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  1. A company has debited a payment from my account - presumably it's an honest mistake - and now it's overdrawn and I am unable to pay for some time sensitive things that I need to pay for immediately. If I don't buy them this weekend I can't buy them at all. Basically I'm furious. Sorting it is going to cost me, and already has cost me, a lot of time that I don't have to spare just now. Plus there's no overdraft on this account either so I'm gonna have penalty charges applied also. I am so angry right now. Does any one have any advice re my rights here?
  2. Hi all my daughter & her husband have just come back from Italy, they hired a car for the few days on holiday no problems, however, when they returned the car the hire company did not check the car because the employee was the only one in the office and could not leave the office so he just took my daughters word that all was good. Well all must have been good because a few days later the £300 (i think) deposit was returned to her bank account ... good. But, a few days after that two charges were made by the hire company (locauto) via her card number that
  3. Hi there an thank you for your help. I have been living in the UK for 4 years, I have a overseas passport. I am returning home (sunny southern hemisphere) in 3 weeks. I owe -£1650 overdraft to Loyds, on the same account I've gone into "unauthorised overdraft" by £421. I have lost my job, and the situation has got really bad hense I need to leave the UK. I dont see my situation improving for another year or so. I friend told me the "unauthorised overdraft" could be a criminal offense, I've been in "unauthorised overdraft" for almost a week now and I fear not paying it or not co
  4. I am Fuming I took up the monthly free trial through credit expert. I canclled my membership within 30 days and was assured no payment will leave my bank accont. Six this evening 14.99 was debited. Contacted Barclays who do not want to know as to a charge back, head agaist brick wall comes to mind help
  5. Can't the above be excluded from the "new postings" search as wading through several pages of this every day is getting boring!
  6. Okay so ive not had many this year, but I have held a QuickQuid account for a few years, for short term loans, never missed a single payment etc. On September 28th I took a loan out of £50 with interest £62.50 due to be repaid on Friday 11th October, however the Tuesday before this I was laid off in questionable circumstances from my job, subsequently my wages were not paid into my bank as expected on the Friday. On the 13th of October I emailed quickquid explaining my situation and stating I had no monies whatsoever coming into my bank until I can find another job or sign on, in th
  7. I know it is only once a week the FCA posts the firms to avoid but today this went over 5 pages. While it is vitally important that people are informed of companies to avoid, could this not be done with just one link to the relevant forum?
  8. Hey guys I am new here and looking for some advice in regards to an issue that I have had with Ebuyer, apparently I am not the only one. I had some RAM sticks and after 8 months they went faulty, I shipped them back to Ebuyer opposed to the manufacture Corsair, thinking the replacement would be quicker, boy was I wrong. they collected the RAM and sent it back and that was all fine, but the next day I got a message to say that due to them being over 6 months old I can only get a partial refund so from a £75 purchase I got a £62 refund, I didn't want this and I chose to h
  9. 16 years ago I built an extension and formed a driveway into my property (all with relevant planning/building warrants). What I never got around to was dropping the kerb to form a "suitably" constructed crossing. Yesterday I recieved a letter from the council stating it had been brought to their attention that a vehicle is being driven across the footway in front of my property and that if I intend to use it to park my car in my property then I will have to construct a suitable crossing. Aside from a cost of around £1500 I would also have to lower an 8ft wall to 1 metre, 20 feet in length redu
  10. I was insured with Admiral (car) for the last two years. This year, as last, my renewal notice came through and it was ridiculous, so I shopped around. The notice told me that payment was due on the 30th of June, which is when my current policy would end. I found eSure undercut them by around 50% so set up my new policy with them on the 23rd, rang Admiral and told them not to renew. This they acceded to, and I downloaded and sent my No Claims proof to eSure. All fine. Until I check my bank balance on the 29th (tonight) and notice that I'm a bit short. £620.10 short, to be precise, du
  11. Hi everyone, This is my first time on any forum, and I would appreciate any advice regarding my position with Barclays. I have a business account with them but the company, which is Ltd ceased trading at the end of Feb, All the direct debits were cancelled via online banking and the remaining balance was transferred into another account. Once the accountant had completed the final accounts the company was to be removed from companies house, however Barclays paid a £2500.00 bill (which had previously been set up on variable dir deb (but did not show on the list of dir debits) The acc
  12. hi can you help..i took out a pay day loan with tls..due to pay back last friday..i got made redundant and knew i wouldnt have money to cover it..so contacted them... i have just checked my bank account and received letter from my bank stating they have allowed payments of 225 to be taken and have given me an unplanned overdraft..payments were for tls..who emailed me stating my account is now cleared and paid...surely if i didnt have money in account they were able to do this....i get only jsa money...and would have been happy to pay the loan store 10 per fortnight..now i have a 225 unplanned
