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  1. OK, guys, I should have posted about this a good bit back but it has made me very ill! I struggle to cope with everyday life never mind something as serious as this. The back story. I have been on incapacity Benefit since 1998 and was moved to ESA in March 2013. I was placed into the WRAG and attended my first interview. I was puzzled as to why i had to go for regular interviews but went anyway. At the first interview, I was advised that I was in the wrong group. I asked if it made any difference to my money and was told no that i would get the same amount so i said i didn't mind doing the odd interview. On following interviews my support worker said that i should appeal and i told her that it was ok. In December 2013 i filled in a reassesment form and told her that i would appeal following that if needed because i was getting too stressed and was missing appointments due to my disability. In March 2014 my ESA suddenly stopped and when i rang up about it i was told that it only lasted 12 months as i was on contribution related ESA. They assesed me for income related ESA but i was unsuccesful. Now it was panic time and i kept ringing etc etc etc. My argument with them was that I was placed in the wrong group and that at no time was i told that it only lasted 12 monmths hence why i did not appeal it. I was also told that it was too late to appeal and that i would have to wait for the December 2013 assesment to come through ....... i was in sheer panic and got nowhere! IN late August 1014 i received a letter stating that my ESA would start from that date and that i had been placed into the Support Group. Later i rang and asked when my backdated benefit would be paid and was shocked to hear that because it was the DWP that initiated the reassesment they did not have to backdate and that as far as they were concerned my benefit started in August 2014 and that was that. I sent in a letter etc etc but got nowhere. Earlier this year i rang yet again to find out how the long drawn out process of looking at my complaint was coming only to be told that it wasn't!! Seemingly when they got my letter of complaint they did a mandatory reconsideration and upheld their decision. When i explained everytring to the guy on the phone hge was great and told me to appeal the Mandatory Reconsideration as it was within 13 months which in special cases will be allowed by the Tribunal. Luckily for me the Tribunal accepted my appeal even though the ESA tried to have it thrown out due to time restraints. I go tommorrow and need any tips you guys can think of asap. Facts of my case At the time i was moved from IB to ESA i was on the following benefits and rates etc etc. 1. I was on high rate mobility and medium care on DLA 2. I was rated at 50% disabled with IIDB 3. I was registered disabled with my council 4. My wife was receiving Carer Allowance and could not work 5. I was in a specially adapted Council home thast had a washroom and lift In march 2013 using all the medical evidence available they put me into a fit for work group. Via a reassesment in December 2013 using exactly the same evidence they put me in the support group. If i had been told my ESA would be stopped i would have appealed the first decision but was not given any information. I was sent this advice and nowhere does it say about any time limit https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/benefits/sick-or-disabled-people-and-carers/employment-and-support-allowance/while-youre-getting-esa/about-the-esa-groups/ My argument is that they made a mistake (march 2013)which they corrected(August 2014 via reassesment Dec 2013) by no pressure or appeal from me. When they told me it was too late to appeal the first decision they misled me because the cut off point is 13 months (in special cases) and i would have been succesful. I was clearly entitled to ESA and if they had done their job correctly my benefit would never have been stopped in March 2014. Also they really took their time with the reassesment, in fact even though i was ringing constantly ATOS only contacted my GP in mid August 2014!!!! So i will bring up that id they had prcessed the reassesment in a reasonable amount of time this stoppage of benefit would not have happened. Soooooooooooooooo after all that guys i am going to the Tribunal to ask for the decision of August 2014 be backdated to the date of the reassesment in December 2013 and so have my benefit given to me that was stopped between March 2014 and Late August 2014. I will also say that this would never have happened if i was given the correct information about appeal time scales. The law they use to cover them for not backdating is :---- Welfare Reform Act 2007, sections 1(3)a and (4). Welfare Reform Act 2007, section 8 Social Security (Employment & Support Allowance) Regulations 2008, reg 19 I know it is all last minute but if any of you know of anything at all that i can do to counter them etc please lmk asap. I don't have to go until tommorrow afternoon so will be watching this thread. Thank you so much!
