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Found 72 results

  1. Hi there, I would appreciate some advice on this matter regarding a private car park where I am actually a resident. I have a parking spot which is part of my property. I went to the car park to park my son's car in my spot while he was away on holiday. Someone had taken my space so I put his car in a visitor spot. I came back later to put his car in my space and the battery had gone flat. I had been given a parking ticket by UKCPS and a £60 fine if I paid within 14 days. I had to leave it there while he was away on holiday, and when he returned we moved his car. Now they want £100 because I ignored the ticket. I phoned the management company for the flats and they said they make no money out of the parking fines and it was out of their hands. I pay service charges and am entitled to park in this car park. Should I still be made to pay this fine which incidentally is in my son's name. Sorry if this seems complicated Jo x
  2. got a letter from UKCPS wanting to charge me £100. 1. They claim to have already written to me, but as far as i know I have not received the first letter. 2. Also they want to charge me as they say "no payment has been made", however, I purchased a ticket the day before for £7.80!!!!!! and it was said to be valid for 24 hrs. I might have exceeded the time slightly (for about 20 min max) but also down to struggle with baby, buggy and bad weather. 3. And of course the amount is excessive anyways. I have downloaded the appeal document, but could somebody please formulate reason 1 & 2 in a better formulated way than I can to put in letter. And of course I wanted to let you know that UKCPS is at it again in Leeds. Last year I already overstayed once there at same car park and did not get a letter at all. But now will try to find different car parking, advice appreciated, guess park house is best. Thanks in advance.
  3. Parked at a carpark near my GF's says 24hours £5 I pay the £5 and purchase the ticket its at 4pm I believe i have from 4pm friday to 4pm saturday thats 24hours right? I come back at about 13:30 and i have a parking ticket on my car saying i have gone over the time limit etc. i didn't appeal and now i have the threatening court letter etc. I'll put the layout of how the parking ticket i bought from the machine is which i believe is faulty also PARKING TICKET DAY .............. EXPIRY TIME 18/01/14............ 00:40 expiry date........... m/c identity 16:06............ 5.00 .....................FEE PAID thats how the ticket is. I dont know why the expiry time is 00:40 if it says 24hours for £5.00 it does also say weekends 24hours £3.00 if that makes any difference? Thank You in advance if you need any more information or a picture of the ticket i can try get that up on here. I'm just not sure what to do. I'm not paying them the money of £100 because ive bought a ticket displayed it and followed all the terms of their carpark contract but i dont really want to go to court either so not sure what to do! EDIT: Uploading a picture of the parking sign, the machine and my ticket. EDIT: You will have to paste it into ur browser bar sorry won't let me link because new account. i.imgur.com/s3zrv8U.jpg i.imgur.com/ljQ2PRi.jpg i.imgur.com/ZEfqmRa.jpg
  4. Hi, a friend I work with advised me to get in touch over some letters I've received from UKCPS for a supposed parking charge they say I owe, and I hope someone can help me. I went to Leeds to visit my son & daughter-in-law in October 2013 when they were due to become parents. While visiting the hospital the car was parked in a nearby carpark on two successive days, and on each day a ticket was bought and displayed in the car. I still have the ticket as they were left in the cup holder in the car, and show it was paid to Leeds City Council for the day and time the car was there. I didn't think anymore about it until I received some letters from UKCPS, the first dated 15th November, 2013, telling me the car "was observed Without a valid permit or authority and the driver of the vehicle is required tp pay a parking charge which was fixed to the vehicle in respect of the parking of the vehicle on land at BECKETT ST FLORENCE NIGHTINGGALE LS97JC and by so parking he/she agreed to pay the charge of £100 under the terms of a relevant contract displayed on the said land." In another box it says "the reduced charge of £60 has not been paid and the amount due is" (in a seperate box) "£100.00". Is this a real charge? There wasn't any ticket on the car about a parking charge, and as I said above, a ticket was paid and displayed in the car. When I called to query this, I was passed to someone described as a manager who told me there are two carparks side by side, and he claimed the wrong one had been used. There was nothing that I recall saying there were two seperate carparks, and only one ticket machine was obvious, which is the one used to purchase the ticket each day. I got another letter dated 16th December 2013 and a further letter dated 3rd January 2014. The latest letter says I now owe £125! I've hopefully attached the letters I received and would be grateful if someone could advise me what I should do now. Thanks in advance, JH.
