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  1. Hi All, need some help please. I will list the points below: 1, 2013 - changed supplied to Eon, never got a final bill from Npower (they say they did send it) 2, Never got any bills of any reminds or red letters from them at all. 3, then got a letter from them out of the blue in Oct 2014 saying i owe them for gas/elec and i have to pay before debt collection agencies get involved. 4, i contacted them, and told them about back billing as they were chasing me for something which was 18 months old. 5, then i get letters from DCA, 2015, was told to ignore which i did. 6, small claims court arrives from county court, Jan 2016 7, i dispute it and regarding back billing and I win. 8, not heard anything for until Apr 2017, another DCA called Arvato started calling me to pay. 9, I told them the situation, they put the account on hold, they liased with Npower, then decided to carry on harrassing me. 10, 14th July Npower send a letter telling me i have to pay in full or they will default my file. 11, the amount is £467.35, yet when i log into the account and look back it says I owe £616!!! 12, I have sent an email to Npower to cease chasing me for this. I need to know, what other things can I do to stop this default? n.b. i don't have any paperwork as I won in court, and as it was a year old in jan this year, i binned it all (daft i know) Any help is much appreciated Thanks Paul
  2. Hello It feels like I'm running round in circles at the moment in regards to our council Tax debt and the zero co-operation I'm getting from the Council or Baillifs in regards to paying it off! We owe 2 amounts to Baillifs Penham Excel 1x £934 and 1x £1465 - both way over what we actually owe the council! Baillifs have been 4 times now and each time I've refused entry into the house to do a walk in possession, but today he turned into a smart a*** and said he would go away and get an order to take away my car (no finance on it and only worth around £1200). This has really worried me as I have to have it to get my 5 year, who is Autistic, to school 3 miles away and then my other son to nursery. Can they take my car? If yes, then would I be wise to change the ownership to my Mum so if they come back to take it, it isn't officially mine? The baillif has insisted that we pay the first amount in full and maybe they will come to an arrangement for the second amount if I allow the walk in possession. No bloody way, does he think I'm stupid? I've read about people who've done that thinking they can get a good arrangement set up only to find they've been ordered to pay it off at £400 a month and then have no option but to pay it or lose there things! Spoke to the council to see if we can pay the debt off at £50 a month direct to them and they refuse to help as "it's gone too far now" and they said if it get's handed back by the Bailiffs they will go for a committal to prison! I slightly lost my cool with the woman I was speaking to and told her that this is going to leave us no other option but to go Bankrupt as we also have other massive debts in our name, a repossession order on our house (which is my number one priiority to pay every month) and no one is offering to help us! Is there any other way out of this? I did suggest an attatchment of earnings, but she said that would be at least £250 a month, the £50 we're offering would push us quite a bit. HELP!
  3. I started an important thread earlier today concerning a recent court judgment where a debtor was ordered to pay £7,000 in costs after losing his claim against Harrow Council and their agent; Newlyn. The background and Judgment can be read by way of the following link: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?477808-Paying-the-creditor-direct-to-avoid-paying-bailiff-fees-has-landed-a-debtor-with-a-%A37-000-cost-order.(32-Viewing)-nbsp To ensure that the original thread does not go 'off topic', discussions about the judgment can be posted here.
  4. Evening you beautiful lot. 1st time poster, be gentle! Lowdown- Cancelled my gym membership as per the gyms advice, which was to email the gym, cancel the dd on my account via the bank, then that's pretty much it. Receive a dd from "Harland group" for £32,00. No thanks- cancelled, indemnity claim put in, as i had no clue who these people were, after cancelling my gym membership in may. Have received a letter since then saying "we weren't informed that you were cancelling, so we have correctly collected the funds". Wrote them an email stating i had cancelled as per detail through the gym, with the email thread linked to it. Come home to another letter today, but now for £57.00 for the liberty of the £32, plus a lovely Admin charge. whatever that is. I've seen that we shouldn't really contact them by phone, but don't fancy having another letter through, or someone knocking on my door for £57 . Whats the best way to deal with this? Any help would be mega. Thanks!
