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  1. Hi. Recently talking with this bunch of muppets, chasing me for a debt that goes back to November 2007. The debt is for a mobile phone, which yes, I had. However, they're telling me that I owe 138.11. I'm pretty sure Orange bought me out of the contract before it was up, but I don't remember, if I'm totally honest. The last e-mail I sent to them is cut and pasted below. Shantella Thanks for your prompt reply. I still DO NOT admit responsibility for the disputed debt. I would like to see, please, a certified copy of the original agreement/contract that was, allegedly, made with 3. I would also like, please, some proof that a payment was made to Three on the date you mention. A copy of this paperwork, scanned in and e-mailed to myself on this e-mail address will suffice. Only on production of this paperwork will I consider making any sort of payment to your ‘organisation’. Thanks for your help in dealing with this matter. Kind Regards Mr. X After this e-mail was sent, I received the below posted e-mail back. Dear Mr X, Thank you for your email. Please note that the balance requested for payment is a service agreement and not a credit agreement as defined by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Our client has no obligation to provide a signed agreement under the provisions of the Act. In the case of mobile contracts, inserting the SIM card and usage of the equipment is taken as acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contract. Telecommunications accounts can be obtained by telephone, over the internet and by mail order and therefore, we are not obliged to provide you with a copy of any such agreement.. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Shantella Now, my query is this. If they want me to pay the debt, they must prove it exists, must they not?? They need to send me some ACTUAL PROOF that it exists, such as a signed agreement between me and Three, correct?? I think they're trying to mug me off and scare me in to paying. Anyone else agree with that?? This debt will go SB on the 28th November this year. I thought it already was, and I told them that in the first 2 e-mails I sent them. Surely, they can't convince me to pay the debt without proof it actually exists, can they?? Even if you take out a mobile contract online, there's always still something to sign, even if you just type your name into a box, isn't there?? Top and bottom of it is, I don't mind paying the debt, as long as they can prove INCONCLUSIVELY that it exists. At no point through any of the e-mail conversation I've been having with the lovely Shantella have I admitted responsibility for this debt. Any idea what my next move is?? Thanks for reading my ramblings, and I look forward to hearing the next thing I should do in my dealings with this 'organisation'.
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to reclaim PPI from Barclaycard and have received a letter from them stating that I applied for my card by post and was therefore not mis-sold. I actually applied for the card when I was 18, as it was my first credit card I applied in a local Barclays branch and the application was completed by a member of staff and all I had to do was sign the form! I have requested a SAR and received a blank copy of my original application form with no signature on??? Please could I have some advice as to what I should do next? should I send another letter and if so what should I say? Any help would be much appreciated
  3. I have been in dispute with NBS for months. I have sent letters to Group Directors etc and am always passed down to the complaints team in Swindon. We have argued about all sorts including Social security regs, which I'd never even mentioned, but latterly I have focused on getting them to agree we are in hardship. I've based this on the fact as I am partially-sighted following a stroke our sole income is Carers' Allowance, Tax Credit, DLA and ESA. Today I was told by Tom Baxter (Senior Complaint Handler) that as we have 16 active direct debits, some of which are for non-essential items, NBS do not class us as being in hardship! He said 'an expert' in his dept had scrutinised our account and had come to this conclusion. I asked him how this squared with BCOBS and asked him to name the expert, but he wouldn't and I got the strong impression he had no idea what I was talking about. Any thoughts on my next move would be appreciated.
  4. I am trying to reference a Sherlock Holmes book in a bibliography The book is called the sign of four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth ‘: I am trying to find the current publisher and date as there is no ISBN number
  5. Strange question i know I am trying to locate a publication called Lord Justice Auld's Review of the Criminal Courts of England and Wales I believe it was published September 2001 I have tried HMSO, Ebay, Amazon any ideas
  6. I've been renting my home for 6 years. Over the past months I've accrued rent arrears for the first time ever due to serious illness. The arrears are at 12 weeks. The landlord has served a Section 8 notice giving the grounds of 2 months or more arrears. I've now received a Possession Order claim form from the court giving me a hearing date. On the same date of the hearing I've got an appointment with a Consultant at the hospital which i had to wait 7 months on the waiting list to get. If I go to the hearing I will have to miss my hospital appointment and wait another 7 months or so to get a new appointment. By the hearing date I will have reduced my arrears to below 2 months but I still think it is important that I attend the hearing in person to try to defend myself. My question is can I apply to the court, sending my appointment letter from the hospital as proof, and ask them to consider adjourning the hearing date to an alternate date?
