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  1. If an employee is dismissed and given 7 days to appeal to the company, but doesn't get the appeal letter to them within the 7 days, does this mean it cant go to tribunal?.... Is it worth still writing although the 7 days have just passed, there is a valid reason for the time delay. There is also GP backing for the case that would be presented to the tribunal. Any ideas would be helpful.
  2. Hello. My names Holly. I have joined this group today in a last minute plea for help. Long story short - I appealed against ESA Decision that I am 'fit to work' I have had my tribunal date throught, which is on 18th April. I have a 'support worker' who is supposed to be helping me prepare my case against the desision but unfortantly although all the promises have been made he has failed to turn up to any appointments so im left completely out of my depth to deal with this alone. I am so stressed I cant even function. I have no clue on where to even start. As like many ohers it is my metal health which has been over looked by 'Atso' I have depression, anxiety and stuffer with panic attacks - to the extent I cant even leave my home alone, I can stay with in these four walls for weeks at a time. My question is, 1) How do I prepare, where do I start? Please if anyone could help I would really really apprechiate it:!:
  3. Hi Everyone... I am currently in the process of handling an ET case for disability discrimination. My case is based on DD failure to make reasonable adjustments. I was dismissed for long term absence due to my illness, which I claim was due to employer. I was under-trained for a new role and raised this to which this was not acted upon and no training or coaching was implemented based upon my part time hours and they said I would have to change working hours to change this. I subsequently went off work for health reasons, had numerous Occ Health reports done with advice to employer but not acted upon. 6 months later I was offered adjustments that could be made but declined due to my deteriorated health and faith in my employer. I was then sacked 10 mins later. It is nearly a year since my dismissal. So far I have had two CMD's (phone and in person) and just recently due to the last CMD had orders made to both myself and the respondent. I have had to and have done an updated case based on DD - failure to make reasonable adjustments, to which the tribunal had ordered the respondent to notify if interested in mediation a week later (1st November) and then to provided an updated response (15th November). The respondent has not replied to myself as the tribunal had ordered and I contacted the respondent (copy sent to tribunal) but have yet to receive a response. Now... today I received a letter from the tribunal stating they cannot offer mediation as consent was not received from both parties. I'm now awaiting their updated response to get a better idea of their stance on the case. My question for help or guidance is if anyone else has experienced similar? is waiting 6 months for reasonable adjustments acceptable? when its for guaranteed training? also their failure to comply with orders, is this something to be taken seriously? they have continuously postponed dates of orders that have been made previously also. Many Thanks for taking the time to read my post
  4. I'm hoping some of you may be able to give me advice. I have my ESA tribunal coming up in a few weeks and I am dreading it. I feel I will fail to express the real problems I have which have rendered me incapable of working for most of my life (I am now 44) convincingly because: A) I have autism spectrum disorder, so make mistakes with communicating (even my CAB rep said I'd talk gibberish in the tribunal, which upset me greatly); B) I have only just been diagnosed with being 'somewhere' on the autism spectrum, so I've not had time to fully understand the implications of how this has impacted my life in relation to work and, well, everything. It was also only very recently that I realised my mother had been emotionally abusing me for my whole life. I have since cut her out and feel much better for it. Both these things have left me vulnerable to bullying and being ''malevolently'' lead to say things that are against my best interests. When I claimed ESA, the reasons I gave for not being able to work were anxiety and depression. I feel though that my ASD diagnosis should be relevant to helping me communicate my problems. I am not lazy. For example, when I went to uni, aged 30, I spent 60+ hours a week on my studies and loved it. I got firsts for most things and loved being able to hold my head up high and say, 'I am a student.' For once I was fitting into society. But for most of the rest of my life I have lived in poverty because I couldn't cope with working. I have fled from one job; been sacked from at least one other; but mainly just scraped by avoiding work and, as I said, living in poverty as a result, because I didn't feel any one would respect the reasons I had for avoiding work. These reasons are, as far as I can define them: 1) Not being able to cope with being told what to do 2) Not being able to cope with being 'trapped' into being there at specific times. I couldn't even cope with being 'trapped' in the bathroom for our baby daughter's bath time, though I love her very much. Very, very fortunately my partner, her father, is absolutely brilliant with her and bath time is now their special time. 3) Not being able to cope with not being allowed unscheduled breaks 4) Not being able to cope with mornings. I function very badly for several hours after I wake up 5) Not being able to cope with interacting with colleagues and customers/anxiety over what they are thinking. Anxiety that I've acted/spoken weirdly 6) Being bullied 7) Not being able to engage with the tasks I am given 8) Not being able to cope with phone calls 9) Being horribly distracted by all kinds of things: noises/bright lights/uncomfortable clothing, etc I expect this list could be extended, but, as I said, I am only just starting to be able to define my reasons and take my problems seriously. I have a fear that responses I get from this will say things like: pull yourself together. They don't owe you a living. Such and such you said isn't a REAL problem. Blah blah blah. My hope is that I will get supportive, informative and empathic answers that will help me be better prepared for the tribunal. I'm also incidentally applying for PIP, which is going to be another terrifying autopsy of my abilities!
