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  1. Good afternoon fellow Caggers. I need some advice please. My wife and I have two instant cash isa's with RBS. In march this year we decided to transfer them to Santader as the interest rate was (marginally) better. We signed all the relevant paperwork in our local Santander Branch. We do not have a local RBS branch. We received letters confirming that the transfer was being dealt with and all the new details were sent to us by post. On-line banking facility cards etc. So we assumed that everything was in order. We then received a letter from Santander saying the isa's couldn't be transfered as the account(s) were closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We then went into the local Santander Branch and told them that this was in effect inncorrect and instructed them to proceed with the transfer. We have had numerous telephone conversations with Santander and RBS who confirmed the isa's were ther and could be withdrawn anytime we wanted. Santander then rang us following a conversation they had had with RBS isa team who told us 1. My wifes isa had been transfered or blocked!!!! 2. The terms of my isa had been 'breached' and was not available for transfer. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT??? Our isa's are instant access accounts. What are RBS playing at and what is my immediate recourse? Santander want our business, have assured us we will not lose out on any interest payable. I am awaiting a call back from RBS. Any advice, assistance etc would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  2. I have been under a strange assault over past 3 months. Started with a my energy supplier Scottish Power (SP) calling me to say am leaving them when I had not asked to do so. They were as confused as self and reinstated direct debit dual energy account which is up to date and in credit rather than debit. Then letters to a Mr *** arrived at my address from British Gas (BG). As I am in flat x of No 5 I asumed this might be a mistake and might be a new tenant arriving who had done so and left letters on top of mailbox. No pickup. No sign of Mr ***. Then following week again had Scottish Power calling me for same reason! Same response from self then had letter from SP telling me I had changed supplier. I left that letter with a note on it on top of mailbox by the door asking if anyone knew why that was happening and e-mailed estate agents to ask if they had any newcomer who was confusing addresses. The agents said they would e-mail all residents to ask but then their cleaners took away the letter I had left and put a further letter addressed to Mr Chiu under my door. Since then I complained to agents over loss of letter and got a 'we dont deal with that' response and have since had to call SP again who said that I had to call BG to block transfer. Have done so and spent a long time on phone resetting deal with SP who are still receiving direct debit payments. I got a further call from SP last friday (about the 10th since this started telling me again I was leaving them) and another letter from BG to Mr Chiu on saturday. BG said they have some previous problems with this address in 2007. I moved here in 2008. I am in dispute with agents over a number of matters and have decided to leave. Since giving notice 3 weeks ago I have been surprised to find that I have been mailed by council tax to give final bill without my input which I can only put down to agents (again no problem as direct debit and rent by S.O) Agents want to renovate. I have pretty good advice from many quarters but does anyone know who could make money from upsetting utilities? Only connection I can imagine would be a juvinile attempt to delay me recieving my deposit or trying to hurt credit record. Has this happened to anyone else and if so have worked out why? Best to all. J
  3. I have just done an online money transfer to another Santander bank account (I am also with Santander) but I made a mistake with the sort code. The correct sort code should be 09-01-32 but I put 09-01-02 by mistake. The money has left my account but, obviously, not shown up in the intended account. I have had a look online to see if there are any banks that have the sort code 09-01-02 and can't see any but not sure what to do next. It's too late at the moment to ring the bank so I'm gonna do that first thing in the morning, but was just wondering if anyone knew what happens to money that is sent to non-existent accounts/sort codes? Have I lost that money or will I be able to get it back? It's my own fault for being so stupid and not thoroughly checking the details before confirming payment, but I am in a real panic now as it was £150
  4. Hi. Has anyone had any experience of reclaiming ppi through Firstplus. I have recieved the acceptance forms and posted them back with the reassurance they will pay within 28 days by cheques. Is this the case or am I in for the long haul.x
  5. pdnr777

    bank transfer

    I wonder if anybody could possibly give me some advice and information. I bank with Nationwide building society and am awaiting a bank transfer from a friend who banks with Natwest for the sum of £17000; how can I find out if the transfer is in process of being processed as I cannot make any contact with the person who is transferring the money to my account.
  6. I am currently in the planning stages of moving house but it all relies on whether or not my JSA will be effected. I am currently living in Hampshire with my parents but due to personal reasons its become a strain, so naturally when my friend offered me his spare room I was more than overjoyed, however as I am currently unemployed I rely solely on my JSA until I can find a job, which believe me I've been trying hard to find. Also another issue is that he lives near Birmingham. I know I can switch branches, and I know a little about it thanks to the thread which lead me to this site. /showthread.php?339288-Changing-Job-Centres Although I'm concerned it wont be as easy as switching to a centre close by, I can't go to an appointment in the new centre until I live up there but I cannot live up there till I know my benefits are safe. It would help me greatly to have input from you guys and I hope there's a way to make it possible.
  7. Hi I currently own my own house with a mortgage and secured loan against it. I've been out of work for a year and whilst my mortgage is being covered, the loan is only receiving token payments for it. I am now struggling to cope with no money, no job and keep the house going on JSA alone. I am considering moving back in with my Dad to save some money but I have a couple of questions: Could I transfer my JSA claim to the Job Centre by my dad I would be looking to get around £550 a month for my house if I rented it out, does this therefore mean that I would lose my JSA? I'd need to get £550 to cover the mortgage and loan so wouldn't actually gain anything by renting it out, it would just cover my bills not any food etc. Can I do this? Any advice more than welcome!!
