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  1. Does a car dealer have to display the price at which he or she is selling a particular vehicle for ?
  2. Hi folks, Mid-December last year, I bought a used car from a local dealer to replace our family car which was dying a death after many years of faithful service. The car looked to be in good condition (for a 10 year old car), full service history, 89k on the clock, just what we were looking for. I paid £1500 for the car plus £150 for a new cam belt and water pump as there was no evidence of this in the service history. they gave me £100 for our old car in part exchange. The car came with three months warranty. On 12th March (one day after the warranty expired), we broke down on the way to our son's birthday party in another town. The car reported "Low oil pressure" and proceeded to dump oil all over the car park of the venue. RAC was called out and they found a pipe that connects into the oil filter(?) was disconnected from its spigot and was basically just spraying oil all over the engine bay. he re-connected the pipe, washed out the engine bay, filled me back up with oil, I thanked him and we went our separate ways. On the way home from the party, we broke down again, this time no alarms or messages on the dash but we had a lot of white smoke coming from the back of the car. RAC was called again, they found that all that new oil the previous guy had put in was now gone, and this time they towed me to the garage I have used for years where it sat for the weekend and I phoned them to tell them what the issue was and ask them to take a look. I had a call back from them the following day and they've said that the engine is building up too much pressure and blowing out whichever pipe is easiest, causing the engine to dump the oil. they said the cause of this is something to do with the piston rings and I was probably looking at having to replace the engine. Best case scenario, I'm looking at approx £1500, pretty much what I paid for the car three months prior. I called the dealer to try and open a dialog to get this sorted. I was told to call back the following day and talk to the owner. I asked for his name three times, they wouldn't give it to me. I also asked for a specific time to call and they wouldn't give me that either. After speaking to someone the following day and getting nowhere, I wrote them a letter detailing what the garage had found, the estimate of repair and as the car was just outside of its warranty (and because of the previous conversation I'd had with them) some text regarding the Consumer Rights Act (taken from the gov website). I've received a response from the dealer basically saying it's not on them because a "full inspection" was made by us on the day of purchase (I know nothing about cars, which is why I tend to prefer buying from dealers :/ ), to their knowledge the car was in good condition, and the 3 month warranty had expired. They've also gone on to say the issues we mentioned are not covered by their warranty anyway, and as the vehicle was manufactured a long time ago, they "cannot guarantee something may happen" to it. They state that they performed a "standard vehicle inspection" and it has a "full valid MOT". I'm not sure what my next step should be at this point. Do I send them another letter arguing their points and suggesting a full diagnosis at their expense? Or do I go to small claims court at this stage? Any help (including wording for the next letter) greatly appreciated! If anyone can offer any advice on what's probably going to happen and my best course of action for if they refuse to do anything, I'd really appreciate it. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hi I purchased a car in august, after 3 days faults were apparent, i contacted the dealer advised him of these and he took the vehicle back for repair returning it 5 days later. On the way back one of the car faults were apparent again. I contacted him and agreed that i could take it to a garage more local (as he is 52 miles away). I told him that i wasn't happy with the car being faulty after he had just had it to do the repairs and asked for a refund under the sale of goods act. He told me they didn't do refunds. I wrote a letter that day rejecting the vehicle under the sale of goods act. I never got a reply back. The car went ot a local garage to have that particular fault repaired. When i got the vehicle back, the other faults with the car that had been wit the car were back again, so I contacted the dealer again, who refused ( very rudely ) to have another more to do with the car. I contacted citizens advice who advised me to reject the vehicle again in writing, which i did. he came back to me calling me a liar but offering to take the vehicle back for a repair or refund after he'd had the vehicle inspected. Due to one of the faults on the car I took it to an independent garage for a diagnosis, It came back that the original faults were still there and also what i thought was the power steering fluid leak cause a noise turned out to be a faulty driveshaft, it is excessively worn and has been deemed dangerous to drive by the independent garage. I wrote to the dealer again with a copy of the report and asked him to make arrangements to collect the vehicle as it is unsafe to drive and i am not prepared to put my life or anyone's else's life at risk driving it the 52 miles back to him. He has now come back by letter received today saying it is my responsibility to get the vehicle back to him and if i don't his offer of a refund will be withdrawn !! he is also claiming that he has spoken to an MOT station who has advised him that the car is fit to drive as it has a valid mot and that the drive shaft would not have been checked on an MOT so the car is therefore still roadworthy !! Also stating that they have a baby and a ill parent an no facilities to come and collect it so i have to get the car back to them!! he is asking me also not to send him any more letters and call him. I don't want to call him as of how rude he was the last time, also I feel intimidated by him. I've sent letters so i have proof of what i have said etc and because i was advised by citizen advice to do so. Trading standards contacted me on friday afternoon have had a copy of the report are now looking into it. I am concerned if i don't get the car back to him that i am never going to get my money back, i am concerned that he'll try and sell the car to someone else in the state that it is in, I am still without a car to use and i need a car as a necessity not a luxury. I hired one for a week but am running out of money now and can not afford to hire one again ( i have been told to claim these expenses back from him as consquencial losses ) Can he force me into returning the car, he is saying it is my responsibility to return it not his to collect ?? It an expense i really can not afford to get it back to him, then i am going to have the added pressures of taking him to court to recover the costs.
