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  1. I received a voucher for CEX for Christmas and used it to purchase some games from CEX online. One of the games was a PC game, The Sims 4. When I tried to install it, an error message appeared saying the serial key had already been used, so I couldn't install the game. The game was £35 and I am unable to use it at all. I have emailed customer services and have had no reply, it's been almost a week now. I've googled this subject and I've seen that people have not had much luck getting refunds in this scenario. Surely they can't sell you a game that you can't use? If I knew anything like this would happen I would not have bought it. Does anyone know what the next step would be? I am not sure if I can take it to one of their high street stores as I bought it online.
  2. hey guys, this is my first forum post, i found a freedom pass on the ground and used it on the bus turns out inspectors got on the bus and yeah karma, guys i am shaken to the ground I dont know what to do i gave the guy my real name and dob but a different address, what should i do, I am shaking as i type this. please help me
  3. I normally park on Sandford Road, Bromley which operates residents permit parking and pay and display bays. The ticket machines accept cash or you can pay using your mobile, via the Ringo App and the location code 6031 (I used it every day so know it off by heart!). On 13th Oct '14, Sandford Road parking bays were all full and a big blue sign said "Pay and Display Parking 7 Spaces" with a big arrow pointing towards Streamside Close. Streamside Close is a cul-de-sac off of Sandford Road and has a solitary parking machine which I have now learned serves ONLY those 7 parking bays. I parked in Streamside Close and purchsed my ticket via the Ringo App but used the Sandford Road location code as I usually did. I was not aware that these 7 bays had a dedicated machine as the blue sign gave the impression that Streamside Close was an extension of Sandford Road. The parking charges are exactly the same for both roads and there was nothing to lead me to knowing that each road had a different machine. Given Streamside close only had 7 parking bays it does not seem sensible or practical to have a dedicated machine. What if it was to fail, then surely it would be reasonable to expect to use machines on the adjacent road. I'm really annoyed by all of this as I have actually paid for a full day's parking and was an innocent mistake. The parking attendant would have seen an active parking session on his handheld for my vehicle for the adjacent road. The charges were the same so no advantage to be had by me. It's just unfair and unreasonable to enforce parking like this and it's cases like this that earn Council's their often well deserved bad reputations. This clearly revenue generation as no payment avoidance was made - I paid for the while day. That said, whilst I feel my position is morally sound, is this a legitimate appeal reason for Bromley Council (who are notoriously, greedy revenue generators - they'd tax air if they could!).
  4. Hi everybody, looking for some advice regarding a used vehicle. earlier this year, we had an accident which caused significant damage to our car and it was written off by the insurance company. using the insurance payment we purchased a used car from a dealer. our old vehicle was: 2007, 64000 miles, no previous owners - bought from new. the used car we bought: 2006, 75000 miles, 2 previous owners. MOT the same week as purchased - no advisories. a good clean tidy car that HPI checks found clear. we felt confident enough to purchase the car. before leaving the forecourt after a test drive, we noticed the battery light was on. the dealer had no explanation but said if there was any issues he has no problem replacing the battery should that be needed. the battery light did go out after a few miles, but intermittently would come on over the next 2 weeks, we took it to a garage for a diagnosis and it was actually a bad alternator. we called the dealer and requested he replace the alternator , which he did. unfortunately now, 3 months since purchase, the power steering has failed rendering the car undriveable. the RAC recovered the car and did a report stating the issues and once again I informed the dealer and requested a repair. he said sorry but the vehicle was out of warranty, tough luck sort of thing. ( we didn't actually discuss/sign any warranty info but i assume he is talking about a 3 month warranty - as we are now 3 months a 6 days since purchase ) I called trading standards who said: under SOGA I was within my rights to request the car be repaired. especially within the 6 months. the vehicle was valuable enough to expect it to be reasonably free from defects especially any that render the vehicle useless. regarding repairs , they said he would had a few options, one being he repairs the car at his chosen garage another being we mutually agree a local garage who can repair the car and issue the invoice to him. Just wanted to hear peoples opinions on this issue? The dealer is a good dealer as far as I can see so far. He was helpful with a previous problem and doesn't 'avoid' contact . at least up to now. so I would like to be civil at all costs.. but be firm when exercising my rights. many thanks all.
