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  1. Basically, help! We have a small business, opened one year. Our business banking is with barclays- as are my personal accounts. Didn't have much choice with that, for lots of reasons. Barclays are awful. They refused us an overdraft or any funding whatsoever - the account was in credit by considerably more than the overdraft we'd asked for, but we needed the ability to have credit in the future because we need to buy stock. Refused when we had contracts worth thousands, almost lost one because of it. Told us to use 'payday loan' type companies for credit for stock. We actually had to, to ensure we got stock for an order. When the money hit our account, they took a hefty chunk- even though our free banking wasn't to end yet and at that time, we weren't overdrawn. More recently they took our money earmarked for rent, out our business savings account. We told them we didn't give permission for them to do this- so they did it again. This left us overdrawn on the main account - they'd agreed a temporary overdraft, which we pay off monthly - we didn't really have a choice at that. Today they cancelled that - because they've taken us over limit - in response to me contacting them to tell them not to empty the savings account! Money goes in - on paper, we're fine, until Barclays take hundreds out every month. Since September, almost £2000 has gone to them. They won't actually provide us with where it's gone, or what our monthly fees are meant to be. We can't speak to our bank manager directly - and when we did - she actually said that the computer says no. And apparently no human could look at it sensibly, and make a decision on actual income or our business plan, or anything. Just- no. Our business is everything, we put absolutely everything into it. Then Barclays take it. We can't pay the rent because they've taken it, they've shut down our account. I've got a personal barclaycard - this morning checked it and that's inexplicably overdrawn. To add insult, barclaycard put up my credit limit on the account and dropped the interest rates the SAME month they turned down the business for a barclaycard - and sent us awful wine to say 'sorry' after the application apparently was turned down on their system before we'd applied. I just don't know what to do anymore. We put in a complaint in October and got back £200 of the charges, we told them we accepted the part payment but we were not considering the matter closed and would take it further for the rest of the charges/fees/random amounts they swiped. We've applied for other banks, but the more we're turned down, the worse we look. We've applied for a no-credit check business account today. That takes five days- won't be surprised if they turn us down too. How do we stop Barclays ruining our business? How do we get another business account that we can have card payments paid into? We can't swap to a personal account for business merchant services. They're meant to be ringing back in half an hour. I am not very happy with them Don't think I can speak to them, had a massive rant at them earlier, which wasn't helpful and didn't make me feel any better either. But just at the end of my tether with them. Barclays are just destroying us. Logged onto the online banking- and they're offering ways of funding small businesses as an advert, ffs!
  2. aa I've never received a N24 form before, so I have no idea what to do, also I cant seem find anything to do with the N24 we've just received on the site. All we received was 2 sheets of paper, telling us to file within 7 days, & a cryptic accompanying letter sent to our solicitor. I've attached this to the post My main question is what is "an order excluding the Defendants from the property"? Does it mean a lodger ie an excluded tenant? or something else? Is it evicting a commercial tenant? The full paragraph says : " in detail and in numbered paragraphs the background to the dispute and why they are entitled to an order excluding the Defendants from the property" I have no idea what this means ... The accompanying letter to the solicitor said something about varying a residential contract into a commercial contract. I've included the full letter as an attachment. The exact wording about the varying order is: "That the said Assured Shorthold Tenancy bearing the latest date be varied into a business/commercial lease upon registration or obtaining an operating licence with the regulatory board namely Office of Standards for Education Department (OFSTED). " Also is it possible to ask the court to show us the original application or order from the court, so we know what the hell is going on ... The only forms we received said Because this Order has been made by the Court without considering representations from the parties, the parties have the right to apply to have the order set aside, varied or stayed. A party wishing to make an application must send or deliver the application to the court (together with any appropriate fee) to arrive within seven days of service of this Order. The Claimants must file with the Court and serve on each Defendant by 10-12-2015 a signed and dated witness statement which sets out clearly and in detail and in numbered paragraphs the background to the dispute and why they are entitled to an order excluding the Defendants from the property and which contains a declaration ('a statement of truth*) that the contents are true . 3) When the Claimants do this the application will be placed before a circuit judge who will decide without a hearing when it will be heard: 4) If the Claimants do not do this by the date given, the application (but not the Claim will be struck out) Dated 17 November 2015 Again we have no idea whats going on, please help. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Still having problems with work and trying to get my job back. Im still employed, currently on gardening leave pending reports on my knee from Occupational health. Im having major issues with the process. I've been off some time, my operations didn't go to plan,and had subsequent corrective surgery and steroid injections. I've finally been given the 'all clear' but occupational health have said Im not fit to do my old role. I have a letter from the surgeon stating he would put not restrictions on my return to work, I also have a 'fit to work' note from my GP. My work involves a lot of standing, but the occupational health person said I have to be sat most of my shift and cant pick up anything over 10kg. Its patently wrong, but as she has a medical qualification, they're going with her assessment. I've spoken to my union guy, who said 'Well, you've have had a good run on the sick, so you should be happy they haven't got rid of you before now' I feel as though things are slipping out of my grip, even though I've presented much information to contradict the Occy healths assessment, they gave me a 'figure' last week of what I'd receive if they did 'medically retire' me. Its a well paid job and its kind of hit me like a ton of bricks, to finally find out I'm well and my employer is offering exit packages. I had cancer prior to this and came back within three months of radio therapy so I'd not lose my job, now I feel like just giving up and crawling under a rock.