  4. A 2-yr probation period is unheard of. Additionally all employees have an entitlement of sickness absence accounted for. I do not believe a two-week sickness absence in Oct 2015 and a further 2-week sickness absence in March 2016 can lead to a dismissal. They can and may discipline you for absence periods. You say you had no contact from your employer? Did you not contact them advising them you would be off sick? Employers have a duty of care so if you are sick they can insist you attend an independent doctor for assessment. No biggie if your genuinely off sick and is normal practice from employers. You should only be contacted in a formal professional manner. Its unusual that you have been unable to contact the attendance manager. Will your employer believe you tried on four occasions but could not speak to anyone. You are responsible for keeping your employer up to date, failure to do so can result in dismissal. You do not need to attend the workplace for a site visit, you can have staff visit you at home or in a close location. Its a hope you are well meeting. Its unlikely they would withhold a bonus payment but if from the employers perspective it appears you have made no effort in keeping them informed of your health issues they may be able to give you problems, warnings etc. I do not think they would have the right grounds to terminate your employment. Good luck. If I was you I would be at the workplace Monday morning demanding to see the attendance manager to resolve and put your mind at rest. But that's just me buddy
  5. Hi, I bought a used car from a dealer on 3/2/16 who is a 6 hour return journey from where I live. I paid a small cash deposit and had the rest on finance. When I arrived at the dealership the condition of the vehicle didn't match the description I had been given by phone e.g., there were scratches that had not been mentioned and that the the pictures didn't show, 2 of the tyres were bordering on being bald and one of the electric windows didn't work. Because of the distance I had travelled by train, and because I was in need of a vehicle quickly, I was put in a bit of a position so when the dealer knocked £200 off the price of the car and included a 6 month warranty (to enable the window to be repaired) I went ahead with the purchase of the vehicle. Some time after getting the vehicle home I started to notice that there was some fluid leaking from it, and when I looked into it I found it was steering fluid and the vehicle was loosing all of it's steering fluid in the period of a couple of days and continuously has to be topped up. I informed the dealer about this and they told me that I should either get the vehicle repaired under cover of the warranty, or take it back to them (6 hour round trip) for the repair to be carried out. I took the vehicle into my local garage for inspection and they confirmed that some pipes need to be replaced costing £360 but the work is not covered under the warranty. I informed the dealer of this and sent them a copy of the estimate, and I asked if it would be possible to have the repair carried out locally as it is not practical to travel for 6 hours to have this done, but they have just ignored my email. Will someone please be kind enough to advise me what my rights are in this situation and what my next move should be please? This fault was obviously present when I bought the vehicle even though it was given a new MOT. Thank you
  6. Hello, War and piece - if you can't be bothered to read see the last two paragraphs. In June 2015 I bought a brand new Seat Ibiza from a Seat Dealer on PCP Finance (Dealer supplied Finance through VWFS). The main reason - I've always had older cars but I was fed up of the maintenance requirements and the time I had to take out for preventative repairs that older cars require. A new car was going to cost me more money, short term and long term; but the privilege of a new, reliable and care free vehicle outweighed any financial impact. This was clearly outlined to the salesman. Very early on in ownership I started experiencing issues with the car, please find a rough timeline below: 600 miles - Developed a light knocking sound 811 miles - x2 new front droplinks fitted under warranty. 1200 miles - Car started knocking again and suspension became very vocal. 1254 miles - x2 new steering arms fitted under warranty. On the drive home from having the steering arms replaced, The car felt 'off'. The steering wasn't as precise and seemed to tram line depending on the road surface and condition, the knocking had not been fixed. I made a phone call to the dealers expressing my concerns where I was advised to keep driving as the new steering arms will loosen up. 1600 miles - The symptoms were still the same and knocking remained. I rebooked the car in and asked for an inspection and alignment check. 1949 miles - Car was returned to the dealer and A Seat Master Tech test drove/inspected and found no issues, I was assured tracking had been fixed when the steering arms were replaced and had been double checked this time. Car only had a 1.6 mile test drive! 1983 miles - Car went to a local independent, I explained my issues and requested an inspection/second opinion only. Within 5 minutes on a Hunter alignment machine it was noted the front wheels were toe out. The car was not rectified (for the avoidance of doubt the car was untouched mechanically) and I have a print out as evidence of the issue. I was also advised that the suspension top mounts should be checked and is a known TPI on Seat Ibiza's. A detailed complaint was sent to the Dealer Complaint Manager via e-mail; stating I am ready to reject the car if they can't fix it. I was called by the service team asking to bring the car back in 2154 miles - The car was returned to the dealer where I was informed the Dealer does not have tracking equipment so the car was sent to an independent for tracking to be rectified. The car came back with a print out and the rear of the car was out of spec and was left out of spec. No other work was done by the dealer Although the cars steering feels better, the car still overreacts to road surface and has very vocal suspension. A further complaint was put into the Dealer via a reply to a customer satisfaction generic e-mail - I was advised the dealer principle would be in touch No response from the Dealer so I chased my complaint again I spoke to the Dealer Principle via phone call where I advised I have lost confidence in the car, in the dealer being able to rectify the issues and that I want to reject the car. We agreed the best option for all parties involved was to negotiate an amicable solution and get myself out of my current car and into an equivalent replacement - We discussed an equivalent spec Leon FR due to my lost faith in the Seat Ibiza. The Dealer Principle handed over to The Sales Manager and advised I'll receive a phone call with options. I received a phone call from Sales Manager stating he needed to get my Settlement Figure from VWFS before we can continue negotiations and to expect a phone call the following day. I called VWFS myself and obtained a settlement figure of £12,247.79 I failed to receive a phone call the followed day, so I chased The Sales Manager called me the next day and advised he values my car at £9,500 and as a result there is too much negative equity to begin negotiations and there was nothing more the Dealer can do. I advised I'll have to take this further with Seat UK and the Finance Company. Put in a complaint to VWFS and Seat HQ Phone then rang off the hook from the Dealer apologising and offered me deal where they took my current car, settled the finance then started a new agreement on a Leon FR. They planned on using my original £2,000 deposit on the Leon, however the Leon is an unsold but brand new MY15 model (current is MY16) Leon FR - subtle tech changes. I asked for 24 hours to think and was advised sales manager was off the following day but he would hand over to business manager Following day I accept the offer only to be told by the business manager I now need to put in another £2,000 deposit! Long story short - Brand new Seat on PCP finance, started with steering and suspension issues from 6 weeks / 600 miles. Dealers had the car back 4 times and the issue is still apparent. I'm negotiating with the dealer to get me out of this car and into another, but the offer the dealer has given me works out £2,112.81 more expensive, over a longer term for an older MY spec car than if I were to get my £2,000 Deposit back and go into a competitor dealer with a new order. I'd accept the deal without the extra £2,000 deposit and compromise by having the older MY car. But at this stage I feel I just want out. I want to hand the car back, cancel the finance and get my £2,000 deposit back to go elsewhere - I'm not interested in compensation or costs to date, just a clean slate. Help! What do I do and where do I go from here?