  5. Hi Guys, I have recently purchased a car and it turns out the car was not as described on the advert but the finance company are dealing with the garage regarding that.(under the consumer act 2015, false advertising, there asset is not worth as much as they would like now) how ever as soon as we started complaining about the purchased car the dealer is now threating all sorts of legal against me. this is a largish garage in the midlands that advertises on all the usual places including the used approved AA website which is where I ultimately purchased it from the car I part exchanged had a 2 day old MOT issued from a main car dealership, nothing was said about the car on the day. a few weeks later he sends me an email saying the car is costing him money to be sat in the corner of his yard and that it needs in excess of £500 work to bring it up to scratch and saleable now I drove 70 miles with my two children in the car, no warning lights on dash, no strange noises etc. where do I stand and what can I say to him to avoid a court case.
  6. Hello, I have been following this intermittently since I joined last October 2015. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?452513-Sallie-Mae-UK-loans-statute-barred-or-not-scotland&p=4934734#post4934734 I am sort of the same situation, though I moved from Scotland to England in 2012. I am not sure which year Capquest via Sallie Mae, are referring to, but I received nothing after 2007-2008 when the loan was started until 2015, from the annoying letters they started sending me that year. I also had something from Arrow, but I have answered nothing for either Capquest nor Arrow. I tried to contact Sallie Mae UK in 2009 I believe but got bounced emails and nothing except something from an address in Canada, which was dead upon my response. So, seeing as how I am now in England, it is 2016, and theoretically the loan would have been statue barred in 2012 whilst I was still in Scotland, what would the advice be from the forum?
  7. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice regarding my debts because frankly I'm an idiot and don't know where else to turn. My situation is so: I have £10k or so left on an unsecured Natwest Loan which I originally took out back in 2015 but have rescheduled a few times, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to run for at least another 4 years at around £300 a month. I also have £1900 on a 0% credit card which doesn't run out till September 2019. I will however pay £300 or so off this next month. I also have phone and tablet contracts which run to about £960. I move to Canada at the end of August to start a doctorate, they are giving me enough scholarships to cover my fees and have about £10k afterwards. I'm intending to look for a part time job over there and can work up to 20 hours a week during term or any amount of hours during the summer. I originally was in a job where I earned £26k pre-tax so going from that to £10k even living as a student will make it impossible to cover my debts. I want to find some way of paying my debts off and definitely want to avoid bankruptcy, an IVA or anything of the like as if I wanted to stay in Canada the immigration authorities would, from what I understand, take a very dim view of it. I've spoken to a debt charity who have said they probably could help but are only willing to speak to me properly after I've finished my job on the 20th of July. I would like to try and sort something out before then so I can stop worrying and beating myself about my idiotic credit habits! It'll also the last thing I need when added to the stress of having somewhere to live in Canada etc...etc... Many thanks in advance for any advice anyone can give me
  8. Recently i applied to the exceptional hardship fund for funding towards my CT liability, this as in previous years was awarded due to my financial situation, the award was for 50% of the amount that was left after all other discounts deducted and was for the period from 1st April to September 30th they 1st sent me a demand for an instalment that would have been due for April , I contacted the council and explained I should have received a revised ct bill for the other remaining 50% , they said they would get it sorted out Then today i receive a revised CT bill but they have reduced the instalments instead and are expecting me to pay the first one next month, (they don't have a hope in hell) i have an award letter that says that my liability has been paid for 6 months, therefore, i should not be expected to pay anything until October That is assuming that i do not apply again for another award just before then, and it isn't granted But in the past few years, i have had 100% paid, (council only awards for a max period of 6 mths awarded For each successful application ) Only having £73.10 to live off each week and a load of debt people in my situation shouldn't be subjected to pay CT at all yet another of the nasty parties cuts that caused this with their fake austerity claims
