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  1. New to this and not sure if im in the right place but needed some advice on Trust Deeds. I am starting an application with a company.. does it matter what company or do they all pretty much do the same? They say if my houseis in negative equity I will stillhave to pay £500 as they take into account that I might get some equity over the course of the Trust Deed. Is this the same amount with every company? Thanks
  2. hi just won 2 cases of ppi against central trust I took out the loans for a total of £22k in 2007 secured on my home. all was going well until I lost my job in 2009. for the next 12 months I struggled to make my repayments to them and fell into arrears eventually giving up and decided to sell the house. with the housing market at rock bottom in dec 2010 I sold it to a property company for two thirds its value. when I came to settle the loans with central trust I had to pay them just short of £30k which they said was for charges of being in arrears le
  3. So, the wife and I needed new laptops, and we saw the offer of £100 cash back. To be doubly sure that the offer applied, I rang their customer service line to ask if I could click and reserve both computers in one transaction, or whether we had to buy them separately to get the full £200. I was advised that I would get £100 off EACH laptop and only needed to do one transaction. I therefore went ahead and reserved the laptops, and went down to pick them up from Currys/PC World Derby. "39 Bruce" served me, and I again checked with him that it was okay to put both laptops on one tr
  4. I am after some advice on PPI on a loan. I made an approach to question the sale of PPI to the loan company Central Trust in 2008 some time after the loan was paid off and then subsequently referred the claim to the FOS in 2009 when Central Trust rejected the claim. The FOS also rejected the claim as they say Central Trust was not under their jurisdiction as the loan was taken out prior to 14th January 2005. Despite this and the time elapsed I still think that I have a really solid case for a claim that the PPI was miss-sold. Is the ruling of the FOS final or do I have another option
  5. The Wellcome Trust, the UK’s largest medical research charity and one of the country's biggest investors, has sold its stake in Wonga, the online payday lender, in the wake of the continuing storm over the company’s activities. News of the sale of the investment - believed to be in the region of £7m - follows a series of negative comments from The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby, who said he wanted to put the company out of business by competing with it. Although the decision to sell the shareholding was made a number of months ago, it was completed at the end of last
  6. Hi everyone please feel free to move if needs be but could not find a thread for just BCT. I currently have a claiming on going with welcome and thanks to the guys/gals on that thread it has been brought to my attention there are several other companys that I can claim charges back from 1st being BCT. I sent my SARS to BCT and today had my statements back with of course charges no ppi though. just to give you some sort of back ground we took out a loan with bct arranged by the garage we bought the car the cca was signed on the 28/02/2008 for £5.495.00 total amount payable £9
  7. Hi, I seen a TV advert for an organisation named Trust Deed Scotland Ltd and a service they are advertising called the Trust Deed Wizard. Can anyone tell me whether or not this as a con as I've read mixed reviews online and I'm swaying to the opinion that it probably is a con but if I use it and put in fake details, do you know how accurate it is likely to be? I have also been advised to consider a debt charity called Stepchange but I dont know if they have the experience of the Trust Deed Wizard people - but don't want to rule anything out. If there is a different company, perh
  8. I have seen numerous cases in recent months of property owners entering into Trust Deeds, I can only assume that this situation is to some extent due to the constant glossy television adverts implying that Trust Deeds are some kind of miracle cure for debt problems. In reality Trust Deeds can be disastrous for home owners in situations where there is equity in the property. To create an example Two partners share a home with equity of £30000, one partner has unsecured debts of £20000 and disposable income of £150.00 per month. Term of Trust Deed 36 months at £150 per month = £
  9. Last Spring I bought a motor caravan and because it was used in the UK for 3 months I insured it with Swinton Insurers. I then exported it to Spain and put it onto Spanish number plates. I didn't expect Swintons to carry on insuring me and duly cancelled the policy and paid an extra premium for doing so. I trusted that they would stop taking payments from my bank, but 12 months down the line I have discovered that they have been dipping into my bank account for all that time. (I have several payments going out of my bank, but they had cunningly given a folio that gave no clue that the paym
  10. I took my son to my local nhs hospital for his orthopedic appointment. The hospital is pay and display only. However I realised I did not have enough money on me to pay £4 parking fee and parked in a disabled bay. I have consequently received a ticket from cp plus for £40 reduced to £20 if I pay within 14 days. Is this an enforceable fine?
