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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I am disabled and my wife is my full time carer.l receive ESA and my wife receives carers allowance.We have been trying to understand the figures HMRC have sent us regarding our tax credits. My ESA is income and contribution based (l rang ESA and asked how much is income based and how much is contribution based but l was told they couldn't give me those figures). I have my P60 which says my ESA benefit for the year was £7,783.68 and the taxable amount was £5,842.61 The letter from HMRC regarding our tax credits says my ESA taxable benefit is £7774.50 I was told that HMRC only take into account a certain amount from my ESA as it is income and contribution based.l just wanted to know if something isn't right with these figures.Should the taxable amount on the P60 match the taxable amount on the HMRC letter. Thank you
  2. The Consumer Action Group Guide to understanding how the Credit Reference Agencies work. The guide to help you understand what Credit Reference Agencies are and how they impact on your lifestyle financial decisions and the information that is shared with Financial Institutions . Credit Reference Agencies.pdf
  3. The Consumer Action Group Guide to understanding how the Credit Reference Agencies work. The guide to help you understand what Credit Reference Agencies are and how they impact on your lifestyle financial decisions and the information that is shared with Financial Institutions . Credit Reference Agencies.pdf
  4. I had a bit of a battle as I think I narrowly missed being a victim of the 'refund spoof' but because I fought hard and won my appeal against the buyer who initially opened and won a 'Returns Case', I successfully got it reversed and they sent me the following message and I'm not sure how to interpret: ""We've reviewed your concerns and have reversed the outcome of the case. You don't need to take any additional action to reimburse eBay for the refund paid to the buyer, and eBay will make no further attempts to seek reimbursement from you. Because we decided in your favor, this case, any feedback left, and all detailed seller ratings left, will not affect your seller performance. In addition, any feedback left for this transaction will be removed. If you have other questions, please contact us. You can reach us by going to the eBay website and clicking "Help & Contact" in the upper right corner and then selecting "Contact eBay." Thanks, eBay""" Exactly what do they mean by their first line as they did actually return back to my account funds equal to the value of the sale - and if they are not coming back to me for reimbursement, who is going to pay the buyer who has since returned the item to the delivery company for insurance reasons but only AFTER ebay reversed it's decision against them? And if ebay isn't going to come back to me to take the refund and I can't refund because the option has gone since they've closed the case, How comes the buyer's out of pocket as this doesn't sit well with me either All really confusing. Although to be fair to ebay and the buyer - the buyer was acting rather 'oddily' as if they knew exactly how to play the Refund spoof and thankfully I followed the advice of others and checked with ebay at every aspect and I believe ebay did say they would be investigating the buyer further as they felt something was not right either. If anyone could shed some light on how ebay works once a Returns Case has been reversed and what their first line actually means, I'd be less confused Thanks in advance.
  5. I currently get £23k a year on PAYE as a salary. I'm leaving my job due to work pressures. I am going to be working for anther company doing the same thing, but as a contractor. I will be getting £2000 a month exactly. I am now trying to work out if I will be better off. Since I have just realized that I won't be getting holiday pay, meaning the 6 days I have booked off next month will mean I will lose close to £600! Someone else I've spoken to seems to think you can claim back on many things you buy as a contractor, so would be better off? Have I made a mistake? P.S How bad would it be if I didn't declare taxes on the first payment?