  4. I was a customer of Talk Talk Mobile for 2 years. Finally got myself a better deal elsewhere and took my mobile number with me. I paid the final bill then received an email saying I was in credit by nearly £12. Not a lot of money but it will come in handy. I telephoned Talk Talk Mobile on the 30th of September asking for my money back. After being passed around several call centre workers offering me new phones I finally got through to someone who said they will process the refund and have it back to me in 10 working days. He took my long card number off a bank card I hold for my savings account. I waited until last Thursday (exactly 10 working days) before I phoned them back as the money had not appeared in my account. I was told it would take another day for it to be paid into my account. Yesterday still no sign of my refund so I called them again. I was furious and demanded to speak to a manager. The manager (foreign call centre) said he would take charge of my complaint and telephone me back. He did phone back today and he said the card number I had given them did not belong to a UK bank and they cancelled my refund. He told me that my refund wasn't processed because I had not given them a number off a Visa card. I asked if they would just pay the money into my bank account and I was told they cant do that. The only way they refund is to a Visa card or by Cheque!!!!! I had to give him the number off my Visa card for him to process the refund. I asked how long before the refund would take and he said another 10 working days. I asked for Compensation and he is sending me a cheque for £5. I am sure that they wouldn't wait that long if I owed them money!!!!
  5. Hi have a similar issue i want to discuss but i can not seem to make a thread.
  6. Morning Guys/Girls. Thank you in advance for this help. Hope this is in the right section (sorry if not) Very long story short, when I was younger, burying my head was great and new cars had been top of my list! Fast forward ten years, that's not the case!! About 8 years ago, I took a car on finance through Welcome...(£6995) after 3 years, I got into trouble with work & the car got repossessed. At the time around 3900 had been paid. Fast forward to last year, I got called to court (8 months before it with have been statute barred) and I was given a CCJ for £12000. At the end, the judge said, "the creditor will contact you for payment" And as we walked out, so did the solicitor. I recently received a "missed" parcel from APS. Quick look ok here, it seemed it would be in relation to the CCJ. I called welcome to make payment plan, they told me to contact IND, I contacted them, and they said I need to reply to APS as I have a date set in court on 10th November. But I MUST get te letter re delivered from APS. I'm assuming they are trying to SERVE me? The girl at IND said it was to sit with someone in court to arrange a payment plan and go through my finances. Would that be a "Order to obtain information" ? So, the second I finished the call, I sent a letter registered, to the court that issued the CCJ, Welcome Finance And IND wth a breakdown of my finances and an offer to pay £35pcm. My basic wage is £15000 before tax. And have other debts I have payment plans with. I suppose I just need some advice on this "order to obtain" if IND accost my payment plan, will they cancel that? Has it done me any favours with the court offering to make a payment? What happens if I'm not Served before the 10th November? Will they just set a new date? Thank you so much again, any advice is helpful ��
  7. Hi, I am hoping someone can help. I got home today to find a letter from High Court bailiffs, stating that they had called to seize goods and would be calling the following day to seize them, whether I was home or not. The problem is that it is for a CCJ I did not know I had until three-four weeks ago, as the CCJ was given to me at an address that I had lived at, but did not live at at the time they did court proceedings (I hadn't lived there around six months when it was granted). I only found out when I got my credit file that it had been given just over a year ago. I phone the high court office, and the lady said I needed to fill out an income and expenditure form which she would send in the post, and that I should ring the bailiff to tell him I had spoken to the office. I am on income support and disability benefits (DLA, SDA) as both I and my partner are registered as blind. I phoned the bailiff on his mobile, and he said the fact the CCJ was put on me at the wrong address is 'by the by', and that he would put the claim on hold for ten days. The amount is nearly , and was from university where I was receiving a scholarship but had to leave due to ill health. They had already paid me 3 months in advance, and I left after a month (not a month into the PhD, I was in my third year, but a month into that particular payment), on their request, as I got very ill and couldn't study any more. I couldn't afford to pay the money back, as whilst they were paying in advance, I was having to pay back debts in arrears, so the money had all gone. A big chunk of the debt is in court costs and interest etc. The university were paid in big chunks by the people that held the scholarship, and them paid me every three months (they got the lump sum at the beginning of the academic year). I just don't know what to do, if I had known I had a CCJ I would have been paying it, but \i am scared that they will not accept my payment offer, which is going to have to be small, and they will come and take my stuff. The weird thing is, I got a letter in the post this morning from a debt collector, telling me I owed 3100ish to this place, and if I didn't pay within seven days they would apply to get a court judgement against me. I'm scared and don't know what to do. Please help.