  9. Hi all. A long story cut short - over the last few years I have never enjoyed picking up medication from our local Doctors surgery, which is a small branch of a bigger surgery, because of the awful service that you have to put up with - very slow service, pills almost always being mislaid or sometimes not being able to be found with a request to 'come back later'. I finally had enough last September when a I was waiting for over ten minutes for an employee to find my pills when I was in a rush as I had a busy day ahead of me, I phoned the main surgery to question why this was always happening and spoke to someone (let's call her 'J') in the position to deal with complaints. She advised that to make 'the board' aware of any issues, she needs to receive the complaint in writing. I explained that I was recovering from concussion and that my concentration levels were quite poor and asked her to pass on my concerns to them. She said again how if I was serious then she would need it in writing. I asked what would happen if she didn't receive it and she said that she would deal with it informally and I got the distinct impression that she was trying very hard to persuade me not to put it in writing and that she wouldn't deal with it. This did the trick and I never got around to completing the letter and ever since then I've always thought what an effective filtering system it is because rarely do people actually sit down to write letters these days. Unfortunately, due to the effects of the concussion and other issues, I never did complete the letter of complaint. During December I attempted to make contact with her manager (let's call her 'S') because I felt frustrated that J had effectively stopped my complaint from being passed on and still the local surgery was awful (I was in a line of people who were all saying similar things to "It's always like this"). Getting hold of her manager was extraordinarily difficult with various promises of a call back never materialising. Finally last week I rang the surgery and asked the receptionist to get S to call me back as I would like to complain about how 'J' dealt with my verbal complaint. Finally S left a voice message saying how she had heard that I wanted to speak to both her and 'J', which I found a little odd. Just now, I finally got to speak to 'S' on the phone. She explained that 'J' was listening in to the call. I asked for a meeting next week. S said that next week was not possible but whenever the meeting does take place then J will be present. I stated how I believed that being as part of my complaint was about J then this would make things quite awkward and uncomfortable for myself. S insisted that J would have to be present so that they would both hear what I had to say. S did press me for what my complaint was about and I explained that if she were to look at J's notes (that J promised me she took at the time) then she would know exactly what this was about (at this point I was suspecting that J never did take notes on my complaint and just let the matter slide) Although I persevered with getting a meeting with S in two weeks' time, she again insisted that J be present. My question is, is it the norm when making a complaint about someone that they be there whilst you are making the complaint? If it is, then so be it, but I am curious. *Sorry for the length of this, I guess I didn't cut it short after all.
  10. Hi, I stumbled across this website and I hope you can help me. I'll be so greatful if you can. I have a defaulted Lloyds account which I last used in 2007, and in oct 2013 it defaulted. The overdraft had grown from about £250 to over £1600. I received not a single letter... .up until 2013 when I got one from a credit collector demanding I repay it. I have been arguing it is statute barred for some time now, and they have supplied me with statements showing no activity since 2007 and a steadily increasing debt. It defaulted shortly after maxing out and defaulted. I seem to be going round in circles, after reading what feels like the whole internet on this topic, my point is that LLoyds could have taken action after a nominal two years of inactivity, thus starting the SB clock. Is lloyds had withdrawn the account as per their own T&C then it would have defaulted a long time ago, and been a much smaller debt. Do you think that is a fair argument? If it is, clearly it's not in their interest to agree, so how do I force the issue as I don't want this to go on another 2 years! Thanks for any help you can offer