  6. Hello A few day's ago i had my first home assessment with the change over from my old DLA, i have anxiety problems and not able to go out socially with my agoraphobia and i also suffer from painful joints with my arthritis. My home assessment was at 10 am the Assessor turned up 10 mins early a woman, she seemed ok at first but as the assessment went on she became quite abrupt and over voiced her opinion over mine which was very annoying? I had a friend with me noting down some of the assessors questions and the way she was trying to see if i was getting stressed with the questions being asked. The next question was about getting around has i have agoraphobia it's obvious that i have difficulties going out or even using public transport, my mental health will not allow me to use public transport reliably. This is because there are specific features about public transport that will trigger my mental health symptoms causing severe distress anxiety, panic attacks, somatic symptoms . As a result I specifically avoid using public transport. But again she over voiced her opinion that in my form i had said i can only travel in a car for emergencies only? usually in my friends car. I was under the impression that anybody who couldn't use public transport reliably as above should not be considered as being able to make an unfamiliar journey, this would mean they satisfied descriptor 11d and not just 11 b? But what would this also mean if i could get to the doctors ok which was a familiar route and not far from my home, but again i would need the help from my friend to take me i found these descriptors very confusing? Can anyone explain more about these descriptors, thank you
  7. Hi, I am new here but been reading a lot of helpful info and thought id post my own question for clarification. I have a default on my account ... (as is the way when you are young and stupid ) anyway it is about to close and drop off my file this month and next. I read here that accounts drop off after the last listed default. There is one account i have default registered 2008 - first one but there is a debt collectors agency registering a default somehow ... last year ... i am viewing this via a credit report that gives the monthly status of the account and goes back a number of years. I have not tampered with this account i have not given reason for them to move things or the clock to start ticking again .. My question is . . that default they registered last year .. . does it start the clock again on it or does it go off the original .. thanks in advance for reading my blurb and apologies if this isn't in the right forum . .. kinda lost on navigation.
  8. Question: How many days in a week? Answer: 6 Saturdays, 1 Sunday Question: When is a retiree's bedtime? Answer: Two hours after he falls asleep on the couch. Question: How many retirees to change a light bulb? Answer: Only one, but it might take all day. Question: What's the biggest gripe of retirees? Answer: There is not enough time to get everything done. Question: Why don't retirees mind being called Seniors? Answer: The term comes with a 10% discount. Question: Among retirees, what is considered formal attire? Answer: Lace-up shoes. Question: Why do retirees count pennies? Answer: They are the only ones who have the time. Question: What is the common term for someone who enjoys work and refuses to retire? Answer: NUTS Question: Why are retirees so slow to clean out the basement, attic or garage? Answer: They know that as soon as they do, one of their adult kids will want to store stuff there. Question: What do retirees call a long lunch? Answer: Normal . Question: What is the best way to describe retirement? Answer: The never ending Coffee Break. Question: What's the biggest advantage of going back to school as a retiree? Answer: If you cut classes, no one calls your parents. Question: Why does a retiree often say he doesn't miss work, but misses the people he used to work with? Answer: He is too polite to tell the whole truth Question: What do retirees do all week? Answer: Monday through Friday: nothing. Saturday & Sunday, they rest.
  9. Hi, Well all my debts are now behind me with Lowell the last ones to acknowledge it was game over and sent me the letters to prove the accounts were now closed....well they were 10 years old. I bit the bullet and decided to see what my Credit File was like as for a couple of years things have been steady for me and I have been able to get credit. The reason I decided was I was offered credit at a good rate last year but this year just out of curiosity when I did an online cost checker at my bank, the interest rate offered was 29.9 percent..... My Credit score 783, showing as fair and I wasn't showing on the electoral roll so I queried this with the council and this was corrected. My score then went up to 838 which according to Experian is still only Fair. I have no defaults, all payments up to date going back several years with no late payments and still a fair amount of available credit left. The only possible thing I can think of is I had a Wonga loan 20 months ago as I had just had a big unexpected bill which would have meant an unplanned overdraftso in this instance, Wonga was cheaper than the fees. According to Experian I have no adverse info, all good accounts yet still only a fair score. Anybody any ideas on how this works ?
