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Found 168 results

  1. Hi, I recently collected a used car on finance(hp) from my local dealer, I have done about 200 miles in it and the vehicle had already done 50000 miles. Vehicle is an Insignia 2.0 cdti sri 2012. When I test drove the vehicle I noticed that the gearbox was a bit different to the one I was used to but thought it may be the characteristic of the box. Having now driven the vehicle a bit more it is apparent that the gearbox may have a fault which I am going to ask the dealer to investigate. Could I ask for advice on who is responsible for any repairs that maybe required and also what to do if I am unhappy with their response when I raise the issue. There is also a buzzing / humming noise heard in the drivers side of the bonnet which sounds as though it maybe a vacuum unit that needs replacing which again was heard when initially testing the car but was not mentioned to the dealer at the time. I have not had the car for more than 30 days as there was an issue with the v5 which meant I had to return the car until a new v5 was arranged and I could tax the vehicle. Nic
  2. Hi I own a small company with 3 employees only been running since April this year I had booked a holiday and 4 days before I went away one of my employees left without warning. I had no choice but to contact my local agency to employ a temp worker to cover the period I was away 10 days in all . It was quite a straightforward process with just a couple of forms to fill in and sign one of which was thier terms of business . All done over the telephone with the forms being emailed back etc . I queried the hourly rate whilst on the telephone as it wasn't written anywhere (I have never used an agency before ) and the administrator put me through to another lady whom I assume was the manager she told me that the hourly rate was £12.80 for a min of 8 hours a day and then after that it was time and a half. The ten days would include 2 saturdays and a bank holiday . The agency asked me to pay up front as apparently they take a line of credit to ensure that each worker is paid but thier credit company wouldn't lend agaginst my company as it had been newly formed . I thought this was a bit strange and said no I'm not prepared to pay upfront but would pay for the first three days after they had been completed and then the remaining 7 days a couple of days after they had been completed which they agreed to . Due to the nature of the work I insisted that I must have the same person for the duration of the contract which again they agreed to. The agency worker turned up as arranged and I went on holiday.... after the first three days I received an invoice from the agency as promised but to my horror they had charged the whole of sat as time and a half. I queried this by email as I was away and corresponded with the lady who had told me about the hourly rate. When I asked why the whole of sat was charged as overtime her written reponse was sorry I didn't mention it but this practice is common knowledge within the industry everybody pays sat and bank holidays as overtime otherwise they wouldn't get people to work.so I replied that she knew I was a new customer she knew I was having the worker over the weekend and bank holiday so why not mention in the telephone call that sat and bank holidays are classed as overtime ?? To which she apologised again for not telling me but she thought I was not new . Thier terms of business says hourly rate etc to be agreed in writing I have nothing from them in writing stating what the hourly rate would be just the verbal confirmation during the telephone call backed up by her email apologising for not telling me about the changes on sat and bank holiday . I'm away on holiday and am panicking that if I kick up about the invoice that she will pull the worker and leave me in the right brown stuff. So against my better judgement I pay it but send an email complaining I'm not happy .To which I get no response So 4 days later I get a phone call from the agency saying the original worker is leaving today but he is going to be replaced by another worker who will be doing the rest of the week (3 days remaining )....as you can imagine I kick off big time especially after I'd gone to all the effort of insisting that I needed the same worker for the 10'days apparently the worker had been contacted by another employer that he Temps for and wanted to go and work for them apparently the agency can't stop him from doing this which again I was not told about especially as I had lengthy conversations with the agency about this . So I eventually agree to having the replacement guy and then when I speak with the new guy on the telephone in the evening he tells me that he can only do the last two days as he has commitments on the last day which apparently the agency knew about !! That is the final straw so I have cancelled the work for the last day as don't want to use the agency again as too much grief . I will be getting the invoice for the last period of work soon so would like to know if I can deduct the rate increase that I paid originally whilst I was away from the new invoice ,and go down the line I wasn't told it's not written down anywhere etc and can I do anything about having to cancel the last working day and being mucked around etc with different staff etc this company are a joke and I will never use them again Any thoughts greatly appreciated !!