  5. The Parking Prankster has learned that parking operator UKCPS has been handing out fake POPLA codes. This is apparently a cynical move on UKCPS's part - handing out a fake POPLA code will mean it will be rejected by POPLA and may then mean a valid appeal cannot be lodged within the timescale or that the motorist will simply give up. How to recognise a fake POPLA code. All genuine POPLA codes are 10 digits long, and their format is described in a previous post. The fake POPLA codes are 9 digits followed by 1 letter. They therefore fit on the form, but will of course always be rejected by POPLA. Read more
  6. The Parking Prankster has learned that parking operator UKCPS has been handing out fake POPLA codes. This is apparently a cynical move on UKCPS's part - handing out a fake POPLA code will mean it will be rejected by POPLA and may then mean a valid appeal cannot be lodged within the timescale or that the motorist will simply give up. How to recognise a fake POPLA code. All genuine POPLA codes are 10 digits long, and their format is described in a previous post. The fake POPLA codes are 9 digits followed by 1 letter. They therefore fit on the form, but will of course always be rejected by POPLA. Read more
  7. More support for the advice that you should not ignore completely but that you should make it clear that you are up for a fight. Here are some heavily redacted extracts:- Full horrible story here:- http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/law/article3698204.ece# Shocking. I had always thought that the United Kingdom Crown Prosecution Service has great integrity
  8. Hi I am after some advice as i have tried to read threw these posts and every bit of advice i see seems to be to ignore these letters threatening court action and to pay the fine. I stupidly parked in a disabled bay when i am not disabled. However I had two young children with me 2.9yrs and 9months both of whom were a sleep at the time in the car. The shop i needed to go in was 100 yards from the parent and child bays. Which at the time were full, one of which had a blue badge holder in. Since the large amount of disabled bays were free including several right outside the shop i needed were empty i parked there. I was no longer than 2 minutes from entering to exiting. But enough time for the ticket man to be standing there fixing a ticket to my car and then taking a photo of the said ticket. I had planned to pay this seeing the pay in 14 days and the charge of £100 is dropped to £60 incentive. However the ticket has now gone missing with it the ticket number so i can no longer pay it online. I have searched for this company UKCPS and found their website and entered my details including my vehicle reg and home address details for them to send me the ticket number. I believe that they will not send me the ticket reference number in time to pay the reduced amount and may have me over a barrel. Can anyone offer any advice on what to do. many thanks
  9. I'm shocked and scandalised!!!! I see that a tax-payer funded organisation which is a crucial part of the British justice system is deliberately passing itself off as a private parking company!!!! In case you don't know, Passing Off is a tort at common law and means that you gain an unlawful benefit by operating your business in a way which can make people think that you are another business - which is more respectable and more worthy than you own. Passing off happens when you present yourself in such a way that consumers are confused into parting with their money because they think that you are someone else. Passing off is about competing unfairly by trading off the goodwill of someone else's business. Geddit? Now I see that the Crown Prosecution Service is trading of the hard-earned goodwill of that nice Private Parking Company - UKCPS. It is shocking!!! I can imagine that many criminals or accused persons only bother to pay their fines or do their stir or even just turn up at court because they think that they have been commanded to do so by UPCPS - when in fact if they realised that it was simply the United Kingdom Crown Prosecution Service, they probably would have simply not taken any notice. (And quite rightly) I expect that you find this all so unlikely that you don't believe me????!!!! Well check it for yourself. If you Google "UKCPS" you will find that the Crown Prosecution Service have cunningly opened a Youtube channel called UKCPS. Anyway, just for clarification, here is the truth:- UKCPS (Parking Service) and UKCPS (Prosecution Service) Right. Hopefully no one will be confused anymore
  10. No, of course not. They have nothing to do with the Crown Prosecution Service. It is just an unfortunate coincidence that their initials UK - CPS are the same as the CPS. I expect that they never realised until after they chose their name, and it was pointed out to them. In fact, maybe no one has yet pointed it out to them and so that they still don't realise the remarkable similarity. I'm quite sure that it would be a completely unintended consequence if anyone had received a PCN - P̶e̶n̶a̶l̶t̶y̶ ̶C̶h̶a̶r̶g̶e̶ ̶N̶o̶t̶i̶c̶e̶ - Parking Charge Notice - and had felt pressured to pay it because they thought that it had been issued by the United Kingdom Crown Prosecution Service. And anyway, that would be too silly. I suppose it is a very similar coincidence that Parking Eye found themselves in when they inadvertently chose stationery with black and yellow chequered borders which happened to give the impression to some silly people that their P̶e̶n̶a̶l̶t̶y̶ ̶C̶h̶a̶r̶g̶e̶ ̶N̶o̶t̶i̶c̶e̶s Parking Charge Notices had some sort of official status - even though this getup was criticised by the Court of Appeal. Amazing number of coincidences in the private parking industry, really. Luckily they are all just coincidences - otherwise they would all be right scallywags, wouldn't they.