  10. Hi, i'm new here, so please bear with me. I probably haven't put this post in the right thread, benefit fraud, so will look there if its moved. I just can't seem to see how to start the thread in there. So, as per u tube I have stuffed it here. Its been almost two years since I was called into dwp office (not under caution). They said they had a flagging system in place that tells them when someone has more savings than supposed to. I believed the amount was £16,000, as my mother had mentioned this. how did their flagging system not tell me at £6,000? So anyway, I have severe crohns disease with medical (liquid feed pump) tube through abdomen into stomach as its very bad and I've had a lot of intestine removed. I have this going for 20 hours per day and I can't move around with the pump as it weighs 5kg. I've had crohns since childhood and am now 50 years. I also have arthritis of many joints, and also mental health problems. I suffer extreme fatigue and muscle weakness due to copious amounts of loo visits and also vomiting. Anyway, I live in rural areas and the hospital is a 100 mile round journey, but i'm pretty much housebound. I receive full DLA and ESA and live on my own. I saved £20,000 for a campervan with loo to allow me at least to get to appointments as I cannot go on public transport due to my condition. So I confessed this to DWP lady, and she phoned me up the next week and said adjudicator said I could use the money to go and buy one. Well, due to my health this took 4 1/2 months to do. problem is I just can't get out the house and stay out. its physically impossible. I mean I would love too but.... They did however stop all my benefits and Council demanded money back immediately, so there went quite a bit of my savings. I had to live on the money and pay rent/council tax in the mean time. Actually it was my mental health support worker who phoned me up and said there looks to be a suitable one just a mile away. Naturally I went to see it and bought it as it was suitable, if a bit old! so having bought it I could sign back on. Now, I did appeal against the overpayment, because it says you can. My 'appeal' went to Glasgow twice. took 16 months! in the end dwp workers who refuse to communicate anything on the case gave me glasgows number. I phoned them and they only deal in Scottish cases. i'm in Cornwall. I was very upset. obviously my physical and mental health had suffered badly enough. It doesn't help to be sensitive does it? wish I could be an uncaring WTF attitude person, but i'm not. So I wrote a strong letter to dwp and complained at the way they were handling this. I had sent a lot of evidence in as to why I saved and of course thought it necessary to save for something suitable to my disability. I simply cannot squat in a country lane anymore. my joints won't allow this, I can be on a loo for up to an hour at a time, its illegal to pee and poo in public, also its probably indecent exposure too. But moreover, i'm vulnerable. Its scarey being in that state in public. Also due to the physical joint issues with muscle weakness and the medical stuff attached I just can't change my clothes in an ordinary car if I've thrown up, the feed has leaked all over me, or I need to change my clothes because of an ooopsie. I'm afraid they do happen. I hate to bang on about this, but actually by not allowing me to save all my money for a disability aid, and earners can save what they like for their needs, I feel breaches my human rights. I listed my human rights, like not allowing others to see my body when I don't want them to, private life, humiliating and degrading experience, but they don't want to understand that. They still demand every penny back. However, one other point I am contesting is that I received a letter from the debt management team that states that 'in some cases you may not have to repay it, for instance you thought you could have it and spent it'. yes, I spent it because they told me I could. This I got verified by a lady at CAB. I didn't want to misunderstand the phonecall about the adjudicator, so didn't touch my money at all, expecting them to have frozen my account, until I had got it verified by someone else. I am more than capable of misunderstanding what is being said, or written, etc due to mental health issues and strong painkillers and fatigue. I had a tribunal in Plymouth, which I so tried to get too, but unfortunately was experiencing a very bad day, one which I would not normally have gone out the house in case i'm a danger to others on the road. So I phoned and explained and they postponed it. Later another appointment was made, but that was cancelled because dwp had not complied with evidence required by the judge. so now i'm waiting all over again. stress! stress! stress! So, I would like your opinion on the letter that states I may not have to give it back. is this legally binding or are they allowed to discriminate as to who gives money back and who doesn't? Do you think I will end up in court, i'm so worried, what if I go to jail? really crucifying my mind over this. it has exacerbated my health believe me. I feel like suing the sods at dwp! , I wish I knew people to communicate on this subject but I really don't know many, and they don't want my worries on top of theirs too. I also wish i'd found this forum a couple of years back. just to add to my worries I now have another form from atos who didn't need to see me last year, and dwp had written to my doc cos its in my medical records so they do know my actual health. I know I get 15 points on both physical and mental aspects. is it a yearly form to fill in or what? Now I just need to worry that I've written too much for you to want to bother with, but if you have, i'd just like to thank you. luv Diane