  3. Hi All, any ppi experts around? I took out several loans and a credit card with hsbc 15 years ago and unfortunately defaulted and still to this day have not paid it off its currently with 1st credit as was sold to them by hsbc some years ago. I have no payment plan in place have not actually heard from them in over a year. I decided to claim for ppi and ive just had a letter from HSBC offering my 4k and ive sent back my bank details in order for them to transfer the money to me. My question is... will they use the money to pay the money towards what i owe 1st credit? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, On 29th july I ordered a car on finance and paid the deposit and arranged to pick the car up on 7th August.When I went to collect the car there were a few more documents to sign, when these had been signed the salesman said that he will go and get the keys and log book and I can then take the car. When he returned he told me that they (Perrys) had not received the log book from the previous owner when it was part exed. He then said not to worry as they had applied for a new log book from the DVLA and it should be back in 2 weeks. I thought no more about it until I remembered one of the other employees had told me that the tax was not transferable and would be cancelled when the DVLA were notified of the change of keeper. I checked online the tax status last week and it was showing as untaxed. I was now worried about this as I was using the car on the road with no tax. I contacted Perrys who were very apologetic and they arranged for a vehicle to be brought to me to use and took my car back to the garage. I have now found out that it will be another 2 weeks before I am able to tax the car and I am now wanting to return the car and see if there are any other cars that had the log book with them that I could take. Perrys have said that I should not have been sold the car but have not asked if there are any other cars that I would like to take instead. I also told the sales manager about a few other issues with the car that I had noticed in the short time that I had it and he said they will have a look at them. Could someone advise how I stand with this matter please. Nic
  5. 27 june 2017 bought 2.0t sidi vx line sri insignia 5000 miles on clock, paid around 17k for it, 9k trade in rest on 2 credit cards. dealer is 140 miles away from me - a very big vauxhall dealer. when i bought the car i started to notice a rattle, it really sounded like braked pads rattling, so i thought when i get time ill pop it into my local vaux dealer to get them sorted. however recently the rattling sounds got worse, it does it when letting clutch out, pulling away, travelling at slow speeds ie few miles per hour and did it when i went over a rumble strip i took the car into my local dealer yesterday who told me this noise was normal - i argued it was not and went on my way home, i got got home and called the dealer again and asked for service manager to call me i also lodged a complaint with vaux head office today the service manager called and asked me to bring the car back in, i can replicate the rattle every time with the clutch and i heard tyhis noise several times, they are now saying they dont know if this noise is normal or not and are going to get in touch with higher up people at vauxhall, vaux head office called me today to say they are taking charge of this and will call me again soon. what are my rights if they say this noise is normal? because i refuse to belive it is normal - metal is clearly hitting metal some where on the car - it is 100% not the brake pads now. this is a top of the range insignia, and i like it alot. theres 2 more of these cars available, id be willing to do a like for like swap, well moreso a full refund on mine and start again buying the other etc if i can reject this one, as i say im worried there going to say this noise is normal where do i stand guys?
  6. Hi, I received my CCA from Aqua some time ago. For a while I thought that the CCA I received was actually for another account that I had also requested a CCA from. ...sometimes it gets confusing as you're no longer dealing with the familiar name but now various debt collection companies and the solicitors with unfamiliar refs! after realizing my mistake I sent in an offer of payment via email with my income/expenditure I was obviously too late two days later I received a court claim. I put in an acknowledgement to try to get a bit more time and see if I could arrange a payment plan with them. They replied to my email a few weeks later asking for my dob (which l then emailed back to them) as a security question to then proceed with email communication but I haven't heard back from them. Today is the last filing day for my defence but I really don't have one and as they've not responded to my last email what shall I do? Thanks PB
  7. My cheap landline deal has gone from Primus to Fuel Broadband now received an email to say it is sold to PostOffice and the price will increase. I had a look on the web and an equivalent cheap deal is supplied by `Naims`- (£11.50 pm +vat) I had an online form to fill out, no payment details to put in yet but the site was very basic. I only want a landline because I have to, I make maybe one call every few months if my mobile signal is bad. Anyone else use Naims?