  7. If I own a property with a sibling, can a solicitor who asserts that I owe them £16,000, get a court order to force the sale of the property? Thanks
  8. Following my inability to keep up with my council tax bills ,Harrow Council passed me unto Newlyn ,i received a letter from Newlyn stating that i owed them £997.50 and i reached an agreement with them to start paying off the debt by paying £200 monthly starting from December 2012.I started paying but could not keep up with the payment in February having paid just paid a little over £400 then because my wife was not working at the time and we just had a baby and that left me with the sole responsibility of taking care of all expenses. On the 20th of February i came back from work to find a letter from a Bailiff with Newlyn titled "Removal notice" and that i should pay £873.39 .He asked me to ring immediately which i did and was told that i have been charged £18.00 for a visit on the 11th and £42.89 for a visit on the 20th of February.He also charged me £235 for Attendance/Van visit on the same date.I told him i never received any letter on the 11th of February and i would have called them if i did receive any letter from them as is my custom.I asked them to check their records to see that i always rang them each time i receive a letter from them.But he called me a liar and said they have records to show that i was informed of their visit on the 20th which is entirely false. The truth is that they didnt send a letter to me as clamed but they are hellbent on ripping me off to the tune of £300:00 which is for their single visit on the 20th. I have fully paid £997:39 which is the original amount i was owing and i am disputing the £300 charge and the have been threatened with a visit my property if i dont pay the charge and that i will incur more charges. Please advise
  9. Hi all, I'm hoping for some advice. I've recently got letters from these bailifs who are trying to collect CSA arrears. I don't want to go into why the arrears are there but suffice to say most of it is my fault. I had two liabilty orders granted against me in January and offered the CSA £400 per month both verbally and in writing. I then heard nothing until the letters arrived this week. On contacting the CSA they informed me that they had accepted my offer of payment in Jan and had sent out standing order forms for me to make payments, I never recieved these. What can Rossendales do? They have told me that they have to collect the debt in two years (the total is £30,000 due to various mis calculations still being disputed). I'm married but live in rented accom where most of the possessions where my wife's when we moved in together (I'm down as an authorised tenant on the lease). On speaking to the CSA again this week they told me I should be dealing with the bailiff, obviously I'll make the offer on the doorstep as he won't be getting in but surely the CSA can take the case back and accept the payments that they agreed to?
  10. Im new to this and i don't know where to start to see if I'm entitled to claiming back any PPI that i may have taken out. Any pointers would of great help. If you have and link on the forum for step by step guide it would be great as I don't want to use a PPI claim company and I'm new to this. Many thanks in advance
  11. I have been paying £1.99 a month to Experian for notification about changes to my credit report. Trying to cancel this is is proving rather difficult. I will deal with this later but what i am after is an online copy of my credit report. I realise it will cost about £15.00 for an instant online report, but i am happy with that The problem is when i log into my experian account, it will not give me the option to purchase my online report without pushing me to upgrade to their full package, and yes, i have used their free 30 day package in the past All i want is to log into my Experian account and pay £15.00 for my report to have it instantly downloaded without being pushed into upgrading to their full package
  12. Hi, My partner received a claim form NICPC on 29th June which stated Welcome Financial as the Claimant and Hegarty as the address for sedning documents. My partner filled in the admission form with an offer to pay £50 per month. This debt was last paid in 2007 when his relationship brokedown with his wife and truth be told, he was not entirely sure that the amount owed was accurate, but just thought it better to agree to pay and get it out of the way. Without any other communication, he then received a Judgment for the Claimant (after determination) saying that the claimant objected to the rate of payment he offered and he was ordered to pay £213.96 per month by or before tthe 23rd August. He then got a letter through from IND saying that he should fill out the attached DD form but as he has no bank account (and I refused to set a DD up in mine) he contacted them and asked for their bank details so I could set up a standing order. They refused to give the bank details and said that he could only pay by DD or Payzone. They sent through a Payzone barcode. He got another letter through on the 1st August saying that the claim had been transferred to our lcoal County Court. He made is fist payment on the 23rd August. Another letter on the 29th August from IND with an attached Notice of Change of Solicitor to say that Welcome Finance are now acting in person. Notice of Application of Attachment of Earnings Order dated 30th August to say that he had not paid. He placed a call to IND who said they could see that the money was paid on the 24th August (was paid 23rd) but did not reach the correct account until 4th September, so he had failed to pay on time. I went to the court to return the Notice of Application of Attachment of Earnings (along with a lengthly explanation letter) with the box ticked that we would like the order to be suspended. The lady in the court said that we should apply to have the CCJ set-aside as we had had no chance to defend the claim. We paid the £80 fee and filed the N244 application saying that he had had no chance to settle the claim or make further offers to pay more money before judgment was given. Yesterday, received a General Form of Judgment or Order saying that his "application to set-aside judgment will be and is hereby struck out unless by 26th September 2012 the Defendant files in court and delivers to the Claimant a fully particularised draft defence to demonstarte that he has grounds for defending the claim. The details in the application to set aside judgment do not amount to a defence to the claim." Can anyone help? Do we have a defence, or was the lady in the court mistaken? Are they likely to grant the attachment of earnings even though we have proved (and provided receipts) that he did in fact pay on time? He has now made another payment (early) as well? Thank you.