  5. hi everyone, I bought an Onkyo TX-NR609 amp on ebay 6 months ago. It's been working fine, but now it's developed a fault. The item being used is out of warranty and I don't have the original purchase receipts other than ebay prove of purchase. After some research I found that so many people have complained about this common issue, that onkyo have decided to extend the warranty and allow people to send the goods back to them to get repaired/replaced. My problem is that onkyo are asking for original receipt of purchase from an Authorised Dealer, otherwise they are not willing to cover their product. Surely it doesn't matter where you purchase it from? After all the fault is with the manufacturer's product, so how come the customer is losing out? What can I do?
  6. Having a sort out have found a letter to the other half natwest account being sent to morecroft This account was opened online but never had any money paid in or taken out card has never been activated The balance stands at £330.85 overdrawn! How is the best way to deal with this apart from ignoring morecroft? Thanks
  7. Hello, I have recently (16th August 2014) purchased a used VW Golf from Blue Apple Cars blueapplecars . com This is a 2005 VW Golf with 56,000 miles on the clock - £3,800. When purchasing the car I was told there was no previous damage or faults with the car - and externally it looked fine. Their garage is in London and I live a 2 hour drive away in Kent. All was fine driving the car home but the next day I had an engine fault light and airbag fault light appear. I took the car to my local garage who advised it was a fuel pressure fault causing the engine light and that I should contact the dealer. What then proceeded has been 10 telephone calls and 4 emails. Each and every call the agent has promised a manager will ring me back but I am yet to receive one call (when I demand to speak to somebody they hang up). I have now taken the car to my local garage to provide a full check and they found a number of faults and previous damage (Which would easily run in to four figures to repair). I have attached a list of the faults and fault codes. These include: - Fuel pressure fault - Airbag fault - Leak in passenger foot well - Previous damage repair to both sides of car - Repair to SUMP - this has just been sealed over so can't change oil - Cruise control does not function - Steering wheel fault -limited function due to voltage fault Blue Apple has finally responded to an email and said I can take the car to them to inspect and see if 'it requires any repair' - despite my already providing the full list of faults present. I have ask for a refund and want to reject the car but they will not respond to this question in emails and on the phone I'm just told I need to speak to the manager who will ring me back (of course he never does). When I purchased the car it was HPI clear and the garage told me they had done a service before selling. My local garage (who are very trustworthy) said they would undoubtedly have known of at least some of these faults. They suggested it's likely they may have purchased it damaged and done some cheap repairs themselves. All my phone calls to the garage have been recorded and I've kept a log of all time / dates and emails sent. Am I within my rights to demand a refund? and if so what can I do? (I should note the car is driving fine currently but my garage has told me these faults will need seeing to. The fault lights seem to come on and off on a near daily basis. I do not trust Blue Apple to carry out repairs bearing in mind the condition they sold the car) *** Also in the Blue Apple document small print it states: Refunds of vehicles can only be authorized if a vehicle develops a major mechanical fault(s) within 21 day of purchase. The fault must be so significant to repair due to cost and time. Thanks in advance, Mjd
  8. Good Evening, I am having a few issues with a car I bought on the 26th August It is a 2009 Vauxhall Insignia 2.0t 4x4 SRI Picked up the vehicle from the trader at approx 5.30pm on the Tuesday evening, drove it 75 miles home and all seemed well Wednesday evening on the way home from work in it a message appeared on the dash stating "service charging system" and illuminated the battery icon Arrived home and turned off and then back on and the message had gone - oh well I thought, will check that later Thursday morning and evening on way to and from work the same thing - message appeared - Decided would look at the battery at the weekend as possible worn as per other cars I have owned Friday Morning same thing again, except this time it started throwing all other error messages and illuminating all other lights as it steadily shut down all non essential systems - pulled over and turned off - car dead, no attempt to crank, nothing RAC called and got car started via boost pack and attached multimeter to battery and diagnosed possible alternator fault as reading were 11.3 -11.6 volts - keeping the booster on the car managed to get it to local mechanic Mechanic tested the alternator which seemed fine and was outputting the correct amp on the bench, but will not charge battery in car. Took it to another mechanic who has better diagnostic kit and will run some tests on it tomorrow to try determine what the fault is Car came with a 3 month RAC warranty, to which I say isnt worth the paper its printed on! There is a £300 limit on the repair, including parts/labour & VAT! The