  11. Good afternoon, I have recently found my original finance agreement from Welcome Finance in 2007, for which I believe I was mis-sold shortfall insurance on the agreement. I was told by the salesman that if i did not take the shortfall insurance, then i would not be provided with finance. I had no idea it was optional until recently. I have contacted the FSCS in relation to starting a claim as per the Welcome website, I have the original credit agreement however, I have no details as to who the shortfall insurance was through as a) I was not given any documentation by Welcome other than the credit agreement and b) I never had to make a claim. I cannot contact Welcome as they are no more and want to have as much information as possible for the claim. Naively, I thought it was via Welcome Finance but it appears that was just the credit agreement. Can anyone assist with identifying who the shortfall insurance was through? the date i tool the policy out was April 2007. Any help appreciated
  12. I rang the GP surgery due to having problems with the online booking system, this particular bad mannered receptionist talked down to me in a demeaming manner, telling me to use the online booking system at 7.45am in the morning. I tell her the online booking system is showing the next 3 weeks as not available to book an appointment and question her why? Her response to use it 7.45am in the morning or ring for an appointment at 8am. I tell her I can't because I'm travelling to work that time, she responds thats the only option and she gets more and more agressive during the call, like she's on a power trip. I tell her I'm making a complaint. I ring back after a few days, its the same receptionist, she takes my details (d.o.b), I ask to speak to the Practice Manager, she tells me 'We don't escalate calls to the practice manager. you have to put it into writing'. She keeps on repeating this over and over. I feel I'm getting no where and she's looking for a verbal confrotation after realising its me who and she asks "is it about the complaint against me?" I say no, but she asks "so whats the complaint about about you want to tell the practice manager or is it about not getting your appopintment within the 3 day time limit (I was given it 3 weeks later!!!) She asks "is it about the complaint against me? or about your appointment in 3 weeks time" I tell her its neither, but she keeps interrogating me over and over. Her tone of voice is aggressive, she talking loudly and I can hear her colleagues in the background. She tells me "I can't give you the practice manangers details, put the complaint in writing" and she's questioning me time and time about what issue is about (she's trying to find out why I want to speak to the practice manager, so she can pre-empt and try to cover her tracks before the practice manager receives the complaint. I can hear her colleagues in the background and tell her, she's breaking confidentiality/privacy by talking loud about my matter in from of her colleagues (she's buzzing of the power trip in front of her colleagues". She tells me I'm breaking confidentiality by talking to her in the presence of my family because she can hear them in the background!!! She tells me the call is recorded and we are not getting anywhere and she will end the call. I say her attitude towards me is bad, she's not professional and she's now talking over me, interrupting me constantly, then she slams the phone down. My health is not good at the moment and this effected my health....what can I do now to put her strong complaint in and get this receptionist dismissed because of above and she's openly discussed my issue with her colleagues and she went through my notes when she took the call, trying to find out if she could find out why I wanted to speak to the practice manager. Please help.
  13. I have recently received two letters, with some made up reference number, saying "we know you are living at this address, contact us, or we may have to call you (good luck, we are ex dir). No reference to any debt, company or anything. I didn't realise this company were so horrendous until I read so many threads on this and other consumer forums. Any debts are now so statute barred that cobwebs are all over them. There was a small amount owing to black horse, but no payments or agreements have been made for over 15 years. Now, I suddenly get a couple of letters from Ruthbridge. I have put them in file 13 . Just where do they get their information from. I have taken out and paid off buy now pay later schemes from Curry's, one is settled and one is about to be settled, before the 6 months grace is up. My credit rating is excellent and there is not one thing that is negative on my credit report, no debts, just positives Banks etc are forever wanting me to take out credit cards with them, (which I decline). Do I simply ignore this bunch of pond life who hope to feed from people, through fear, I certainly have no intention of speaking to them.
