until the above is resolved. I have informed all parties that the car is available for inspection. I am not sure where to go from here, the last communication was an email sent by me to the dealer asking him to reconsider their stance on this given the above however i am not sure they will. I have also been in touch with Kia customer services who agree that the car should not have broken down in this way and advise that going 5k over a service interval wont cause the wear described however they cant help as its not one of their dealers. Any advice on how to handle this from now would be gratefully received. Thanks Sam
  9. Hi All, I'm trying to prepare for the worse so wanted to seek a little advice first... At the end of June I purchased a 5 year old SUV with 70k on the clock for just shy of £20k from a Main Dealer (although not the original manufacturer, it is part of the same dealer network). The car had FSH, MOT and was HPI'd and new rear tyres were even fitted for good measure. Last weekend whilst driving the car I got a control message to tell me there was an issue with the self-levelling air suspension. The end result was a collapsed air spring at the rear of the car which I thought was the only issue but with the car parked outside my house, I noticed an issue at the front too (on the same side of the car). This is now confirmed as the front spring snapping via what the dealer says is excessive corrosion. I'm hoping the warranty provided will cover this, but I am trying to gauge that if not, is covered by the SOGA. Given it's only been 2 months and used for about 6-700 miles, from what I have read, the burden of proof falls on the dealer to prove the fault did not exist at time of sale. My questions I guess, are: - Does the SOGA distinguish between what components fail? - Does excessive corrosion that would have existed at point of sale imply the dealer should have fitted new springs at the front? - If I need to claim against the dealer under the SOGA, do I pay for the repairs first and reclaim, or do I not repair the car and contact the dealer first? - As this is our only car, can I take out a hire car and add this to the total claim? Thanks
  10. I am wondering if anyone can let me know if this has happened to them also as I am feeling very distressed and upset at the moment. I had my phone stolen last Saturday 25th August and reported it stolen as soon as possible after the theft in an shop once I got home. Probably about 30 mins after the act. I spoke to Vodafone reported it stolen and they told me they would put a block on the phone and sim. I then went down the route of an upgrade rather than insurance for a new phone as I was due an upgrade anyway and this would mean I would not have to pay for the claim on insurance. Anyway I managed to get my phone on Friday after days of delays from the courier company. I managed to get them to let me collect in store due to the delays etc. Today I receive a call saying my phone had been suspended as in the past week I had spent £2,000 on the phone! After a few minutes they realised that the person doing my upgrade had taken the block off my phone and so for the last week those horrible criminals had been using my phone freely until I got my new phone on Friday. I feel sick to the stomach that this has happened as they have been using my identity and phone with all my details and pictures etc and I want an explanation. In fact when I did get my new phone I did hear a few strange voicemails and texts but thought nothing of it. Now I know why. SOmeone had been using my phone. Has this happened to anyone else?
  11. Hi I am a new user after some advice. I purchased a used Porsche Boxster from a trader last week paying for the car on Tuesday 07/08/2012 and picked the car up Friday 10/08/2012. On the drive home I noticed a problem engaging 4th gear which continued for nearly all the gear changes on the way home. I was offered a test drive but only got to drive a mile and only engaged 4th gear twice in that as it was on a country road and the problem did not show. Also the car was advertised as having 77000 on the clock and actually has 80000, a stamp in the service book confirms it had done 79000 at the beginning of July. The advertisement also states "Porsche service history" but on closer inspection only 2 out of the 9 stamps are actually Porsche. Also before purchase I asked the dealer if there were any faults with the car to which he replied "No Known faults" I have this as a text message. The dealer claimed to have driven the car some 200 miles to have a new rear screen fitted the week before, so must have experienced the fault. Having contacted one or two specialist garages who say that there is a fault with the syncromesh on this gear, a serious and expensive repair. I have written to the dealer stating that I wish to reject the vehicle on the grounds that it is not of satisfactory quality and the fact that I was mislead over the mileage and fault situation. I am awaiting a response from the dealer and welcome any comments as to what I shoild say when the dealer contacts me ?
