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  1. http://www.lullabytrust.org.uk/
  2. Hi there folks, I would like to ask a question about an overdraft situation. I used to run a small business about 8 years ago now I was a sole trader not a Ltd Company. I had my personal and business account with RBS. When things were going good money was being thrown at me by the bank. I needed a newer car at the time and I telephoned my business manager to see if I could borrow £7000 to purchase the car. He told me that he would give me it as an overdraft for now and to come into the bank and he would issue me with a bankers draft for the car dealers. I went into the bank to collect the draft which was duly ready for me, my business manager told me that to prevent heavy charges he would convert the £7000 into a loan for me, however that never happened Unfortunately due to illness my business had to be closed and I was left with this overdraft to pay back. The bank of course who were so willing to help in the good times were being pure sods when it came to helping me during the bad. I never signed for any overdraft and as I say the loan never materialised. I got so hacked off at them I agreed to pay a meagre sum of £11.00 per month and have been paying this over the last few years. They of course they continually moan about it and try to get me to pay more. I am not paying any interest as this has stopped. Can anyone tell me where I stand with regards to this overdraft or do I have to bite the bullet and continue to pay. Thanks
  3. I am about to do a check with Trust online. I know i have no nasties but worth £4.00 to check. Especially TV licence as well as any CCJ https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CCIQFjAAahUKEwjgxtfc1_rGAhVKBNsKHUr-CNI&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.trustonline.org.uk%2F&ei=5s-1VeC7OsqI7AbK_KOQDQ&usg=AFQjCNGfz1bOOlkvhrCCpLiz2-k0kpD24w&bvm=bv.98717601,d.ZGU Get through all the registration business and up pops card details powered by PAYPOINT asking as an extra precaution my address for bank card check. I have no objection to this in principle but the obvious question has to be do Registry Trust then have access to my new address?? I am not sounding paranoid it is just i had my brother living next door to me and he had issues with the CSA and the tax man (Late self assessment) returns. What makes it worse is that we have the same initial for our forename and DOB as we are twins
  4. Evening all, A few years ago my mum foolishly went to PDL companies for help when things went bad - she was ill and quite vulnerable and ultimately ended up taking an overdose to escape the constant badgering from these companies when she got into the inevitable mess. (this is when I became aware) I made a complaint to one of my mums payday loan companies because 1) they were reporting different things on different CRAs and 2) I believe they had irresponsibly loaned her the amount. Their response was that they hadn't irresponsibly loaned the money, as my mum had ticked the box confirming she could afford to pay it back They did not take into account that she had other PDLs with other companies (one of which was a sister company to this one) or that she had a live CCJ and other defaults on her credit record. In their final response, they sent a summary showing the PDLs she'd had with them, and the previous one she had (before the latest one that she couldn't pay) was rolled over/deferred for TEN months and then the latest one was taken out just 6 days after the last one was paid off - And they say they wasn't irresponsibly lending? surely deferring a loan for 10 months should raise flags that somethings wrong. although they denied they did anything wrong they did say that they would extinguish the outstanding amount and because of an 'internal error' causing them to incorrectly report on my mums CRA, they'd remove the credit entry from her file. I wrote and asked them to confirm that they would not sell it to a 3rd party or that the company that have just taken over MEM Consumer Finance (Instant Cash Loans - ICL) would not pursue it. This is their response but I am not confident it wont get passed around. 'With regards to your comments concerning the debt being sold or transferred to any other company, as it stands the debt remains with us. If you wish to accept the offer to extinguish the outstanding balance of £XXX and remove the loan details from your mothers credit file, this offer will be in full and final settlement of the complaint. If you choose to accept the offer we will no longer pursue your mother for the debt. Now call me a cynic but I don't see a confirmation that they wont sell it on. Any thoughts please? Also, should I be reporting them to the FCA regarding the 10 month deferral situation and lending to my mum when it should have been clear there were affordability issues? Thanks guys