  14. Hi There, Just wondering where I should post a new question relating to where I could find information on who I had a HP credit agreement with a few years back when purchasing a car? Or who I should write to to ask? Any pointers gratefully received. Many thanks :0)
  15. Hi - I need some help quite badly. I had a bad mental breakdown around a year ago and didn't pay some private parking fines. They were for outside my mothers house whilst she was helping me. I didn't get letters as I was away from home getting help. I don't want to go into this further - but I'm not fully recovered. I got a call on Monday morning from my Mother in tears. Bailiffs had come and barged their way into her home. They asked her to get ID and then pushed in. They have then threatened to take all HER stuff. They have said if they cannot prove it's hers they can take it. But I don't even live there. I did use to live there when recovering - but wasn't even in the country when they came. They have left all MY paperwork with her. Which is humiliating enough - they have given it to my Mother rather than me. I'm a 30 year old man! They have also made her sign a "controlled goods agreement" - but it's not actually her that's the debtor. How can she sign for it when it's not her? If anyone has advice even in the form of a charity that can help I'd really appreciate it. I'm not a freeloader I'm just mentally not that well. I can't afford the £2k right now! Of which £632.17 is the debt and £879.92 is the fees! Please help.
  16. Hi ive read plenty about these cowboys on this forum but couldn't find specifically what i was looking for so apologies if im covering already worn ground i just received a letter from harlands saying i need to call the immediately or i will owe them £25. I was a member at xercise4less for about 2 years and then decided to cancel my 1 month rolling contract online, no problems it said i had successfully cancelled, i then checked my bank account 4 month later and realised they still had being charging me membership fees i cancelled the direct debit. thats when i just received this letter from them, should i ring them like the letter says or just ignore them? they surely dont have any right to be charging me anything anymore. Thanks for any help, Adam
  17. Hi I need a bit of advice regarding trying to get £626.24 from Expedia for car hire which never turned up at the airport. I paid by credit card Halifax hoping this would ensure if anything went wrong - I should have know. After repeated emails and phone calls to Halifax/Lloyds they told me they couldn't claim our money back as the car was waiting for us at the airport (which it wasn't) - they just took Expedia's word for it - what can I do. Below is an email I sent to Halifax outling all the details/times/dates screen shots etc On the 24th May I paid Expedia £626.24 online using my Halifax credit card for 11 days car hire in Corfu from 14th July 2016 to 25 July 2016 with collection at 10pm at Corfu airport *see screenshot. On the 25th May I called Expedia to add a baby car seat to my reservation. I was informed by Expedia to call the Corfu office to arrange this, they gave me their number 0030 2109735000. The car hire company in Corfu added a car seat at an extra cost of £33.00 which I agreed to pay at the airport upon collection. The Corfu office then advised me I would also be charged £18 for a late pick up after 9pm. I told them this was not included in the original price when I booked online and there was nothing on the website to say this was an extra charge. The Corfu office advised me to contact Expedia. Expedia told me to pay the additional cost and email them the receipt and they would reimburse me (see email screenshot). This concerned me so I did some research and looked at Expedia's reviews on Trip advisor with regards to car hire in Corfu which only increased my concerns. I was so concerned that I called the Corfu office a week before we went on holiday to check that they had a 7-seater car with car seat and that they were aware we would be arriving at 9:45 local time. I was assured by the people in the Corfu office that they were aware of my requirements and everything would be fine. They also took mine & my wife's mobile contact numbers. Our flight from Manchester (Flight# LS951) on the 14th July 2016 was delayed before take-off by aprox 30mins. We arrived at Corfu airport at about 10pm local time. We left the departure lounge about 10:20pm local time passing all the car hire companies and holiday reps holding placards with company logos and the names of people they were expecting. I checked each one asking if they were waiting for Mr Ewing regardless of whether they had my name on the card or not. No-one was waiting for me. I left my wife and four children, the youngest only 18mths old, whilst I made inquiries with every single car hire, coach transfer and taxi desk inside and outside the airport to find the car hire company without any success. I called the car hire company at 10:50 local time and got voicemail *see phone screenshot. I called back one minute later (10:51) and this time a guy answered who took my name & number, said he would look into it & call me