  8. Hi folks, I purchased a car on finance in December 2016. I viewed the car and agreed that I was wanted to go ahead and make the purchase as I already had the finance sorted. The only thing that I noticed was a whine coming from the engine, but not being a mechanic I never really bothered about it as I had always wanted this make and model. I contacted the finance company and gave them all the details of the trader and the car, and then signed all the paperwork at the showroom. I was told the car was going to go into the workshop to be be checked over I told them I would collect the following weekend to give them some time. I physically collected the car a week after signing the documents, which was the 10th December 2016. A couple of days after driving it the whine got pretty bad, I swung by my local garage and asked them to be told me that the turbo was on it's way out, and it's a potential expensive fix, I contacted the dealer and he asked me to bring it back to assess it. That same week I got in my car in the city centre to drive home from work and the front spring snapped when i shut the driver's door. I eventually managed to have it recovered to the dealer and get a lift home. The dealer told me they would replace the spring and the turbo at the same time. Excellent. With the turbo playing on my mind the slight popping from the front driver's wheel wasn't a priority, but now the car was driving much quieter I could hear it every time I went over a bump or turned the steering to the right. was now over my 30 day warranty had the front suspension mount replaced. No dice. After 5 months of annoying knocking, in May my local garage took the car in again and replaced the drop link, since the car was giving poor MPG I had it checked out, to find it was running cold, and the thermostat had stuck open, had the EGR and main thermostat replaced at my expense. When it was in my local garage the mechanic noticed a slight oil leak and asked me if I wanted him to check it out, I said yes. He removed the skid plates from under the car to find a leak from the oil sump, there was some sort of epoxy putty covering the source of the leak but it was still seeping from the sides. the oil leak was gradual. He quoted me over £400 to replace the oil sump and replace the oil. This was just the last straw. contacted the trader and after 4 weeks they had not replied, contacted my finance company who told me I was 3 days over the 6 months and I would need to pay to have the car inspected to prove the faults were there when I got the car. I paid and had an inspection done, to be told the car has 21 FAULTS!! One of which deemed the car dangerous to drive! I needed the car for work again, I paid to have the cracked front hub replaced so I could get some use of the car safely. the other 20 faults involve leaking suspension all round, a bent front drop link (possibly when the spring snapped as it's the same side), suspension bars which have completely rusted away and loads more. The total cost to repair these faults is £3'141.00!! Hopefully there isn't a judge in this land who could try and say that a suspension rod could rust completely rust away and crumble in the space of 6 months, neither could an oil sump which is covered by a strong skid plate be punctured and repair itself with putty. I passed the report on to the finance company they have spoken to the garage who did the inspection who verified most of the issues they found were more than likely over 6 months old, now I am waiting to hear back as to what the next step would be. The thing is, if they are going by the date I signed the finance agreement then they are correct, however I never took collection of the car until a week AFTER I signed the paperwork I would never had 6 months opportunity to highlight any faults. 21 faults found on a car in the first 6 months ownership is ridiculous, and I am looking to find out the best and worst case scenario, given the costs to put it right. Sorry for the long winded explanation but I wanted to give a clear explanation as to the history of problems with my 2006 BMW 320d.
  9. On the week-end of 2-3 June 2017, I parked on Cowley Place. One of my friends gave me the visitors pass for MN, but I did not realise it had a different zone than I usually use.(EO). I did have visitor parking permits, which I displayed and validated. Clearly there was no intent to evade payment or gain any advantage and I indeed have used/invalidated two visitor passes. I therefore feel it is unfair to be fined, and lose the use of two visitors passes. I also question whether the correct contravention code was used on the PCN. (30 - Parked longer than permitted). Shouldn’t the correct code be 19 - Parked in a residents’ or shared use parking place or zone either displaying an invalid permit or voucher or pay & display ticket, or after the expiry of paid for time. In my case I was in a shared use zone, displaying an invalid permit. Guidelines say Code 19 is used when a driver has made some attempt to park correctly and is displaying something that could have been used. Additionally, The Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) Representations and Appeals Regulations 2007 states that any PCN issued should legally contain the following information : (3)(2) (b)(ii)but that, if a notice to owner is served notwithstanding those representations, representations against the penalty charge must be made in the form and manner and at the time specified in the notice to owner. I cannot see any clear reference to point 3 (2) (ii) anywhere on the PCN. It is insufficient to say that the owner must follow the instructions on the NtO, it must be outlined on the PCN. This means that the council has not complied with the Regulations made under the Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA) or the relevant regulations. Am I correct in these 3 points, which make a sucessful appeal likely ??