  7. Hi Group, Below I am describing events on how I ended up buying a faulty used car from a private seller (claimed in the Ad), Buying Stage: 1. I have bought a used car (80k miles) posted on autotrader as private sale for 3200 GBP in October 2015. This is my first car in UK. Advert description on autotrader said the car is in excellent condition and described vehicle features in general. 2. I went too the seller location and tested it. It was driving a bit slow pick up and jerking on reverse but otherwise car interiors and external view looked good and well maintained. 3. Seller said it is semi-automatic and it drives differently and the drive feeling is normal in this type. I have never driven semi-automatic earlier so I felt he may be right and trusted him (big mistake). 4. Seller also told me that he is actually a dealer and doing it for part exchange. He does not have an office as it requires an office space and some 100 cars to be dealt with. ( Again I made mistake of not asking on why he is selling this car as private) 5. I did my research on the vehicle history and even got HPI clear check. Everything was good. Seller mentioned that car is in very good condition and no need for any further inspection as he has done the inspection himself. He did mention that I need to replace tyres and I did ask him about warranty and he said no. 6. I bought the vehicle and received a sale receipt and transferred amount via bank online. First week: 1. I wanted to still get the vehicle verified by Toyota and booked for vehicle safety and visual check. They told me to replace the brakes and break pads immediately. I knew something like this might pop up but was ready for such things as I did not get it inspected by garage prior to buying. I got them replaced and couple of tyres as well. 2. When driving back home vehicle started displaying 'N' symbol on dashboard while the gear was in drive position. I got confused and thought I must have done something wrong. I switched off and restarted the vehicle and then it was normal drive. ( Very big mistake of not reporting back to garage). I just sent SMS info to the seller that I have replaced breakes and tyres. He did not respond to that though. I did not wanted to bother him too much either. Nov to end of Dec 2015: 1. Vehicle was driving ok and I kept reading reviews on my vehicle model online and found so many issues around the 'N' flashing and other issues. Started feeling bad about my transaction. 2. During Christmas holidays took my family out to visit a family friend. After driving 20 miles on M25, vehicle started 'N' flashing again in the middle of lane ( quite scary one with everyone inside car). Somehow after 5 mins I was able to get the vehicle moving and in that confusion still went ahead and after a mile N flashing came back. Vehicle did not move for 15 to 20 minutes on M25. 3. Got the vehicle towed back home without taking any further risk. Towed it again to Toyota next day. 4. Toyota confirmed me to replace clutch and actuator at 2029 GBP. I had no words. They cleared the error in car log and said I can still drive it but cannot guarantee anything. 5. Tried calling the seller. His number is no more in use. Felt cheated. 6. Somehow I got to know from Toyota that same error was seen in an inspection in Sep 15 before I bought it. I got it in writing from them in my diagnosis report. Jan 2016 to Till now: 1. Reached out to citizenadvice. They recommended to send letter to seller. Found his address by googling which is different from what he put in the sale invoice (different flat number only). 2. I sent 4 letters over Jan month and seller did not respond. I then created money claims request with small claims court saying he did not inform me about the fault with transmission. I claimed for 2029GBP plus the breaks expenses as it is also a critical component. 3. Seller defended it saying that he also not versed with semi-automatic and in his inspection some error was found by Garage and it was cleared and then vehicle is driving normal and he does not know any N flashing issue. He claimed garage told him that the issue could be anything and they need to take the vehicle to investigate further. 3. He also mentioned that I have driven almost 2 months and now I am reporting this issue. When I tested it no such issue was seen. He said it is a private sale and sold as seen. I am looking for some clarifications on below, 1. Sellers name is not in the V5C document. Which means he is not the owner and was trying to sell it for some reason. If he is not the owner then can he claim to be a private seller? Is he right in any of the sale aspect? 2. He claimed that he did found some error code in his inspection but did not tell me about it. Doesn't it amount to incorrect vehicle description to me? 3. Unless the error code gets registered in the log no inspection can find the actual problem. So even if I had done inspection I would not have come across the problem. I am I still at fault of not inspecting? 4. Do I stand any chance of winning the case? Appreciate your advices. Thanks Dragon76
  8. A small claims claim has been issued against me for breach of contract. The contract that I am supposed to have breached was cancelled in accordance with the company's cancellation procedure months ago. I am quite happy to defend the case on this basis, however, for a bit more ammo if required, I am wondering if there is any merit in the following. The copy contract supplied in the court claim by the claimant, is not the same as the original copy that I hold. The claimants supposed copy has been increased in monetary value and has been re-written. eg. the same person has signed and dated the copy but it can clearly be seen that the signature is in a different place to the original and other parts have been re-written or overwritten. I am interested to know how the court would view the Claimant tampering with the copy that they are relying on for their case? To my mind this is falsifying documents as it is not a true copy of the original? Will the fact that they are claiming a larger sum than was in the original enhance my defence? Any thoughts appreciated nn
  9. We have a leased car and received a PCN from Excel in September via our leasing company. The supposed contravention date was 08.09.15 the notice was issued 22.09.15 and date stamped by the leasing company as 28.09.15. We then received directly from Excel the same notice issued on 06.11.15 for the same contravention date 08.09.15. Unable to confirm that we hadn't bought a ticket in the car park (my son was driving) and against my better judgment, my husband paid the £60 fee. Today we have again received a PCN from Excel with the contravention date of 16.10.15 issued on 30.10.15 and dated stamped as received by the leasing company on 03.11.15. The 3cm x 3cm photographs on this notice are identical to the photographs on the first notice, although poor quality you can see the same outlines, shadows, clouds, reflections etc on them. On the date in question we were at work and can't have even been in the car park. What do we do now? Do they now see us as some sort of soft touch as we paid the first notice? Can we complain to anyone about this obvious fraud? Are we to expect a notice from them every month for the foreseeable future? Do they have longer to issue the notice as it's a lease car and they have to contact both the DVLA and the leasing company for our details. We would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  10. Hi there, I thought I should write this post on Consumer Action Group as some of the threads on this forum provided me with some valuable advice when I first got caught about three weeks ago using my partner's student oyster card on Transport for London. The case has now been settled out of court and I thought I should share my experience with others who may now be in a similar position. I had been using my student's oyster card for about 8 months buying weekly travelcards with the occasional use of top-up (when the travelcard was not valid for those zones or when the travelcard had expired for that week) before I was caught in early June 2015 by a revenue inspection officer. I was asked various questions about intention to use and how long I had been using it for, to which I combined both fact and fiction (I was under duress and, like so many others, I had no idea what the potential repercussions could be). I was then cautioned ("You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence") to which she proceeded to ask more questions (such as 'do you have another oyster card? 