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Found 18 results

  1. Bank of Scotland wrote to me saying they may sell debt and the new holder of debt may take me to court. Today i get letter from BOS stating the debt has been transferred to Wescot. Debt in question is close to 10k and was defaulted 4 months, they failed to respond to my token payment. I already get hounded by moorcroft for a tesco debt how do Wescot behave?
  2. Hi me again! SI had a copyright claim against a company last year which was transferred into my local county court on the small claims track. The judge ruled he couldnt hear the case as he knew nothing about copyright. It took him several months but he transferred it to IPEC (intellectual property court) in London. Now the problem is he didnt transfer it into the small claims part of IPEC , he wrongly transferred it into the main court and I am now facing costs of £10,000 against me instead of £120 maximum from small claims I have only just become aware of whats going on regarding the notice of transfer although it has been withIPEC for about 5 months now is it too late to challenge the county courts trasnfer to the wrong track?
  3. Hi, I'll try and explain this as best I can, last December (a week before Christmas to be exact) we had a visit from 2 high court enforcement officers (their ID was on a laminated card) they said they were from court enforcement services and were acting on behalf of NPOWER for an unpaid ccj that has been transferred up to the high court and they were here to take payment or sieze goods which I think they said was to the value of £2563 - odd, ( we said you can see we don't have goods to that value anyway and they agreed) at no point was any paperwork produced to break down any of the companies fee's or anything or any high court writ produced. Now as it was Christmas and my husband was a bit panicked that these people had turned up and put him on the spot he told the officer he'd pay £150 a month on a certain date (which is completely not do-able in our circumstances with 5 children and myself not working and he shouldn't of offered to pay that amount in the first place), with that the officer said ok i'll text you the agreement when I'm outside in my car and let you know the account details and remind you of date to pay etc and it was exactly that a written text saying reference number - Automated line (number) account number: sort code: total amount £2563 instalments on .... every month I was upstairs keeping the children away at this point and came down to find he'd offered to pay £150 every month, I asked if there was any paperwork or anything which there wasn't. he paid £150 for 2 months, we're currently paying off a fair few debts and it put us under so much strain we could barely pay the rent! we researched a few things online and got mixed messages about high court writs , this company in particular what powers they had exactly , my husband rang the company up explained what had happened and said we'd paid 2 months but we have no paperwork to see where the money's actually gone, no evidence of a high court writ, no paperwork to say if any fee's are to be added literally nothing but a bank account + sort code! they told my husband they would email it over, twice he made this phone call and twice told the same thing with NO EMAIL actually arriving. I decided we'd stop paying as we could be paying anyone without any paperwork. January was our last payment yesterday they decided to turn up again (I know with high court they don't let you know they are coming anyway) when we asked for some sort of paperwork to prove this writ existed one of them pulled up a picture on their phone and zoomed in on a stamp they say is from the high court and said this is your writ and there is the stamp. One officer in particular was really agitated when we kept questioning why we had no paperwork to prove where the payments were going, saying they don't need to provide paperwork we are just to pay it as it's an order from the high court , he told my husband to be quiet whilst HE spoke (now my husband is as polite as you get so wasn't being rude or anything) but we were promptly spoke over when we were explaining what we wanted to know. They said we are lucky they haven't charged us for this visit or the first one as they have come from London to the south west . Also mentioned was the fact if we didn't pay Npower could apply to make my husband bankrupt. whilst i've spent most of my night researching various options to stop these people coming back as i'm not paying without any paperwork with breakdown of fee's etc we'd really appreciate any advice or pointing in the right direction of what to do next and how to handle the situation. my husband is ringing the county court this afternoon to double check the status , do we also ring NPOWERS legal dept and see what they've got to say (again the officers said to ring them too) Thank you.
  4. Hi all, After transferring a private number plate off my old car and buying a new one, I waited till my V5C came for my new car. Goes online to try to transfer the private reg but comes up with error message "cannot transfer this number online". So use the online chat to speak to DVLA giving all the details and they say "vehicle does not meet the criteria for transferring number plate" and that this has been passed to the relevant department to see whether or not its possible.... Bizarre, so now having to wait a few weeks to learn the outcome...anybody had this before ?
  5. Apologies if this has been posted to the wrong forum. I have filed an N244 on behalf of someone I know, just received a N271 Notice of transfer of proceedings. the problem is it has been transferred to a court absolutely miles away can I get it reassigned to a more ocal court?
  6. I need some quality advise on how I can clear my £3.6K credit card debt which is causing me misrey for the last 7 years. I have been working and living with parents but a wife and car to run as well as other stuff and I struggle to meet minimum payments?? Are they any interest free loans out there which can pay off my credit cards and then pay back at a rate which I find suitable and I can adjust on a monthly basis according to my income.
  7. I have recently received a letter from Rossendales stating that I was overpaid working tax credit a few year ago and they demand the cash back asap. I spoke to HMRC 2 year ago about this and they said they would send me out an invoice each month so I could pay it back that way. I did suggest they just change my tax code and take it from my wages but they said they only do this as a last option. My question is can Rossendales mark my credit file? What rights do they have? I have tried to contact HMRC over this matter but not managed to get through up until now. I want to pay the money back but dont want to deal with Rossendales.