  10. My partner bought a vehicle for £2650 from car dealer with no warranty on 7th March 2017. On 25th March 2017 the bottom end crank shaft went and we had to be towed. The garage said the work is minimum £1500 and we've shopped around and nowhere can do it cheaper. The car dealer said that is an extortionate amount for what needs to be done and has agreed to pay half. Leaving us to find £750 to pay for the rest. My partner is about to agree to it as he feels he's had enough stress with it but we're having our first baby this year and really can't afford it. Is there anything we can do? Do we have the right to fight?
  11. Kia Sedona 2007 57 reg My partner & I purchased a 2007 Kia Sedona from a motor trader advertising on Auto Trader (A&L Cars London NW10 ) at the end of September 2016. I noticed that the glow plug heater pre warning light was staying on longer than usual when carrying out the initial road test of the car . as it is low mileage (67500 ) & in good condition we bought the car. About 4 weeks later, when taking a holiday in Bournemouth, the car decided to break down in Ringwood area. After a while upon cooling, the car restarted. This continued during our stay over the following few days in Bournemouth. When travelling home on the following Saturday the car decided to cease running altogether. We had this checked by a qualified technician who immediately noticed the car had been treated with an some sort of haphazard cooling agent prior to us purchasing it. We have attempted to contact the supplying retailer but he no longer appears to be trading as A & L Cars or is still selling cars. We have sought advice from the CAB - sent recorded delivery letters etc - so far to no avail need advice as to where we can go from here as car needs new engine to go back on the road satisfactorily
  12. Hi all, Long story, which I will try to keep short for you! I purchased a Humax Freeview recorder for £199 in Jan 2016 on my debit card. Over time it developed lots of faults, such as random crashes, missed programs, freezing and even not turning on. After researching the product online, I decided to take it for a refund - Lots of similar stories from other users. This was within a year of purchasing it. The girl on the till wouldn't refund to my debit card as the card I used to purchase it had been reported lost/stolen. I was made to take a refund onto a gift card, which I reluctantly accepted, thinking I'd buy another freeview box from them anyway. After reviewing the options, I decided on a £400 TV instead. Bought the TV and the picture quality was awful, with vertical banding (dark black lines) particularly on one side of the screen and generally poor quality image quality when compared to the 10 year old TV it was replacing! I took this TV back and swapped for another of the same - this one also produced a poor quality image, I got in touch with Argos via their live chat feature on their website today. The girl I was chatting to called the store that I got the TV from (FastTrack) originally and she came back saying they would refund £200 cash and £200 to my new debit card as long as I could provide the long card number and expiry date. I printed the chat transcript, called my bank to get these details and took the card number, the transcript and all my receipts into the store for my refund. They denied ever saying this to the girl at the customer service centre and said that they cannot refund to my card without the card, which I explained was impossible as it was reported lost/stolen! They wouldn't do it with a printed bank statement showing the original transaction either. They also said the store has final say on the matter and gave me an 0345 number for head office, which I called tonight only to be told I have to email head office as they were "only customer service, so we don't have the authority to override the store's decision". No phone number for head office apparently?! Has this happened to anyone here and where do I stand? I don't want to keep buying "blind" at Argos and would prefer to take my money elsewhere - somewhere I can actually see the TV in action before purchasing. Thanks very much in advance for any advice you're able to give before I write to Argos Head Office tomorrow Looking at their returns and refunds policy suggests the following can be used as a proof of purchase. All of which I can produce. WHAT COUNTS AS PROOF OF PURCHASE? Any of these: Till/kiosk receipt confirmation email e-receipt your order number If you can’t find one of the above, don’t worry. We should be able to sort everything out if you have: your card/bank statement the email address used to buy your item Hmm. Surely, as I can provide all the above (bar the stolen/lost payment card) proves I am the person who purchased the Freeview box to start with, so why are they not prepared to refund me?