'do you have any money to get home?', 'who buys the travelcards..?' etc) before I said goodbye and walked away (remember that once you are cautioned you have the RIGHT to respond 'no comment' and to walk away until you have the opportunity to seek legal representation). Luckily, my revenue inspection officer was extremely amiable and told me I could walk away if I wanted to, so do bare this in mind if this happens to you. I was then sent a letter about three days later from the Special Investigations Team asking me to attend an interview for 'historical offences' and 'irregular usage' of the student oyster card and another letter a couple of days later form the Area 10 Investigations Team asking me to make any comments about the incident, otherwise known as a 'Verification Letter'. In both letters it was said that if I failed to respond it may result in the case being progressed by the Prosecutions Team. I had read somewhere online that if you are asked to attend an interview, it was seen that your case was more 'serious'. So, when I received the first letter, I started to panic, and decided to ring various solicitors to inquire about legal representation. Of the two I spoke to, [removed], I tried a third solicitor to get a different opinion from the two others who, although seemed incredibly efficient, also seemed quite impersonal [removed], (Do bare in mind also that these costs would have been on top of any additional monies I would have had to pay to Tfl for fare evasion discrepancies and the admin fees involved in handling my case file, mounting up to a cost of over £1000 in total, a sum I wanted to lower as much as possible). I then spoke to someone at [removed], who gave me some invaluable and incredibly helpful advice about dealing with Tfl (all for which he did for for free, about 20 mins of his time over the phone). He told me that many individuals at Tfl were incredibly reasonable [he gave me the direct phone number of the head of the prosecutions team] and if I failed to get through to ring the number on the letter and find out which member of the investigations team was handling my case and ask whether it would be possible to arrange an informal settlement. I was incredibly anxious about doing this (just because i wasn't sure what to say, whether I would be giving them more information than needed, whether it was even possible or not etc), but his confidence and reassurance gave me the vote of confidence I needed (hence, why I am now sharing this with all of you, to know that you can do the same), and also that he wouldn't be able to take on my case legally anyway as he was so busy. I then spent the following morning finding out who was in charge of my case, to which I finally got hold of someone [removed], and said that I wanted to arrange in an informal settlement with regards to my case, that I was incredibly sorry for my actions, and that I had been incredibly anxious about the incident and its potential outcome (a guilty verdict would have resulted in me losing my job). He responded really reasonably, telling me that he understood that people become incredibly nervous about the potential outcomes to their case and he didn't want anyone to ever lose any sleep over it). He said that I should respond to the verification letter by email providing details of how often I had used the oystercard and for how long for. He stressed that it was important for me to be as honest and upfront as possible, because they were able to investigation quite a lot of information about my journey history (remember they have whole teams investigating each case in detail), and to provide any serial numbers of any other oyster cards I had been using at the time. I then emailed him with all the details, being completely honest about how long I had been using it for, stressing my apology and my anxiety and my willingness to repay any costs. Just over a week later, I received an email from another member of the SIT team saying that I that they had agreed to an informal settlement and gave me a sum I had to repay within the next 14 days. This has all been paid and settled now, and I am extremely thankful that I did not incur the additional costs of solicitors' fees, or have to go through the trouble of attending an interview (which I think would be have been quite a scary experience). The point of writing this really is to not only realise that there are reasonable and helpful people out there [removed], but for others who are in a similar position to realise that Tfl can be reasonable and amiable people, who's intention is not necessarily to prosecute members of the public, but to regain costs that they have lost by you evading the full fare. The main thing is that Tfl want people to be compliant and honest, which I am thankful I have now done (there is always an element of skepticism of giving too much information anyway). So, the main tips are: 1) Do not be afraid to ring and speak to someone over the phone (thankfully we do not yet live in a age where everything is so drenched in bureaucracy that we are unable to talk to another human being) and 2) respond promptly to both the verification letter/or interview letter (or whatever you receive), and do not ignore it and think it will go away (for your sake as much as anybody's - I know I lost a fair bit of sleep just about the idea of being prosecuted, however remote it may have actually been). If you do have any questions about my case or anything else, please reply to this thread and I will try to answer them (I can only really talk about my experience, not about fare evasion on London buses, other train lines etc, though I do assume the process may be similar). Hope that has been a useful and (hopefully) inspiring thread. Thanks, Wilson
  11. We bought a used car, part exchange on 1st November. We bought a 2006, VW golf, priced at £2695 for £2200 and the rest px for our MG ZR. We were told that there was a one month warranty with it, but were given no paperwork to this effect. Within half an hour of leaving the garage, the emissions light had come on so we immediately took it back. We were informed it was likely to be a filter problem, he made a phone call to a local auto shop so we could collect something to put in the fuel tank and we were advised that driving it in in a high gear between 2 & 3,000 revs for about 8 miles, this would clear it. Having done this, the light didn't go off and they told us to go back to the dealer, which we did on the Monday. We turned up there to be told that it would need to be left for an hour, someone would need to fit a Lambda sensor and to bring it back the following Thursday, which again we did. This time my partner was told that it would have to be left until the Saturday, it would take longer than an hour as the electrics would have to be reset as well. My partner explained this wasn't convenient, he needed the car for work and it was agreed that he would drop it in the following morning (Friday), on the proviso that it would be ready for collection at the end of the day. This meant he could see about getting a work colleague to go with him when he dropped it off, and then take him to collect it at the end of the day. After sitting in morning rush hour traffic for over half an hour to get to the garage (5 miles from his work) they had to turn back as they had to be at work. He informed the dealer, and asked if the mobile engineer/electrician could attend his workplace instead to do the repairs. Later he rang to say the mobile engineer only covered Halifax, and wouldn't come out to my partner's place of work in Brighouse, 5 miles away! Instead it was arranged that he would collect the car from my partner's place of work on the Monday, and return it to him the same day. My partner texted to find out what time he'd be collecting the car, and got a response saying 10-11. He also let the dealer know that the airbag light had also come on reporting an airbag fault on the dashboard. My partner received a phone call asking if he could instead bring the VW back and he would give him a refund. My partner asked why, and was told that the coolant light on the MG had come on, it took a while to start, and when it did, blue smoke was coming out of the back. It was agreed that he would return the MG to my partner at work on the Tuesday morning and bring cash to refund us the car (he obviously couldn't bring his card machine!). We thought that the problem with the MG was likely to be due to him having had it sat on the forecourt since we left it and it being a very cold morning. Monday night my partner enquired to find out what time the MG would be returned and confirm he would pay us in cash. On Tuesday morning my partner received a text reneging on this agreement (contract break?) saying that he wasn't going to drive the MG as it had problems and he didn't want to break down, and that he would transfer the money by card when the