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  1. Hey- myself and now ex partner took out an unsecured loan back in 2006 for £20k on top of a mortgage we had at the sametime - all ok - fast forward 1 year he then takes out a secured loan in our names, forged my signature (this is not why I am writing but just trying to give you some background) he told me he would kill himself if I reported him - we split up only after 2 years did I then contact bank and said I didn't sign or agree to this - they wouldn't back down, police wouldn't pursue the property was sold and the proceeds were swallowed up for his secured
  2. Hello, Long story short: I was employee of a company which buys stock in euros. Due to the referendum and the GBP drop, our margin has sank and after a short recovery the company went bust and we have all been made redundant. Because I’m a Spanish national living in the UK (7 years now), I could well stay here with the so called “settled status” but my landlord has already told that he won’t renew my tenancy in February because he assumes that all EU nationals will be illegal and he doesn’t want trouble with the government. To be honest I’m quite fed up with all this uncertaint
  3. Having so many Pay day loans (different thread already) and gambling I took stupidly on the same time unsecured Loan – contract with TM ADVANCES LTD. The interest its huge but when you are gambling you don’t think about now I need a help. They didn’t ask for Bank statement and I can see searches on my Credit file so was very clear how much debt I had already but I am not expecting that this one will be easy
  4. Hi Last year I separated from my husband, as a joint debt we had an unsecured loan of £30k from NRAM which we had for years, my ex then decided to go bankrupt leaving me liable for the loan. I paid my half of the monthly amount due for a few months and then just couldn't continue to pay anymore. I wrote to them in December 2016 offering them a full and final settlement figure, which they ignored (this was quite low). The first time I have heard from them since me contacting them in December 2016 was last month they wrote to me to say I still owe £28k. (even tho
  5. Hey Guys. I was called by a company called Cabot on 15/08/2017 re debt. They didn't go into detail as i was on holiday. I ended up coming back later than planned and ended up coming back on 28th. Since then we have had some family emergencies so was unable to deal with stuff. I called them yesterday and they said they where calling in regards to an Egg loan (which i dont remember). They said they couldn't discuss things as the case had gone through to their sister company a Solicitors firm called Mortimer Clarke. I called Mortimer Clarke today. They said
  6. Hi all, new to the sight, and indeed, to debt. Had a look around here this morning, and I'm quite frankly overwhelmed by all that is concerned with debt and debt resolution, so please, bear with my ignorance! I'll try to keep this as concise as possible also. Full time employed home owner/mortgage, one active credit card with my bank which I over pay on religiously (£2k balance) so no issues there. No HP/credit, and no defaulted utilities. Wife left Dec 2015 (not divorced yet), I remain in the house and the mortgage is in my name. I'm also a lone parent to 2 boys, 6yrs
  7. Hello! I know the answer is easy to find but I can't find it! I have approx £360 left of an enormous loan with WF. I have refused to pay it for possibly a year now. Might be slightly less. I know there is a letter you can write about not paying the fees and telling them politely no. But I can't find it. Please can someone point me in the right direction? If I'm completely wrong, I'd love your advise J
  8. Hi guys, Really feeling a bit as though I'm in over my head and could do with a bit of help from you. Without going into masses of detail straight off the bat, the background is:- In 2005, I got into difficulty and my bank wrapped up all my credit card debt, overdraft, and loan into a 'managed loan', total of which was circa £10K. Fast forward to 2011, I was again in trouble, had an accident in August 2010 in which I broke both legs, which was the start of the slippery slope and to cut a long story short, I defaulted on this loan, of which there was £3193.00 outstanding.
  9. Hi all, Just looking for some advice on what I should do going forward. For the record I am a resident in Scotland. I have accrued around 47k of unsecured debt among six creditors in the UK. 1 Ratesetter £23.8k P2P loan 2 Barclaycard CC £4.9K 3 Tesco Bank CC £5.9k 4 Virgin Money CC £6.2k 5 Hitachi deferred payment £4.5K 6 V12 Secure Trust Bank £1.8K I am now at a point that I am about to start missing payments and will end up defaulting. I have spoken to step change who have recommended a DPP under the Debt Arrangement Scheme as I have a flat with equity that I w
  10. I've recently found out that my partner of a year has unsecured debts amounting to around £8k. He is, apparently, in the initial stages of negotiating a DMP with stepchange, based on his income alone. As we now live together and are expecting an (unplanned) child, I am concerned about the impact this will have on us as a couple. I have asked that he track down the paperwork in the hope / expectation that we would be better or equally able to manage this ourselves. He is quite adamant that a DMP is the best way to go. From my limited understanding, it seems like it would be hanging over o
  11. Hi all Hope you can help me with a few questions. My father passed away last week we are currently in the process of sorting out his affairs. He left a will and a small amount of savings. So far we are on top of everything after taking legal advice regarding an ISA with just over 5k in it have been informed that due to the small amount of savings and the will... probate isn't needed. But there is a loan outstanding that was unsecured and taken out in March/April of 2015 to have solar panels installed on their house. This loan was done soley in
  12. Hi everyone, not been on the forum for a long time, mainly due to the help and advice I received at the time! I have a quick question, but first a bit of history. 6 years ago my wife was made redundant. She was earning a great salary at the time, so we were hit quite hard. Had to make arrangements with all creditors, most of whom hit us with defaults from every angle!! We have a Together mortgage with NRAM. The secured element has always been kept up to date, but 3 years ago we made an arrangement to make reduced payments. Should have been paying £140, but been paying £40. Th