  13. Hi There, Just wondering where I should post a new question relating to where I could find information on who I had a HP credit agreement with a few years back when purchasing a car? Or who I should write to to ask? Any pointers gratefully received. Many thanks :0)
  14. My girlfriend have seen a watched and she tried it ,i take it from the box and she was puting on her hand while we are speaking about a jacket that we have seen to go and try it, we forget about that watch on her hand, they came 2 muscle retail prevent they ask me to go with them , i said that i will go and i ask them why they are using force on my girlfirned and on me not, because it not fair to take somebody with force, i was cooperate, i was telling that we wanted to go and see a jacket and we forget about the watch and we gonna pay for the watch, they didn't want to let us to pay for watch, they wanted to call the police i said to them i will leave the building, while i was taking my girlfriend by the hand they jump on me and starting to hit me and put the force on my head, hands everywhere ,i was trying to get up and i was again put down while one of rtp they put they knees on me and leg, i don't know it exactly, this was happin in the security room., they call the police and the police was showing the video ,i give my details, they take all my details. the price of watch was 14.99 pounds and they said that i am gonna pay a fine and ban from tk maxx everywhere. what do you believe that i must do ?! i don't want to have a record for my crb and police told me under act 3 or something like this they have the legal right the protect them and use force, they scream on me and i was spealing louder, i said if they have something with me let go outside and settle down but as long they live my girlfriend, because they used force and also she have a surgery on her and she is very sensitive
  15. 16th October, I purchased a car for my son. The sales contract, which copy was sent to me by email from the dealer, states that the dealer will complete an MOT and put 2 new tyres on the front of the car. The car has developed a fault with the Power steering pump. We are getting this looked at by an independent specialist, and (should be) covered under the terms of the warranty which is with Centurion Warranties. My son doesn't live with us. Last week he mentioned that the car needs new front tyres. I had a look and sure enough. I then checked the Tax and MOT status online to find out it was not given a 12 month MOT as promised (in writing). Upon contacting the dealer, I was informed that they would complete the MOT and if it were to fail on the tyres they would put 2 part worn tyres on the car. I have subsequently pointed out that this was not what was agreed and I would gladly send copy of the sales contract. We have had the car 30 days from tomorrow. What options do I have? What acts do I need to quote? I paid for the car with Debit Card. I paid a £100 deposit by Credit Card.
  16. Hi I purchased a used car from available car paying £6000 on my debit card(taken from a loan) & soon realized that there was an issue with both the windows making a creaking sound in motion which caused severe scratch marks on both sides.Reported the fault to after sales & was advised to book the car in After inspection it was found that the car had a faulty window regulator which caused this and was told that this will be replaced & the glass marks will be polished /replaced if cannot be undone.After booking the car in for several times(after service missing the part /not getting the right parts )nearly took 2.5 months to get the window regulators fixed although they did try to polish the glass the marks are still present. I spoke to the manager who then advised me that the marks are not because of faulty regulator but because of regular wear & tear which is not covered under warranty and that they never mentioned they will replace the glass.I do not have any proof of this verbal communication however i have raised this issue with ombudsman who sent a letter on my behalf but the site has said they do not deal with 3rd party in dispute resolution and after emailing the ombudsman about the same i haven't heard back from them. I am really lost for words to express my disappointment in both the organisations and the fact that i am still paying for a faulty product can someone please direct me in the right path.
  17. Hi All, Looking for a bit of advise on a used car i purchased, I will outline the main points. 27/06/16 Purchased a used 58 plate Renault Laguna 180GT from a dealer using HP for £5112 (73000 miles) 23/08/16 Car serviced at local independent at my own expense.(76000 miles) 07/10/16 Car broke down on way home from work and recovered to independent garage. Garage removed sump and found metal fillings/slivers. (77000 miles) 10/10/16 - 11/11/16 Various communications with dealer and finance company. Dealer has rejected liability so finance company sent out "independent inspector". This where it gets tricky, Engineers report uses words like "limited information" "further dismantling required" "likely" "not confirmed" "some time in the past". But in the conclusion is states"undoubtedly fit for purpose". On this report the finance company has also refused liability and has refused to send me a full cop of the report, only an extract. I can make the extract report available but don't want to post it on an open forum as it contains personal information. Your help and advise on the next stage would be most welcome.