  2. Hi just looking for a bit of last minute advice. Im going to Tribunal in a week but hoped my employer would crumble way before this point . The basics are i am an employee who works on price job as a two man crew at residential homes. At the end of 2015 my company introduced a massive change of work process including a large pay cut. The change involved another contractor completing part of the works and all crews becoming one man crews . At the time i refused the change and after a meeting with my local and area manager it was agreed i could stay as a two man crew and on same pay . Roll forward to feb this year out of the blue they started paying me the reduced rate without notice. After the most unprofessional , singled out and non listened to grievance procedure of all time i had to raise a tribunal when the time ran out . My company have broken every company grievance policy going even at the end my HR department kept promising to get back to me but never did. Now they brought in a solicitor and they claim it was purely and overpayment from the end of 2015 and they have done nothing wrong . Any advice would be cool thanks
  3. Hi all. A friend has been to see an employment solicitor (he is nearing the end of a 12 month 'career break') and was told that events prior to 3 months ago will not be relevant when it comes to an employment tribunal. Is this correct? I don't want to doubt the solicitor but it just sounds so surprising. Thank you all.
  4. Hi all. You may have seen my thread titled Employment Support Allowance Advice Appreciated... Lost Tribunal and this information is also on there but I thought I would start a new thread because I feel that this information is important and may help others who have been through the stressful appeals and Tribunals. If you followed my thread you will note that I lost an appeal for ESA but appealed to the Upper Tribunal on two counts, one being that an Unregistered GP sat on my Tribunal and all the evidence I could find online pointed to the fact that any GP sitting on the Tribunal should have been registered with the General Medical Council. Incredibly after harbouring little hope that any admission would be made about this I have received a letter today from The Tribunals Service admitting this "oversight" and have set aside the original Tribunals decision and are going to send me a date for a new Tribunal hearing. I won't go into the details of the pros and cons for me on that on this thread but the point being is that if any of you have lost a Tribunal Appeal and an Unregistered GP or Medical Practitioner sat on your Tribunal then this more than likely if the same applies for everyone means that you could be entitled to a new Tribunal on the basis that you had an Unqualified Tribunal Member sitting on your hearing. I have attached my letters from The Tribunal Service on my thread (http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?462132-Employment-Support-Allowance-Advice-Appreciated...-Lost-Tribunal/page18 POST 350) and you should be able to check if your Medical Practitioner who sat on your Tribunal was/is registered by using the search facility on the General Medical Councils website. Hopefully this will help some of you have a second chance.....
  5. Hi guys i wanted to ask has anyone on here come across the same prob now as myself I have been claiming jsa for nearly 2 years i have also had my mortgage interest part paid i have just recieved a letter teling me after next month i wont be getting any more help with mortgage payments and to make payments to them myself now this is going to be hard as im only on £100 a week for me and wife Can anyone tell me if there is any help out there at all to help i have worked all my life paid all my taxes and when i need it during these tough times its about to make me homeless unless i can pay my payments please any advice
  6. Hi, I am currently representing my daughter on the McKenzie friend basis in her claim for unfair dismissal on the grounds of discrimination ( pregancy ) We have followed all the procedures through ACAS and we are currently taking her employer through the Employment Tribunal, which has taking about seven months to get to a Trial which has been listed for next week 4/5th February 2016, this was after a previous hearing. Today i receive a letter from the Tribunal stating that the trial might be postponed on the grounds that despite knowing for a number of months that in any event, the trial would be considered by a panel rather than a single judge because it is a discrimination case, to use this as a reason, and so late in the day does not add up, they would have known months in advance that a panel would need to be assigned, so in using this has delayed even further. The Tribunal are also aware that the Respondents are in abuse of process as they have failed to abide the previous order for them to provide a trial bundle, witness statements and further and better particulars in readiness for the trial next week? Because of this we made an application for the Tribunal to make an unless order for this evidence to be giving as all of it is central to the claim and it had been previously ordered. We have also written to the other side and in anticipating the Tribunal not making the unless order, which seems very reasonable, by stating that we would provide our own trial bundle and giving them seven days to object. Since all of this has happened in the last couple of days, the Tribunal as it would appear are bending over backwards in allowing the previous orders be breached and ignored and they have also giving the Respondents more time to defend a claim that evidently cannot be defended because of the circumstances which led to my daughter being dismissed. Whilst i am not legally qualified as to adjudge it would a appear that (a) she has been denied the right to a fair hearing because her opponents have abused orders which if followed would have allowed the trial to proceed and ( b) the Tribunal could have not only made the request for that evidence to be disclosed, in postponing the trial next week, giving those facts and the excuse of needing a panel, which would have been knowledge as soon as pleadings were made, i feel this is unequal and unfair as the Tribunal are not only allowing orders to be breached, they are also giving the Respondents more time to further breach the orders. My daughter i feel has a very strong case and my theory is that because of the strength of her case, the opponents and the tribunal are doing everything in their power to keep this matter out of court. It is hard enough and most times financially impossible for pregnant woman to establish unfair dismissal claims because they are pregnant, the Tribunal who should protect, if my experiences are anything to go on make it even more difficult by allowing employers the right to ignore orders and as in this case give further encouragement for this to happen again by postponing without reason or justification. Any help would be greatly appreciated by this angry dad:mad2:
  7. I have no legal rep apart from my union rep who really does not seem to be helping at all. I received confirmation of a tribunal hearing date and three deadlines to supply information to the respondent. One was the 6th just past which asked me to explain my losses which i did......but that was not correct. It wasnt until i delved deeper i learned that i had to submit a schedule of loss. Now i filled this in with what i believed to be my losses, but my previous emplyers legal team have said that this was not correct as it does not contain any information on steps taken to reduce my loss (including any earnings or benefits received from new employment) now when i was dissmised (firstly simply because "it was not working out" and then when i challeneged this it was changed to gross misconduct) i was unempoyed for three months before i took my new job, i wasnt aware that that could be a loss. Please please can someone assist me on how to complete properly a schedule of loss...... ..their team have also said that my original email could not be accepted as the heading was "without prejudice" this was there because i simply replied to their email and that was in the heading. Now i sent this on the 6th and they have only responded to me today and said they may now not be able to meet the next deadline of the 10th because of this. Do you think it would be possible for me to ask them to grant a day extension to cover this. Hopefully someone can help as this is really stressing me and i have no legal knowledge.
  8. A story about my ESA Been on ESA for about 8 years after every "assessment" I’ve been placed in WRAG. TBH that was never a problem for me as I only had a phone call every 6 months or so from Job Centre. That changed about 14 months ago as I was transferred to one of the providers and had to start going to meetings. The first woman I saw was great and advised to request to put in the support group, so I did. It took 8 months for a "assessment" (in the meantime I was passed to many different providers) This "assessment" was a complete joke the report was filled with lies and half-truths. I got zero points from her, but the decision maker did put me back into WRAG. I appealed that decision on the grounds of not being able to “mobilise more than 50 metres on level ground without stopping in order to avoid significant discomfort or exhaustion & also repeatedly mobilise 50 metres within a reasonable timescale because of discomfort or exhaustion. I supplied evidence from when I applied for a Blue Badge, and also when I was awarded PIP at high rate mobility and had another supporting letter. All the DWP had was at my "assessment” I was seen walking slowly for 7 metres” I have to admit I go into detail about how someone can assess me being able to walk over 50 metres, when I was only seen walking such a short distance. I did expect the mandatory reconsideration to reverse that decision (foolish I know) but they upheld the decision, saying being in pain wasn’t a reason Anyway I asked for a tribunal and basically said the DM had erred in law as being in the pain was a reason and it is clearly stated. I had my hearing on the 13th Dec that lasted about 45mins. I was asked to go into lots of details about my life. I expect this was to see if my answers were consistent. It did fill like a grilling but I was glad it was detailed as I knew my answers would support my case. At the end they said they would call me back in to explain their decision. I knew being called back in can be good omen as the person before me wasn’t , but was worried about the “explain their decision”. While waiting it was the first time I thought I might lose even though all the evidence is on my side. I needn’t have worried my appeal was allowed and basically explained that my oral evidence was relied upon. So that my ESA story, now to the question I have The tribunal recommends I am not reassessed for at least 24 months, and want to know if the DWP pays attention to this? P.S. I just had a letter from the Job Centre for an appointment in Jan, guess who won’t be going
  9. Dear All, Hello. My disclosure is due today in my discrimination case. I am self-representing.I have done a word document with heading(claim information) and then I did a list of the documents just numbered 1-20. Can you please advise if this is sufficient or I need to do something more sophisticated (like the lawyers would)? Does anyone have a template perhaps? Thank you. Alesha
  10. When my husband died last year we were in arrears with our Council Tax. I went to the Council and an arrangement was put in place which I've adhered to. Until yesterday, no problem. Yesterday, two letters come through the post from Ross & Roberts addressed to my husband. They were pay up within 7 days or we will take you to Court letters. Being somewhat bemused by these letters, I had a vision of letting them take my husband to Court, me going to Court to "represent" my husband and asking the Judge if the Court could employ the services of a Medium so my husband could state his case from beyond the grave!!! Being serious now. Someone, has slipped up - badly. I don't know if this is the fault of the Council or Ross & Roberts and I'm not sure whose cage to rattle first about this but cage rattle I will. I haven't had anything from the Council themselves, just this DCA. I'm wondering if I can sue them for harrassment and causing distress. It would be nice to turn the tables on them for a change. Any advice welcome.