VW was returned. However our car is up for sale on their website, and today was reduced in price, with comments saying it is a good drive etc etc. We felt that he was not playing fair, kept changing the goal posts and now implied that there were major faults with our car and so sought to find out what the problem was with the VW to consider our situation for getting the VW fixed, as per the original agreement. My partner took the VW to a VW dealer to get an exact breakdown on the faults. What he was saying was the fault was incorrect; there is no problem with the filter or the sensor. They diagnosed problems with EGR Valve and Hose, Glow Lamps and airbag the tracking needs sorting and two of the tyres are borderline illegal, the other two at 3%. We had looked on the MOT at time of purchase it having only been done in September and nothing was stated about the wheels needing changing. So assume he has changed in the meantime and we won't really have a claim there, we should have noticed it before purchase. We have been told that we're looking at over £1k to get it fixed with them (without the price of the tyres), so have booked it into an independent garage, where the hourly rate isn't the £100ph as per the VW garage, but until they have checked out the full extent, cannot advise on the labour cost. They have confirmed the parts will be the same price as will be VW parts. We informed the dealer of this, explaining it had to be booked in urgently for safety and the cost of doing so, and invited him to come to an agreement for paying the repairs or part of. He has straight out refused this, saying that it's a good car and doesn't need that much work doing on it(!!). Yet we have a report saying that it does. He simply keeps saying about a refund, no further mention of our MG. He has previously been given the chance to repair it, but didn't sort it. We explained that the parts are on now order and, again asked how much he was prepared to pay, as our car was still under warranty but he hadn't fixed it as previously arranged. How do we stand at getting him to pay at least some of the bill through small claims, if he won't settle when the work is done? Further, their advert explicitly stated that it had a full service history, which he also told us, but going through the log book when we got home it only has one until 2012. I understand a lot of people are probably thinking we should get our money back and walk away, but how do we know that they have not been the cause of the problems with our car, as it had been fine up until we sold it, and had had a 21 point service a few weeks prior. Also, it's about the principle that he'll put it back on the forecourt for someone else to go through the same thing with, as is likely to happen with the MG if he's saying it's broken, but is still advertising it for sale. Looking on a reviews page, seems that we've not been the only ones to be given a shoddy response when it comes to fixing faults and someone else is also reporting him to Trading Standards. Help!!!
  12. Writing this on behalf of my missus. She runs a newborn/wedding photography service and has a facebook page to advertise it. https://www.facebook.com/AG-Photography-201381183294753/ She only recently noticed that, the profile pictures she uses on this page, appeared on several pages (used 'image search' in Chrome). This is understandable as she also has a Pinterest page and most of the results are pinterest pins etc. But the problem is that there is a few pages that offer various services like E-cards, phone covers and even a resort in Portugal, that use her photo on their pages. She can prove that she's the owner of the said photo, as she's still got original camera files and SD card. Links to websites that use here image for advertising: Portugal resort: http://www.montedaquintaresort.com/en/resort/kidsclub/ France (?): http://www.coque-design.com/lg-optimus-g-pro-/1426-coque-personnalisee-lg-optimus-g-pro.html USA: http://www.yourecards.net/ecards/baby-black-and-white-cute-inspiring-picture-on-favimcom/cardid62590/card.html?catid=126 I told her that I don't think there's much we can do here, as these websites are registered abroad, but you know women - so I came here to ask for some advice. To me it's clearly a breach of copyright - especially when websites advertise their services and earn money using her photo. Waiting for some helpful advice Thanks
  13. A friend of mine has recently bought a used car for 7500 pounds for his company from a used car dealer. 9 days after collecting the car it broke down and has been diagnosed as having head gasket failure, the dealer took the car back and appeared as if he was going to sort it but now has given my friend a estimate of 700 pounds to repair the vehicle. Can anyone advise on what rights my friend has as he bought it in his company name is he high and dry or does he have some possible route for getting the dealer to sort it. Thanks
  14. PPI used to set off credit card debt I have found out today that 3 years ago Halifax used my PPI award to set off against a credit card debt. I haven't had any correspondence about this at all. It only came to light because a few weeks ago they sent me a letter and questionnaire saying that my PPI claim could be reconsidered. Today's letter says that it was reconsidered in 2012 (without my knowledge) and I was awarded £1100. I couldn't find any record of this in correspondence or bank so rang them - after much faffing about the girl said it had been used against my debt. A letter's gone out tonight asking for copy statements from beginning of 2012 to date as they seem to have stopped sending me any. Is if acceptable for PPI awards to be used in this way? Any chance of a refund do you think? My personal circumstances are pretty dire due to bereavement and divorce, as they have been advised many, many times. Thanks, Dimps
  15. Hi all, I ran into an interesting situation today that I'd like some help with. An email address of mine is associated with both my Ebay account and my Facebook account. Yesterday I purchased goods from a company via Ebay who have today used my email address to look for me and 'friend' me on Facebook. I don't wish to sound like I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill but in my view they've used my email address in a manner other than intended. Are they doing anything wrong? I suspect not, at least legally, but I don't think it's acceptable.
  16. Hi, I am in desperate need of help! ill start from the beginning. On August 31st i went to a used dealer to look at some cars as mine broke down. I spotted a car and phoned my brother in law for his opinion. My brother in law informed me that his friend actually works at this place so he will be able to get me some money off so to leave it with him and he will pick the car up for me tomorrow. My brother in law phoned me the next day and said he can get me the car for £2000 (original price was £2595) I asked him was it all in working order and drives ok? he said yes. I sent him the money (Bank transfer) and he purchased the car for me. The next day I heard a grinding coming from the engine and the ABS and Traction control warning light illuminated. I then spent 15 mins in a car park as the car would not start, i kept getting a car with a wrench warning light. There was no sound from the engine when the key was turned. This has happened on a number of occasion and i have as of today had the car for 9 days. On day 2 i phoned the dealer and told him i am not happy with everything and would like to reject the car and have a full refund. he told me that as £600 was knocked off this was a trade deal so i have no rights to a refund. He then said i would need to speak to his partner. On day 4 i went to the dealers and spoke to the partner who said i did not buy the car from them. he stated the car was sold to my brother in law and its nothing to do with them who he sold it on to. In the end i agreed to pass them the car back as they requested while they fixed the problems. they said the car was throwing out a code about the camshaft sensor so they re programmed the key which solved all issues. I got the car back yesterday and every issue i reported is still there, the car did come back with a nice big scratch on the rear bumper. I phone the dealer again today to be told that there is no problem with the car and i would not be getting a refund. When i said you leave me no option but to take the legal route he said i dont have a leg to stand on as i dont have a receipt. (all that was given to my brother in law was a card payment receipt) however i do have a printed copy of the advert from their website. Please help me get my £2000 back!!! if you need any further details let me know. Thanks