  8. Hello, I am brand new to this forum so please excuse my lack of knowledge. My mother is a pensioner who was missold PPI from Littlewoods on a credit card years ago. (Barclaycard?) She has no documentation for this currently. What I'd love to find out is 1) How do I make a claim/Who do I need to contact or address a letter to? 2) What proof/documentation would I need to do so? 3) Is the process very complicated, would I be better going through a company to do it for me or is the percentage they usually take too much? Sorry if I sound completely clueless, as indeed I am I'm afraid! Thank you so much in advance for any help.
  9. I took out a SIM only phone deal with Three on 29th June. I cancelled this with them on 1st July. I sent them a clear email of which I have record, and they acknowledged receipt of it. I spoke to them now and they are telling me that "due to data protection" they could not cancel my account based on my written request, and since they were subsequently unable to complete the cancellation by phone , they have kept the account open and continued to charge me. They have cancelled the account now, but say I have to pay the line rental for the intervening 2 months. They did try to call me a few times but I can rarely answer the phone as I'm extremely busy; I was on the line with them once for about 20 mins and had to give up as I had other calls waiting. Should they not have accepted my written cancellation? Do I really have to pay this bill, for 2 months of a contract I didn't used and cancelled in wrting?
  10. Hi all, I have a question for you... A few days ago, on the 31st Dec, I made a purchase with my smile debit card, for £10.00, the transaction was of course accepted and on my way I went. Then on the 2nd Jan Smile charged me the monthly fee of £13.00 for my smile more account, again which is fine. On the 3rd Dec, the £10.00 from the first transaction shows up, Smile informed me they had paid this despite me not having enough funds to pay for this transaction, and puts me £9.08 over my OD limit. I then paid in £35 at around midday on the 3rd Jan(The same day as the payment was listed as being taken) to bring my account back into limit with a little to spare. I have also transferred another £25 today so my account is now well within the limit. Smile are now saying that I am going to be charged £20.00 for the indiscretion, but i fail to see how they can do this, it is unfair in my view as the first transaction in my view was 'paid' at the point of purchase, I base this on the fact it was accepted at POS by the bank, and the last physical payment was actually to themselves for the subscription charge. I of course accept this may not be correct but that's how I feel about it just now. More importantly though, the account was back in limit the very same day before their close of business and therefore I fail to see how they can apply any charge as they have not actually lost anything, nor have they been caused any additional work that actually costs them £20.00. I see this charge as excessive and is more a penalty charge than a charge to recover any loss suffered by Smile. I believe this is rather unfair and would like CAG members to throw me some opinions and thoughts on what they think and how to go about dealing with this. Thanks in advance ... mrbrooks
  11. I went on the budget calculator about how the budget changes affect you. I know it doesn't take everything into account but I'm worried about how much worse off we are going to be as a family. I currently live in a private rented house with my husband and 3 daughters aged 16, 13 and 11. I receive HB but contribute 60% of the rent from my wages. I work 24 hours and earn around £10500 per year. My husband is on ESA CB SG, PIP Enhanced rate of both mobility and care. When I put in my salary on the calculator it says I'll be £1500 worse off but it asks for my husbands salary so I put in his ESA as its counted as income and it reduces to only £42 worse off. Have I done the right thing in including his ESA? Like a lot of people I'm worried of the impact the cuts will have on my family.