  13. Hi, I wonder if any of you may be able to give me any constructive advice. Last week I discovered 7 transactions from my debit card over £1000 worth, that I knew nothing about or authorised. These were all chip and pin. The bank are now saying that it was my card and the correct pin used so they are not responsible. The situation is I did not make the transactions, my card and myself were 80 miles away at the time, but cannot get the bank to do anything. They emptied my account and am now in serious financial trouble They have referred me to Financial Ombuds
  14. Hi Long story short: In November my last year Mrs Rasher agreed to bail my son out of a payday loan. She actioned this by paying the outstanding balance on the account using her joint account Visa Debit card. Yesterday we noticed an odd transaction on our bank statement. It was £200 paid to this payday loan company in mid February. This was not authorised by either of us. Natwest were advised this morning that this was an unauthorised transaction. They have said they will take no action - basically saying that we have an agreement with the payday loan company - needless to say
  15. I recently tried purchasing a £1,600 laptop through Dell (28/12/12), however it wouldn't go through as my bank wouldn't release the funds for this transaction. Dell didn't receive any money, so the whole order was cancelled on Dell's behalf (it said "Cancelled" on their website, so the proof is there), and it was left at that. Knowing that the order was now cancelled and my bank wouldn't release the money to them, I had another think about it and decided I wouldn't attempt to make another order as there were a lot of sales going on after Christmas and thought my money could be better spen
  16. hello, quick bit of advice. Some old creditor has somehow managed to access my bank account over the weekend and emptied it, whilst I was away. any debit card debit details they held were only on the understanding of being for "ID verification" not repayment, and I have had several new cards since then. However, Natwest are telling me that it is their "policy" that loan companies pretty much have open access to your account if you have ever dealt with them, ie, Natwest will refuse to honour the reverse unauthorised payments Visa debit card scheme if the person emptying your acco
  17. On 12th September 2012 two unauthorised direct debits came out of our Lloyds business account for £183.60 each (total £367.20) going to a company with which we have no agreement. We found out about this in December when completing our vat return and phoned Lloyds on 12th of December to notify them. We were informed on the phone that the payments would be recredited to our account and the direct debit cancelled and that this was being actioned immediately. Job done. We phoned back, just to be on the safe side, spoke to another member staff who confirmed that action was being t
  18. Hello What can my friend do to stop the bank keep adding charges on a unauthorised overdraft? In the last three months the charges have exceeded to over a thousand pound. My friend has written to the Bank on two occasions regarding this matter but have received no response to either letter. Thanks for any advice given. Thanks
  19. I'm wondering if anyone would be able to offer me any advice. I have a Flex account with Nationwide which I use for bits and pieces (an account that i've had since 1999) Approximately 5/6 years ago I called Nationwide to remove the reserve limit that they put on my a/c without my knowledge. This meant that if I went slightly over a 15 POUND unautharised overdraft charge would be applied to my account. Apparently it's a 'buffer' incase you run into trouble and need it. I asked for this to be removed as I don't use the a/c as a main a/c and only have limited funds i
  20. ... and so they charged him for that aswell! Son only earns £200.00 a month (he works part time in a primary school) and they've taken £100.00 off him. Son was in the process of closing this account as he had nothing but trouble with them and I honestly believe this is a retaliatory gesture. Put together a letter asking for charges back and received the attached in reply. Any help and advice on our next step would be appreciated.
  21. Hi. I received a payday loan from Cash Converters a couple of months ago. I set it up so that I would come into the store and repay the loan and interest when my DLA was paid into my bank account... They said that they would need my card details to check that the bank account and card were indeed mine, by taking a couple of pounds out and then replacing it. They also said that they could also take the repayment as a debit card transaction, if I fail to pay, or I instruct them to. I won't give all the ins and outs of what happened, as I don't want to bore everyone to death, but to c
  22. I took out an annual policy with Hastings in early April. They requested I supply them with information about the car's ownership and allow them access to take details from my previous insurer for no claims details. I didn't supply the information within the time frame they required and they amended my policy - they took an extra £566 from my bank account using the debit card details from my initial application. I phoned their customer services help line and was assured that if I could supply the details to them within the next hour or so they would reimburse me. I supplied the informati
  23. Hi all, My phone was stolen roughly 3 weeks ago and £600 of unauthorised call charges were made before I realised it was stolen. My phone was stolen / lost on Saturday 26th May and I only realised on Monday 28th upon which I called O2 to inform them of this. When accessing my account online I noticed the £600 of unauthorised charges and filed a claim with customer services. They told me they would get back to me within five days. My bill came through on 16th June and it listed the unauthorised charges (plus VAT) - my bill stands at about £737 inc VAT. I am on a simplicity plan a
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