  17. Well there you have it then. Are they migrating? answer, yes they are, so they are migrants.
  18. I bought a used car for £7000 with climate control which appeared to work on the test drive, but it was a cold day. Now I went to use it and it is only blowing warm air so the car is uncomfortably warm. The car was advertised as having climate control and air conditioning, being well maintained and with 6 months warranty. They have stated they only cover major engine and gearbox faults under warranty. They are a decent sized garage with about 50 - 60 cars for sale ranging from £1500 - £30,000. I've had the car a week and I'm otherwise happy with it. But if I had realized the climate control didn't work properly I would have offered less or bought elsewhere. What rights do I have to get them to fix it or pay for a diagnosis and repair? I accept I should have realized it wasn't working but then again so should they and they shouldn't have advertised it with Climate control if it doesn't work!
  19. Hi all, I have an issue i need help with for a family member who brought a used car that turned out to be faulty. The dealer agreed to repair and had the car for a day or so but returned it unrepaired. We then issued a LBA stating we would get repaired and sue for the bill. She refused one letter, listed as refused by royal mail on tracking, we eventually got a letter signed as delivered. The dealer has made no attempt to put anything right so we are going to sue. Now the car has been in the garage and we are told it will cost more to repair than the car cost. My question is can we just reject the car and sue for a refund? The dealer is clearly not interested in helping so this is the only thing we can thing of. We have made every attempt to give the dealer a chance and have every letter tracked, with the refusal and with texts telling us to 'be careful'. Who do I sue? The classified ad we saw on ebay (although didnt by through ebay) was put up with an account of the husband. The person who they met to do the deal with was the wife. The receipt is in one company name and the money paid (bank transfer) was another company name but they didnt know that until seeing the statement. Who would you sue? The guy who listed the ad (his details are listed by ebay as the owner of the account). What are you thoughts. We are fully prepared to go to court with this. It's less than a grand so small claims.
  20. Hi everyone. I'd really appreciate your input on this issue. My parents recently bought an 06 plate Vectra Estate for £4k from a local dealer. The car drove well on the test drive so a deposit was paid on the condition that some paintwork was sorted before picking the car up and it would be serviced and MOT'd. However, after driving the car home a week later, the gearbox has developed a pronounced whining noise. On investigation this appears to be a shortcoming of the M32 gearbox used in these and plenty of other cars. The car itself has only done 57,000 miles. We've now had our trusted mechanic (a Vauxhall Technician) drive the car to his garage and he's confirmed that at least one bearing needs replacing as it's a fault that will eventually break the gearbox (as confirmed by the huge thread on the VXR owners forum). He's also said that there were some brand new screws/bolts on the gearbox casing and it looks like someone has already had a look to see what's wrong. My suspicion is that they've decided it's an expensive fix and shifted the car on. It was probably the previous owner but either way the fault was there at the point of sale. The dealer has already replaced the crank oil seal that left a puddle on the garage floor but he was initially unwilling to fix the bearings in the gearbox as it will come to £500-£600, suggesting an additive to quieten it down. This was put in (without our say so) when the oil seal was replaced in an effort to mask the noise but if anything it is now even worse. The 3 month warranty that the car was sold with explicitly states that "All internal (gearbox) components including - Bearings" are covered. This warranty not 3rd party but in the name of the dealership so I assume it is basically an extension to statutory rights under the sales of good act. The dealer has said that all he needs to do is offer a 2nd hand gearbox regarless of the mileage it has covered. I'd say that a 2nd hand gearbox would be ok but as my parents paid for a car that's only done 57K miles, they shouldn't have to accept a higher mileage replacement. The dealer doesn't have the facilities to fix/replace cars on site so it would be sent to another garage anyway. Ideally we would like our mechanic to fix it and for the dealer to reimburse the cost. The dealer hasn't been good at doing basic things that have been asked of him. The paintwork wasn't sorted on time so the car had to be taken back and even then it wasn't done as agreed. He hasn't provided documentation of the work carried out (oil seal and additive) despite multiple requests and saying he would. The dealer is currently offering either a 2nd hand replacement gearbox (any mileage) or for my parents to pay £250 and get the bearings replaced (with him covering the difference). I don't think either of these is acceptable for a fault that was present at sale, on a part that should last the life of the car. Any advice on our rights or the next step to take would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  21. Hi Guys We recently purchased a new car for my girlfriend to the sum of almost £4000. The car was bought from a trader. Service history was good and the car drove well, and we negotiated in a fresh MOT which came back with only minor advisories. TDi car on 54K. We also forked out for a 'Silver' warranty package from Warranty Wise (more on them in a minute). After 11 days, the turbo has gone back and looks like complete failure. Warrantywise want me to take it into a VAT registered garage, pay for diagnosis & have the turbo stripped & sent to them for assessment. Having read up on various sites about warranty wise I'm starting to think it isn't worth the paper it's written on and they will do anything to get out of paying and will most likely cite "wear & tear" even though the car has only done 54K. Their silver cover level also says that it doesn't cover the oil seals on the turbo and things like consequential damage is a grey area.. .so if the turbo going has damaged other parts of the engine then we could be in even more trouble. Also, after having enquired with 3 local garages, they were unwilling to deal with warranty wise due to being messed around with them in the past. called the trader who said that there was nothing he could do and that it was for the warranty company to sort out. I told him that under SOGA the responsibility lies with him as the seller to remedy the car, or that I wanted a full refund as it was only 11 days since purchase. He said he would call warranty wise and discuss it with them and call me back the same day. That was 48 hours ago and I've had no phone call from him. The car is really nice and we would like to keep it if it worked, but can't help feeling this could spiral out of control and the best bet would just be to reject the goods under SOGA and ask for the car to be collected (it's over 60 miles from trader so towing at own cost would be expensive). Are we within our rights to do this, and how do we go about it formally if the trader won't play nice? I am going to call Trading standards / Citizens advice this morning, but any advice from you guys would be much appreciated. Kind Regards