  13. Hello I have read their returns policy but could not find information before posting here. I placed an order with TheHut.com. I then canceled order first thing next day. The order had not been sent out it was still in the processing stage. On the same day i canceled they sent message sorry we cannot cancel here is your returns information to send back. I would like to know even though i canceled order before it was sent out. Would i be entitled to be refunded for the postage for sending back? Thanks
  14. Hi Guys - As well as my own case posted elsewhere under Santander, I'm trying to help a young girl aged 18 who I met through our homeless network. Said girl left home and as usual for a girl of her age, knows nothing and understands nothing except everyone else has to pay for her lifestyle. Shes on benefits and these are paid into her basic bank account. Her benefits are reduced because she has to pay back a crisis loan and other fines. (She still goes and blows what she has left in 24 hours!) She applied for a 'loan' through some kind of 'club' which charged an 'advance fee' as a kind of membership charge. The Direct debit was paid the first month and then it bounced and before we know it, she has o/d charges being levied daily. Any ideas please? Apart from being ripped off, she needs these o/d charges stopped asap. I guess we could issue an LBA and N1 for the refund of the fees for the 'loan service' ?? As far as bank fees - I've totally lost touch with current status even though I've trawled through the forums. Are we currently on CCA and anything else? Unfair terms and conditions? With a forced overdraft on a basic account, is this regarded as a 'loan' and is it covered by CCA. Any ideas of direction would be useful Thanks
  15. I had a Vodafone account that started in 2003 and ended in 2007. On my crdeit file, it shows an outstanding balance of £331. I have never been contacted about this and the file is all green (up-to-date) until May this year when, all of a sudden, a late marker has been placed, followed by a second one in June. I assume they will default me soon based on how credit scoring works. The file is also marked 'Gone-away' where it says 'Account Status' I have not gone away and have been at the same address all this time. I have spent a lot of time cleaning up my credit file and a default would end my hopes of getting a mortgage for another 6 years. Any advice? Can they record a default 5 years on?
  16. We moved into our current home back in April of this year, signing a 6 month AST, paying all the LAs fees, including ones that they forgot to mention until we came to sign etc etc. At the end of the 6 month AST period, we received the expected letter giving us the choice of signing up to a repeat of the old AST for a fee, getting a new contract negotiated for a larger fee, or allowing the tenancy to go into a statutory periodic tenancy. All as we were expecting as this was what we were told by the LA would occur. Earlier today however we received a phone call from the LA, in which they stated that:- "We have now brought in a new policy that ALL tenants must have a tenancy agreement. Our records show that you do not have one as it expired. As such in January you will be required to pay use £150 to draw up new contracts for you to sign in order to renew your tenancy agreement, or if you pay before December 20th we can do it for you for just £90..." Now I have done a bit of research already before posting this, and it would appear that our tenancy agreement has NOT expired, all that has expired is our 6 month assured period, changing to a 1 month periodic tenancy, meaning that we DO still have a tenancy agreement as per the contract originally signed, just with a different period for notice given for quiting the property. So, am I right in thinking that the LA is just trying it on here? Given that there reasons for basically demanding we pay for new contracts and sign a new agreement are that they "have a new policy"? If so, how should we proceed from here? Thanks in advance for your help.