  5. Hi folks, just joined and looking for advice. In January 2012 I entered into a 3 year trust deed. After about a year I sustained a serious head injury and was left with brain damage which meant I could no longer work or afford the £200/month payments. I contacted the company and they seemed very helpfull and agreed that while I was on benefits I would no longer need to make the payments. Last summer I was contacted by them and they asked if I could have a letter from a medical professional dealing with my case to confirm my injury was long term with a view to closing my trust deed early. which I arranged. I called them at the end of January to inquire about what was happening and I was told that the creditors were being informed and the deed was moving to closure. 2 weeks ago I was contacted by a member of the company who seemed quite angry and told me I had to pay all the £200 installments. I told him about my previous correspondence with his company and haven't heard from him since. I am however concerned that I am still not in receipt of my letter of discharge. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I rented a property in Aberdeen via Northwood Aberdeen and I want to share my experiences of when I left the property. I am not looking for any legal advice because I accepted the amount they kept even though it was totally unjustifiable and perhaps i was a little impatient but hey ho! I needed the money and they dragged it on for a whole month right until the end of the deadline from deposit protection. when I handed in my notice a full 2 months in advance (as per contract) they try keeping extra months rent (by saying I have to give notice from same date i moved in of current month) apparently they try this with other tenants as i read on a review site called allagents. is this even legal i mean 2 month notice means 2 month notice why does it have to be same date you moved in?. I eventually got a call when i disputed this and was told landlord said he wont charge (trying to pull a fast one i think, most certainly they would have pocketed this extra rent) Another way of conning ex tenant extra months rent despite given 2months to find another then of course they will get new tenant in by then. It didn't end there they always get you on minor things it's like they have a rule they have to get something out of you regardless. ..I was given a lengthy list of defects in the flat despite having a review and letters/emails saying thanks for keeping flat immaculate on regular inspections. I contested every last point some which were easier than others as had noted them in itinerary or emails. eventually they would just not listen and claimed on such a minor minor issue that it was laughable and of course they charged £40+ as part of the admin fee on top for arranging the work on such a minor issue (apparently) which i do not believe they would even carry out. I disagreed but as they dragged it on so much I simply agreed eventually to letting them keep a small amount just to get my deposit back (or most of it). I do not understand as I have heard from other people as well that they just like to keep something, maybe it pays for the staff coffee (I do not know) but this is totally unfair and was wondering if people could share there experiences on here. oh and they also troll the web and some how manage to remove bad comments about them on yell and other review sites so no doubt this one will also be hijacked by there fake accounts and removed. My dealings with them suggest they are dishonest when it comes to handling other peoples money, I feel for the landlords as during my tenancy on at least one occasion they sent out cow boy workmen who they referred to as "engineers" to fix a simple shower hose, they broke the rest of shower in process and when I informed them it took them a few weeks to put a new one as apparently they had to get permission of the landlord and no doubt put it on his bill. the issue here was not about the money, it was the principle and even though initially I was going to contest it all the way as I believe I had enough proof and photographs in the end the brain dead email replies I was getting just showed the letting manager had no intellect and I just gave in.
  7. Hello, I've started chasing BH over a couple of car finance agreements I've had with them over the years, one was with Chartered Trust it goes back a while. I've written the standard letter to them giving as much information as I could (vehicle reg, previous addresses) they have come back and said that as the agreements have been closed more than three years they can't find anything on their system and so they can't do anything unless I have an agreement number, which I don't. Sounds to me like they are just trying to bat me off. Surely a financial institution has to keep records for more than 3 years? Can anyone advise on how I should proceed?