  18. I purchased a used car last week on Monday and realized the car doesn't hold coolant whilst parked on my drive. After contacting the car dealer he offered to topup the coolant which I said I did and didn't work, none was left on the expansion tank after a couple days. Yesterday I sent the letters to reject the car and arranged a transport to take the car tomorrow but the car dealer has told me today he won't take the car back and he won't be responsible for any damages on the car on his site. What can I do..!
  19. Hi all, My brother has bought a used fold away wheelchair made by Careco, from a lady who bought it in Feb this year for her mother but she has since been put in a nursing home and could not use the chair anyway as she could not control it. My brother has emailed the company to enquire about transfer of the 12 month warranty and has been told that this is not transferable so he is not covered unless he bought it new from them. There was an additional insurance purchased by the buyer for 2 years at the cost of £209. He has enquired about transfer of this but been told to contact the insurance company direct. I didnt think they were allowed to do this as its a statutory warranty ? The email is below ..... From: K Date: 30 October 2016 at 10:26:16 GMT To: T Subject: RE: CareCoContact Enquiry Dear Sirs, Thank you for your email, Unfortunately the warranty is with the person it is sold too on the item itself. When it is sold on or someone else receives the goods it voids the warranty. We are not able to transfer this from person to person. If you have any further questions in the near future, please do not hesitate to contact us We look forward to hearing from you Kind regards K Mobility Advisor From: T Sent: 30 October 2016 09:52 To: K Subject: Re: CareCoContact Enquiry Hi K I can understand the insurance side of it but as for the warranty surly it's on the item that was sold and not the person it was sold to ? Kind regards T Sent from my iPhone On 30 Oct 2016, at 09:27, K Dear Sirs, Thank you for your email, Unfortunately the warranty is not transferable from person to person. We are unable to do this on the foldawheel Powerchair. In regards to the insurance details you would need to contact the insurance company ***** ****** direct to see if you can swap the insurance over to your details. If you have any further questions in the near future, please do not hesitate to contact us We look forward to hearing from you Kind regards K Mobility Advisor From: Sent: 29 October 2016 21:34 To: Sales@careco.co.uk Subject: CareCoContact Enquiry Title: Mr Name: t Email: Telephone Number: foldawheel warranty transfer Message: hi i have just purchased a foldable electric chair from a ************* customer number is ****** please could you change the remainder of the free 12 month warranty over to myself mr t ***** ******* ******* there was also a 2 year extended insurance taken out policy number p******* i would be very grateful if this could be transfered over to myself any problems please let me know i can be contacted on *********or by email kind regards mr t
  20. Hi all, I purchased a car from a dealer, the car is a freelander 2, 07 reg with 175000 on the clock. it was advertised as drives lovely, looks lovely with full service history. I visited the dealer, apex motor services of Wolverhampton, the dealer took me on a test drive and I drove the car back to his showroom. He let me drive it for about a mile at normal road speed say 30-40mph. I collect the car the following Saturday, during the drive home I noticed a clunk when taking up the drive and when changing gears, braking from above 50mph made the steering wheel shake violently, also it cut out a couple of times when I was accelerating. The dealer sold me a warranty with the car, because of the faults I was unsure as to what to do, I know it has done a lot of miles but the car wasn't advertised as spares or repairs. I have only driven the car for 40miles since I picked it up. I started to price up bits for the car and investigated the clonking noise, the car appears to have a worn propshaft, a new one is around £600. On the Saturday after I bought the car, I decided to contact the dealer, I asked him if he would contribute to a new propshaft, say 50%, he asked me to return the car to him for a full refund. Then he said will I keep the car until the new v5 arrives, at first I said yes but I need a car for my occasional work trips so I emailed him and explained my need for a car. When I first visited the dealer I explained that I needed a car for my business trips. which can be anywhere from London to darlington. He then said that he has withdrawn his offer of a refund. I then contacted citizens advice who advised me that I had 30 days to reject the car, I wrote a letter to the dealer giving him 14 days to refund me the money for the car, the letter was based on a template from citizens advice. My question is this, if he doesn't give me a refund I assume I will have to pursue them through the small claims court. I know the dealers business name but not the name of the salesman, is that enough to go to court. Also the dealers business name is apex motor company, but on there website in small print it says 'Trade Direct Cars Group' Trading as 'Apexmotorcompany.com' who do I take to court or can I take both companies to court. Also should I get a second opinion as to the cars problems, I was going to do this by getting a quote to fix the problems. Please note that I have driven the car for 40miles since purchasing it and have now purchased another car. I normally buy cars privately keep them for a couple of years and then sell them on. but if I sell this car on I would advertise it as spares or repairs
  21. I've noticed the Police waiting around in the car park at our local Supermarket. It strikes me that parking enforcement ANPR cameras could be a useful source of intelligence. Does anyone know if this is being done? is there a Data Protection Act issue?