  22. Dear all, Some little advice please. I've read other people's threads on the same subject but cannot find all the information I seek. In January, I was caught with my g/f's student oyster card. I did only do it a handful of times but will not try and justify my actions. When I first received a letter from TFL, I wrote back with a full apology, an offer to pay fines and assoc. costs and explaining how I have never had been in trouble with the law before and how negatively this could affect my future career prospects. I have received a mag. court summons this morning for the 20th of May. From what I've read on here, I think I'm going to write to the prosecutor from TFL requesting a settlement out of court and hope for the best. My questions to you are: if I end up pleading guilty, how serious will the charge be? Will it be a CCJ? Will future employers see it when applying for a new job? I'm due to visit the US at the end of the year, will this stop me entering? Also, I hear about people getting out of things on technicalities... They have noted in the summons that I was stopped at Acton Town station... When in fact I was nowhere near there. Would a wily solicitor get me off on something like that?? Thanks in advance
  23. This is the very condensed version of the unbelievable and very poor customer service review that I have been subjected to by Synter BMW Birmingham. I started to type this up in detail but just the way that they secured the deal took me a page to write. The vehicle in question was a 2012 BMW E92 M3 in Santorini blue with competition pack FG12NUX a BMW approved used car. Thus is the attention to detail of Synter Birmingham most of the internal paperwork I have for this vehicle has slight variations on the registration. Friday 24th April - Test drove car, couldn't agree on a deal. Saturday 25th April - Dealer rung me and made an offer (which was what i had offered them the day before) and the car could be ready Tuesday. By the time I rung back to agree to deal but they had closed for the day. Left a message expecting to continue with the transaction Monday. Sunday 26th April - 8.30 am got a call from Salesman 2 as Salesman 1 was on his day off. Salesman 2 wanted me to pay a deposit over the phone for the car. I was a bit miffed that they had called at that time on a Sunday for business but assumed they wanted the car sold ASAP, so i went along. I asked for Salesman 1 to call me Monday morning to arrange collection. Monday 27th April - 8.30 am got a phone call from Salesman 1 stating that I could collect the car Tuesday, I explained that I was busy Tuesday and would like to collect car last thing Monday. Phone went quiet and Salesman 1 said I'm not sure where the V5 is....leave it with me. I had to ring back a couple of hours later and he said that they had made some phone calls and they still didn't know where the V5 was. I assumed that it was on somebody's desk within BMW. Got a call from Salesman 1 a couple of hours later to explain that they hadn't received the V5 from the previous owner and that I had to wait until they received it because they were at the mercy of the seller. I ended the call to process what I had been told. They were not at the mercy of the seller, I was the victim of their poor practices (more of those later). An hour or so later I received a call from Salesman 1 to state that they had spoken to the seller but he was abroad and his wife would post it first class in the morning to the dealer. I explained that they should stress to the wife that the V5 should be sent next day special delivery but this was dismissed by Salesman 1. Being annoyed that the Salesman or dealership were doing nothing to support me or come to a quick transaction. I gave Salesman 1 an ultimatum of I'm coming at 11 am on Wednesday to collect the car if the car is not ready or the paperwork is not in order I will expect a full refund of my deposit, Salesman 1 was shocked by this. I now expected the dealership to ensure the V5 was sent by Special delivery, have a courier collect it or have the nearest Synter collect and transfer it internally. Tuesday 28th April - No contact Wednesday 29th April - 9.30 am call from Salesman 1 we don't have the V5 yet but you can take the car and we will forward the V5 when we get it. I asked how the V5 was sent to them. His reply first class I think. I explained that I was just getting on a train and I would see him at 11 am. I arrived at the dealership at 11 am to find a smiling Salesman 1, the V5 arrived in the post at 1040 am. I went through the handover and had to ask for a lot of paperwork that I would of expected to come with an approved used BMW. Salesman 1 went away and come back with some of the paperwork which had been photocopied and some I could not have i.e. any information about the BMW warranty, not even a leaflet. I was told that it would come through the post (still waiting). I took delivery of the car and what an amazing car it is. Saturday 2nd May - I had covered 250 miles in the car and decided to give it a wash. Started to pressure wash it and a playing card size piece of lacquer fell off the top of the bumper, my heart sank. I phoned the dealership straight away but salesman 1 wasn't in and generic salesman would call me back that day. I inspected the car and was sure that the paint failure must have been due to a smart repair but couldn't see any signs of one. I continued to wash off car and another piece of lacquer about the same size as the first came off the bottom of the bumper. I was now absolutely gutted that I had been sold a non pristine car that would no longer be in original paint (if it was anyway) and stopped washing the car. No call back from dealer. Sunday 3rd May - Called dealer no salesmen available, generic salesman would call me back as Salesman 1 wasn't in. No call back. Monday 4th May - No contact. Tuesday 5th May - 9.00 am called dealership and spoke to Salesman 1 explained that the paint was falling off the car and I was sure that it had been touched up. Salesman called me back sometime later and said that they hadn't painted the car and I needed to take it to them to have a look. After my previous experience of buying the car I had no trust in them and knew they were only interested in the profit margin and would have no issues with fobbing me off. I explained that I wasn't driving there for them to have a look and send me away whilst they had a think, they needed to get some options to solving the problem in place before I took time off work and drive to them. Salesman 1 replied, I don't have the authority to do that. My reply get somebody who does, call ended. Pre-empting having to take the car to the dealer for them to inspect the paint, I decided to wash the car off again with the pressure washer, now a chunk of lacquer falls off the drivers wing mirror. I look at the wing mirror closely and could see bubbles where the lacquer hadn't stuck to the colour coat. I took the car to my trusted classic car body shop to get their opinion on the bumper. They stated that they thought it had been touched up and the only way it fix it would be to remove the bumper and start again. Salesman manager calls and asks what i would like doing with the car? My reply, I want the bumper taking off along with the wing mirror and painting to BMW repair standards. Manager replies oh ok, I will sort it out. One of my friends is friends with the owner of a body shop who works for another BMW dealer, so he arranged for me to take it to his shop. Body shop owner said, that he had seen the paint delaminate like this before on BMW's but usually red cars but not to worry as BMW will always repair paint defects under warranty but I will have to go through the dealer. Salesman 1 then phones me to say that they have got the car booked in to the body shop first thing in the morning and a courtesy car is waiting. Explained that I wanted to work completing as a BMW warranty claim to which he replied, we are doing it in house but it will be all BMW paint and to BMW standards along with the paperwork, it's just that we are paying for it instead of BMW. It will take a couple of days. I reluctantly agreed to this and ended the call. Wednesday 6th May - I Drop the car off at the dealer first thing to be told that my car would be ready later that day. I questioned that all of the work we agreed, would be completed in one day? reply, yes the body shop are waiting for it now. I Thought this strange but possible if the body shop pushed on with it. I asked him as a goodwill gesture if he could have the wing mirrors programmed to fold when the car was locked. Went home in the courtesy car and at 3 pm got a call from Salesman 1 stating