  8. Hello, I'm hoping this will reach all those who have previously helped me, and that I will receive some speedy advice/help. If the people who have previously been kind enough to help me are not as knowledgeable on the following questions, PLEASE can you direct this post to people who can advise me asap? Thank you. I haven't been around for a while due to illness, (everything got too much for my already fragile brain). My questions here now may be better on a new thread, but as I can't fathom out how I open a whole new thread/topic/whatever, I'm hoping that if this is in the wrong place, somebody can move it for me please?? I'm on the verge of receiving at least 2 CCJ's, as I lost the ability to fight anymore and so admitted the debts. My first burning question is once the CCJ's are awarded, does a creditor have any rights/access to a life insurance policy that is held in trust please?? I have read somewhere, (not on here), that they can use the CCJ's to attach to the trust while I'm alive and that after I've snuffed it, they have a certain amount of time to file a claim against my estate? The policy in question has no monetary value until I die, no cash-in value etc, it's just a pure level term life insurance policy. I took it out purely to try and ensure that my funeral costs can be met and that my two daughters will have a (small) amount of money from me when I die, as I have nothing else to leave them. How could creditors find out about the policy please and can they do the above ? Secondly, and this might be yet another different thread requirement , the policy mentioned above was put into trust at the time it was taken out, on the advice of the insurance company. I didn't know the first thing about trusts and probably still don't, even though I am driving myself half mad again in trying to research the subject!! From what I can gather the trust the policy was put into is a 'revocable trust', and if I'm right, this is the worst kind of trust if you have CCJ's?? So, I'm trying to find out whether I need to change the trust from revocable to irrevocable please, (in the hope that an irrevocable trust would give total protection of the policy, both whilst I'm alive and after I've died)?? If so, how do I go about this, without it costing anything please, as I have no way of affording to seek legal help? I was under the impression at the time of putting the policy into trust that in doing so, the proceeds of the policy would not form part of my estate, therefore bypass probate, and most importantly to me at the time, ensure my daughters would receive the money quickly. It's not something I've given any thought to since, but now that I'm in this huge financial mess, I must understand what could happen/ what I can or should do, if anything. MANY THANKS to anybody who can give me some clear advise on the questions above. I'm expecting the CCJ's any day now, so if there's anything I need to do quickly, I'm hoping to hear from some of you soon. Thanks again.
  9. ok my situation is a strange one. i entered a trust deed (IVA) 2 years ago but i lost my job this year and all they said was as long as i make a token payment i will be fine. i have been offered a job in canada and seriously thinking about taking it, i need to be there before dec 31st. this month is the first month i have not been able to pay my mortgage as I'm not working also i doubt ill be able to make my payment to trust deed. my question is whats my best option here goto canada and forget about my debt send the keys to mortgage company. can i go bankrupt from canada, explain situation to trustee. I've been reading on here and i see a lot of situations but i don't see any like mine so just hoping for any advice. I'm from scotland so i believe its a different process than england. all advice welcome
  10. Good Evening I am wondering if you can help me you as people helped me lots throughout a suspended repossession For a while I have been corresponding with Restons Solicitors who are acting on behalf of Cabot Financial (uk) Ltd, who I believe have bought a debt from British Credit Trust. The debt was for a hire purchase vehicle which was returned to them before the half way point of the agreement when I fell into difficulties in 2008/2009. This is when the agreement was with British Credit Trust. At that point British Credit Trust obtained a CCJ and the whole sum was ordered to be paid forthwith. The sum was £11553. As I couldn't pay the sum and it was the last thing on my mind they obtained a final charging order which is on my property now. The property is in joint names and only my name on the debt. This is where the debt has been left, as a charging order. There isn't enough in the property to clear the 1st and 2nd Mortgage the current shortfall to clear them without any charges is approx £15,000 (both with suspended repossession orders) however always stuck to the agreement. When Reston first got in touch all the correspondence stated Cabot Finanical and nothing else, I wrote to them with a SAR and asked them to clarify which debt they were talking about. They refused to talk to me as i couldn't prove who I was and they returned the monies and wanted a signatures on paper. As I didn't know what the debt was for at this time I was very hesitant on providing this information, all I wanted to know is where the debt had come from. A day ago I received the court forms for the CCJ from Restons and from that I have established it is the debt from British Credit trust which is a charging order on the property. So.... my question is ...... now what the debt already had a CCJ and attached to my property and they are going for a second one? I cannot afford any real payments towards this debt as I have arrears on mortgage second mortgage, council tax (however payment plans in place for all and working well). If I could sell my property to clear all debts etc I would but I have been advised against it as my mortgage payment even with the arrears payment is really small compared to a rental agreement. I have a feeling Restons doesn't know about this history.... what do I do? Help! ps. thank you in advance.