alternator is dealer only and costs £523.81 inc VAT! I rang the dealer to tell them about the breakdown to which they said I have to deal with warranty - I stated the warranty is not sufficient and they are required to put it right. After days of chasing them they are saying they can supply the part, should it be the alternator cheaper than I have been quoted, to which I stated they must be quoted for the wrong part as I have been quoted the same from 3 different dealers and told the same amount by all three! They said they will check and let me know - that was Tuesday evening. No word today. I am now waiting for the diagnostic report - if it is something simple and cheap I dont mind paying to get the car on the road again, but £540 + labour is too much after just 170 miles!! I just want advice on how I can approach this with the trader - they seem adamant I have to use the warranty, which I dont want to as they will not cover the whole amount. Dependant upon the outcome of the diagnostic I will be taking it back up there on Saturday morning, and demanding they fix it. Should I take a formal letter with me stating they must repair or refund me? Not sure how to tackle this one to be honest! Sorry for the long post, just wanted to get as much info out so can get the best advice possible
  9. Hi there On the 27th July, my husband and I purchased a used car from a dealership for £26,950. We paid £2,000 deposit via credit card, traded in a vehicle for £2,450 and paid the balance via debit card. Within 21 miles of driving the car and 3 days of owning it, the engine management light appeared on the dashboard. We contacted the dealership straight away but as it was nearing 7pm the Service department was not available. However, the following day my husband did receive a call apologising for the issue but advising that unfortunately these things do happen. On the 2nd August, we dropped the vehicle back to the dealership and picked up a courtesy vehicle. They plugged out vehicle in to find out what the fault was, we were advised it was the DPF and it would need to go to VW. We also pointed out some other issues with the vehicle, the brakes looked worn and there were several issues with the paintwork that we hadn't picked up on when originally looking at the vehicle. The Service Manager took down the issues and said they would get them dealt with whilst they had it. To cut a long story short, we have had to chase the dealership for updates regarding our vehicle, explain the other issues to god knows how many people and we never get call backs when messages are left. The original fault has gone from being the DPF, to the EGR Cooler and now something to do with the air conditioning has been thrown in the mix also. The dealership has looked at the brakes and told us that they have 1,000-2,000 miles of wear left on them and that this is acceptable. I would like to point out that they MOT'd and serviced the vehicle before we picked up and this was not mentioned on any paperwork. They agree with the paintwork issues but couldn't tell us what they were going to do about it. Not only have we had issues with the above, we also had an issue over the tax for the vehicle. We paid for the dealership to put 6 months tax on it and were told that this had been done and the tax disc would be sent on once received by them. We later found out that the car was not taxed until the 7th August, so they were happy for us to drive around that long. The salesman pointed out that it wasn't an offence to which my husband soon corrected him. Today I have spoken to the DVLA and they haven't received any notification that the vehicle has changed ownership. I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't even sent the V5 document yet. We have already sent a letter of complaint to the Director of the dealership via email and recorded post to which we received a response saying that a certain person would now be dealing with us and he hoped they could rectify a bad experience. We have since sent another letter of complaint and asked that we receive a response in writing detailing exactly what repairs had been carried out etc and what they were going to do about the other issues and so far we have not received anything. We have contacted the CAB who have said we have a case to reject and if we don't get anywhere, we can approach the bank to help through the chargeback scheme. I have checked this and they are happy to deal with on our behalf. My question is, what should we do next? My husband wants to take their courtesy vehicle back and then send a letter of rejection via email and recorded post. We are obviously not driving the vehicle as it is at the dealership still (will be 3 weeks tomorrow). Should we keep hold of the 2nd key that we have and the paperwork that we have or should we return these to them. There is probably much more, but to be honest so much has happened that I find it difficult to keep track with it all. Many Thanks