back. At about 11pm it was clear that everybody who'd arrived on that flight had left and there was just me and my family in a very small, empty airport with one departure exit. Me, my wife & 4 very tired & hungry children stood around the empty airport and waited for another half an hour for a phone call that never happened. At about 23:20, with no sign of any car we decided our only option was to get a taxi to our accommodation at a cost of 101 Euros. At 21.38 GMT (23.38 local time) *see phone screen shot, I received a call from the car hire company wanting to know where I was? I explained that as we had been waiting at the airport with no sign of any hire car for over an hour we'd got a taxi to our resort. The guy took our phone number and said he would call someone and to wait for a return call. The 1st phone call was to see what he could do. The second phone call was to tell us he would ask if he could get the car delivered to us next day at our resort. The 3rd phone call was to tell us to call the office tomorrow morning to see what they could do as nobody was available. The following day they called me at 8:35GMT/10:35 local time *see screen shot, for 14 minutes. The lady I spoke to preceded to argue with me insisting that the car had been available at the airport as arranged. She asked me if I thought they were lying which struck me as odd? The lady said that the car could not be delivered to Sidari and if not collected by 5pm the following day, at the airport, the car would be hired to someone else. As we desperately needed this car I said that I would try to organise transport back to the airport to collect the car myself. I also said that I would contact them beforehand if there was a problem getting there by 5pm as my wife has a disability and is unable to look after all 4 children alone. After trying many different avenues to get to the airport (the local bus service & travel back would have taken about 4/5hrs) I just couldn't do it without realistically taking my wife and four children back to the airport in a taxi at a cost of another 101 Euros. When I called the office they promptly reminded me that they couldn't deliver the car and the order would be cancelled. I asked about a refund of the £626.24 I had paid weeks in advance which they said was nothing to do with them and I would have to speak to Expedia. I called Expedia on Monday the 18th July *see screen shot, to log my complaint. They said they would look into the matter and call me within 24hrs to confirm the refund had been authorised. They didn't call back. At this time I had had enough of the whole disastrous situation that had so far cost me £626.24 plus 101 Euros, numerous international calls from my mobile at my expense as well as taking up the first 3 days of my holiday – we never did hire a car which made everything more difficult as we'd chosen a secluded location because we knew we'd have a car. The day after I arrived home, 26th July, I called Expedia *see screenshot, who told me the matter was still being looked into and that I would receive confirmation of a refund by email. I am still waiting to hear back from them. I want a full refund of £626.24 and if necessary will forfeit the extra costs incurred as mentioned above. Please find enclosed screen shots of all phone calls made, copies of emails and other relative correspondence received from the car hire company.
  18. Hi everyone, haven't been on here for a while but wondered if anyone could lend an ear to this; I defaulted on a Lloyds Credit Card 3 years ago; it was linked to my bank account and I have never tried to hide my address from Lloyds, and still use the current account. I became a student again for a while and didn't hear anything about the card, until recently when I became aware that Cabot were chasing me at an old address. I've since received a forwarded letter sent to my old address from Shoosmiths, giving me 14 days to reach settlement before taking action, but the 14 days had expired by the time I received the letter. I have now asked for all letters to my old address to be forwarded to me. I would actually like to sort out the debt and reach a full and final settlement, and really don't want to get the CCJ; I wrote to Cabot and asked them to write to me at my new address; which they should have been supplied by the OC anyway, and have heard nothing. What is the general opinion on this; should I try and CCA Cabot now, or wait for the CCJ and apply to have it struck out? I don't want to confuse things further, but do want it sorted.
  19. Hi I have had a car on finance from moneybarn for little over a year. for starters I have not paid over a 1/3 of the agreement. I have been in and out of work since i bought the car i have had missed payments all over the shop. I have been in a couple of payment plans with them but now they have terminated the agreement. I need to know what s next. i have looked into a time order and think its the best way forward but i dont know much about how i apply for it and where etc. Also how long do i have now that they have terminated the agreement, do they send me something n writing first or can they just turn up willy nilly and take it? HELP!!