  5. upon reading some posts here.. i am given to understand that the tribunal for esa... can only recommend to the dwp what to do...is this correct? I am getting the picture that despite winning on appeal ,some people are still begging for their money..
  6. I work for a company that provides civil enforcement to local authorities (parking wardens). Last week I was suspended pending an investigation into an allegation of gross misconduct on my behalf, I have yet to hear the outcome or any further action but am obviously concerned that I may lose my job and I'm looking for some advice should that happen. The situation is: I drive to work and I often park in bays which cannot be enforced due to problems with bay markings or signage - so I'm parking without paying because I know I can't be given a parking fine. I'm a supervisor and the wardens that work for me have, on 4 separate occasions since last October, given my car a parking fine when I've been parked in one of these unenforceable bays, essentially making an error on their part. On one of these occasions I appealed against the ticket through the normal process and finally heard back after 4 months to confirm it would be cancelled. On two other occasions I was informed by one warden that another warden had given a fine to my car I advised them to remove the ticket and cancel it, as it was invalid. On the final occasion I discovered a ticket on my car at the end of my day the following morning I spoke to the warden that had issued it and arranged for it to be cancelled also. The allegation is that I have cancelled these fines to avoid paying them, which is untrue as they were all unenforceable bays and they would have been cancelled on appeal, but as I mentioned it takes 4 months to get an answer on an appeal. Aside from the time period involved, we as a company are penalised if we issue too many invalid tickets and can incur a financial penalty from the council if we don't meet our KPI in this area. This is the reason why I arranged for them to be cancelled. They are saying that my actions could bring the company into disrepute and although I don't believe I've done anything wrong I am concerned that they may still decide to dismiss me and I wondered if anyone might be able to advise me if I would have grounds to go to an employment tribunal or how I should go about it? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
  7. Can an Appeals Tribunal, if it is made aware of illegal acts perpetrated by the DWP, recommend prosecution of those individuals concerned
  8. Press release by Public Law Project http://www.publiclawproject.org.uk/documents/press_release_WCA_assessment_discriminatory.pdf Case numbers http://www.osscsc.gov.uk/Decisions/forthcoming3JPs.htm DWP Twitter Response (who wasn't expecting this?) https://twitter.com/dwppressoffice Press coverage: http://mind.org.uk/news/show/8895_victory_for_welfare_campaigners_as_judges_rule_controversial_disability_benefits_procedure_is_unfair http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2013/may/22/fitness-work-tests-mental-health-unfair http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22620894 Twitter
  9. Hello, I won an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal last year and was awarded a lot of money but only half of it was paid to me. Can anyone advise me if this is correct? I represented myself so there was no legal cost. I was told that HMRC takes tax....is this true? if so is it fair for them to take HALF? I have tried speaking to HMRC to find out if they have received a pay out regarding myself but they have no idea Have my old evil employer ripped me off!?