  10. I bought a £4000 car with 4 wheel drive from a dealer 50 miles away. After just 1 day and 100 miles the drive belt started making a horrid racket and at 147 miles the front drive shaft started clicking and I was unable to drive the car. I rang and after several calls the car was collected and taken back for them to repair. 2 more days passed and the car was ready so I picked it up just before closing and started to drive home. At the first oppotunity to drive at 50 mph I noticed a really strong vibration that was not there before. I tried to get back but they had closed. I returned as they opened the following morning and after explaining the problem was offered to take it myself to the mechanic for a test drive, another 15 miles away. It was test drove and the mechanic led me to believe the noise and vibration was down to tyre wear. I asked what work had been carried out and he confirmed the drive shaft had been repaired correctly and a new water pump and belt fixed the noise. I drove home not entirely convinced that the driveshaft had been done I had an inspection done and the following was found: The front hub/driveshaft now did not freewheel in 2 wheel drive mode and appears locked to the hub, this causes the driveshaft front diff and propshaft to turn and is the reason for the vibration at 50 mph as the car can not be driven in 4 wheel mode above 40mph as stated in the handbook. In addition it was noted the other side is free wheeling in both 2 and 4 wheel drives modes so is also faulty. The steering rack is leaking fluid badly. The fuel tank is leaking. The noisy drive belt has returned so the new belt and pump has not fixed the problem. I rang the dealers and asked for a refund and was told no chance. Bring it in and I will repair it. The fact that both repairs done before seem to have been done on the cheap does not fill me with confidence that it will be repaired correctly and problems are going to continue well into the future. I asked for the car to be collected and was told no just top up the steering fluid and drive it to the Mechanics workshop don't bring it here. I did drive it back to him not the mechanic after all thats where I got it from. On dropping it off I asked again for a refund and the answer was no although I could have an exchange, but as they have no similar sized, age, mileage or value stock it was impossible. I then said I wish to reject the car to which I got the reply I not taking back, I don't have to go on the TS website and read the sub sections attached to that part of the sales of goods act. Rather than argue and longer I left. And here I am, car less I did not ask for a loan car, I did the first time round and was left a car with no rear brakes (you could hear then grinding) and bald front tyre. Rightly or wrongly I left him a letter with all the faults and dates along with a written request for a full refund as I was rejecting the car. Should I resend the letter again via recorded post? Do I need proof that the dealer has been given the rejection and refund request?
  11. Hi everyone hope you can help. Bought used mazda 6 09 reg for £10,000 august 2013 through finance. In October would not start, not recognising keys (keyless entry model). Under warranty went to dealers, they didn't have a clue so went to a mazda dealer. 5 weeks later returned car with new PCM. Although under warranty still had to pay £420 excess labor and diagnostic. 7 weeks later same problem, recovered to mazda dealer (although not their car) as EH didn't want to know. 6 days later could pick up. Said they recharged the battery and now working fine. However before recovered the AA said battery was fine. 5 weeks later would not start again, went to mazda dealer, 4 days later picked up car said faulty key. Now on the 10th July happened again, still waiting for results of how they get it going. Sent letter to finance and dealer asking for replacement. Finance want more details. However dealer stating this is not the same fault. Surely if the symptoms of the faults are the same (not recognising the keys) it is the same fault? Have I any chance of getting a replacement? Sorry about the long text but advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. hi,i bought a car from a dealer which broke down on the way home(20mls of a 50ml journey),when I told the dealer here is the reply on email---hi, un-fortunetly we don't work with the warranty company which is why you signed the no warranty sales form on purchase. It's designed to work with your local garage but it does take a week to get validated, we would and have never sold any vehicle with pre existing faults. You are welcome to bring the car back to us and we can take it to a garage around the corner who works with the warranty company but it would be off the road for 1 week until the warranty is active.------ he sold me a warranty for a twelve month period saying I now had 15 months ,I presumed that the other 3 months were his.as I had only had the car for less than a hour what is his liability.i cannot drive car back as non starter .when I looked at the car it would not start .he put a power pack on it and said it only needs a run , he is claiming that it is nothing to do with him because I bought the warranty.what is the law regarding this please
  13. Hi, Just wondered if any of you have used Sunny? It's different to the usual payday loan as it gives you a credit limit and then you choose when and how much of that you need, a bit like a credit card. I signed up for this earlier as I thought this might help my credit rating a bit if I use say £100 of my £500 limit and then just keep repaying in full each month. However, it said I was approved with a £500 limit and when I requested just the £100 it kept saying "doing final checks" (so obviously not approved as previously told lol) but that the money would be with me in 15 minutes. It isn't and my Sunny account still says the same. Did any of you have this happen? Thanks.