  11. Mortgage Arrears and Simple Interest - Is it fair? Took out a secured loan for £10,000 6 years ago. After initial application was accepted we were offered an extra £6000 which we agreed to. At the time I was concerned that we had been issued with two loan separate loan agreements - I wasnt happy with this and voiced this to the loan advisor and was basically reassured that this was just an administration technicality and would not make any difference. He even sent me argos vouchers as a sweetner. 12 months later my husband left me and our business collapsed leaving myself and 30 of our staff redudant. I was absolutely financially destitute. He financially abandoned me and ever since I have been fighting one legal battle after another, keeping the wolves from the doors. I have single handedly paid off all our joint debts. 5 years later and I have made the necessary 72 repayments but I am left with a balance of just over £4k. This includes interest, charges and simple interest. What I need to establish is it it all fair. Loan payments where late from December 2007 to May 2008 by around 2/3 weeks. I was charged £50.00 collection charges on each loan. From May 2008 - June 2009 I could not make any payments whatsover.House was put on the market as I saw this as my only option. £50 charge on each loan per month was applied. June 2009 agreement was reached, I reinstated payments and started to pay off the arrears. Continued to apply charges, but agreed to reverse them if I maintained the agreement. April 2010, cleared the arrears. Asked about the charges and they advised I could pay them off at the end of the loan. Im now at the end of the loan and still owe just over £4k. They have reinstated the charges made from June 2009 - 2010 but no more. I have several questions: Was it fair to charge me on each loan account - I was paying £100 per month in charges? Surely there is no more work involved in chasing payment for two accounts as oppose to one account? Was the amount that they charged me a fair amount - it seems very high? Also because I have had so much information off them (in one month I had 10 pieces of correspondence) I have overlooked that they have also been charging simple interest on the charges! As a result, I didnt realise that by leaving these charges until the end of the loan period, I was still being charged interest on them. I was treated appauiling by this company, I was never shown any sympathy, in fact I almost felt bullied by their "callers" and felt that they "harrassed" me at an extremely difficult time. I responded to every call they made - I gave them every bit of information I could, but unfortuantely for a long period I could pay them no money and therefore did everything I could to sell the house. When circumstances changed for the better I offered them the maximum I could afford which included paying the full monthly payments plus a further payment towards the arrears . I was advise that it was not enough and that the arrears would have to be paid within in minimum period of 12 months. They therefore took me to court for repossesion. Thankfully it was not granted and was adjourned on the terms I had previously offere them. Despite this however there are legal fees also on my statement, which could have been avoided had they accepted my proposal. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi all. I am new here but I have had a couple of things on my mind regarding my trust deed. I am desperate to get a mortgage so my family can move. Back in 2008 I got into serious money problems so decided to get a trust deed. This comes off my file in January 2015. My score with check my file is 404 currently which is one star. It does not seem to go up however. I have 3 credit cards to improve my score (had one 3 years now and paid off in full every month) another one 2 and a half years (paid off in full - balance started at 250 but now has been put to 2200 due to excellent repayment) and the last account I have held a year. I also took out a 1 year loan with a high street bank to help my file (1 month left to pay) My credit account states all accounts that are open are excellent (closed ones are all settled however are due to report until Sept / Aug next year? My question is what else can I do to help my score? I have made sure everything has been paid off in full now for the last 5 years. I have a good deposit saved as well. Lastly I have applied and been declined for a mortgage. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi Every1 Think this is in the right forum sorry in advance if it isn't. I received this letter off of BCT this morning and I'm a bit confused. I brought a car through a garage some years ago and they used BCT to finance it... my health took a turn for the worse and I couldn't afford the repayments anymore I rang BCT and explained to them my circumstances and they agreed to have car back too sell at auction which then would come off the bill and I would have to pay remainder in installments they wasn't happy with my offer of £10 aweek so they took me to court I didn't fight it but I made an offer of £5 aweek and the courts excepted it so was happy with that outcome. There was a direct debit set up with a company called Control Account for £5 aweek on the 13/04/2005 now this as been coming out my bank ever since. Last year sometime I can't remember when I got a call off BCT saying that I owed them money and they wanted me to set up a direct debit with them to pay it back ? I said no I'm already paying you back through a court order made out too Control Account, they said they were not going to be using that company anymore and that I could set up a direct debit with them instead.. So again I said no I pay £5 aweek through a court order which you chose to do in the first place it's not my problem that you aren't going to use them anymore I am not breaking my court order which is what I would be doing if I paid you direct instead.. . with this she gave her appology's and said she would check with their legal department then went.. Never heard off of them again... Now today I got a letter of off them out of the blue and this is what it said.... http://i401.photobucket.com/albums/pp94/badger1964_2008/BCT.jpg Now what I would like to know is how they came about these figures for a start off ?? To be honest I can't remember the cost of the car but it was an R reg 1997 vauxhall frontera sport tdi and it sure wasn't that much even with interest, I'm not 100% sure but there might have been gap insurance added onto it but even then it should not of been that much still, has I wouldn't of brought the car in the first place. Also after checking my credit file today there is nothing on there either even though I have been paying this £5 aweek direct debit and I have never missed a payment on it. .this is a shot of my credit file as of today.. http://i401.photobucket.com/albums/pp94/badger1964_2008/credfile2.jpg As you can see there is no mention of any court order, which I thought there might be as I pay it every week the only thing bad on there is HFC which is being sorted in another thread. how can I find out the actual cost of the finance, would it be best to send BCT a CCA or SAR ? Also is gap classed as PPI ? Could I make a claim even though this went to court. Thanks for looking and I hope some1 can help me with this thx in advance. Regards FL
  14. Hello - new to posting. Please help. I purchased a car on finance through BCT in Feb 08. Lost job in April 09 - rang company and asked them to take car back. They sold car at auction and they said we would not have to pay any more or a very small amount but I never had this in writing. Never heard another thing until a few months ago when I started getting letters from Cabot (which i stupidly ignored) Couple of weeks ago I received a court summons. I have today acknowledged the service and intend to defend it. The car was worth about £6000, the finance was for £12000 with their interest and I paid for a year. No idea what it made at auction but it was in good condition. The Court claim is for £5024. Today I have checked my credit file and am confused. It shows one closed account for BCT and states Debt assignment but there is nothing on there from Cabot. It shows a default balance at £10452 and the default date as being February 2009. It states on the County Court Claim form that the debt was assigned on 27/08/2013 and any letters from Cabot I received I chucked. I am confused as to how to handle the defence, where to start? The figures dont make sense and neither do dates - It looks like the car made around £5000 and I paid for a year. As I never had a settlement figure where do I go from here? I have prepared a SAR letter and a CCA letter to send off but who do I send to? And I am not sure what to put as a defence. Could someone please advise? Thanks
  15. Do you trust Russia enough to install Kaspersky anti-virus on your computer. I sure as hell wouldn't let it near mine, who knows what it is spying on and sending back to it's Soviet masters.
  16. I can't stress this enough, under no circumstances can FIRST TRUST BANK be trusted, they admitted a massive breach of data protection leaving everything avialible for other customers to see, to which I took a photo, this included bank statements, cheques etc.... They then poss forged my partners signature for a credit card application... [removed] They left my partner stuck in Paris when their systems went down.... When we complained they made us wait the full 8 weeks, admitted the breach of data protection, told us we had no right to contact them again, here's 500.00 and told us to leave the bank. This bank already has a large history of dishonesty, please don't use, remove your money and bank somewhere else.