  10. Hi, this is the first time I have posted on here so please be gentle with me! My partner is going to tribunal against RM and has a date set for early next year. He had a case management discussion 2 weeks ago and has been ordered to do a schedule of loss by 22nd October. We have drafted one (below) and just wanted someone to cast an eye over it and see if its correct? He is claiming for unfair dismissal and sex discrimination on the grounds of Section 47c Employment Act (treated detrimentally on grounds of paternity). The bits we are uncertain about are - Do we need to claim for statutory payment for unfair dismissal and sex discrimination, or just sex discrimination? Do we claim interest on compensatory award only for both unfair dismissal and sex discrimination, or the whole thing? Any other advice?!?!? would be gratefully received! UNFAIR DISMISSAL BASIC AWARD EffectiveDate of Termination (EDT) X Ageat EDT X Numberof years service at EDT 5 Statutoryweek’s pay £372.10 5weeks x £372.10 £1’860.50 COMPENSATORYAWARD PAST LOSSES Netpay: £322.35 per week Amountof time Mr. X had no income, between statutory paternity pay period(X), to proposed career break start date (X): 5 weeks. 5x £322.35 £1’611.75 FUTURE LOSSES Noclaim for future losses submitted, as Mr. X is not available for workuntil X and it is reasonable to expect that he may have gainedemployment during this period, even when taking his reference into account. LOSS OFSTATUTORY RIGHTS Mr.X will have to work two years to regain protection from unfairdismissal and it is submitted it would be appropriate to award £500 to reflecthis loss of statutory rights. £500 TOTAL COMPENSATORY AWARD £2’111.75 Upliftfor failure to follow the Acas code TheClaimant argues that an increase of 25% should be made to the compensatoryaward for the Respondent's failure to follow the Acas Code of Practice. TheRespondent did not deal with the Claimants Grievance about the allegedprocedural errors which occurred during the Respondents investigation into theallegation against the Claimant. Total increase £527.94 TOTALCOMPENSATORY AWARD £2639.69 SEXDISCRIMINATION BASIC AWARD EffectiveDate of Termination (EDT) X Ageat EDT X Numberof years service at EDT 5 Statutoryweek’s pay £372.10 5weeks x £372.10 £1’860.50 COMPENSATORYAWARD PAST LOSSES Netpay: £322.35 per week Amountof time X had no income, between statutory paternity pay period(end date X), to proposed career break start date (X): 5 weeks. 5x £322.35 £1’611.75 FUTURE LOSSES Noclaim for future losses submitted, as X is not available for workuntil X, and it is reasonable to expect that he may have gainedemployment during this period, even when taking his reference into account. INJURY TOFEELINGS Theclaimant alleges that a discriminatory act of a less serious nature, which ledto the termination of his employment, took place. Although the alleged act wasnot of a serious nature, it had a large impact on X, causing him toX. £6’000 TOTALCOMPENSATORY AWARD £7’611.75 Upliftfor failure to follow the Acas code TheClaimant argues that an increase of 25% should be made to the compensatoryaward for the Respondent's failure to follow the Acas Code of Practice. TheRespondent did not deal with the Claimants Grievance about the allegedprocedural errors which occurred during the Respondents investigation into theallegation against the Claimant. TOTALINCREASE £1’902.94 TOTALCOMPENSATORY AWARD INCLUDING INCREASE £9’514.69
  11. I am definitely going to ask for a review as the main witness, the manager who sacked me, told a complete lie about a similar case where a fellow worker was not sacked for doing the same thing. In the final submissions, which were done in writing, as the case couldn't be completed on the day, I made it clear to the tribunal where the manager had lied ( I stated clearly it was a is a complete fabrication and therefore a perjurious statement) and there is documented evidence to back this up so it is pretty darn clear that he has done so. I am wondering why the tribunal judgement (fairly detailed at 18 pages) has not even mentioned the issue of perjury and they have simply ignored it. I assumed this was a serous offence and as he was a key witness for the employer's defence and he lied about a key comparator case, can any advise if there is a clear case for not only review but an appeal as well? thanks alot