  14. My daughter bought a car which she had seen advertised on ebay She arranged to view the car with her boyfriend, and proceeded to buy using bank transfer, the sale went through but not through ebay he cancelled the listing. The car was described as superb etc and apparently had been driven by his wife whilst her car had been fixed the week before. She paid £3900 by bank transfer and brought the car home as she insured it whilst she was there The guy is a dealer and sells many cars from home through ebay. Compared to her car some fairly expensive cars After 3 weeks car began overheating, we rang him and he described a fairly minor problem which my daughter got fixed at the cost of £60 to herself (heat sensor) After a further 2 weeks the car made horrendous noises and was checked by RAC and informed gearbox had gone, the car is not drivable and has now been parked up for 2 weeks. On the advice of CAB she wrote to him saying he was in breach of contract under sale of goods act and would he fix the car or take it back and give her a refund She after getting text that car was sold through auction so had no responsibility under sale of goods act to repair or refund. she then sent second letter giving final notice that she would take him to court …no response she now hasn't got a useable car, is struggling getting to work and her daily affairs…what can she do its going to cost a fortune going to court and she is spending money she hasn't got….the car is parked up at my house doing nothing and is undrivable tax has run out now and she has SORN it we need to proceed quickly on this and cheaply! thanks for any help and advice
  15. We purchased the vehicle as advertised with a full service history from NovaFord newport shropshire. The service book was not inspected in the same way as we did through the subsequent investigations and the sales rep continued to push that the vehicle had a full service history and the company personally knew the previous owner, the sales agent used the guise of the company being attached to FORD and they wasn't just a normal garage, we had no reason to not believe what we were being told. What is being disputed is the genuine history of the vehicle as there is no service history being proved prior to your service and the way the vehicle was advertised and subsequently told how well looked after the vehicle was and we wouldn't be able to find another vehicle with this kind of history. This only became apparent when taking out an extended warranty and when the service book was fully inspected it was noted that it had been doctored by NovaFord or the previous owner. As customers we were not fully aware of the fraudulent behaviours of traders or sellers of vehicles hence why we purchased through a reputable company! i assume they had a duty to check the history of the vehicle as would any reputable company? they also continued to dispute that the vehicle had no previous history and it wasn't until they and I investigated that they subsequently acknowledged that the history cannot be now proven. i have rejected the vehicle under the misrepresentation act as we were misled, gave them 10 days to respond and they have replied: "I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 27th June After discussion with Mr Prew, the owner of NovaFord and the gentleman through which you purchased your car, I can now respond The service book was inspected by yourselves prior to purchase and the vehicle has had a comprehensive, manufacturer full service as agreed, prior to delivery to yourselves It is our proposal to honour our gesture of goodwill as previously offered on the Ford Protect warranty scheme, for a 1/2 price 12 month warranty We can also offer a 28 day window. Should you like to go ahead with the warranty, please let me know and I can start the necessary arrangements" i can't beleive they responded in this way!
  16. I have been made aware of a taxi company in England using a loophole in Scottish law to avoid its responsibilities regarding licensing laws in England. Can they do this? I understood that Scots & English law are two separate entities?
  17. Purchased a used car (82k miles, 04) beginning of Nov 2013. Car sold as being in "stunning condition" & paid a price that reflected this supposed fact. 2 weeks later car breaks down, we take it to our local indy, it is diagnosed - needs a new pump - cost £800+. Call dealer, he insists on flat bedding it to a garage of his choice 30 miles away. They take it, few days later call, say it's all fixed come get it. We pick it up and yes it is fixed, for a week. Week later on Christmas Eve pump fails again (each time it fails the car gets stuck in neutral and leaves us - with a 1 year old in the back - stranded at roundabouts, traffic lights, junctions etc.) Call dealer again, we make it clear we either want a new pump or to return the car. He again insists on taking it back to his local garage so off it goes, it is gone for 2 weeks over the new year, garage confirms pump is dead & needs a new one. Dealer tells us they are going to source and fit a new pump. Pick the car up and it's working - yay. Fast forward 3 months to now. Pump is failing again - managed to get it to local indy who checks it out. New pump they put in wasn't new - came off a breaker. Apparently it is rusty, weathered, in a terrible state & has broken again. He has given us a report that states this. This fault has been present since the 2nd week after purchase and now we are about 2 weeks passed the initial 6 months, it still has the same fault. Can we reject the car? If there is even the slimmest chance of winning in court I'd rather try it than scrap it for £150 without giving it a go. (and yes, it is an old car & things go wrong, but I refuse to believe a £900 job on a £2k 'stunning condition' car 2 weeks after purchase is reasonable!)