  17. Hi, I hope someone can help. My bankruptcy will be discharged in September and my file has been passed over to the LTADT. The query is that although I hold a 'declaration of trust' on a property that my ex-husband bought 14 years ago, I have paid nothing towards the mortgage or upkeep of that house and the OR has now put a charge on it. I never wanted to buy this property which is why I wasn't put on the mortgage, it is solely for my ex-husband. We had the trust drawn up on the advice of our solicitor at the time just in case it ever became my home and something happened to my husband at the time so I could go on living in it. My ex husband is, understandably, fuming and wants the charge taken off as the trust does state that although I own 50% of the property, I also have to pay 50% of the debt/payments, which I have never done. I have spoken to someone at the LTADT and they have told me that as long as I can prove I have never made payments to the mortgage (which I can) that SHOULD be ok and they MAY remove the charge, but my ex-husband MAY have to pay £1000 costs. They said it was a very grey area and they don't seem very sure... If anyone could shed some light on this I would be grateful. Christine
  18. Between myself and my wife, we have 4 separate PPI claims currently pending with the First Trust Bank. These are listed elsewhere. It is all starting to get a bit messy, with them reaching their conclusions not to up hold complaints, based on various documentation, which they then are claiming after SAR , do not exist. so in short, 4 separate claims, 3 with ombudsman, 1 about to go to ombudsman 3 final requests for documentation with data controller, 1 already forwarded to information commissioner, 1 about to be sent to ICO and 1 about 3 days from going to ICO so....... the wife gets a letter and questionnaire from the First Trust "you purchased a PPI policy from us between 2005 and 2009 and we have identified that some of our customers may have been sold PPI policies that were not appropriate.. ...and you may have suffered as a result" I took it it was a generic letter sent out to all customers and ignored it then she got another identical one this time, I sent off a cheeky letter telling them that I wouldn't be completing the questionnaire and "suggested" that they sort out the PPI complaints already with them before looking for more. this time I got an identical letter/questionnaire (the strange thing is I am NOT aware of ME having any PPI in this era and the wording is "you purchased" and not "you MAY have purchased") and then the wife got a fourth (in total) identical letter/questionnaire so the thoughts on the whole thing? keep ignoring the letters/questionnaires? ask they stop sending them and should I be putting a letter in asking exact details on what ppi I purchased in this era? or are they [problem]ming?? opinions please.
  19. Hi all. In 2005 we STUPIDLY were sold Protacoat for the front of our house. We had just purchased and moved into my recently deceased dads house. We all took the loss of my dad really hard. My son especially. We had decided that maybe having the house coated in this Protecoat would make it more of our house and less of dads. Big mistake. Any way for those who don.t know me in 2006 we had run into huge financial problems to the point of having to go to court three times last year to save my house. BCT in honestly were completly forgotten about and they have left us alone for a year as well. Untill the weekend. the exact amount borrowed i cant remember. I am currently digging out the paperwork. I believ it was around £6000. WE had a letter the other day and it was set like this Total amount payable(including charges) 14,768 less payments received(including deposit)2,438 balance outstanding 12,330 so somehow this has doubled. WE have 14 days to submit proposals for settling this. I want to do this properly so any suggestions please olives xxx
  20. Hi Folks. I am having real problems with my health trust. I was seeing a social worker in the CMHT and having support from them for many years.Because in 2003 my father died and my family that is my mother and sisters abandoned me. No the CHMT have discharged me without warning a few weeks ago and have not given me a real reason as to why. Except to say that they are now called the CRT, Community recovery team and they don't keep people on long term. I won't go into too much detail here except to say this has been an awful 2 weeks. As because the CMHT have discharged me without any support at all, I am now without a psychiatrist or a social worker and have no friends or family where I live I can go to for support. So I went to the GP surgery but the receptionist would not give me an appointment to see the GP. Who I did not know very well as I had only been to the GP twice in the 4 years I have been living at my new address. As I was going to the CMHT for everything. So went to PALS and they helped me find a new GP and I have only registered at the new GP 3 days ago. The CMHT social worker told me she has referred me to a social worker in a private charity but it's been 2 weeks now and I have heard nothing from them. So I phoned the private charity myself yesterday afternoon and spoke to the receptionist at the help desk who now tells me they did not get the referral from my CMHT. I told the receptionist my situation and because I was in a state she told me to phone NHS direct crisis team. So i phoned the crisis team and told them my situation that the CMHT have discharged me without support but the woman on the crisis line was not very sympathetic and said there is nothing she can do about it. I am not happy with my health trust at all and I am thinking of moving out to another area away from my health trust. But I am on benefits so this is not gong to be easy. But I have no family and the CMHT know this yet they have discharged me without support. So do I need to see a mental health lawyer and where do I go from here? Any advice would be appreciated.