  12. Hello.. I am new to the forum and would like some advice to enforce an employment tribunal decision for unfair dismissal and age discrimination in norfolk. I have been awarded a fairly substantial amount due to poor behaviour of the company in question, but the company are now saying that they do not have the funds to pay and have employed an Independent Insolvency Practitioner. I have some information that they may soon be entering into CVA. However, the company are still trading and appear on the face of it to have a steady income. I have arranged for the High Court Enforcement Officers to attend the commercial premises but the goods at the premises are very low value. I am not aware of any further assets. I have looked into a charging order for the premises, but it transpires that the premises are not owned by the company that my judgement is against, but a company outside the UK. I have also looked at a third party debt order, but the limited bank statements we have received from the company suggest they are in debt, so this may rule out this option. We also have some information that the directors of the company in question have set up another company to operate part of the business, so obviously this raises some concerns to me about transferring funds/assets etc. I am a bit at a loss as to what further I can do next..... are there any further options worth considering?.. Can action be taken against the directors of the company? This is causing a great deal of stress to me and my family, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am happy to provide more information or clarify some points if required. Kind Regards J.Wallis
  13. Hi, I'm preparing everything for a disability discrimination tribunal and I wondered what should normally be in the bundle. Is it all the evidence to help prove my case or is it something standardised? Thanks for any help.
  14. My husband has been placed once again in WRAG group at renewal; however we were not notified of this decision until the JCP advisor rang, and she told us it was for 2 years this time. We requested all of the information held from DWP, upon reading through they state my husband was assessed at a medical - but he has never had one for ESA! Even the JCP lady thinks he should be in Support Group, she advised him to appeal and it was a real shock to see what has been written. So my question is, where do we go from here? Do I add this further information to his appeal or do I keep this back in case its needed at a tribunal? Many thanks
  15. Hi is there any way you can find out who will be sitting on your tribunal panel, before the actual appeal. thanks x
  16. Hi, I'm new to the forum, but have been reading a few posts on here and finally decided to see if anyone can help me with the issue I am facing right now. I attended my second ATOS medical last year after winning my last appeal, knowing that I'd done everything I could, I knew (like the time before) that the person assessing my illness had it in for me from the start of the interview. She hardly spoke to me, never looked at me and didn't pay attention to the fact that I was shaking within the interview. Needless to say, I appealed the decision like I did the last time and knew that it was going to be a long wait. Oh, this was just before Christmas as well. So I had no money whatsoever over the Christmas period and had to wait roughly six or so weeks to receive something after they had processed my appeal. Anyway onto my appeal, I waited and waited for a letter to arrive to tell me when my hearing was going to be, even phoning them a couple of times to ask if they had any idea of when I should hear something back. I was fobbed off continuously and told that it could take anything up to a year, I already knew this from before. So I waited for a letter to arrive, fast forward a couple of weeks or so since I phoned them to ask when my appeal was going to be and I receive three of the notorious brown envelopes in the post. I open them to find out that not only has my tribunal been heard without me knowing, they have stopped my benefits, which I rely on by being unwell. I hadn't received any letters from them regarding my tribunal, so I had absolutely NO idea when the tribunal was taking place. I did receive some help filling in some papers after my money was stopped before Christmas, so the people who helped me received copies of the letters for the tribunal, but I hadn't seen any of these letters that they had filed when I saw them yesterday to discuss why my benefits had been cancelled. The first time I saw said letters were when the worker pulled them from their file. I was shocked. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do please? As you can understand, I am desperate right now, I have no money whatsoever and bills to pay through having hardly any funds for months. I've been in tears for most of the day.