  11. Has the UK got the continuing-violations doctrine in its Laws. I was under probation with a company and I raised H & S issues. A lot of documented bullying occurred. My employment was later terminated and the director cited the contract I signed in which they have the right to terminate my contract without reason. Much later after the expiration of the time limit for the Tribunal I made a Subject Access Request. I discovered that my line manager has been telling lies about me all this time. And these are lies that are easily disputable (Like I was found sleeping while on that day I was over a 100miles away on training). In a personal review list done six months after I left the manager still wrote down a lot of easily disputable lies. Now if the UK has a continuing-violations doctrine or something similar, I will still be in time to take the case to the Tribunal. Please I would be grateful for any advice. Regards
  12. I feel so upset and frustrated. I got pip for a year, then after an assessment for renewal they did not award me enough points to carry on getting it. Before I was getting the standard care rate. I appealed and asked for the mandatory reconsideration but again the DWP refused to award me. Only after being sent out all the forms did I see where the missing points were. I am working with Harc and it was for preparing food and both the recent form, and previous form my answers were the same yet they did not award the 4 points the second time but gave me the same points for the same things as last time, bar that. So, I appealed and went to the tribunal and they awarded me more points which took me to enhanced care and lower mobility and I thought great, finally over. Got a letter through dated the 24th (my appeal was on the 18th) and it says we've applied to the tribunal or a statement of the reasons for the decision made on the 18th as we may wish to consider applying for permission to appeal against that decision. I'm sorry we won't be paying you the benefit awarded by the first-tier tribunal at the present time. We have one month to consider applying for permission to appeal. The period of one month starts from when they first=tier tribunal reasons has been issued. If we decide not to apply for permission to appeal we'll start paying you the benefit strait away and we'll pay money we owe you, if we apply for permission to appeal and it's not granted, we'll consider if we can start paying you (what do they mean they'll consider if they can start paying me???) I'm getting so upset and no idea what to do next. How do I find out when this month starts and ends and is it common for the DWP to be granted permission to appeal. What will they be appealing? the points I've been awarded? I thought the judge at the appeal I went to had the upper hand so to speak, why am I now being put through this. Please can someone help me understand what's happening here and what I should do. Much appreciated.
  13. Howdo Folks, I was sanctioned in 2012 for six months for a failure to attend a Work Programme appointment with A4E I knew nothing about. Naturally, I appealed and the First Tier Tribunal handed down the Judgement at the end of May 2016 after all the legalities with Reilly & Hewstone and Jeffrey & Bevan were sorted out. The result was that my Appeal was upheld. I received a letter from the DWP at the end of July saying that they were considering an Appeal and that I would not be receiving any payment at that time. Fast forward to the middle of September and my copy of the Tribunal's Statement of Reasons arrives - I should note that the DWP asked for this as they were the losers here. Since then, its been radio silence and I'm wondering what steps are open to me to find out what is going on as I have as little to do with the local JCP as possible. I'm not receiving any benefits at the moment as my JSA claim was terminated with no reason given in January 2013 even though a Compliance Officer was happy. I became a carer for a friend, but his PIP assessment did not go well and he has been denied PIP; he is waiting for an appeal date after his MR was refused so the Carers Allowance which paid the bills is now not coming in. Needless to say, the money situation is now getting a bit tight... Cheers for any pointers you might have.
  14. Does anyone have any thoughts or comments regarding this weeks tribunal decision whereby judges ruled that Uber drivers were employees, not self-employed? There were some very hard hitting comments from the judges regarding the company. An estimated £314 million has been lost in tax and national insurance contributions every year, whilst this operation has been on going. I am personally delighted and it is companies like Uber who are responsible for so many of their workers being driven into debt.