  11. Hi quantum. I'm in a similar situation - can you help me at all? Many thanks. R
  12. i Dont know if anyone can help here. I have been searching the internet but cannot find any answer. our son recently died and im having a hard time finding the account provider of his CTF to close the account. We never used the voucher ourselves and we did recieve a letter stating that the £250 had been automatically put into an account by the government but we cannot find this letter anywhere. There is a helpline number that is now closed that says to go to the GOV website but there is no help on there whatsoever. Has anyone else ever had this problem and recovered the ac
  13. Hi Guys Not sure if anyone can advise on this but here goes anyway.Daughter signed a Declaration of trust with her partner when they purchased a house. This was for the money he put into the purchase and was from the sale of his previous home. Now 4 years later they are married with a son and appear to be splitting up. Does anyone know if the afore mentioned "Declaration of Trust" is still binding or would the change of circumstances have any effect. Also what is the position with child support, I have been told there is a percentage per child reducing with each one, does this reduction
  14. Hi Last October I made claim against FT N Ireland via a claims management company (.......) for PPI. Since then ... have said they received a letter from FT stating that another company was dealing with my complaint. I contacted FT and was told that this was untrue and that ...C was still dealing with my claim. I was advised by FT to rescind and to have no further involvement with .... and to deal directly with FT. I was also told by FT that the claim was 58 days and was nearing compleation. On the 31st January 2013 I received a letter from FT informing me th
  15. Hi First post and looking for some advice. I have recently completed a Scottish Trust Deed and have my discharge letter. My brother has come into some money and says he wants to give me a share but would not do so if it meant that I would have to give it to the debt management company to go towards the TD. Anyone know where I would stand on this.
  16. Hi just looking for some advice... on two things Firstly, 9 years ago, i took out a loan with sothern pacific finance brokered by central trust. The original loan amount was £5k, over a five year term. I was told that unless i took out ppi, i would not get the the loan. Reluctantly on my part they added £900 to the loan amount for this. Then, 18 months later, i made a further advance on the loan. This loan was with central trust themselves. They paid the earlier loan off which we had taken out, (inc the £900 ppi). So we ended up with a completely new loan,
  17. Central Trust charge £60.00 per month on an account that is in arrears each month.Is this unfair?Could I claim it back from them?i.e by taking it off the arrears?
  18. My local Gp's have a brand spanking new Medicine Factory. They used to be called surgeries. At the gate is a sign saying that the car park is monitored , and anybody they don't like will be clamped . They claim that it is Trust Property. My take is that if the property belongs to a trust then within the meaning of the 2012 act it is private land. whether or not they can hide behind Crown Immunity and clamp without lawful authority I do not know. But I don't like practice managers , who seem to have more say than Doctors these days, chucking their weight about. We units of illness (It'
  19. Hi, Not sure if I am in the correct part of the forum, I have applied for a grant from an energy trust. They have written to me, that they want proof of 2 incomes i recieve,amount and frequency via a bank statement. This is not a problem, but can i delete/cross out all other transactions including the front page (my bank balance) for privacy reasons? Do i have a legal right to do this and just leave showing what they ask for, the 2 credits?
  20. I entered a trust deed 4 years ago in August . I made all of the 36 monthly payments . i then have to but out the equity on my property to finish the trust deed. At the start in 2008 i was informed by my trustee that i could easily remortgage to raise the equity.However, due to the banking collapse this is not possible as no bank will allow a re- mortgage until you have been out the trust deed for one year . Banks will not give me a loan either . I continue to make monthly payments to reduce the equity but by nest august i will have only paid about 5000 of 22 000. To be honest i have
  21. Hi, need some advice regards a possible car repossession. I have a car through BCT and have missed several payments due to unemployment and personal issues. I have constantly been in touch with BCT explaining the situation and they have been understanding regards my situation. Until three weeks ago, when out of the blue a guy from Ram Recovery knocks my doors chasing the arrears on the car. The car cannot be repo’d without a court order as I have paid over 50% of the loan. Arrears are £1500 at present. I told them I was not in a position to pay at present and needed time to sort things out. Th
  22. The Respondent's Solicitor has written to me asking how much I would consider settling for. Hearing's scheduled for Christmas time. I have not yet completed a full schedule of loss and am going to take formal advice on it shortly. But based on a look of case law, I have a feel for what might be reasonable. Am I right in thinking that I don't have to disclose my financial expectations, or the schedule of loss until ordered to do so by the Tribunal? Also, in light of this, is it worth setting up a Special Needs Trust to protect any settlement I might receive? I am disabled and on benefits.
  23. Not too sure if this is the right section to post this but here goes. April 2003 went to Birkenhead Court for a RTA (Road Traffic Accident). My wife was awarded 1000.00 compensation and my daughter was awarded 750.00. My daughter was only 9 and the money was supposed to have been placed in the court trust and paid out on her 18th birthday. Now I might have been a little niave here but I simply thought that the court trust would contact me near to her 18th birthday and arrange for the release of the funds. Not having had experience of this before I trusted the courts. Now having contacted
  24. Looking for some advice on Scottish Trust Deed I have been dealing with CCCS with my creditors for last 2 years and been paying a few bob but my estimated debt wont be paid for another 15 years on current payment plan I have about 20.000 grand in debt but i probably have that in equity in my home the answers or advice i am looking for are 1.After the 3 years on a trust deed how long would it be before i could get to a reasonable credit rating(I know my credit score is rubbish at moment anyway) 2.Do you have to sell your house if you enter trust deed to release equity
  25. hi all new to this forum. Basically i am looking to claim ppi back but dont know which service to use as there appears to be so many, all with different % etc. Not sure of all details aswell so they would have to do abit of digging. Can anyone suggest a company who dont take a high % and who is reliable. Most appreciated guys thanks.
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