  17. I am after a bit of advice for my son, who had been in receipt of Incapacity Benefit for approx. 5 years. He was then contacted with regard to migrating to ESA - he failed the WCA they only allocated him 6 points. The 'medical' had been grossly unfair and the outcome/report contained many inaccuracies, misquotes and really was not a true account of what had been an approx. 20 minute assessment. Anyway, I helped him to appeal against the decision in preparing submission etc. He went through all the descriptors and the Atos HCPs comments and gave a more factual account for each one relevant to him. He had also assessed what he felt he should have been awarded in points, which was well in excess of the 15 points required. However, he received a letter the other day - saying his appeal not allowed. I am now trying to assist him in finding what he can do next? I had considered it might be appropriate to appeal to the commissioners (higher tribunal), but that would mean requesting a statement of reasons (which can take any time at all - usually long and required repeatedly chasing up!). This would mean that for the duration he would have no income at all. As he was issued with a fit note for 6 months, only about 2 weeks ago - he certainly will not be eligible to claim JSA. I have been reading many posts on the forum, a lot of people seem to be saying the best course of action in these circumstances is to re-claim, following 6 month period from first decision (would that be the date of atos decision/medical ?). In any event , it would mean that by re-applying you would again be entitled to the assessment rate, although I understand this to take up to 13 weeks before initial payment? I also understand that this entitlement (claiming and the 6 month rule) is about to change; October 2013? As all decisions will be automatically reconsidered, which will therefore take away the right to the assessment rate of ESA during appeal process? Can somebody please clarify this for me please? My other query is, if advise to reclaim ESA, what would he be expected to live on up until his eligibility to assessment rate (up to 13 weeks?). It seems ironic to have a doctors certificate, deeming you unfit for work for such a long period of time and the DWP not acknowledging that fact. I should have thought it would count for something, and in any event is a Doctors opinion no longer credible?? The DWP/Atos seem to have their own criteria for assessing peoples illnesses/disability which is aimed totally at being favourable to them and making it almost impossible for the claimant to be assessed appropriately. They seem to have devised a system, which undermines expert opinions and diagnosis' for a whole range of disabilitating conditions. Also when I refer to Doctors being discredited by an unfair medical assessment process, I also refer to Specialists/Consultants, who likely studied their field of medicine for a great number of years (over and above that of a GP). Is this acceptable ?? Anyway, I just wanted t know if my son has some way around this or the best way for him to get over this hurdle without being left destitute for too long. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Nadia
  18. Hi, I have been on IB since 2002 with severe depression,anxiety,panic attacks,etc. I take Venlafaxine every day,and recently have been trying beta blockers too. Also recently have been getting assessed by mental health team, after asking for this before and being denied it. My anxiety/depression is so bad I rarely go out,and think about suicide EVERY day. After getting zero points at Atos medical, I appealed ,and at the tribunal was awarded 6 points, not enough for ESA. Now I dont know what to do ,I understand I could start claiming ESA again with the same condition, as it has been over 6 months since the Atos assessment, and I`m sure my GP will continue providing sick notes, but how long before the whole "assessment " process starts again? I doubt I would be eligable for JSA, because of my mental health issues,but wouldnt be able too anyway because of the anxiety,so am unsure what to do now. My only other option might be Working Tax credits,with the disability premium, If I could think of something to do from home. But I understand this is all being stopped under the new UTC system, if and when it comes in, as self employed WTC will have to earn minimum of 1k per month to get it. Also the disabilty premium is being stopped too IF the claimant has failed a Atos assessment. Anyone one in a similar position who could advise?