  21. Hi all, My Wife works for the above NHS trust, and has to park in the general car park for all and sundry. The trust at the moment isn't issuing out staff parking permits, and so, consequently, received a 'Civil Parking Notice' from Car Parking Partnership, asking for a charge off £60, but can be reduced down to £30 if payed within 14 days. I've read on varies threads, that she should either ignore it, or write a letter to the trust explaining the situation of how the charge was occurred. However, as she works there, she doesn't think this will be the only charge she will get. If this carries on, could she end up with more problems if she becomes a 'repeat offender' ??? Any advice or guidance would be a great help. Cheers muchly !!!! Bloke199
  22. I have a debt from 1990 being collected by Robinson Way & Co. the Loan amount was £5735.00 which included £735.00 of PPI. APR was 29.84%. I paid almost £7600.00 off and got into difficulties, moved house and prayed for the best. Robinson Way tracked me down, scaling the Rear fence, knocking on doors etc and ringing my workplace. I have been paying Robinson way £32.00 per Month now for as long as I can remember. I have a letter from them saying they have purchased and are wholly repsonsible for the administration of the account / debt in 2006. I requested a copy of the agreement which was sent back and therefore believe that I have to continue paying this. I still Owe £3400.00 on the account. their letters now state that the account is due to Hoist group (ex western trust) and I have never had any record on my Credit scrore indicating the account. Any advice on this one, they send me 2 duplicate letters each month stating the account is overdue. many thanks if anyone can help
  23. Hi guys, I'm just trying to get a bit of advice for a friend of mine who's mother has recently passed away. He has lived with his mother all his life and has been her carer for the past few years. The house they live in was left in trust by his grandmother, his mother and one brother were named as trustees. The house was left for his mother to live in as long as she wanted, after this the will states that if the house is to be sold the monies are to be divided equally between all four of her children, or her children's children if their parents are deceased also. As it stands there is one surviving sibling, but both siblings that were named as trustees are now deceased. Two of the deceased siblings both had two children, my friend is the only son of the other sibling. The questions that I have are: 1, If the will was to be dealt with by the trustees are the siblings of the trustees now the ones responsible as the last remaining son was not named in the will as a trustee, only mentioned as to he should get a share of the estate. This son thinks that he should be the one to deal with it, but is this legally the case? 2, My friend is still living in the house it has been his family home for around 20 years, and he is entitled to a quarter share of the house as stated in the will. His remaining uncle is keen to force him out and sell the house. My friend wants to continue living in the house but where does he stand legally? Thanks
  24. My boyfriend has finally pulled his head out of the sand with his debts following a divorce from his ex 2 years ago. When BF and his ex were still married they took out a joint loan to get some new windows from British Credit Trust. Payments were made until after his ex left when he could no longer cope with paying all the debts she left behind. His ex hasn't paid anything towards the mortgage or secured loan (from Welcome Finance) since she left in 2009. He stopped paying the BCT loan in early 2010 as he had nothing left to live on. A few DCA's have popped their heads up but quickly vanished when they could not provide paperwork. Early last year a 'bailiff' turned up at the door demanding payment from my BF's 18 year old son. BF phoned the 'bailiff' and made an immediate payment over the phone. I think he was spoofed by some DCA just trying to get money. All went quiet until November 2013 when Cabot started phoning non stop. I fired off a letter telling them to put everything in writing and sent them a CCA Request. They have replied saying they will provide everything in writing from now on and they have managed to provide a copy of the CCA along with statements. I can scan these and post them up if it helps. A few questions though. Since the loan was joint is the ex not liable for half of the loan? There was PPI added to the loan is there any way of reclaiming this with interest at their rate? On the statements they have added 'repossession fees' of £114 as well as letter charges of £25 a time (total of £450) and late payment surcharges of £42.41 is there any way of having these removed from the amount owed? Any help will be very much appreciated.
  25. Hello....been here a while and found some extremely useful info, so first of all I want to say a massive THANKS!!! I am seeking advice on my current car finance agreement. I have just under 2 months arrears. It was due to be paid off in October, so I would assume that it would now be paid off in december. When i rang them they quoted an outstanding amount of £1400 which is 6 months payments!!! I do have some £25 charges in there, but as I have NEVER had a statement I cant remember how many. Also on the agreement the option fee is added at the start of the agreement but they claim I need to pay it with my final payment. Could the initial option fee be for something else? Shelly :o)
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