  12. Hi, Any advice really appreciated. I moved into a flat in June 2013 with a prepayment meter. I told EON and they sent me a new keycard. I used the card to top up at local newsagents every time I needed electricity. I moved out the flat in June 2014 after a 12 month tenancy. All good with the landlord, agent, council tax, etc. Now July 2015 I've had a snotty phone call from EON saying I owe them £250 in unpaid electricity. I've checked my online account with them from my time in that flat, and sure enough if shows unpaid £250. I'm minded to tell them to go forth and prosper but am worried there might be comeback on me? Thanks. Ed
  13. Hello all, Would welcome any views on my current situation with Plusnet. I have had ongoing issues with my broadband and telephone for over a year- I have given them multiple chances to resolve these problems. Eventually I had to email their CEO to force them to engage with me and the fault even investigated. Despite being told multiple times that there were faults external to my property I was repeatedly told to "change your wireless channel". Eventually I had to complain to CISAS. Shortly after my complaint to CISAS, Plusnet removed from their online ticket support system all records of the conversations we had had prior to their being forced to investigate- this included the year long history of my contact, their responses etc. All that remained was the initial response to my CEO email. Since CISAS closed the call - we are awaiting their decision but they will no longer accept further evidence - Plusnet have become increasing more difficult to deal with. Last week they unexpectedly told me that I had an outstanding amount to be paid and they cut my services. There is no outstanding bill and I asked them to raise a bill enabling me to pay this amount, albeit under duress. Since then they have ignored all contact with me and there is no way I can pay this outstanding amount as my account shows no outstanding bill. Today I receive a letter stating "as a result of your outstanding balance your account has been deactivated". They are not responding to any contact from me. I work from home and am a full time carer to my disabled son - who is educated via an online 'virtual' school - and Plusnet are aware of this. Without access to the internet I cannot work and my son cannot be educated. They are now refusing to respond to my many contacts: phone, email and twitter all ignored. I suspect they will continue to ignore me until enough time has passed to close my contract. My main contact there - Matthew Wheeler - has been phenomenally bad at dealing with these issues and now just doesn't respond at all. Avoid at all costs.
  14. Good afternoon, hopefully this will be a 'quick' one. I've had an e-mail from my landline provider (BT) about the changes coming into effect on 1st July about charges to 08.. numbers etc. I use an 0844 number to make international calls on a regular basis. This is currently charged at 1p per minute. (is that what is called an 'override service'?). From what I understand from the e-mail, if I use this service after 1st July, I will be charged by BT a minimum of 9.58p per minute, despite the 'provider' (I think it's justcall) advertising it as 1p per minute. I'm confused. Can someone help me out please?
  15. Please help, my best friend just had a baby and had to relocate near families After vacating the property and asking landlord for refund of deposit, landlord is finding lots of excuses to grab whole deposit and worse the agency is on the side of the lanlord basically these are the charges eplace smashed centre light fitting Replace/repair pull-switch and refit to ceiling Replace broken toilet seat and flushing mechanism. £80.00 · Bedroom Re-decorate £100 · Kitchen Replace electric cooker (which was new when tenants moved in) £150.00 · Lounge Re-hang electric economy 7 heater £50 · Garden Arrange removal of large amounts of rubbish left in garden and outside shed £40 · Thorough cleaning of the property £75 Total £495.00 AND THE DEPOSIT IS £500 This flat was rented for less than 2 years by a couple, no kids And the oven was never brand new How can this couple defend themselves Please they have been given 24 hours to answer, Any advice welcome Thanks
  16. Hi, I hope someone might be able to provide some general advice. I am trying to reclaim £450 in Platinum Card membership fees, I have already unsuccessfully been through their complaints process and they've sent me the FoS leaflet. 1 - I've had both a British Airways Amex card and a Platinum Amex Charge card (with flexselect credit) for almost ten years. The latter has a membership fee of £450, paid in December 2 - I hadn't actually used the Platinum Card for two years until April 2015 when I tried to use it to pay for a hotel abroad - declined, despite my statement telling me I had over £1000 of my £3500 Flexselect credit available 3 - I rang Amex, and they essentially told me that because I was a risky customer, they were declining to put through my charges. Yes, late last year I ran into financial difficulties and had problems making loan and credit card payments and this will have affected my credit file 4 - However, at no time did Amex tell me I can't use the card. There is no notification on my online account, and I have received no letters or phone calls, so this is the first I had heard of it 5 - In fact the card does work sometimes. It usually works for smaller (less than £20) amounts in supermarkets etc. Not always. Yesterday an £8 charge went through, today a £17 one didn't 6 - I wrote to Amex making a complaint asking that my card be downgraded to one of the free ones, and that as I had been sold a card I can't actually make full use of, that my year's membership should be refunded 7 - Amex has rejected the complaint saying I could only have a pro rata refund (which I guess would be £300 odd) and making me aware that they can basically stop me using it when they want as it says so in the Tcs and Cs I would now like to complain to the FoC. The basis of my complaint will be that Amex knowingly sold me a card membership I can't make full use of, and never told me that I can't fully use the card. Had I known this, I would not have paid them the £450 at the end of last year. I have two questions: 1 - There is £550 due to be paid next week, some of this is from the small purchases I have been able to make - public transport, small supermarket shops etc. The rest is from my flex select balance. I am in a position to pay this, but would there be any grounds for me not to, if I am disputing the account? Or would this make things worse and I should just pay up as normal. 2 - Because the Amex card seems to work for most smaller charges, does this in any way negate my complaint? The £450 membership is sold with various travel benefits, but as I discovered I can't actually use the card when travelling Any other advice of how I should approach this with the FoS is appreciated. Thank you for hearing me out, all being well I'll look to submit my FoS complaint in the next few days