the car was ready for collection. I told him I was on my way. Forgetting to ask about the wing mirrors I phoned him back on my way. His reply was, I've spoken to the chief tech and it can't be done that's why you have a switch in the door. I explained that you can buy a phone app to program it, so I know BMW can do it. His reply, no we are not doing it. Leaving that subject I asked if all of the paperwork was completed for the paintwork, his reply was there is no paperwork as we have done this out of goodwill. Now my blood was starting to boil as they had gone back on what they had promised. I asked how the car was looking and his reply, it's all good and looking beautiful. I ended the call. I arrived at the dealership and saw the car on the forecourt I walked over and saw a couple of squashed flies on the edges of the bumper so knew that it hadn't been fully painted or even off. I looked closer at the areas where the lacquer fell off and that was now covered in orange peel, I worked out slightly and found the masking lines. It was an utterly terrible touch up job that looked like it had been done outside (dust in the lacquer). I went into the dealership and asked for Sales manager, told him that I wasn't happy with the work and he had a look. He agreed that it was diabolical but stated that he had paid for it to be done properly and needed to talk to the body shop. Sales manager came back and I asked who had accepted the car back in that sate? His reply, nobody. I asked, who checked the car before calling me? Reply, nobody. I told him that the whole service and experience was diabolical and I wanted to reject the car. He then offered to send the car to another body shop and have the work fully completed to BMW standards and supply me with the correct paperwork. My reply, you promised me the exact same thing yesterday and look where we are today..... you expect me to trust you again for the same thing? This went around 4 times before I insisted on a refund. He then stated that he would have to get the General manager. General manager came out and stated that nobody had checked the car before phoning me and that the work should of been completed under BMW warranty but couldn't now as they had painted it. She offered, the car repaired and £250 back. I asked for a refund and she offered, the car repaired and £350 back. I refused again and she offered, the car repaired and a free service. I told her that I wasn't interested in another deal, I came to BMW for the whole experience and worry free motoring which has totally been ruined. She offered a few more inconsequential things but I had decided that it was time to cut my losses of what had become a stressful and utterly negative owners experience with a dealer I couldn't trust. I informed her that they could learn a lot from Renault Birmingham about customer service. The deal they offered for the refund was the full amount minus £500 when I gave them proof that I had retained my private registration online and the £500 once they had the V5 back in the original registration. I stated that I didn't think I would be able to retain the private registration online and would have to send all of the paperwork to DVLA. This was dismissed and I left the dealership. 48 hours after leaving the dealership I still have received no refund. Thursday 7th May - I called the dealership 4 times to try and confirm that the refund had been processed as I received no contact from them. The Sales manager was too busy to receive or return my calls. As last resort I asked for General manager to call me Friday morning. I contacted BMW UK customer service and explained that I thought they should know that I had rejected the car purely on customer service, the operator sounded shocked and said thanks for the call. I asked if somebody would call me back? To which the operator replied, No we will deal with this internally and quickly ended that call. I thought this very strange as they didn't know any of the details of the service or lack of I had been provided. Friday 8th May - The call from the general Manager never happened. At lunchtime I managed to speak Sales manager who states that the refund is being processed by the accounts department. At 4.00 pm I received an email from Sales manager asking me to confirm my account details. I gave these details to the Sales manager on the 6th so he could process my refund and the details are correct as I had a carbonated copy of what he recorded. At 4.45 pm I replied to his email with the account details again and could he please ensure that the refund was processed before close of play Friday. It's now 6.00 pm and I have had no further contact from them. My guess is that they have not processed the refund and have now gone home for the weekend. I cannot understand why Sytner did not deal with the paint failure as a BMW warranty claim as I am lead to believe that the dealership also earn money out of warranty claims, unless they knew that the paint had been touched up and wouldn't be covered by BMW. After all of the promises on the phone that the paint would be repaired to BMW standards along with the appropriate paperwork. I truly believe that they only ever intended to have a quick touch up job completed on the car. Even after 30 mins of the Sales manager telling me that they had requested a full BMW standard repair and me telling him that I didn't trust him. Not once did he show me or even hint at any documentation about the work they had requested the body shop to complete. Salesman 1 can be proven to of actually lied to me on 3 occasions just to make his job easier.
  24. Hi I was hoping that someone could help me with a company called Are You Owed Money (used to be called Sentinel debt recovery) I had an outstanding debt with a garage for a repair which needed to be carried out on my car which in itself is a long story, i owed £900 and was contacted by sentinel to pay off this debt we agreed to pay off £50 every 4 weeks as this was inline with my pay and the only way to set this up was by giving them my card details they took payment every 4 weeks (first mistake). Around about September i didn't have enough cash to pay this i contacted them to tell them around a week before and asked could they take it out 1 week after the original plan and then go back to the original payment plan which they agreed and said it was fine. Then to my surprise they took 2 payments out one on my original date which left me with the money i required to pay my council tax and then a second payment a week later i contacted them and they did apologise and say it wont happen again. But this then happened 3 more times and i phoned them each time to tell them to stop it and reset the payments to the original plan but each of these times i was told that either the system was down or that someone would call me back (which they never did) During this time the company had change their name to Are you owed money i the phoned again to say that i wasn't happy and this is when i got a lady called Christine who was a very unhelpful she told me that "well i don't know who let you set this payment plan up as now the debt had risen to £1400 and we don't accept payments that low we will have to look into this and ring you back because you need to be paying this off quicker" this really did get me worried as i suffer from anxiety and depression (which i explained to them) really didn't help the matter, i did dispute the extra on top of the original debt but they just said "oh we will see what can be done with that when the majority has been paid off" I'm a bit lost now because they kept taking payments outside of the agreed payment plan i told them that i was going to contact the bank and block them which i did so then they change the name of who took the money to vantige legal and took another payment so i got the bank to block them as well. Now i have them sending letters to my old address even though i have told them i had moved at least 3 times demanding full payment and potential bailiff action. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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