  17. i cleaned apartment replaced carpets now my bill exceeds £570 deposit by 80 quid am i able to do anything or am i stitched up again thanks for your time
  18. Hi, My wife and I agreed to purchase a car from a garage. After we test drove the new vehicle we gave the garage owner the key to our old car for him to review it. He looked it over but chose not to drive it. We arranged to collect our new car 5days later. We went to collect as arranged and were dealt with by another employee as the owner wasn't in. After we exchanged signed contracts and handed over the cash we thought the deal was done. However the employee asked a colleague to test drive our vehicle, he came back stating an ABS light was on and the Engine Management light, which was correct. The employee asked if the original guy we saw 5 days at knew about it, I said I wasn't sure but that we did give him the key to look at our car. The employee said fine and we shook hands and left. That was 10 days ago. They have now rung me up today and said they've had the lights reset but they keep coming back on so they're going to have to charge me for the repairs. Can they do this?
  19. Hi, Me n mi girl move in last year! she purchased a house, we went on hols, and then move in when we got back. Straight away we informed the council, of dates etc, and they gave us a discount while we was on holiday, Great. We move in, realised she can not cook - (but that a new thread), and every thing else ok. Paid all bill etc on time. One year on-- Today received a letter from council they done a land registry search, Is this legal?. And decided to charge council tax for week we was on holiday! We did not ask for a discount - they just gave. And now they want the money, are they at fault and should they forfeit the bill? And is it legal?
  20. had letter from northampton county court for a debt of over £1000, it says the debt was sold by EOS who i dont recognise to wescott. have checked my credit file not on there and am thinking they are chasing a statue barred debt. looking for advise for nxt step as i have been sent claim form n9a and n9b thanx in advance
  21. My partner and I rented a flat in London and paid our deposit which is being held by a Tenancy deposit scheme. My partner left the flat on 24 September 2012. My partner cleaned the flat before he left (as I left 2 days before that to go back to Birmingham for family reasons). I was contacted on Friday at 3pm a week later by the estate agent, who said that the flat was not clean and we would have to pay £40 from the deposit for it to be cleaned (at a rate of £10 per hour to clean). I asked if my partner could clean the flat again. The estate agent said that the windows were being replaced at the weekend so the only time we had to clean the flat if we wanted to do it ourselves was that evening. He said we could not do it at the weekend because of the window men coming or the next week. I asked when he had inspected the property and he said he had inspected it the day before in the afternoon. I explained that (as he knew) I was living in Birmingham now and therefore my partner, who lived 10 minutes from the flat and 15 minutes from their office, would be able to go and clean the flat again. He told me what he felt needed cleaning more thoroughly. I contacted my partner in London, who arranged to go to the flat with the agent and clean it again. My partner admitted that he had forgotten to clean the oven the first time around and made sure the oven was clean this time, that the kitchen cupboards were cleaned, he vacumed again and washed the skirting board. After that, my partner emailed the estate agents to tell them that he had cleaned it again and apart from the oven not being cleaned, the flat was left the first time in the same state that we had moved in and that now, after he had cleaned it again, it was even cleaner than when we first moved in. We did not get a response to this email. Two weeks later (now) - we have provided the agent with our last bills and now have to provide proof that we have redirected out post with the Post Office. After that we will get our deposit back. But today we were told we would get the deposit back minus £40 for cleaning. I don't understand how the agent can just get in a cleaner after we have cleaned the flat twice, without telling us first. The agent did not inform us that he was still not satisfied with the cleanliness of the flat after it was cleaned a second time even though we have had quite a bit of correspondence with the estate agents to arrange giving them the last bills etc. I feel like no matter what we did, they intended to take money from us. I suspect this is not right and they are trying to give themselves a little bonus because they have been funny about it from the beginning: The estate agents told us at the last minute that the flat had to be cleaned again, even though they had inspected the property a whole day before and they gave us less than 12 hours notice to give us the opportunity to clean it again ourselves. Also, they did not reply to our email after the flat was re-cleaned to say they were still dissatisfied and then they have just gone ahead and supposedly got a cleaner without telling us after we cleaned it again and only now telling us about it and that we will not get the whole deposit back. Also, the agent said the only time it could be cleaned was that Friday evening, so I am not even convinced they employed a cleaner. Is there anything we can do about this because I just feel that it does not add up? Can I ask them to give specific reasons as to why they felt they still needed to employ a cleaner and to provide us with evidence that the money was used to employ a cleaner? Are they even allowed to do this without informing us first and us agreeing to it? I know my partner in London would have gone to the flat with the agent to sort out what else needed to be cleaned because he lives 10 minutes away from the flat. Please help! Many thanks