  11. Hi, great and useful forum I am currently working on a program to assist me in managing me money, I have had great success with most of the creditors and can get accurate data months and years ahead but some catalog creditors seem strange for example : Credit Limit = £1400.00 Prev Balance = £1140.38 Int Added = £34.22 Balance = £1174.60 Min Payment = £62.92 APR = 39.9% (34.1%) = 2.843 in every £ 1174.60 / 4.17%(1/24) = £48.98 remainder = £13.94 any guesses as to what the remainder is? I have called the catalog but the operator was much help (go figure). Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hey I'm currently facing disciplinary action at work and was looking through the previous posts on this site regarding the law with recording and watching members of staff. A few weeks ago I was put under investigation over taking an 'unofficial break' during work hours. I was in my department, had finished the majority of my work, it was a quiet day and the cameras had supposedly seen me sitting on the floor doing no work (sitting on the floor is quite common with many staff due to the bottom shelves being hard to reach while standing). I work for a large retail company who hire an external security company to monitor the cameras and have been told that the managers of the store are not allowed to use the cameras to monitor members of staff in order to discipline them; the cameras are there for security purposes. However, I find myself in a position where the camera has caught me not working for a short period of time and due to me sitting on the floor security have notified a member of management. My problem is that I'm 99% sure and as are most of my colleagues that managers have been using the cameras to catch members of staff not working. Yet in over three years of working for the company I have never heard of this action being taken place before. Not only that but it is common for members of staff to be standing around for up to half an hour at a time doing nothing yet no action has been taken by security to notify management. Is there any sort of way I have had my rights breached? If management are allowed to watch cameras and use them to take action am I being picked on due to nobody else having this action taken upon them considering I have a rocky relationship with some managers? Thanks for any information John.
  13. Hi I've been visited by an enforcement bailiff for overdue council tax and have spoken with him over the phone, I have not let him in my house. I have offered payment in installments but can't afford to pay very much. He has told me the full amount of £2000 needs to be paid by Jan 7th as this is when this years tax ends. He has noted my car details on a notice of seizer. I have also emailed the council today direct with my offer. Can anyone tell me where I stand and what I can do, I just want to pay this off but can't do it all in one go. The bailiff told me he doubted my offer would be accepted but would find out and call me back, that was at 4pm today. These people have hounded me for days and now they don't ring back, I'm confused. Surely I can make payment in installments???
  14. I'm in arrears with a secured loan but trying to work out which is right and which is wrong on my statement. An example of what I've been trying to fathom out. Installment due date: 117.87 = Arrears 2.990.84= Balance=4.739.97 card payment : 20.00 = Arrears 2.970.84= Balance=4.719.97. monthly admin fee : 60.00 = Arrears 2.970.84= Balance=4.779.97. interest : 48.76 = Arrears 2.970.84= Balance=4.828.73. simple interest : 9.09 = Arrears 2.970.84= Balance=4.837.82. The 60.00 per month is for the second class franked letter they send me they never ring me.Is this excessive?also is the simple interest not right to be adding to my arrears?Would I be able to claim this back the simple interest?and reduce the admin fees.
  15. Can those more knowledgeable please confirm my understanding of recent cases... I have received a number of letters now for overstaying a free period of parking and the advice I took from reading this and other forums was to ignore which I have done so far. However 1. With the Parking Eye v Somerfield case...is it correct that the judge has said that the initial or lower charge is acceptable and therefore enforceable should a claim be made at a small claims court but that the higher amount is a penalty and therefore uneforceable.. 2. that the VCS tax tribunal case stated that only the landowner can take out a claim.. Therefore if a parking company has an agreement with the landowner to carry out proceedings then, is the advice still to ignore, How do I find out if the parking company has authority from the landowner
  16. I recently checked my credit report online. - something I had been putting off doing for a long time:| 2 of my debts showed D = default, but only for one month and then blank afterwards. If a debt has gone into default, would it not show continuous D's for the remainder of the period? The rest of it was good news, I was suprised how good the rest of my track record is, apart from these two, which of course were a parting gift from my ex!! Any ideas folks?
  17. Hi. I just have a question regarding ESA. My husband had spinal surgery in October and has been on ESA since the end of September. He has received a letter saying he has to attend a medical on the 13th February but thats the day he is due back to work and all being well he will go back that day. Do I ring and tell them that he is back to work that day and they should cancel the appointment for the medical? Many Thanks
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