  11. I have just received 10 day notice from these people. I have ignored previous letters. Quick outline I was not the driver, i was in another place at the time, and they got the wrong street on the ticket. I am willing to go to court if need be. The ticket says 'on a yellow box section' Are these people the police now?????? Any advise would be appreciated.
  12. I have done some reading of the other threads and the advice is always to ignore the "fine". Is this advice still the same if a person has already appealed and UKCPS have a certain amount of information about that person? Thanks
  13. There a quite a few posts on here relating to Parking Charge Notices which refer to possible mitigating circumstances ie slight overstays, not presenting tickets properly, hidden signage, puddles over double yellows etc. In my particular case I DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG!!!!! Below is the content of my appeal to UKCPS (blanked out anything sensitive for confidentiality)...... I wish to appeal against the issue of the attached parking charge notice ISSUE NUMBER 8****8. On Sunday 21st October 2012 my partner and I parked in Forbury Retail Park to visit DFS to buy a new sofa. We spent 30 minutes in the store and spoke to a sales assistant called J***. We then went into Furniture Village for 10 minutes followed by Home Sense for 10 minutes. We then returned to the car and left the site. It was not until we arrived at Tesco down the road that I noticed the parking charge notice attached to my windscreen. We returned to Forbury Retail Park but could not find a parking attendant to query this with. I took time to check the parking charge notice and review the terms and conditions on the signage in the car park again and noted that your offices are not open on a Sunday so deferred contacting you until today. I telephoned 08700 330002 today 23rd October 2012 and was advised that appeals must be sent to appeals@ because due to legal procedures it is difficult for UKCPS Ltd to submit verbal evidence before the court. The reasons for my appeal are as follows: Firstly, none of the boxes under "REASONS FOR ISSUE" were ticked so I am not entirely sure why the parking charge notice was issued therefore I will state an appeal for each of the "REASON(s) FOR ISSUE" 1) No "REASON FOR ISSUE" has been indicated on the parking charge notice - issue number 8****8. 2) I was parking with authority as I was shopping at Forbury Retail Park. 3) I was parked within a marked bay. 4) I was not on yellow line/s or box section. 5) I was not shopping for longer than the stipulated limit. 6) I was not parked in a disabled bay. 7) I or my partner did not leave the site. 8) The car reg on the ticket states "OY** ***" my car reg is "GV** ***" Further to this appeal I am requesting to make a formal complaint with regard to the attendant (1C?) who issued the parking charge notice as there is no reason why I should have been issued a parking charge notice in the first place. This constitutes a breach of the code of practice as referenced in PART 8 "LAWFUL ISSUE" on the parking charge notice. I would also like to enquire how to instigate an assessment and review of your operational procedures by one of the number of government organisation which operate a working code of practice to ensure lawful and ethical practice as referenced in PART 8 "LAWFUL ISSUE" on the parking charge notice. I would like to request that you acknowlege receipt of this email. I look forward you resolving these issues promptly. Regards This was written before I looked on CAG and I have since recieved a standard response stating that I left the premises and therefore owe £100 etc etc. I realise now that it may have been a waste of time bothering to explain my appeal to them so eloquently as they probably didnt even read it. I simply replied stating that I stand by my above appeal and that I would like to now appeal using POPLA and could they please send me the forms. I also requested that they respond to my two requests re PART 8 LAWFUL ISSUE So there you have it. Sorry its such a long post. Have I done the right thing? Do I have anything to worry about? Cheers All
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm after a little advice please. My boyfriend recieved a 'charge' whilst at a UKCPS car park for parking outside of a marked bay. He insists he didn't park outside of a marked bay or even on lines and so I (maybe stupidly) wrote a letter saying that he didn't do what they where charging him for and he wouldn't be paying the fine. He has now received a letter from Court Proceedings Ltd and he's getting a little scared. From doing a little research I can see that they do actually take people to court but I don't want him to give in to these cowboys. Should I write asking them for photographic evidence or should I ignore the letter? I'm tempted to ask for evidence - if he was stupid (which I don't believe) then he should pay, but if they have no evidence then why should they steal money from us? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you in advance SJ
  15. UKCPS parking notice charge Yesterday I parked in a retail park in Leeds and left the car park on foot to return later with some friends. When I returned I had a parking notice charge stuck on my windscreen. The reason was 'leaving site'. I understand this is because parking spaces are in high demand and it's to stop non users of the site..I was given the ticket within 10 minutes of leaving but returned to use the facilities later. From reading the blogs, it's obvious that I should not pay as it's private land and unenforceable but I am annoyed that the signage was so poor. There were none in the parking bays, only on the entry and exits. When I looked at the sign later it said you were not allowed to leave the site,but it doesn't say how,i.e. on foot, or by car and for how!.Also, the sign reads WARNING PRIVATE PROPERTY CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT. IF YOU VISIT ELSEWHERE, BEFORE OR AFTER USING THE FACILITIES YOU ARE CONTRACTUALLY AGREEING TO PAY A FEE OF £100 DISCOUNTED TO £60 IF PAID WITHIN 14 DAYS. It's a farce! Also, when such a condition is blatently unreasonable, why are the DVLA allowed to sell them my data, which, in itself, is outrageous. This sign is very menacing and uncompromising and some reassurance re my position will be gratefully received. Many thanks