  19. Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of advice of opinion about what I am going to put to you. Preferably if there is a fraud investigation or tribunal panel worker as this is more in their league. Obviously a limited amount of speculation can occur but any insight would be most appreciated. I will try and keep it as short as possible. May 7th 2010 I was taken ill into hosp, my hubby had lost his phone whilst working in Amsterdam. He borrowed a phone from a 'steward' on his rig, subsequently I found out he was having an affair. On my birthday 17th May 2010, he left me, saying he needed to sort his head out, in the meantime, I was seriously ill with impending redundancy (31st May 2010) Was optional as he said he would support me. By July 2010 I knew he was for real and not coming back so I went to jobcentre and got signed up for ESA rather than IS due to my health as I found out he had gone on holiday with this woman etc - too much to mention otherwise I would be writing into 2014. After some time my ESA was rejected then I went onto IS, previously to this I sorted the council tax so it was only me and my girls in the house registered. I then started college Sep 2011 and wrote to inform then, I got a letter back asking about course details and this was forwarded onto them. During all the commotion of the split, I was diagnosed with TIA, Depression and I took up drinking to 'help' me. Social Services got involved and my girls were put on the protection register for 6 months due to drink driving charge. During that whole process I tried my damned best to get my hubby back but failed on many ocassion, although we tried when we went on hol together. In that whole time we met twice socially and had that holiday, I served separation order as he introduced this woman to my girls after me asking him not to etc etc. He got his own flat for 6 months in Aug 2010-feb 1011 then gave it up as he was working away in Amsterdam for long periods on courses and working on the rigs. I fell out with family & friends over my contact with him as I required him to take me food shopping for our gilrs and did it online when he was away. A letter arrived for him in Jul 2012 as him to go to an interview and this subsequently led to a IUC for me in the OCt 2012. I since found that I should not have been receiving the IS as I was at college, although I had written to them 3 times by this point, they have no record. I hav had demands of £1982 from council tax, £13600 from CTC and £4600 from DWP. Of course I have written to apply for tribunal as I feel I have done nothing wrong here and on reading the OP they are basically saying he never left me and only taking into account the 6 months he rented, they are basically stating that all I went through was a lie. I didnt seek legal advice before the IUC as I felt I didnt need it, now I realise I should have. I have proof of this affair, relationship from emails I hacked into, I eveidence he took her on hol, bought her things, solicitor letters (which the interviewer tried to tell me was rubbish), social work reports about us splitting, the list is endless. They are saying because we never separated the joint account (was down to me as I knew I could spy if he was buying his tart anything) and I worked in a bank so I knew how much of pain it would be to sort, that we never parted company. I also have Dr letter backing up my claims, Dr letter from my mums Dr as the whole situation made her ill, endless evidence. Sorry for such a long spiel... I just wanted to know what opinion was of my chances in this tribunal. I am aware, due to my bursary of £1000 will be taken into account, Im more concerned about criminal proceedings as my hnd is for business, I got an A for it and am going to uni and feel there is no point in continuing if I am stuffed as most jobs require no fraud criminal convictions. I have also been diagnosed type 1 diabetic since then and the stress is making me ill as I cannot stablise my blood sugars. ANY HELP much appreciated MissyNA xxx
  20. As per usual, nothing new to report regarding the incompetent DWP. However, after scoring the standard 0 points on my assessment from IB to ESA, I have been one of the many thousands who have appealed. The start of Aug I received my tribunal date, however the evening prior to the tribunal I was rang by a person calling herself 'the tribunal' asking if I could change my time from PM to AM, I told her this wouldn't be acceptable and the original time would stand. Then on the day of the tribunal some 5 hours prior to it, a female rang, again calling herself 'the tribunal' to inform me that the panel felt they didn't have enough evidence in which to make an informed decision, so they were adjourning it and I would receive a letter requesting me to allow them to contact my Dr in order to obtain this information. Sure enough the very next morning, I received said letter, mighty quick work from the post office! Now I have 14 days in which to respond, but I doubt they are expecting the kind of response they're going to be getting! I have already lodged a formal complaint against the court and the tribunals service for their utter incompetence and failure to request this evidence in the 7 months I have been waiting for the tribunal, I am also loathed to give them any further evidence as it is crystal clear that they have deliberately and knowingly adjourned the tribunal with the clear intent to push numbers from one list to another. We all know that it's just a game to them, but I am spitting feathers and fully intend to make this process as painful and costly to them as I am able. This next week I am going to do as much research as I can into whether their actions are legal, as it smacks of contempt to me, I am also going to be writing up a bill of costs for them and send it to the DWP, not that I am expecting them to acknowledge it or agree, but it will make me feel better.