  20. Hello I hope you can help - I have someone who is a decent human being but has been put is a difficult situation. Someone else was helping him before but I’ve been called on-board as the other person hasn't got the time. He has been on ESA for a long time, He suffers from severe social anxiety, depression, body image issues and also post-traumatic stress due to many issues; most of which are childhood-related, whereas the traumatic stress (I believe) was relatively recent (5 years ago) due a severe facial injury that required intense facial- reconstruction; (were talking hours of surgery and many surgeons) He has been on a continual downward spiral since as he has no support network and his heavy drinking with which he has used to cope with his social anxiety! This has now culminated with him having a psychotic episode a few weeks ago that resulted him being imprisoned for 6 weeks on remand. He received a suspended sentence plus counseling for drink. No one was hurt, though I’m assuming the experience hasn’t been pleasant for anyone that was involved. I cannot stress enough that the person Is decent human being that hasn’t had the help he’s needed for years. His ESA was such that even wrote him off (never needed a tribunal etc) but since coming out of prison he has found that his ESA has been stopped. Im assuming it was because he went to prison the last amount paid into his account was june 6th! and nothing after this. He doesn’t have the skills to get it reactivated on his own! I have done some homework, and found that he is classed (still) as a remand prisoner as just being locked up from June 6 to approx 5-6 later! I believe from my own research (limited) that..... 1 There is a 12 week period within which the EAS can be re-activated / or linked) is this correct? 2 and that this means that there is not major/ substantial extra information needed to be sent to the dwp? And that it is merely a case filling in a new form and re-activating the claim? 3 However he hasn’t been in proper contact with a DR due to him slipping off the radar in terms of doctors notes (he hasn’t needed them for over three years, so you can imagine that someone who suffers from such conditions has simply let things continue!) will he need one now? 4 Or is it simply a case of filling in the correct forms etc? He has no money since coming out of prison- his rent was paid by housing benefit but the short-fall which was made up by himself with the ESA which obviously means the current situation is-not sustainable 5 he will not need to see Atos, surely if it is simply the case of linking the claim? In conclusion I’m unsure which type of ESA he was on but I’m sure it falls within the category of not needed to attend any support group. He hasn’t needed to supply an updated Dr’s note to Atos or the dwp. I have not phoned the ESA yet on his behalf as I’m not sure if I’m up to the task. But the idea is I would like to get the ESA up and running the way it was before, but obviously to try and get him some type of support group as well. Can anyone help? As the 12 week cut off period is looming? Thanks
  21. Hubby watched the cashier at Tescos put all of the frozen foodstuffs - individually, into those tiny little carrier bags that they have on a roll by the fresh fruit and veg shelves.... He hadn't asked her to - she then tried to charge him 5p for each one !!. He gave her a choice, remove all of the products from the bags - or remove the 25p charge from the bill.