  16. A while ago UKCPS managed to get a default judgement over a parking ticket. Peter Hasbeen had the cheek to put this on his oh so lovely website. The Person in question had no idea about this until they received a letter advising them of the judgement and so asked one of our helpful experianced peeps to help sort this out. Well i am pleased to say this has been done. Below is the transcript of the email: ***************** Thank you for your help I applied to Northampton court to have the judgement set aside with the paperwork you provided and also included in email from the company where i was parked. The day before I went on holiday I received notification that a hearing had been set for yesterday (the day I was back from holiday!). On returning home, I had two letters waiting for me from UKCPS. One was a copy of a letter to the court from UKCPS saying after reading the paperwork it would seem that this was an admin error and they requested to the court that the whole claim be withdrawn. The other was to me apologising for the error. I went to court yesterday and UKCPS did not attend. The judge said that this should never had gone this far and that UKCPS had accepted it was an error. The judgement is being set aside, and they have to pay £150 costs. The CCJ notice link is still on their website, so I`m going to call and speak to the manager today and insist it is taken down from their website with wimmediate effect before I take further legal action. Thank you again so much for all your help and support with this. ****************
  17. Peter Hasbeen was due in Lincoln County Court on the 28th of June which was his 60th Birthday!!! He was taking someone to court who said in his defence statement was not the driver. The RK had only just found out who the driver was within the last two weeks I therefore took up this persons case and decided to have a chat with ol' Hasbeen and advised him of such. He wanted to know who the driver was and wondered if the said driver was going to pay. The driver said he would sign a statement advising he was the driver and would thus pay. The court has now vacated the case and i have copies of the letters from Haswell so he knows who the driver was and copy of letter advising the RK. He has advised the driver if he doesn't get payment by the beginning of July. However and heres the crux of the matter what Hasbeen doesn't know (But will do when he reads this) is that at the time of the driving the car and also at the time of signing the statement is that the driver was 17.... After a quick chat with a solicitor he has confirmed A minor cannot own a legal estate in land/property nor be a tenant; a minor's obligations are unenforceable other than what's called a "contract for necessaries". I therefore informed the driver of this and he therefore wont be paying This means that YOU MR HASWELL have lost and you are stuffed!! So please try to take the driver to the County Court. Please do issue an MCOL, will simply be a case of providing a copy of passport/Birth Certificate to the court Ok this is a different approach but the owner really didn't want the hassle of appearing in court
  18. Hi all, I recently received a parking ticket from UKCPS. I was parked in a private car park, however it was around 9.30 at night with nobody else around ! The ticket was £60 in a certain time or £100 in 2 weeks. I havn't paid and now recieved a letter threatening court action if not paid within 10 days, where do I stand on this ? Thanks !
  19. Hi Have been reading these forums for the past few months since receiving an "invoice" from ukcps. My car was parked in a small retail park and the driver left the site for 5 minutes to post a letter before entering one of the shops on the site. The invoice was attached to the windscreen over the tax disc and was not immediately obvious on returning to the car. I discovered it the next day, feeling thoroughly confused as to where it could have been obtained! After reading the advice here I ignored all correspondence and I have now received a claim form from a court in a different county. I'm a bit confused about this but would like some advice about the next step to take and how best to prepare my defence.
  20. Just got a letter from UKCPS - Car park solutions asking me to pay for overstaying in a car park. The car park is shared by a pet store and Co -op supermarket an we can park there for 2 hours free of charge. The letter says that my car was caught on a ANPR camera entering the car park at 12:12pm an leavong at 14:24 but i swear that i got there at 12:25 an went back at the time i went. I always park there on a saturday, for the last 7 years and i always check my watch to make sure i don't have any problems. They are asking £60 if i pay in 14 days and £100 if i take more than that to pay. At this moment i am out of work and not getting any benefits and my husband just lost is job 1 week ago and still waiting for a decision on is jobseekers allowance, so as you can imagine life is not easy and money is short.. What should i do?? Ignore it, contact them by email as it states on the letter and tell them that i can;t afford to pay or what????? Please help!!! Thank you
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