  15. Hi all, A friend has been bullied and harassed enough to quit his job after only 9 months. He resigned and I was wondering if he could still take his harassment to an Employment Tribunal or is there a time restraint for length of service. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  16. HELP! I have claimed unfair dismissal following whistleblowing and have a 3 days hearing scheduled in September. Due to funds I didn't take on a solicitor, but I am very scared that I have bitten off more than I can chew and will ruin my case due to inexperience. I have had support previously from CAG but in honesty have never been in a position to make a donation, if anyone can help my I will make a donation of whatever I can afford. So the situation, i was dismissed, 5 days before my 2 years service for a completely unfounded, ridiculous allegation of gross misconduct. I was actually suspended immediately after a grievence hearing which I had raised regarding my bad treatment whilst I was signed off work following and assault in the workplace. I was dismissed in my absence as I was infit to attend the disaplinary meeting and they refused to reschedule it. I had prior to this made a disclosure, first an internal one through the correct internal channels, then to the licensing body because my concerns where dismissed which heightened my concerns and made things 100x worse. I know that they know it was me, and I have this in writing. As to I have emails in which HR and senior management discussed me and plans to dismiss me. I also have notes of meetings about me which were held incorrectly and which were unfair and literally just going through the motions. I appealed my dismissal on the grounds of whistleblowing and this was dismissed, although they waited until 3 days before the 3 months tribunal deadline to inform me of this. I am now in a position where I need to send information as to what remedy I am asking the tribunal to award, this needs to be recieved by 4pm Monday and in honesty I don't know what to write nor how to word it. Any help would be much appreciated!
  17. Good evening everyone, I was on ESA for approximately 8 months due to a knee and back injury that I sustained late last year coupled with chronic migraines which have been diagnosed by a neurologist last year but have been suffering with for over 2 years. I attended a assessment early this year and scores 0 points and was told that I am fit for work however I feel this is the wrong decision and my doctors agree that i am not fit for work I have been getting signed off continually since my back and knee injury and also provided letters from my doctors however the dwp didn't change their decision. I appealed and have been told my court date is at the start of September. I am petrified!! I suffer with anxiety, severe depression, have been suicidal and I don't go out alone as a result of my current health problems combined with the severe side affects I suffer with from the 8 different medications I take. My conditions have not improved since my appeal and have in fact gotten worse. I have no idea what to expect and am honestly petrified about attending the hearing, what can I expect? Does anyone have any advice? Are there any organisations who can help me with this hearing? What sort of questions will I be asked? Will there be a judge and jury etc? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance
  18. im really confued as i didnt attend the medical but sent off a form explaining why , i then recieved a letter back saying :"we have looked at your reasons for not attending a decision maker says you are capable of work from the 15.04.2010 " (this box was ticked) then underneath is says "this means we have decided that you are no longer entilted to which were : Box One : Incapacity Benefit And National Insurance Credits Box Two : Severe Disablement Allowance Box Three : National Insurance Credits The Box They Ticked For Me Were Just : The 3rd One "National Insurance Credits" This is the only box ticked so i dont understand am i losing my incapacity and servere disability allowance cos it says first "u are capable of work from the 24.04.2010 but then says this means we have decided that you are no longer entitled to national insurance credits ! Im confused as i claim incapacity and servere but these boxes werent ticked so what do they mean im no longer entitled to national credits ? im worried if they mean that ill no longer get any benefits anyone plz help me thanks in advance
  19. Can anyone advise? I have submitted an ET1 claim for unfair dismissal after being dismissed by new employers for gross misconduct by the new employers after the store where I worked was sold. It was taken over in Nov 2015 but now it appears the sale has not completed due to the new employers disputing the stock price.. What will this mean to me with regards to my claim??
  20. Hi, I have a rule 3(10) hearing at the EAT and have two weeks to prepare bundle and skeleton arguments,PLEASE can anyone help?
  21. Hi I parked in a council car park that offered 30mins free. I didn't notice I needed a ticket anyway as that bit is in small print, but I set my stopwatch as I am law abiding. When I got back to see the motorist exploiter hovering around my car, I had been gone 16 minutes. I photographed my stopwatch on the windscreen showing a time of 18mins. I argue that the ticket solely serves as proof of time parked, and as I have photographic proof I was parked no longer than 18mins, and the attendant has no evidence of how long I was parked, I did not commit any offence. Will the adjudicator throw this out. I feel robbed and it's a point of principle. 30 mins is free and I was parked for 18.