  17. Hi In the last few days I've received a County Court Claim Form from a company called 1ST Credit (Finance) Ltd of Reigate which states my HSBC Gold Visa card debt was assigned to them last September. As I have now less than 14 days to respond unless defending the claim, is it worth opting to defend the claim and requesting a CCA from them to see if I can have the claim refused by the court? Or do I just have to accept a CCJ? Thanks in advice for any advice, Terry
  18. Hi My circumstances have recently changedfor the better and im trying to finaly sort my finances out and make repayments to a few outstanding loans etc one of these loans is to flm now amigo and i was reviewing all the communication weve had since i took the loan out in 2011and they constantly threatened me with court action from a company alled harvey sturrt claiming I would have to pay more in repayments than my original agreement? Isn't this the same situation as Wonga as Harveysturrt turns out to be another trading name for flm?! what should I do ?
  19. Hi Hopefully someone on here can help me. I am on ESA and have been trying to get my medical done at home. I do not have anyone to come with me and cannot for reasons of safety travel to it alone. I have written to ATOS several times and asked them to contact my doctor, including on the initial review form they sent. I have been sent three interview dates for their offices, none of which I could attend. I then wrote to the DWP and asked them to make it happen. They simply ignored my request. After the last appointment I missed I received a letter telling me it is my responsibility to obtain confirmation of needing a home visit from my doctor and if I miss another appointment then I will have to furnish proof why I couldn’t attend or my benefit may be stopped. I wrote to my Doctor asking for a letter supporting a home visit and he wrote back informing me it is the responsibility of the DWPt o fullfill their contractual obligations with him and write to him themselves for the information as otherwise there will be quite a large fee for the letter. If they write it is free. They have sent another appointment at the Medical centre. My question is this - will my benefit be stopped automatically when I can’t attend, what can I do to stop this happening and do I have the right of appeal? Is my Doctor right in his advice to me? I intend to write and cancel the appointment but would like to know what I can do to ensure they do not stop my benefit. Do I have any legal rights that are not being met? How do I proceed. I have made it clear I am more than happy to for them to examine me, but it must be done at home in order for me to be able to do this. I am completely at a loss and have no idea what I will do if they stop my money as I am too ill to claim JSA I could not look for a job and so will not fulfil their criteria.. Many thanks for your help and apologies if I ramble. Also apologies if this is covered elsewhere but I tried searching for the info and couldn't find it. Best wishes Gerry
  20. My mother died in May of last year, she has left a property to me and my sister. There was no will. I was living with my mum and have decided to stay in the property, but I needed a mortgage to pay my sister her half. My mum had taken out a homeowner loan (endowment) which matured after 10 years in September 2014, but the Royal Bank of Scotland have not been in contact with Aviva for the money yet. Now my conveyancing solicitor is telling me he needs the deeds to change the property into my name, but my probate solicitor is telling me he shouldn't need the deeds at all. Which makes me wonder if he's taking me for a fool as I'm a 25 year old single girl with no parents to tell me he's wrong!! The conveyancing solicitor is telling me he can't get hold of the deeds and is according to him sending out letters - which is costing me money. When surely its easier to pick up a phone. Me and my sister have done some ringing round and we found out in the same day the RBS do not have these deeds. There is plenty more to my story, but I was just wondering if any body out there knows if he indeed needs these deeds to transfer to me or not? And if the fact my mum had a homeonwer loan has anything to do with it or not? Thank you Hannah:wink:
  21. Hi Guys, I have a business overdraft of £13k. We have been sat at the deep end of it for about 2 years now. However business has started to a bit more profitable and we are slowly starting to eat at it. Natwest usually renews the overdraft every september for a cost of £250. They renewed it last year but because of things being tight back then i stopped taking a wage to help boost cashflow. This meant i couldnt pay my personal unsecured loan i have with natwest. I have a personal guarantee on the overdraft and they have now sent me a letter saying they are only renewing it till march 1st. They want my lastest company accounts which wont be finalised until june and are demanding i start repaying my personal loan as it is linked to my business account. I wasnt under the impression that the two accounts could be linked together. Its a limited company if that makes a difference. They are talking about possibly turning the overdraft into a loan. But they want something sorting or they will turn it over to the debt collection department. I just wanted to get some advice as to how i should proceed. If they remove the overdraft will they persue me for the full amount in one payment which i cant pay. Also can they take my house? or will they try and arrange a payment plan to pay the money back? Im hoping you guys can help me.