  8. Quick outline of case first. My girlfriend had a secured second load taken out with Firstplus about 9 years ago in joint names with her and her then husband for his debts (yes she is aware this was not ideal) they then split not long after. She has continued to pay this debt with Firstplus. She then started struggling with the debt £400 per month on top of her Mortgage single parent etc. Case defaulted, got a CCJ and a reposession order now Suspended re-possesion order or something like that. She then started to repay and again began struggling with it so First plus then marked it as defaul and passed the debt to Credit Solutions. They have been tootally unhelpful when she tried to negotiate lower monthly payments stating that this wouldn't even pay the interest and charges so £400 was the minimum she could pay. So a few weeks ago I got her to ring Credit Solutions to ask for a redemption figure. The latest statement from them stated the balance to be £5200. They said they had to go back to First Plus. We then received a letter from "Eversheds LLP" reason for quotations will become clear. Panicking she ran Eversheds as the figure in the letter was just over £13000 stating "this includes our charges up to the redemtion date". So panickinng she rang them (Eversheds) who stated " we do not hold an account for you relating to First Plus and have not dealt with them in over 3 years. So confused she rang First Plus who stated yes this included interest and charges from Eversheds . The reason CS held the balance as £5200 was because the interest and charges had been frozen?? Confusing. She advised that she had been offered a bit of cash from her father and was wanting to make an offer. The Firts Plus agent advised to write in explaining her circumstances and with an incomne and expenditure sheeet and this would go before managers. So we did that, explaining that she has been struggling, detailing stress and problems at home as she has a disabled child too and sent an offer of £3000 for full and final settlement. we hear nothing for just under 2 weeks when yesterday a letter arrives from First Plus saying following your correspondence the debt has been passed to Credit Solutions????? And to contact them. your correspondence has been passed to them also she rang Firstplus stating she had sent a letter offering a full and final settlement as THEy had asked. The agent said that it looked as if proper process had not been followed, explaining it should have gone to a manager etc. Again my gf pointed out the Eversheds, Oh yes that will include their charges again she says. To which my gf advised of the call to Eversheds who had nothing to do with it. The agent than said yes the debt really should not have been handled like this but you will have to contaft CS. This all sounds to me like they have really messed this up and leaves us open for a complaint. Also we do not know if they have passed the letter to CS reegarding the F+F Offer. Does anyone have any advice on what we should do, and if we have decent grounds to get CS to accept the F+F offer? I also think CS will bounce it back to First Plus. All very confusing . Writing this just before leaving work so if it is a little rushed this is why. But we are foaming and just wanting to clear this debt with the £3000 we have sitting waiting for them. Any advice appreciated. Many thanks
  9. Hi, I was hoping for a little help and advice please.. .. In 2009 I took out a Business Loan from Barclays for a business debt of £20,000. I have an signed Agreement and have been paying £230 per month ever since. I have never missed a single payment. Today I received a letter from Barclays saying that the debt had been transferred to Westcot and to contact Westcot to make arrangements to continue payments but this time direct to Westcot. I rang Barclays to see if I'd ever missed a payment and why it was going to Westcot, the lady was helpful and said I had never missed a payment but Barclays had sold a lot of accounts to Westcot.... My question is this, I know and have read about Westcot and I do not like what I have read and I don't trust them . I was happily paying off this loan and now this is tainted for me as I know where this will head... . CAN I DEMAND THAT BARCLAYS KEEP MY ACCOUNT AS I HAVE NOT DEFAULTED AND THERE SEEMS NO REASON WHY IT SHOULD HAVE GONE TO WESTCOT? Many Thanks for you time in advance. Q
  10. I’d really appreciate some advice on this matter. Briefly – a debt has been transferred to a debt collection solicitor and the outstanding amount has suspiciously skyrocketed. I’ve been paying off a long-standing debt to a firm of solicitors/debt collectors called HL Interactive. They were managing this debt on behalf of Royal Bank of Scotland, though the joint mortgage was originally taken out in 1990 and I have none of the original documentation, and cannot even remember the name of the lender (it was a French name, taken out through Prudential). Last year the balance on this account, which I have never disputed, was approximately £6,000. I have a letter from HL dated June 2013 confirming this. I have been making payments to HL for years via direct debit and have had no dispute or hassle from them. Last week I received two letters in the same envelope. One is from RBS saying that management of this debt has now been transferred to a firm called drydensfairfax, to whom all queries should now be directed. They enclosed a letter from drydensfairfax themselves, and this is the one that worries me. According to them, I owe over £16,000. While I have never denied the debt, I do not know where this amount has come from and what powers they have. I am certainly not going to phone them at this stage, especially since I was brought to these forums by googling their name. Is it possible that there is small print somewhere that says my debt (£6000 or so in 2013) can now be inflated to £16,000+ and that I have to pay it? Should I now engage the services of a solicitor? Any advice is welcome.