  21. Hi new to this site, I have question. I was put on W.R.A.G in October last year did appeal. last week went to tribunal and I was put in support group received letter from tribunal this morning. schedule 2 of esa regulations 1(a) Mobillising 15 points The following schedule 3 descriptor applied 1(a) Mobillising What next step I need to take as my wrag 365 days rules expires end of Sep.2013 Many thanks
  22. Hi, I'm new here, so I do appologize if I'm in the wrong place. I desperately need some advice, I'm young and scared, and haven't got a clue what to do. So please keep answers simply. I failed my medical with Atos in June last year, so I appealed, in the mean time whilst I was waiting for a tribunal date I have been on the assesment rate. I've just recieved my letter from the Tribunal, I didn't attend for health reasons, and the decision notice says the appeal has been REFUSED. So what happens next how can I appeal again? and am I still entitled to the assement rate? I am so worried that they will just stop my basic rate of pay leaving me with nothing. Signing on at the JC is not an option. I am praying that I will still be paid in two days time. Surely by law they have to still pay you something if you're appealing for a second time? Thank you in advance. I really appreciate all comments and advice. P.s Sorry for any spelling errors.
  23. Hi I dont know if Im posting in the right place I have Neurofibromatosis Type 2 which has resulted in the loss of balance, complete deafness in the right side and vertigo. I was taken off ESA on 10th may 2012 after failing a medical with 0 points (ATOS). I had a tribunal on 17th May 2013 and wasnt awarded 15 points but the appeal was upheld on Regulation 29. I was placed in the WRAG Group. Its been 5 weeks since that tribunal and I have rang ESA numerous times to check that they have received notification from the tribunal service. They say they havent even though the tribunal sent it via email the same day and I sent it to them twice via letter. This morning I went to my local JCP and they emailed it over to them. I rang them up twice today and the first time they said ring back after 12 and the 2nd said ring back after 4.30pm. I rang back today after 4.30pm and now I have to wait until Monday for the Benefits Centre dealing with my claim to call me back. They say that it takes 4-6 weeks after receiving the notification to process it. I am in a jam at the moment. Its been 58 weeks since this all started and I just want it over with. Has anyone got any advice? Thanks Craig New Member
  24. Hi All, Newbie here.... I have read a lot regarding ET's and people representing themselves. I am one of them and I'm due my CMD in a few weeks. I am currently due to see my MD tomorrow regarding a "without Prejudice" meeting and just wondered if anyone has done this and if anyone has gone all the way with self representation..? I read recently a thread from 2010 from davuck and just wondered if your still here and if so how did you get on..? Also honeybee13 wrote a lot of replies and if poss I'd like to here from you and Madari if your both still on. I have a fewv questions I need answering but obviously a chronology would help, but I will post later. So first and foremost has anyone had a "WP" meeting and if so how did you plan/deal with and get on...? Rgds.....Spike
  25. Good afternoon, I am approaching the (new) date of my ET, the first date was cancelled just before the hearing due to the lack of a judge. However 3 day's before the cancelled hearing the respondent's solicitor added documents to the bundle, until then I was not aware of their existence or been provided with copies of them. This I have no doubt was an attempt to mislead the court and disadvantage me, as the documents were dated 2011 and were available to be included in the Bundle at it's inception last year. I believe he (the solicitor) is behaving in a way that appears to contravene the ET regulations by both not providing me with copies within a reasonable time and including documents in the bundle less than 7 days before hearing. Reading some of the info on this site, that is not uncommon .... I am obviously very naïve and certainly disappointed with his professional conduct but would like any advice on what I can 'sensibly' do about it and more importantly prevent it from happening again. I sadly do not think the ET are concerned about failure to comply with Orders, as the Respondent has failed to adhere to most deadlines without providing reason. Does anyone have any experience of what to do with solicitors who blatantly disregard judiciary orders? I'm sure it breaches their Code of Conduct etc. I have never attended an Employment Tribunal before and am unable to fund legal advice or representation which is why I am acting as Litigant in Person, I hope the Judge will be tolerant of this too. Thank you for any advice you can offer, it will be gratefully received.
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