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Found 157 results

  1. Hey there, I have a bit of a problem with my old letting agency (I knew I would have problems with them when I moved out but had no choice but to move in to the property anyway). The brief outline is that I hande dthe keys back and didn't hear anything for a week. I then received a text from the deposit scheme saying that the agents had arranged for my depoist to be released so I logged in - only to find they were trying to deduct a few hundred pounds. I had received no correspondence at all from the agency, not by phone or email. So I sent an eamil explainiang that I wanted to know what the deductions were for. I received a voicemial the next day explaining that they had the invoice and pictures but they had problems with the internet and the files were too big, so they weren't sending. I emailed back and said it is not acceptabel and I wanted the information. I then received a copy of the invoice, which looked dodgy, so I went on the website and it said "Temporary website" and looked fake...I called the number and it rang abroad. When the phones answered, no one sadi anything. I then didn't hear anything. After 10 working days, I emailed the agency explaining that they breached the dispute service's recommendation for length of time to get info to me and that I would refer it to them and the ombudsman. I received another voicemail explaining that they had problems sending them, so I replied asking them to resize the photos or post them to me. I received a rude email back saying "we will not print them" but they had resized them. All i received was pictures, no comments or narratives. I also requested (again) a copy of their inventry and also an itemised list of the cleaning that needed to be done as the invoice simply said "general cleaning" I also asked for confirmaiton of the date and time the chekcout was completed. No reply. I chased and received an email from the agent saiying they were on oliday and were back now. I said I wanted the requested documents and I was sent the inventry and their checkout report. I was told that the cleaning required was clearly on the invoice. I have no idea what I should do - some of the cleaning I forgot to do, but they are claiming for som work that had to be done when I moved in, light bulbs (even though the inventry stated one was missing and I actually supplied 1 myself!) they won't tell me which light bulbs, they are claiming for dusty drawers and dusty tops of wardrobes, dirty bins (even though I only stored the bins as I used my own) and carpet cleaning as they have pictures of marks on the carpet - even though the inventry says "some marks" on the carpet. I am happy to offer 50-quid for the extractor fan, washing machine and the dusting but that's it. Have you got any idea what I should do now? They didn't even call me to tell me what they had done on the checkout and they knew the emails hadn't sent (I have voicemail with them confirming that!) The checkout report says they sent me letters on a certia date which have NEVER been received.
  2. Basically the letting agents are trying to keep all the deposit (£800) because the old house has a few marks on the wall where sofas have been etc, 2 fag burns in the carpet (ok hands up to that one, but it's a cheap carpet which I've priced up as £200 fitted) and holes in the wall where curtains have been put up (apparently that's not allowed). We tried to wipe clean the walls but it was taking the paint off as it was obviously low quality. They won't let us look at what they're on about or get a quote to fix it which would be no where near that figure, maybe £300, and are threatening to go for the full quote amount of £1700 if we go to dispute. Any ideas? They want an answer off me today as they have someone moving in apparently and want to redecorate! Cheers Matt
  3. Hello Everyone After looking through the site for a long time and learning a lot I really wan to try and sort things out but get confused about the best action to take and which things i need to do and how so any help would be greatly appreciated, my credit file is a complete mess and i just want to get everything clear so i can try and get everything back in order. My file currently looks like this Candid Collections (Simply Be) Defaulted Current Balance £232 Credit Limit £125 Natwest Satisfactory Current Balance £496 Credit Limit £1000 Lowell Portfollio Ltd Defaulted Current Balance £578 Default Balance £446 Lowell Portfollio Ltd Defaulted Current Balance £497 Default Balance £318 Wonga Defaulted Current Balance £1071 Default Balance £1061 Origional Debt £436 JD Williams Defaulted Current Balance £200 Default Balance £215 Credit Limit £120 These are all the active accounts all others on the file are satisfied or settled. Oh and searches far to many to even worry about anymore:| Any help would be greatly appreciated even just talking about it on here takes such a weight off my mind Thanks alot
  4. Two or three months ago, I sent Natwest a claim on account of their penalties and charges on my friends account - I also included the £10.00 SAR fee, although I didn't try to get interest on that, as it's very recent. They were having none of it, they said "No, we are not allowing this, you cannot use the interest rate that you are using", [it was the one on the claim form downloaded from here, without looking it up, I think it was 28% or similar], "we only charged 19.164%" They then went on to say that the £10.00 SAR refund was nothing to do with them, it would be refunded by a different department, [That's it, pass the buck] They sent a revised amount which was only a few few quid less than the claim, it still left over £200 balance, and I wasn't having any of that! So I sent about two or three further monthly payments of £1.00, and then I calculated everything again, this time using their interest rate of 19.164%, then once again, sticking the £10.00 on the end of the total. It came to £289.42, against a balance of, [their figures], £291.34, a shortfall of £1.92. So, in June, I sent them a cheque for £1.92, and the calculation sheet, told them that I've heard nothing from this "other department" regarding the £10.00 refund, and suggested that as I have no other NatWest addresses to deal with, they should get the "other department" to claim the ten quid from the claim, and do an internal transfer, [saves postage - can't be bad!] Also said that as far as I and my friend are concerned, that's it, we are square. Today, the next statement has arrived - they've cashed the £1.92, I knew that, but they've simply knocked the £1.92 off the total, leaving £289.42 !!! Do you think that they are stupid, not speaking to each other, of being deliberately obtuse? More to the point, what do I do? Sam
  5. I remember some time ago a woman won what I recall was a claim for harrassment against a major company, (British Gas, BT?). In there defence the tried to claim it wasn't their fault, it was their computers. Judge was pretty scathing about it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? David
  6. It wont uninstall the normal way, I dont even know how it got there either. I cant find it in my programs but it is there in the repair/change/uninstall folder. So far I know it is a prob to get rid of and its from bandoo. Any one have any solutions.
  7. Hi there, I am a first time poster, since last week I have been receiving daily calls from BCW GROUP but as yet have not answered any of them as I don't have any debts that I'm aware of & haven't had any outstanding debts before. (but I have moved house a few times so maybe a utility bill could have requested payment at an old address or something.) Should I call them? What information should I ask for? What information can I give them? (I don't think they have my address) Should I sign up to a credit report site and see if anything is listed on there first? Sorry if these are basic questions or this is not the right forum, thanks.
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