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Found 13 results

  1. I wonder if I can ask for some help with a round floor flat....some months later I am finding that the surveyor has neglected to pick up that the basement is a fire trap because there is no means of window escape should there be a fire. Should a surveyor have flagged this up because it does not meet building regulations safety standards. The walls have been plastered and painted with wrong materials which is now causing damage to the walls and skirting as the paint is not breathable. Also I was advised that a DPC is required, however now told not to put one in as will make situation worse. Also the sound proofing is diabolical and my ceiling is showing signs of cracks and nails popping because flat owner upstairs has wooden floor stairs not covered with carpet. I cant afford to go to a solicitor at the moment so all help and guidance appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hi everyone, I have a couple of threads on here regarding various debts but I have been informed that I need a separate thread to deal with my payday loan issue. for the last 18 months myself and my husband who were both self employed have been in a bad way financially, mainly due to lack of work but also we both struggle with mental health issues which has made the situation ten times worse. Over this timescale we have had period of weeks where we have had no income and due to being threatened with eviction for non payment of rent and with no money for basic needs like food, we found ourselves falling into the clutches of payday lenders and loans with high APR because our credit ratings are bad. Its now got to the point where we have managed to get our rent back under control but we are still having to renew loans just to make payments on others and its just spiralling out of control and we feel so ashamed at letting things get this bad and its giving us sleepless nights and affecting our health. We both have a lot of demons and issues and struggle to deal with things but we have made the decision that we have to deal with this now and have decided to cancel paying these people but just send them a token payment whilst we try and find the best way forward. The Payday loan we have at the moment is Myjar. this is the 3rd loan I have had from them and each time they have offered me more money over a longer period and to me this was a lifeline and never thought twice about taking it. I have also had a loan with quidie which has now been settled. We also have loans with 118 118 (very high interest rate) and Bamboo, again with high rate but I am guessing that I should deal with these separately as these are over longer periods so not really payday loans? I was hoping to get some advice as to the options with dealing with these sharks but I have also read that you can put in a claim against them, even ones that have been settled. I am not sure what you can claim for or how to go about it but any help would be greatly appreciated. LTB
  3. Yesterday morning i was travelling into work a long the road, the local speed trap van is normally parked the the lay by but this time the van was parked in the middle of the dividing land hidden in trees Is it legal for a speed van to hide within trees ?
  4. My daughter whose oldest child is 18 and has now left school decided to take a year out and work and get a job...he earns 13000 per annum..as she recently had to finish work 3 months ago because of stress she applied for housing benefit... She sent them all the information and today has been told out of a housing allowance for the area of 91.80p week she has been awarded 16 pound a week towards the rent for herself and her 11 year old child also living there along with the 18 yr old...i Is it correct that the local authority can make her 18 year old pay the majority of the rent on the property? as this seems to be the case....he is not the tenant she is yet it seems from their figures that because he is earning he is expected to make up the huge shortfall can anyone confirm these figures are correct? thanks
  5. Hi there, hoping for a bit of advice here please. I was a member of exercise4less for about 24 months but I decided to cancel in October 2015. I did this via their website via 'contact us' link. in November 2015 I received an email from the gym branch manager saying my membership had "expired". However, the monthly payments continued to be taken until I cancelled again via an online form and later cancelled the direct debit. I now have Harlands emailing me saying they won't cancel my membership until I pay another 9.99 fee and the admin charges. The balance is now about £69, which is a big increase from 9.99. I did email them to explain I cancelled in November and the expired membership email was proof that I was no longer a member! I cancelled again using the form just over a month ago but they said my membership wouldn't be cancelled I now have letters arriving saying further charges will be added. I just don't know how to respond now, I don't want this to mount up.