  11. I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. I had my Mercedes clk convertible SORN'd and uninsured in a secure lock up underground car park. I am the owner and was the registered keeper. I say was as someone unknown to me had the car transferred into their name by the DVLA. I never received any correspondence from the DVLA. I phoned the DVLA and they won't give me any information as I'm not the registered keeper. It's ludicrous. I owned the car outright and had known the previous keeper and was with him when he purchased the car 6 years prior to me owning it. The new registered keeper then had a locksmith come and clone a key and drove it out of the car park at the end of July, MOT'd it a week later and sold it the next day apparently for a paltry amount. I noticed it a week later and reported it stolen. Initially the police said it was a civil mater(how?) then they eventually listed it as a stolen a few days later. 36 hours later the person who purchased it rang the police saying that the car he had just bought for a 5th of its value had been reported stolen. Initially the police left the car with the new purchaser but have now impounded it. I feel like I am bashing my head against a brick wall as the officer dealing with it didn't believe the DVLA would just transfer it without my knowledge until he had an email from the DVLA that they would so ordered it seized. Now the person who had it transferred into his name has emailed the officer and so again he is emailing the DVLA for clarification. My car was stolen, how do I get it back. A civil case would cost me more than the car is worth and I couldn't afford it either. Has anyone had to deal with a similar situation, what do I do to get my car back
  12. This loan originally for £4079 (including Optional Loan Repayment Insurance), defaulted in 1993, and token payments have been made ever since. The balance, stated as £3267, was transferred to Idem about a year ago and since then I have been paying them the £20 a month I was previously paying to Lloyds. They are now requesting a review of my financial situation and asking for very detailed information. I decided to request a final settlement figure from them, to which they replied asking me to propose an amount and still asking questions like 'what would be the source of funds' and 'what other debts do you have'. I would be willing to pay £1500 but am not prepared to answer these questions which I think are irrelevant. Also, if they persist in asking for personal information, what would be the consequences of not complying and either stopping payments altogether or continuing with the previously agreed payments. My questions are what course of action is it best to take, and what's the worst they can do to me if I don't cooperate? After 24 years I just want an end to it all!
  13. After reading the threads I'm hoping someone can help! Money was owed to a company called Pierre Lemond after having a photo portfolio done. Repayment was not maintained due to ill health. The debt was passed to a company called Paladin and regular payments were being made to them. We have now received a letter from Global Debt Recovery stating that their client has instructed that provided we remit 525 pounds by the 31/05/14, they will accept this payment as a Full and final settlement of the above claim. The issue is that:- 1. The balance they have stated is incorrect and out by approx. £400 2. The original creditor was Pierre Lemond but they have stated Studio London which is just the studio, on the letter 3. Payments have been regularly made to Paladin We called them and explained payments are being made and the amount was incorrect. To which they said that's the information they have and which they are going by. Should I send them the letter requesting the original CCA? Many thanks
  14. Heard of slamming? I hadn't until this morning when I found that my number had changed and my Broadband doesn't work any more. Turns out that my phone contact has been taken over by a new provider - and no one knows who it is!! It is a nightmare trying to sort it out and when the service eventually goes back to BT, there may have to be a new number etc etc etc. Anyone know about this stuff? I called OffCom. It will take them 4 days to find out who the new provider is
  15. I have searched for this but have not found anything in the forum, I hope someone can help. While on jobseekers allowance I have had to move from one borough to another. I went to do my first interview and signing on date last week at my new jobcentre. Everything seemed to be in order, but the thing is I have waited more than a week and my JSA payment has not arrived yet. I am wondering if maybe the transfer of the claim has prompted what looks like a delay in my payment? Should I call my jobcentre or the phone number in Glasgow? Or should I wait some more? I would appreciate any feedback, thanks.
  16. HI, i am looking for some advice with regards to how i can handle my debt of £1331.80 with Wescot credit services. The debt has been bought by them from natwest and is from a student overdraft. Wescot have stated that they will send the debt to a doorstop collection agency if i do not phonme them with regards this debt. Having read a number of threads on this website i have understand it would be more desirable from my point of view to only deal with them through writing. I am currently unemployed and don't have much money i could spare in order to pay large chunks of this debt. Basically i am looking for advice with regards to how i should go about contacting Wescot and setting up a payment schedule with them. Thanks for your time reading my query.
  17. One of my debts has been 'transferred' from Santanader to Viking (their own in-house DRA). If my repayments were current, do they have the right to re-negotiate my payment schedule, or do they have to carry on with the original payments as agreed with Santander
  18. I have an old business debt which I thought had been paid off. I have received no communication from the company that I owe the money to, to say that it's still outstanding, I've just received notice N271 to say it's been referred to my local county court for enforcement. Am I correct in thinking that I can complete form N245 and send it to the court so that I can start repaying the debt as originally agreed? What do I do if the bailiffs come in the meantime, as the court are currently working on stuff received 10 days ago. Many Thanks
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