  12. Hi, I've read through a lot of posts on here regarding used cars but a lot seems to b dependant on make model and issue with car. I bought an 03 Megane 1.4 16v 32 days ago for £1300, which seemed like decent value. Having had problems with the breaks two weeks later i began to grow uneasy but continued on, later thebreaks just shut out completely whilst i wa driving and nearly caused a severe crash. So i took it to a garage an the mechanic nearly collapsed after an inspection and begged me not to drive it home again. He said the car needed £1700 of work...the following needed repaired: 3 tyres 2 front springs (pos) shocks Catalytic Converter Rear Discs and Pads PSR Cal Power Steering Belt (which was actually completely snapped when inspected) Front discs and Pads PS/DS strap broken Wheel alignment Alt Vent Broken I nearly cried on the spot, as the car is worth less than the work needed. Do I have a leg to stand on as the car as obviously unroadworthy when sold and the mechanic (a very nice fella) said he would stand up for that, basically I just want to reject the purchase and get my money back but when i rang the dealer (recorded phone call) he told me I bought it at for good value for its age and it basic wear and tear! Do I hav a leg to stand on, this dealer advertises all cars on his website as 'in good condition throughout'...does the 'soga' cover me? Has anyone had a similar problem? Thanks and I appreciate any help possible.
  13. Hi maybe just unlucky but I have a Zafira b 1.6 the clutch judders, the air con dosent work, the heater is only luke warm at best and the spanner light comes on with code p1113. Would you fix the faults? or try to get a refund from the dealer and buy another? I purchased the car on the 1st May and have driven 800 miles over the last 4 weeks. Bazza
  14. Hello Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I purchased a used car from a main dealer around 2 months ago and it didn't come with a warranty. I wasn't too fussed about this, as I understood that I was covered by the sales of goods act. This car was just shy of £5000. I have been to another dealership today to have it serviced to find that there is about £1000 worth of "urgent advisories" that need to be looked at. I have been told that due to the small amount of miles I have done in the car, the problems were there before I purchased the vehicle. I paid for the car 80% by Debit Card and 20% by Credit Card. Where do I actually stand if the dealer refuses to fix the issues? Thank you in advance.
  15. Hi my brother recently bought an 11 plate SEAT and has had 3 problems with the car since owning it for 12 hours car went into limp mode and then turned off on a busy round about tapping noise from engine rattle noise from engine on engine braking he took it back to SEAT who claim they had fixed an issue that we did not know about, and the limp mode was because of misfires on 3 of the 4 cylinders however, despite the error codes informing them of this, they were unable to replicate, so did not attempt to fix it and simply sent the car back to us, they also mentioned that there was no tapping noise on getting the car back, the tapping and rattle noise is still present and my brother has lost faith in the car and is worried to drive it, seeing as the limp mode / miss fire issue was never even attempted to be fixed, and we feel the car is dangerous to drive. we sent the car back straight away to have the tapping and rattle noise checked with a video of the problem, they claim that this is a normal noise, despite it not being present on the test drive and within the first few hours of owning the car. we have asked about a refund for the car and they are EXTREMELY hard to talk to, dodging questions and not giving straight answers, on investigation they have 3 attempts to fix the car and then we can reject it? however.. because they had not even attempted to fix the dangerous miss fire problem, where do we stand? do we have to wait for the car to cut out two more times and just HOPE that it doesn't cause and accident? how should we go about getting a refund as the car is clearly faulty and we have evidence of the miss fire and limp mode within 12 hours of owning the car. Any help would be great Chris
  16. I bought a used (2005) Jaguar X Type diesel from an independent car sales establishment in Brockenhurst, Hampshire just over a week ago (Sat 9th June). On driving the car back to South Wales where I live, I noticed a distinct lack of power once on a clear stretch of motorway, and clouds of black smoke billowing out of the back on acceleration. On arriving home a couple of hours after collecting the car, I rang the garage and explained the problem. They suggested that I initially get the car diagnosed locally and get back to them with the findings, so I got it booked in with a local Jaguar specialist last Saturday morning (16th June) at a cost to myself of £84 to be informed that the intercooler hoses and MAP sensor where rubbing against an engine pulley and being worn away, causing a possible induction air leak. The specialist called me back on Monday with a costing for the work that needed doing (£407) and I relayed this to the supplying garage along with the specialists contact details so that they could verify the problem. The supplying garage have contacted me today, saying that they can get it done in Brockenhurst for £298 but I would need to return the car to them at my own expense (and time - it's approx 130 miles each way), and under the terms of their 90 day warranty I would have to contribute half! I suggested that I would be quite happy to return the vehicle for a refund but they said that they could not refund. I have reluctantly suggested that if they were to pay the £298, then I might be prepared to add the extra £109 to get the vehicle fixed with my local specialist? Any thoughts on how I should be handling this? Btw - I'm getting a droning noise from the rear of the car which I would guess is a dodgy wheel bearing, but haven't even got to that yet! Jon