  22. I'm assuming there is a precedent to this. I have a debt to the Council for back Council Tax which I have been paying back as and when I can afford it. Today Bristow and Sutor sent an enforcement agent (who told them he was a bailiff) while I was out and luckily they did not let him in. Nothing, apart from a few items such as my bed and an old stereo which is worth pretty much nothing, on these premises belongs to me as I am just a lodger here and the room is furnished by the landlords. I have never denied that I owe something but the amount is in dispute I have told B&S this previously but they have ignored all my letters. The bloke cleared off when it became clear he wasn't being allowed in but I suspect he will be back. Apparently he was eyeing up their car and I would obviously hate for them to become involved when it is nothing of their doing. Do these people have any claim to anything on the premises and where do we stand if they return in the future? I have spoken to the Council but they say it's out of their hands now although I suspect they could do something about it if they wanted to. Thanks in advance for any help and advice
  23. Hi all, I have a 2013 Fiesta which has leaking suspension struts. I was told this in May 2015 when the car was 15 months old. I have been in dispute with Ford ever since. Ford's reason for refusing a warranty claim regarding these suspension struts is that they say it is not covered after 12 months by the warranty. I have read through the warranty, both on Ford's website and the printed copy that came with the car, and there is absolutely no mention of them excluding anything other than the obvious brake pads, tyres, wiper blades etc until the car is 3 years old or has done 60000 miles, under the base warranty. Ford have offered me £150 voucher to use at a Ford Dealer to have the £540 job done. This is a gesture of goodwill. I'm not inclined to accept this but am being stonewalled by Ford, who seem to be unable to answer any question I put to them about the lack of an exclusion in their warranty. It feels like they can make any clause up to cover themselves. To me this smacks of breach of contract. I have had the car serviced by Ford and as per the schedule. I am on the verge of taking them to the small claims court, but would appreciate any advice anyone has to offer, particularly regarding the enforceability of a warranty clause that isn't in the warranty and if the finance company are worth persuing (even though it is Ford's own finance) as they have an interest still in the car? Kind regards, Jazzer
  24. Hi all, Hoping someone here might be able to advise my next step or point me in the right direction. Back in January 2016 I called T-mobile to provide my 30 day notice and request a PAC. I tried to terminate using the webchat but kept being advised that termination needed to be over the phone. I decided against keeping my number as I was receiving so many sales calls and random texts so just took out a new contract with Life mobile. A week or so ago I discovered that T-mobile were still charging me £32 a month, so emailed them for an explanation and a copy of the call where I provided termination. They have responded to say that they have cancelled the contract with immediate effect but can not refund the £32 a month for the past 8 months. I've protested saying that the termination notice was provided on time and again requested a copy of the call recording, thinking that as this is the only proof I've cancelled as they don't accept it in writing, they will keep it on record. Their response today is as follows; "Thank you for your email and I can confirm I have now cancelled your line with immediate effect as requested. A final bill will be produced in the next few days and I will make sure this shows as a nil balance so there is nothing else to pay. You contacted our retentions team on 13.01.2016 and requested to put in your 30 days notice to cancel but you also requested a PAC Code. You were advised on the text message with your PAC code that if you didn’t use the PAC code then your line will stay active and continued to be charged. You didn’t need to request a PAC code if you did not intend to use it. You could have just told the retentions team advisor that you wish to cancel your line and not keep the number which would have been happened after 30 days. Every call is recorded and I have tried to request this one from 13.01.2016 but it is unavailable. This is either due to the age of the call or because it was part of a transferred call which can sometimes cause problems with the recording. Due to this I am unable to send you a copy of the recording. I hope the above information is satisfactory but if you have any other issues then please do not hesitate to contact me again." I no longer have the phone I was using so can't check the text message they sent. However, I'm certain this was not explained at the time, and given that they state in their T&C's that it must be a verbal termination notice, I believe I have done everything correctly. Please can someone advise what I do next as I would like a refund of the monies paid since the 30 notice expired. Many thanks
  25. Hi Caggers On the 12th of this month I hired a van online from Flexi hire Burton on Trent, it was to help my brother inlaw move house, so he paid online using his card. On the day I went to collect it and went through the paper work and went over the vehicle to spot all the dents and scratches etc. The weather wasnt to great so some of the smallest chips of paint could of been coverd by rain drops. When I returned it they spotted a chip and said that I must of done it as its not on the paperwork, I know 100% whilst that van was in my possession it did not get hit or knocked etc. The guy said he will be in touch with a quote. When I got home I spoke to my inlaw and I told him to cancel his debit card and told him why. Today the car hire people have called me saying I owe £115 for it, to be honest the damage is the size of a ant. So I'm thinking hes trying it on. Im waiting for him to call me back because I told him about the weather on that day and was going to check. Like I said there is no way I did the damage. So if there is any advice what to do next?
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