  22. Between January 2014 and April 2014, bailiffs were visiting me for two CT debts. I informed the bailiff by email about my suspected Asperger's but they never responded. At the end of April I moved due to my landlord selling up, and no bailiff has visited me at my new address, but I'm worried they'll be back. I've started paying directly to the council and want them to take back the debt as I don't feel bailiff enforcement is suitable for me. However, they're completely ignoring my letters and emails. Before I progress to an LGO complaint, I've decided to email the council CEO based on a thread I read here. I've drafted this email: I was hoping you could help me improve it before sending it. Maybe strengthen my argument somehow?
  23. What do you reckon my chances are of getting anything back by sending the attached? Been paying £9 a month for well over 10 years for no apparent 'benefit'. TIA
  24. Hi all We had a long term lodger in our home, a female, who stayed here for about 3 years We know she was having financial problems, but four weeks ago, she just packed up and left, leaving us in the dark She kept telling us she would be back, but never returned Now we're getting debt collection letters through the door, addressed to her We also found a bunch of opened ones in the room she let One of them was about her car, which was towed away about 7 months ago, because she stopped paying tax on it, from what we've found out through one of her friends, she was summoned to court about it, but never showed up This letter was from Marston Group Ltd, on behalf of the courts it seems. So my dad emailed them to explain the lodger no longer lived here, their response was: A little worrying, can we deny them entry? Should we? I don't know what rights we have regarding such people.
  25. Hi, I've just terminated a rent agreement for a residential property that was under a business let with my own company - was accommodation used whilst contracting away for home. The letting agency are being quite difficult about the cleanliness of the property when I moved out, even though I cleaned extensively and left it in good condition (I've been renting and letting my own property for 15 years and I have never seen anything better, tbh). However, their inspection has revealed some dust and a few other items that could be attended to. They are asking for around £250 for what is, at most, a couple of hours work!? They are also asking for the carpets to be "professionally cleaned" and will not accept that anybody other than a "professional cleaner" is able to do this, even though this is not in the contract. FYI, there are no stains on the carpets and they are in good condition, as described in their own checkout report. Additionally, the carpets are not suitable for using a wet vacuum cleaner and I suspect that the only option is normal vacuuming (which I have already done) and the application of dry cleaning powder of some description. Of course, they have refused to detailed what professional cleaning actually entails and there is nothing about this in my contract. How can I challenge this requirement? I have offered to do the work myself or via a local friend (I do not normally live locally), but they have refused to let anybody other than a professional cleaning company back into the property - they reason that this is because my agreement has now ended. The only alternative they have provided is that I may source a "professional cleaner" of my own instead of using theirs. I'm not aversed to spending some money to put this right, but the amount that has been proposed is absurd for the work that actually needs to be done. I've lived there on my own for a little over 8 months, returning to my main residence every weekend, and basically only using the property for a small amount of the day. Throughout that time I have treated it like my own home and kept it very tidy/clean. I appreciate that there may only be limited options to resolve this dispute - the letting agency has no interest in compromising, despite my efforts to come to a reasonable agreement with them. Would appreciate any input from those with experience as, beyond getting a third party to clean, I am not sure where to go next. Thanks, J
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