  17. think i may need help on this issue, so i will begin. needed a differnt car, bought one from a local used car lot. did the deal on one car, on my way out i changed my mind a went for a new higher spec and more expensive car 24th may, as it was late by this time i did not get to test drive the car, we made arrangments (well i told them) that id be back at 12 next day (25th) to test drive the car. on the 25th i arrived at the garage to test drive the car, on arrival i was informed the car was off site getting mot and any work done completed before i could buy the car, i was told aslong as car went through its mot it would be ready for collection at some point that day. later that day i went to pick the car up, stupidly paid for it with out test driving it, but it had just been checked at garage and had a mot done and i thought that it should be ok, plus i had a 30 day warranty with the garage. here we go: 1. driving car home i noticed the steering was off, when the steering wheel is straight, the car veers off to the left, to drive the car staright you need to hole the steering wheel at arround the 2clock position tto the right. been driving for many years and have come accros this before, its either different tread pattern tyres on the front or the tracking / wheel alignment is off, checked the tyres and they are same tread pattern so not the tyres (all at correct pressures to) 2. i checked the mot form, the test sheet for the brakes is not supplied, and there are 4 addvisorys, 3 are 3 tyres nera to limit, 4th addvisory 1 tyre on limit in capital letters. 3. i emailed garage last night and no response, (they are open saturdays) pointing out that there was a fult on the streeing and this i would like fixed, i said in the email something like this, "also no body tole me it would need 4 tyres" im not sure if its my responisbilty to replace the 4 tyres ?? 4. spoke to him today on phone , straight away i was told, you might of hit a pot hole! my mind clicked and i though here we go to myself (after keeping up to date with consumer law etc, i new he had responsibiltys) but i never told him about i knowing some of my basic rights, he said bring it back monday and ill get the tracking done as thats all it can be. 5. yesterday i did very little miles, however today i took it out for a propper drive and you guesed it major problems: a) steering as above. b) treible clutch shudder, through pedal and through cab of car, strange noises coming from what i belive the transmission (when clutch is dipped all weird sounds disspare and all that can be heard is the sweet sound of a nice engine, also reved with clutch dipped, again nothing but the sound of a nice sweet engine) - basically a clutch or gear box fault (i suspect a full clutch kit is needed here as that is the most likely cause i belive) i have not cantacted the garage as yet relating to point 5b. to say im sick is a under statement, the car appears to be in other wise fab condition etc. car is a 2006 vectra 1.8 sri vvt. 61000 miles £3500, £400 trade in on my old car = £3100, £800 on one credit card, £300 on another credit card balance on visa debit car how do i proceed with this? beacuse there is not a hope in hell i am going to paying any moeny to fix any item on this car, the air con dont work, and to be picky one window switch does not close the window (common problem on this car, jsut needs a clean, which i was more then happy to do myself at a latter day) car advitised with electric windows and air con, i belive these 2 items should be in full working order? (remember ive got these 2 items as further evidence in my favour) i really like this car, it has service history to about 18000 ago, and after alot of research the 1.8 sri is the car that has the least amount of probelms out of all the vectra c range. ideally i want this car fixed and every problem fixed, including a air con re gas or fix, im not sure about the 4 tyres as i say. if not and he fails to comply with his legal obligations then i want a full refund. what are your thoughts on this? how do i proceed? what are my rights?
  18. Hi all. I work in a commercial property for family. We do not use any Gas what so ever here however there is a meter installed on the premises. It may sound like a stupid question, but is it necessary for me to pay for gas if we don't use any in the first place? Can we not just state to our current Gas supplier, we do not want to renew our contract with you mr. Gas Supplier - and not enter into a contract of any sort with anybody..? Thanks in advance p.s. Apologies if this question has already been asked.
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