  22. Hey there, Just had a call from a relative from a previous home address telling me Allied International have a 'urgent personal message' for me. So I google'd who there were before calling and thank god I did because it led me to a long thread with years of history on these forums. First of all as of a few years I no longer live in the UK, I now reside in France everything written below has happened since I'm in France. I'm 99% sure its to do with an overdraft I have with Natwest, after a few conversations months ago where Natwest had setup a repayment plan with me then just before the first repayment date they wanted me to contact them again. Turns out they had no record of any repayment plan had been setup and there were no notes on my account. The conversation with Natwest was left at them getting back to me with a 'report' into what happened with the missing repayment plan. So here I am months later, went to check my balance online 2 days ago with Natwest and now it won't let me in giving me errors and today I'm told Allied International have an 'urgent personal message' for me. It seems like the first thing to do now is ring Natwest and ask what's going on right? It could be too late since Allied are now trying to contact me. They don't have my current address, telephone number or anything. So that's my wall of text, just asking for advice.
  23. when i accepted my bonus, i signed an agreement saying i would pay it back if i left the company within 3 years, (pro-rata per month). my now ex-employer has sent me an angry letter, vaguely threatening me if i don't repay the sum within 14 days. question: what can they do? can they send it direct to a collection agency, or does it have to be judged by a judge first? in my opinion, (and the reason i haven't repaid it) just because i signed the agreement (i had to or they wouldn't give me the money) doesn't mean they can reclaim it. that's my bonus - i earned it by working hard. that's a seedy practice to attempt to reclaim it, and i want this judged by a judge before offering back the money. on the other hand, i'm trying to buy a flat and i'm worried it might mess up my mortgage application. on the third hand, i think they're just trying to scare people and won't actually take action - it might be worth calling their bluff. advice?
  24. hi my husband has had his mortgage for 19years now, and never missed a payment, but me nor him, have a good credit history, and wee want to rent our flat out and buy a bigger home, but 2 years ago wee tryed for a mortgage with one company that wee are with at the moment and they said no, is their any way we can get a mortgage , we need some help, many thanks.
  25. Dear forum reader, I am writing this on behalf of my Parents who need your help with a housing issue. My Parents who are in their late 60's have a commercial lease with a right to residential dwelling upstairs. They have lived in Shepherds Bush at this residence for 28 years and run the shop as a partnership for the same length of time. Since 2009 my father has been diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease which has progressed to a stage now where he has become severely disabled and both myself and my mother are his full-time carers. The reason I need your help is that at the beginning of this year my parents decided to sell the lease, as my mother could no longer cope with everything, and my father could no longer function in this capacity obviously. Therefore, they found a buyer, agreed a price and went ahead with asking for the Landlord's consent. The property does require repairs and has a schedule of dilapidations is outstanding as my father could no longer comprehend or undertake this, the buyer has agreed to undertake work to comply with these. The Landlord is refusing consent for my parents to sell the lease. He is aware of my father's condition through solicitors but yet won't acknowledge this. The property is not disabled-accessible for my father, has no central heating or double glazing, and we cannot afford to put this all in place now, let alone my father be around while work is taking place. Our solicitor has explained to him that the prospective new tenants wish to refurbish the whole property anyway, so will deal with and oustanding dilapidations at the time they take over the lease, and they are prepared to put this in writing also. My father's condition is deteriorating all the time, and my mother cannot run a business and care for my father. Surely they are breaching a disability rights issue? If it were not for my father's disease they would not be asking for Landlord's consent to sell so surely the Landlord is discriminating against them? The way they are being treated seems totally unfair. They have blatantly refused our request to assign, so our only options now seems to be to try and assign without consent (which I think no one will agree to) or go to court to get a declaration that we can assign (which will probably cost alot of money I'm thinking!). There are only 2 years left on the lease. Am reaching the end of my tether with this, please help.
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