  18. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice regarding a 'used' printer I bought recently from a major online retailer. There were a number of printers of the same model advertised with separate 'add to basket' buttons. Icons next to each printer indicated which were fully functional and came with all accessories, software, manuals etc. Text description for some of the printers stated that no ink cartridges were supplied, others stated 'Customer return - item has been opened but is in excellent condition'. I purchased one of the printers whose icons indicated it was fully functional with all accessories etc, the text didn't state that no ink cartridges were included (printers 'new' come with ink cartridges and I inferred that as some printers were advertised as without cartridges that the one I selected would come with cartridges). Imagine my dismay when the printer arrived without ink!! I emailed them on the same day I received the printer to arrange for an RMA stating there were no ink cartridges and the printer was no longer wanted. They have issued an RMA but now want to charge me return postage costs under DSR (they state it is as goods were unwanted) however I have disputed this as I believe they should accept the printer back under DSR (not as described) an SOGA (not functional). I called them and they have stated that nowhere in the description or specifications do they advertise the printer as coming with ink (the manufacturer's website states ink is included in new product). Any suggestions as to my next step(s) or am I being unreasonable?
  19. Hi. Im really hoping someone will respond quickly to this - I've not had a wink of sleep. I used my husbands season ticket on the train yesterday, and got stopped by an inspector. At that point I said it was mine. He asked for my photocard I said I had left it at home, he then confiscated the card (an annual gold card - 4 months still to run), took my address and made me sign a paper that had something at the bottom about the Prosecutions Dept. I dont know what I was thinking - I gave my name and address, so of course they are going to very quickly realise that the season ticket is in my husbands name and not mine. I have not yet told my husband, but obviously will have to tell him today. He is going to be furious. In my defence, I have a network rail card, which is in a blue travel wallet - exactly the same as my husbands. I keep in the hall drawer - he doesn't usually put his there, so I took it from the drawer and put it in my bag without checking it. I got to the station, realised the mistake but could not return to the house as my husband was out and I had no keys. I absolutely recognise that I should have bought a ticket, I dont know why I was so stupid as to then use the ticket, and I cant explain why I didnt just confess to the inspector - there were two of them, I felt foolish and incredibly embarrassed in front of everyone on the train and persisted with my ridiculous story. The inspector told me to call the Prosecutions Dept and give my photocard details and the travelcard would be returned - but obviously not, as I lied to him. I recognise I dont have especially compelling argument - plain stupidity. How can I make this right? Should I call the Prosecutions Dept, give them the ref number and come clean over the phone? Or should I write a letter? I have read on here such differing advice and I am so terrified, not least because I now need to tell my husband before he looks for his ticket, and explain to him what will happen next. I will do anything I can to settle this quickly and without having to go to court. I'm mortified. Its a bank holiday Monday, so I cant phone Prosecutions Dept til Tuesday. But is it better to write or phone? What about my husbands ticket - will he get it back, and if he pays for travel in the interim, would that extra cost be refunded? I am so, so sorry - have never done anything like this. Never will again. I have some personal circumstances that are causing a great deal of stress (emotiional and financial) though I wont get into that here, and Im not sure if it will seem like a sob story to try to present them in my defence. Grateful for any advice.