  6. Hi In 2005 I got the following: Together Mortgage £113000, Picture Loan £33000, Welcome Loan £21000, RBS Debt totaling £25000 credit card debt totaling £ 9,000. PAYDAY LOANS total £1200. I was in great despair as I was going through a divorce had an ectopic pregnancy and lived in a house half built. I was off work due to ectopic pregnancy and was losing money fast. On top of this my step daughter came to live with me and I was trying to help her through college etc. My ex husband was very nasty and he was due to leave the army and I got frightened in to not taking any of his pension that I deserved for giving up my career to bring his daughter up. He cashed in all our joint policies and left me with nothing but debt. I was in despair literally and had a breakdown turned to alcohol (not badly but enough). I then tried reading self help books to try and change my mind set. I wrote myself blank cheques to all the people I owed and had them on my wall so that I could visualize on attracting money. I won £3800 from a 10p bingo ticket then I got a windfall of £32000. I cleared the credit card debt, got the house finished and reduced the welcome loan to £9000. I still owe the rest, I got the RBS loan secured against the house to free up monthly spends. My house is now worth £136000. I was annoyed though as I have paid over £37000 to IDEM not realising that to settle I need to pay another £42000!! I was younger stupid and scared. I have now rented out my house and I am living in a room, I have started my own company using all the skills I have and have enlisted friends to help me with their trades (I take a small percentage from them as I get them work). [EDITED] It is about visualizing and felling the luck and wealth. It takes only 16 seconds to vibrate mentally and put good thoughts out. I do not ask to win the lottery e.t.c but I try to create ways that I can help myself out of the mess I got in with money. [EDITED]
  7. My apologies if this appears in the wrong place which I think it is, but I am new and when I tried to post in the Bank sector I was messaged 'This forum is not accepting new posts!' I have a Cardsave Merchant Services online facility which I have never used. I have been paying £24/month. I knew I was in a 12 month contract, so waited until twelve months were up then cancelled my contract. I am then told by the cancellations department that I needed to cancel before the end of 12 months giving 30 days notice otherwise the contract rolls over into another 12 months. I therefore needed to cancel in month 23, or it would roll over again! I am therefore to be charged £150 cancellation fee plus a further 12 months at £24/month. £438! Nice little earner! 1) Is this even lawful? 2) Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this one?
  8. hi again folks, i just wanted to ask if anyone can give any pointers to avoiding the many traps that atos set for people? some of you will know i am currently awaiting a tribunal date...i just wonder after (hopefully please God) i win my case..how i can avoid this hell all over again? i know the tribunal can recommend that a person should not be seen again by atos for up to 2 years... but my understanding is that that is only hinted at... it is not law... and dwp can do as they like...correct me if i'm wrong here.. in my own case, i was so ill when i received a letter to fill in the form for atos, that i wasnt opening letters... infact i lost it... because i'm so disorganised ,sufferring ocd and chronic tiredness...i had to get a support worker to sort it out... and that was april 2012, having had my money docked for months... they accepted my reasons.. and i got paid back ...then i had to go to the face to face interview..(to me its not bona fide medical)which scored me no points ,(its rather like the eurovision song contest;))... and thus here i am waiting tribunal.... i wonder if i had filled in that form and sent it off... would i have come to their face to face interview? i mean if i put down enough info of my condition and backed by gp and psychiatrist...would i side step out of the atos system? saying that... any clues to avoiding atos traps... are most welcome...
  9. We have all heard of the deadly ‘Amazon Fly Trap’ well now we have the ‘Amazon Market Place Trap’ equally as painful if you fall in it. This is a warning message really, although reading some of the pieces on this site it is nothing new and had I had been more on my toes and read more on the internet I would not have fallen in the ‘Amazon Market Place Trap’. I bought a "Nikingstore IDE/SATA Dual Slot Hard Drive Docking Station" on Amazon for £23.99. I received the confirmation email and again foolishly as I have been so use to and confident of Amazon’s system I just let it sit in my inbox. After a week it had not arrived so I emailed the seller only to find that they were based in Singapore and delivery could be up to 30 days. It did not take that long but when I went to use it; it did not work or not as it should. It even disconnected my BT home internet hub every time I switched it on and inserted a hard drive. I contacted the seller stating that it was faulty and I wanted to return it for a refund. We then started a series of emails back and forth while he argued the toss. It was not until I started an A-Z claim that he agreed to take it back. They wanted me to pay the £11.84 shipping and again it took a few emails for him to very generously offer to reimburse the cost of shipping!! But could I send it by surface mail as it was cheaper (£6.81). During this time I was also communicating with Amazon and it was not until then that I discovered that as a buyer we have no consumer protection at all in their Market Place purchases. When I bought my item there was no mention on the webpage that the company I was dealing with was based outside the UK so I think it fair to say that a buyer would naturally think they would be dealing someone in our own country. The way I see it is, taken to the extreme, we could have traders from all over the world supplying faulty or substandard goods to customers in the UK and Amazon just turn their backs on it as they offer no protection at all. Do I see this wrong, are Amazon actually aiding and abetting in allowing some of their sellers to rib us off and why should they do anything about it for they are actually profiting from it also. Being sarcastic does Amazon really care as in recent days we have seen that Amazon only cares about Amazon another way of just adding to the coffers, like the tax they don’t pay. They have said that I will get my £23.99 back (although I am still waiting) but it is on a wing and prayer that I will ever see the return postage again, and the faulty goods, well who knows, they will most properly we re-boxed and shipped out to the next punter and the process will starts all over again. I did notice on the Amazon confirmation invoice that they make reference to the United Kingdom's Distance Selling Regulations, “you have the right to cancel the contract for the purchase of any of these items within a period of 7 working days, beginning with the day after the day on which the item is delivered” They fail to tell you that you will have to bear the cost to return it even if it is faulty. In my case it was virtually half of the price of the item. As you will no doubt see I am a little angry about this although it is my fault really but I feel that I should speak out and add my story hoping someone might see it before they buy as Amazon will never warn you.