  22. We had a loan with welcome finance many years ago. Phoned them up last month regarding miss selling of ppi to which they said there was some on the account so we started the claim. Everything on the phone was fine no issues, the loan account was closed. We've had our decision letter today saying they were using the compensation to settle the loan. It was secured against our house, we sold the property in 2004. It seems there was was some of the loan left outstanding after the sale. We've had no correspondence or notifications regarding any outstanding sums on the loan. We've been easily findable (plenty of other DCA's have found us in the past) They've said that the loan was written off and closed in 2010, their own words. My question is, if the loans written off and closed can they use PPi compensation against it?
  23. Hi I am trying to find out what can information retained under the limitations act be used for, I have data held by a university who state in their records retention policy that the information is the be retained for 6 year from end of program with the reason for retention of the data being given is the limitations act 1980. Can data retained under this act be used for any other purpose? the information relates to internal disciplinary hearing in 2009. I left the university in 2010 and returned in 2013 to do a different program. The university now wants to access this information from my previous course, I am arguing that my contract with the university ended on 2010 when i left and that in 2013 when i returned for a different course that was a new contract and staff on the new course should not have automatic access to data from my previous course. Really up against it here any relevant advice appreciated
  24. Hi I purchased a used car 4 days ago BMW 325i Convertible M Sport for £10,989.00 from a BMW specialist. On day 2 the tyre warning light came on so i checked and inflated the NSR tyre. On day 4, on the first motorway journey, the NSR tyre deflated and shredded the inner wall. It was a run flat so I made it to the nearest garage for a replacement tyre. The garage pointed out the alloy wheel had been welded at least twice and one of the weld repairs had failed. The new tyre would not hold its full pressure and leaked when it was inflated. I took photo's and a video of the issue. I contacted the garage same day by phone to advise them and by email to back up my conversation. They asked for photo's which I sent. There response was basically- The car was fine before you took it and had a full inspection and MOT. It is reasonable to assume I hit a pot hole which caused the damaged. I pointed out there is no impact damage on the wheel and the tyre has deflated since I took it? They said because you hit a pot hole. They offered to repair the wheel by welding it..... or refund the sale value. I said a repair is unacceptable due to the already compromised structural stability of the wheel and BMW and the Welding Institute advise against it (yes the Welding Institute actually exists!) Now you would think I would jump at the refund? No... The car is spot on except for the wheel. I want to keep it, but want a replacement wheel. I have asked for a second hand wheel (not new) without cracks or welding. I will pay for the new tyre and I will not pursue them for loss of earnings for the afternoon, alternative transport arrangements, new tyre etc. They have said they will repair it only. I am currently reviewing the Consumer Act 2015 but not sure if I can keep the car and request a replacement not a repair? Any advise is gratefully received. PS if I can help out with any alternative dispute resolution queries, please ask via an admin. I am a mediator by trade!
  25. Hi, I placed a part payment on a used car recently and am now unable to complete the transaction and would like my part payment back. I have asked the dealer directly and they refused and now need advice on how to proceed. When placing the part payment I was not made aware verbally or in writing that it was non refundable. I was given an order form where I filled in my personal details at the top and car details on the right and the salesman signed - but I did not sign. There were also no terms and conditions on this form or on the website stating deposits or part payments are non refundable. How can I get this back? Thanks
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