  20. Hello, I've searched this forum for similar threads and I found a quite lot, however my problem is slightly different. I bought a car (Honda) for £700 with 110k miles on the clock, 2002 reg. The reason for the low price is because it has part service history only, however I've checked the car and test driven it, and apart from some corrosion it was OK. It came with 12 months MOT, no advisory items at all. I bought this car on Monday (17/02/2014) and it had to be recovered on Wednesday (19/02/2014) after 60 miles driven by me. the engine and lights started dying whilst I was driving on the motorway, the battery light came on and both low beam headlight bulbs were fried, and the dash looked like a Christmas tree, ABS and SRS lights flickering etc. Initially I assumed it was just a dead battery, but the reason for the breakdown was actually a faulty alternator, it caused an overcharge before its final failure and that caused damage to the bulbs and possibly the battery. Luckily I managed to exit the motorway and stop safely (without low beam lights) in a petrol station where I was assisted by my insurance's breakdown recovery. It was 10pm the vehicle had to be towed as the alternator could not keep the engine running, I was asked where should the car be towed to. I asked to be towed to my home address as all garages were closed and I was just 5 miles from home a nd I was only rapidly thinking in getting a remanufactured alternator and fit it myself. Obviously the breakdown assistance told me that it was my responsibility to get the car moved to a garage later if I wanted so. As I bought this vehicle without any warranty I thought to myself that it was pointless to move it to the dealer and then do a 10 mile return trip to home. I'm a newcomer in the UK, and I'm not completely aware of the law, then I started to search about the minimum cover that a dealer should provide and then I found something about the sales of goods act. I decided to call the dealer and the guy have agreed to fix the alternator: "ok sir, bring the car to us so we can take a look at it". I must admit that it was fair enough, however I then explained that the car could not start and be driven as it would die after 5 minutes. He told me that he can tow the car to his garage but I have to pay a £40 charge. I insisted that it's not fair that I buy a car and it dies 2 days/60 miles after. He told my that he was being fair, and that if he wishes he does NOT have to repair the car because I didn't buy any extended warranty. I just told him that I'll speak to him later. I have decided to go to the CAB on Monday to seek some advice, but I would like to know what is your opinion about this, do I have the right to ask for a possible refund? I mean, he's willing to repair the vehicle but not willing to pay for the 10 mile tow, and I seriously believe that even after the alternator repair, the battery may eventually fail as it was affected by the overcharge and it's completely drained. Besides this, I've been spending £10 per day on public transport so I can get to work. I don't know what to do really...
  21. I'm going on a train journey on Saturday morning and trying to save money bought a redspottedhanky voucher on amazon which gave me £16 towards a train journey for £8. I've just tried to book and hadn't realised that the voucher is meant to take 72 hours before you can use it. That is about 5 hours AFTER I'm due to travel. I phoned RSH and they said they can't do anything to make it available sooner and it's rare for them to be available sooner. Does anyone have any experience of this company and if there's any likelihood of it being available sooner?
  22. Good evening I purchased a used car three days ago and i am now coming across some issues, I recently purchased a used jaguar s type on 51 plate from a garage forcourt in doncaster. I was told by the seller that we couldnt test drive it as it had no tax or mot. But to my admittedly untrained eye the car looked sound, no oil leaks a steady sounding engine, a little bit of white exhust but the car had been stood since early 2013, so i put this down to condensation. The seller pointed out to me that there had been some insurance work done to the paint work due to a large scratch i asked if the car had been a write off and he said no. I have since discovered that the car was a cat c write off. All seemed good (im a bit nieve when it comes to buying cars all my past cars have been bangers bought from mates for a couple of hundred quid) the seller was named on the v5 document as the registered keeper, but not the owner of the garage. The seller also has other cars for sale with the same garage. I paid up 1295 cash for the car on monday evening to the garage owner/manager who signed the receipt which state sold as seen and the seller had it mot'd on tuesday morning. The engine management light came on as i was driving the car to a three day course in hull on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning the car started to rev irractically in idle and cut out if idling for a long ish period of time (at traffic lights etc). I took it to the nearest jaguar dealership thursday evening and its booked in for diagnostics on friday afternoon. Am i within my rights to get a full refund if the diagnostics show up a major fault, can i get the seller to pay for repairs where do i stand with the cat c issue?