  10. Hi everyone. Like many people, I've got myself into the pay day loan spiral and I've decided enough is enough and it's time to regain control. I'm just paying off interest and more interest, whilst my situation isn't as bad as some people's I can no longer afford to carry on with this, it will send me further into debt. Firstly these are the ones I have: Quickquid - £650 + £162.50 interest TxtLoan - £200 + £34 interest Speed-e-Loan - £225 +£63 interest I also have a Wonga loan but I defaulted on that one before Christmas and, to their credit, they were very helpful in freezing interest and assisting me in setting up a repayment plan. I'll be free of that one in July. QQ and TxtLoan are both due tomorrow and Speed-e-Loans next Friday but thanks to advice I've read on here, I've got a new bank account and my wages are being paid into it. My 'pay day loan' account is empty and there's no overdraft facility so no money can be taken from it. Knowing my money is safe is a source of relief, having read some real horror stories on here. Now comes the part that I'm dreading - dealing with these people. I know Wonga were helpful but by all accounts they do seem to be the most approachable of these companies so I'm ready for a hard slog. I have a basic idea of what to do initially - send each of them an email stating that I cannot afford to repay the loans due to financial hardship and offer a repayment plan of what I can afford, and then wait to see what they come back to me with and take it from there. Is that about right? One thing I am dreading is them phoning my workplace. I have no access to a phone at work so it will go to reception, I'm not sure it will go down too well. If I stay in regular email contact surely they'll have no cause to ring my employer though? Anyway I'm starting this thread so I can kind of keep a diary of what's happening and also know that the great people here will be on hand to offer help and advice as and when I need it. I do intend to repay every penny that I borrowed, I just hope that I'm not going to be banging my head against a brick wall in getting there. Thanks for reading.
  11. Hi, I've just registered with this site so I can thank all you guys for your help. I got myself into the stupid position of a payday loan hell, with 4 lenders PDUK, QQ, PDE and Wonga. Thanks to all the advice written in this forum I've been able to word emails correctly/ set up another bank account, and have made repayment plans with 3 of them, just wonga left. It is a great relief to be able to start getting my finances back on track and it's thanks to all the posters on this forum I've been able to do it relatively painless..lol It's a comfort to know your not the only person going through this nightmare, but that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep up the good work guys !!!
  12. Hi all i am currently in abit of trouble with payday loan company's all i seem to do is extend my loans its never ending. my loans are: wonga - 1000 on a repayment plan (100 month) payday express - 500 (100 ext) payday uk - 180 (40 ext) pounds to pocket - 150 30 a month lending stream - 2 loans total 250 25 a week peachy loans - 260 ( 60 ext) wonga were fine setting up a plan ive heard payday express are a pain? If i can get payday uk to set up a plan for just say 40 a month that would be fine pounds to pocket i can live with lending stream is the one that is hurting me but if i get the rest to accept plans i can try pay them of alot quicker. peachy not really heard much about them on this site do you think they could set up a plan? any help please?
  13. Thousands of people are spiralling into debt after ordering clothes and furniture from catalogue companies. One debt charity receives 100 calls a day from people who have fallen behind with ‘buy now, pay later’ plans. Catalogues are often used by the housebound, young mothers, or those on low incomes who want to spread costs over a year. But many purchases involve signing up to an expensive credit agreement where shoppers are charged up to 40  per cent interest — much higher than a credit card or personal loan. And if there is a 0  per cent interest-free period, many shoppers don’t realise this can become void if they miss just one payment. Debt charity the Money Advice Trust receives more calls on catalogue debts than on mortgages, rent or payday loans. Joanna Elson, chief executive, says; ‘More people are turning to catalogues to replace broken appliances, buy clothes for growing children, or just to manage a tight monthly budget. ‘This means more people entering credit agreements at a time when money is scarce — which inevitably leads to more debt problems.’ Many people are also caught out by payment dates at catalogues. Many insist customers make a payment every 28 days, instead of on a particular day of the month. This means the due date constantly rolls back each month and people can forget to pay on time. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2161878/Beware-catalogue-debt-trap-shoppers-told.html#ixzz1yWaPgDRF
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