  13. The following PDFs are the MOD Guidance on: Guidance notes for Service Personnel applying for a mortgage Guidance notes for Service Personnel when applying for Unsecured Credit FOI201600147_Annex_D_Guidance_Notes_for_Service_Personnel_Applying_for_a_Mortgage.pdf FOI201600147_Annex_C_Guidance_Notes_for_Service_Personnel_Applying_for_unsecured_credit.pdf
  14. Hello there, Im reaching out for a little bit of advice. We are going back a little bit, January 2013 to be precise when myself and my partner moved into a small property in Cornwall. We paid a £500 deposit to the landlord who confirmed that the deposit would be refunded on completion of the inspection/hand over of keys etc. Now being fairly young and nieve we weren’t aware of the DPS and just thought that the deposit was managed by the landlord and was up to them to do what they would like, that was until he refused to return our deposit. At the time we did some digging and soo
  15. I bought a car via black horse in march 2011. the amount of credit shown on th credit agreement is £5499.85 over 60 months. I VT'd due to loss of employment in jan 2013 after making £2859.89 worth of payments. The car was auctioned for £1821. My halfway payment on the agreement shows as £4611.22. so total received by BH is £4680.89 (more than the halfway payment) I am now being chased for £1203 by mackenzie hall. My question is can i include the sold price to the halfway point or is it payments only? also, they have charged me a £25 'repossession fee'
  16. Hi all, I have a number of unsecured debts and phone contracts that resulted from me giving up my business at the start of 2009 to take care of my parents who both have dementia. The debts were personal and not in the business name, although almost all of them were used to set up my business. I always intended to go bankrupt but due to the pressure I am under looking after both of my folks, I just never got round to it. Letters came through the door, but nobody ever knocked it and here we are 6 years later. The letters are rare. In the last few months I have only received about 2-3 l
  17. Help please! I took out a car finance agreement with Black Horse in Feb 2004. Towards the end of the agreement, I got into financial difficulty, and couldnt make the payments. I stopped making payments in 2008, the loan was over 5 years, and due to finish in 2009. I know the entry will stay on my credit file for 6 years from the start of the loan, but after the official loan term had finished, Black Horse then added a default to my credit file in May/June 2010. Are they allowed to do this? As surely after 6 years the entry should drop off my credit fil
  18. Hi there, I have recently sold a property which was mortgaged on the well known Together product. I financial advisor advised that I delink and retain the surplus as a deposit towards the purchase of a new property (currently renting at present due to relocation). The apr on the unsecured element has jumped to over 12%. While this was not unexpected, this is a huge amount, and with the remaining term of 25 years, I will be paying in excess of £100k on an original £30k unsecured element. To me, there must be a case of mis-selling here. I know there ha
  19. Do you mind if i use this too Brigadier? I defaulted early 2008 (I don't have the actual date - Should I send an SAR?) Sorry to hijack a thread
  20. I am really hoping someone can give me some advice. To explain the situation a number of years back like many others I got myself into quite a financial mess. I foolishly started a new business, and just afterwards my wife fell pregnant. This was back in 2007 just before the financial crash so timing was awful. This created a situation were paying bills was impossible. Regretfully at that time my wife had an unsecured loan with Northern Rock and this was one of the first bills that we struggled to pay. Due to none payment this meant a CCJ was placed against it, and stupidly I burie
  21. Hi Guys, I am new here and need some advice regarding an existing delinquent loan from Natwest. Hi Guy, sorry for the short message above but i was tying to post since yesterday night and was facing problem in posting. Now i will come to the main issue. I took a loan from Natwest bank in oct 2005 and was making regular payment through instalments. I was paying them £253.38 for 28 months when i got into severe debt problems and couldn't afford to pay anymore instalments. i approached the debt advisor and she start communicating with the bank and they didn't listen but finally the bank
  22. Wow, it's a long time since I've been here, but now I must post, as I need some advice please. I'll try to be brief. Some years ago, OH and I went down the SAR route for a copy of an agreement on a northern rock loan. As far as I recall, the agreement was deemed 'unenforceable' as there was no cancellation clause within the body of the agreement, and the loan was arranged by internet/phone. Major change of personal circumstances, resulted in payments of £10 per month being made, rather than get into yet another 'agreement is unenforceable row' with NR.
  23. Hi all, Moved to NZ at end of 2008, left behind an unsecured ( credit card debt of 3.5k sterling). Need to return/visit to U.K middle of this year for family issues . Does anyone have any answers as to what I can expect when re entering the U.K? Really need some advice .thanks
  24. Good day ! I have a very old debt with Hsbc and really need some help, please. I had 2 accounts with hsbc - set up start 2003. A business account - which was simply me trading as XXX. Had a healthy Turnover and with an agreed unsecured o/d of £3k. And a personal account, again healthy with an agreed unsecured o/d of £500. The Business Account was closed end 05. Owing nothing. I continued to trade only using my Personal Acc. Between my business and property rental I had enough healthy flow of income for Hsbc to increase my o/d to £25k by start 2005. The o/d was an "O
  25. Hi, I wonder if anyone could offer me some clarity on our situation, I have read through various posts but am now totally confused and not sure what to do. We moved to NZ 6 months ago, we left the UK with £50k of unsecured debts split between 8 different dcas. We have been running a dmp via step change for the last 3 yrs and paid on time every month, in the uk we did have property which we were fortunate enough to sell with equity before leaving. We used the equity to move to NZ and also paid back money friends and parents had lent us in the past. Now we are struggling to keep up payments
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