  22. Afternoon everyone, Just a question really as follows: I was made redundant 31/07/2015 and followed all the correct procedures. Went to employment tribunal and won my case, which was not contested. Recieved my judgement order on 18/03/2016, which has not been settled. I found out that my previous employer has since closed the business and as of yet not legally gone bankrupt, called in an insolvency practioner nor liquidated the company. I applied to the insolvency service which is going through now and I received a letter saying that they will pay the redundancy as per employment judgement order and then go after my former employer for the monies. I was awarded the judgement for redundancy along with a calculation date of 8% simple interest payable on a day to day basis starting 01/04/2016. So my question is will I get the interest that has occurred or just the statutory redundancy payment. Many thanks in advance
  23. Good afternoon Everyone, Hopefully someone could help/advise me with a problem I am having with my former employer. I recently resigned from a part-time job working for a well-known Housing Association as they weren't paying me in full for the hours I worked (among other dubious issues). My job started 20th January 2016 and I worked exactly half of my monthly contracted hours between my start date and 31st January 2016 - over four days/shifts. I therefore expected to be paid precisely half my contracted salary (salaried, not paid hourly, unless claiming overtime, which was calculated using an hourly rate). Using the assumption that I would receive half my monthly salary, I was underpaid for January in February's pay. Then, in March, they deducted even more money and claimed that they had overpaid me for January, when I believe the opposite was the case. After numerous emails and telephone calls, staff from payroll claimed that they had initially calculated my hours (15/week) over a 5 day period (3 hours/day), which is what was paid in February's wage. They then said that they had recalculated my hours over a seven day period (2.15 hours/day) hence the deduction in March's pay. However, I actually worked 2 x 7.5 hour shifts = 30 hours - contracted to work 60 hours/month – I have copies of the email from payroll outlining how they calculated January’s wage, copies of my signing-in sheets, copies of overtime sheets showing my working patterns and rotas before I left. As is stands, I have been paid approximately £4.25/hour for the hours I worked in January. After two months of trying to get them to pay me correctly (and among other issues, such as lone working without backup with potentially violent clients) I resigned. Before resigning, I also raised a Formal Grievance and received no response. I am going through the Early Conciliation process with ACAS, but I'm scared of the potential costs and/or risks (i.e. potentially paying their legal costs, they have a huge legal department!) involved taking it all the way to an Employment Tribunal. The Housing Association suggested that I accept two-thirds of what they owe, but I requested to be paid in full. The ACAS conciliator didn't seem too pleased that I didn't accept the offer, which worries me. Someone has also suggested that instead of taking them to a Tribunal that I could take them to Small Claims court instead. I suppose my queries are these: 1) Does it sound like an ‘unlawful deduction of wages’? 2) Does it look like I have a good case for an Employment Tribunal? 3) Would it be better taking them to Small Claims to lower my risks/be more feasible than going through an Employment Tribunal? Could someone be kind enough to impart their knowledge of such matters please, I would be greatly thankful. I hope I've provided enough information, if not please let me know (and apologies if I've gone on too much!). Very best wishes, Ammy
  24. Hello My daughter represented herself in a lengthy employment tribunal (11 days) over a year ago and she is yet to receive the judgement. She has on occasion e-mailed the ET to see if there is any progress but a year on she is none the wiser and has no indication as to when she will receive it. Can anyone advise if this is normal practice, over a year seems an excessive time to wait. Thank you
  25. Hi, I am in the midst of a complex Employment Tribunal. A bit of background: - I am claiming discrimination - Failure to make reasonable adjustments and Discrimination arising from disability - I am self representing - I originally submitted my ET1 with a 'headlines' version of allegations (to fit in the box) - I was asked to expand on my allegations by the Judge at my CMD. I did this and the resulting ET1 clarification is 15 pages long - The Respondent has now conceded that I am disabled The Respondent has asked for a Scott schedule to be drafted, with explanation of which PCPs were applied to me and how they substantially disadvantaged me. I have agreed to do this. My query is : Given the amount of detail that has already been lodged in my ET1, how detailed does the Scott schedule need to be? Do I need to go into detail about how each PCP affected me, and why, or do I keep it brief? I assume that the ET1 is still looked at and is not superseded by the Scott schedule. Is that correct? Thank you for any thoughts.
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