  23. Hi, I'm having a headache with my car and would appreciate any good advice. Last August (2013) I bought a 54 plate Seat Ibiza which had done 62500 miles for £2,250. I was told I wouldn't need to do anything to the car which I understood as until MOT - this is due in May 2014. Within the first week I returned to the garage/dealer as the starter motor made a noise (sounds like a squeal from the inside but my parents say it's like a grinding from the outside) but after a 2nd visit, the garage said there was nothing wrong with it, that it was common for this car and that even if I had a new starter motor, the same thing would happen. away I went, a bit unsure but I tried to trust them. It doesn't happen every time and they now say that it didn't happen when they sold the car to me. I took the car back in early December because the engine maintenance light showed amber. When I collected the car, they said they had cleared the light, which sometimes happens when the weather gets cold. This came back on after a couple of drives. They also said they had flushed the water coolant system which was foreign to me really, I had no idea that the two things (the light and the coolant system) weren't linked. This change was done without my permission but as there was no charge, I have no paperwork. Not long after, the water temperature gauge started fluctuating and so I took it to a local garage who checked it for leaks and said they couldn't see any drive it and then check the water levels when the engine was cool. I went to my volunteer placement the following week and on the way home, the temperature gauge showed it was overheating, steam came from under the bonnet and there was no water in the tank. I put some water in just to get me home and bought some coolant the next day. Topped up the tank and took it for a short drive. Steam again. So I called recovery the next day. Had it recovered to the garage I bought it from, which they now say was not agreed. However, 2 phone conversations took place and they did not refuse. I went to the garage and said that under SOGA, the car was not sold in satisfactory condition they ought to repair the car. The man said I needed to speak to another member of staff about this. He then said they were very busy but he had a "friend" who could do it for £350-400. I was suspicious and at this point, I was hoping for a free repair, did not agree. I decided to see what the director's reply would be. after waiting 2 days to get a response, he turned around and said they are not specialist enough to repair it. I suspect this is not true as they serviced and MOT'd the car, and advertise head gasket work on their website. not knowing what else to do, I paid £77 to have the car re-towed so that I wouldn't incur parking fees if they chose to move my car to the street. I have since asked them to repair the car or to put me in touch with a garage who will repair at no cost to me, but they have not acknowledged these subsequent invitations. They argue that they offered to repair the car, but as I said, this was before I had spoken to the director. I also asked verbally for replacement or refund but refused. The current garage had it 6 weeks and have done nothing and my 6 months was up in Feb. (The gasket went at 4 months 3 weeks). And I'd only driven it 2500 miles. Do I risk taking the garage I bought it from to court under SOGA? Can I take them to court before repairs are done? Or should I sell it for repairs/breaking? I'm not sure. But one thing I do know I'll get the bus in future!!! Thanks for you help guys.
  24. Hi Guys, Looking for your opinions on a really stressful situation I've found myself in. Any comments appreciated! I visited a used car dealership interested in a specific car. The dealer told me if I wanted it, it would be fully serviced and would have a new MOT before I took it away. The dealer provided me with a paper print off with the same details showing. I did purchase the car a week later the service light came on. I called the dealer and was told "the garage must have forgotten to reset it, bring the car in and I'll take it up to them for you". I thought this unusual as it was the dealers stamp in the book and not the garage he said had forgotten. a few days later I visited the dealer and he wanted me to leave the car with him, I insisted I came too and we drove to a mechanics garage. Although I couldn't hear what was being said, it looked like the mechanic was refusing to turn the light off initially, but eventually he came and did so, after a long conversation with the dealer. The next day it still didnt feel right to me, I visited the mechanic and he told me he had not done a service on the car at all ever, and had only carried out an MOT. I went to the dealership and the dealer became quite angry and shouty, telling me he never said he'd service it fully, and had changed the oil, which in his opinion is an 'engine service'. The advertisement clearly states 'full MOT and service before the car is driven away". He clearly falsely advertised the car and has now even had the service light reset, knowing he hadn't had a service done at all! If a dealer will act like this and the mechanic he uses is willing to reset service lights without doing the work, I'm worried if even the MOT was carried out properly! Where do I stand legally on this? What options do I have? Thank you!!
  25. Hi all, our 3yr tenancy officially ended on 7/8/2013, but we moved out (and had our check out done) on 25/7/2013, so slightly early. The check out clerk took the final meter readings, gave us a copy and forwarded the report on to the letting agents. Before leaving, I made sure the central heating was switched off (at the wall) and that everything electrical was turned off (fridge/freezer etc had all been professiionally cleaned so was switched off). I even turned the power off at the fusebox in the flat. I then contacted British Gas, gave them the final meter readings and paid the final bill. British Gas have our forwarding details but have never been in touch with us about anything more tpo do with the old flat. However, 7 months later, we have received correspondance from a debt recovery company threatening court action over a £22 gas/elec bill for the period 26/7/13 - 7/8/13. Apparently our old letting agent gave them our details. I know the landlord/letting agent accessed the flat between the 26/7 and 7/8 because they took pictures etc and sent them to us trying to (fraudulently) claim there was damage that was our fault. We suspected at the time that they were moving people in before out tenancy officially ended, as the flat was advertised as being available from 1st August, and disappeared off the market quickly. So I have 2 questions: 1. How can £22 of gas/electricity have been used in a "supposedly" empty property in 2 weeks? This is more than half of what we used in a month when we lived there! 2. If we have proof of the meter readings the day we had the check out done, are we still liable for energy used after this? It's not the money, it's purely the principle of the matter, especially as the LA/Landlord tried to fraudently keep part of our deposit. Any help greatly appreciated. Gareth
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