  8. I'm wondering if anyone has a number for LLoydsTSB where I can contact them about my account being transferred to LLoydsTSB Scotland. Briefly, my account is held at my previous branch in Somerset. When I moved to Shropshire, I asked to transfer my account to the local branch but LLoydsTSB refused saying it was not necessary. I have used the local branch in Shrewsbury for the past five years with no problems. However, my branch in Somerset is being transferred to LLoydsTSB Scotland along with my account. None of the local branches in Shrewsbury are being transferred which leaves me without a local branch. I really want to find out where this leaves me. I've banked with LLoyds for 45 years and I'm feeling a bit miffed about this.
  9. Hi there i was wondering if i could get a family member to take out a credit card and then transfer my blance onto it as im struggling to get a new credit card to be able to do it myself.
  10. Hi people just thought I would ask what you think of this. on 10/10/2011 I bought a clio 2001 from a guy in auto trader advert said he was a trader car was not sold as seen or anything anyway I went to se car and he took me around block in it seamed ok.I had a car that i was going to scrap but it had mot and tax so he said I wuld take your car off you he wasn't interested in even looking at the car. I paid him cash and give my car in he said ill deliver it anyway next day I went to use car and warning light started to flash people were saying take it back but silly me didn't.Even eight people said so I have lots of witnesses too anyway have tried everything but looks like its the head gasket Looks like this guy knew all a long what he sold me and he even sold mica or tried to for over 500 pounds even though it should have been scrapped. I dont think that there is anything that I can do now but just thought I would ask anyway I know I have done a daft thing Thanks for your time in reading this guys/gals
  11. Hi! I was a happy Scottish Power domestic gas/electric customer for many years. All payments by monthly DD and up to date. Then in Sept 08 I was erroneously switched (both supplies ) to BizzEnergy (a business supplier) I immediately contacted Scottish Power, they investigated and their Erroneous Re-Registrations Team eventually wrote back saying "Bizzenergy have transferred your gas and electricity by mistake. Your supplies will be transferred back to Scottish Power" A couple of months later, my gas was back with Scottish Power but not my electricity. Many phone calls ensued, "these things can sometimes take a long time", etc, and the thing was duly forgotten about for many months. To confuse matters even more, shortly after that our gas bill estimate was erroneously doubled by SP for 12 months, which led us to believe we were back paying for both services -- but this then was refunded to us in Nov 2010, which set the alarm bells ringing that we'd not actually been paying for any electricity. So now it is 3 yrs 11 mths after the erroneous switch, and out of the blue I get hit with a solicitor letter demanding £3,500 on behalf of British Gas Business. It turns out that Bizzenergy went into receivership and got taken over by British Gas Business shortly after I was erroneously switched to them in Nov 08. So in all this time, BGB had been "billing" me as a business customer. ( As a domestic user my bill for that period should have been about half of what they were asking for.) During this almost 4 year period - I never received a single bill from BizzEnergy or BG Business, nor did I receive any other correspondence from them (I wasn't expecting any) - I never made any agreements with BizzEnergy or BGB about tariffs or indeed anything else. Why would I ever agree to their business rates? - My meter was never read by BizzEnergy or BGB. All of their calculations in their unseen bills were based on estimated readings. My last actual meter reading was in February 2008 by SP, which was 6 months before I got hijacked I have now just switched back my electricity to Scottish Power, who were very happy to have me back with as a "new customer". So I'd like some advice please on how to deal with the demands of British Gas Business for money on bills I've never seen, on a tariff I never agreed to, for a period going back 4 years in time? Thanks for any advice!
  12. My brother has been diagnosed with an agressive form of lung cancer, the doctor said that there is no cure but depending on how he responds to treatment he is looking at between 3 months to 3yrs left. My brother has a mortgage on his flat and wants to transfer it to my son and his fiance. How would we go about this and would there be problems regarding costs for end of life care and inheritance tax etc.? I hope that my brother would move in with me if it came to that but he is quite independent. How could my brother be financially protected if he went into remission and lived longer/:?:
  13. Hi my car was recently written off (rear-ended). Other party has admitted fault. My Insurance company is about to pay out - however I only started the policy in October. and I *think* they are cancelling the policy with the payout. So I've paid for 12 months insurance. They are not out of pocket, as other party has admitted fault and was insured. If I get a new car after Christmas - do I have to pay for a new policy. If so this means that I'm losing money - 10 months policy unused? Even though I was not at fault? This policy was £404 (9 years NCD).
  14. Hi, I think I might have got myself into some kind of [problem] and an very concerned. I'll try and make describe my situation as simple as possible, please ask if you need any additional information. I am currently looking for work and was emailed by a company called tech innovations who found my CV an a jobsite offering me a job. I signed an online contract( don't know the validity of this). They asked me to receive money into my personal account and then transfer it via western union. They make many claims than this is all legal and just want to transfer money faster than a business can and said they would give me all the details of the person transfering the money into my account. I have been transfered 2401 pounds into my account from a person apparently with a name that I was given but im not really sure how vaild this is and if I can check. I am now suppose to transfer this money via western union to some other person in the Ukraine. I am scared I am being set up to commit fraud or [problem]med some other way. Can someone please give me advice on my position and what to do with this money in my account? Thankyou for your time Jason
  15. i work at in a petrol station as a sales assistant, the company is being transfered to a different owner and we are all being transfered under TUPE so are contracts are all being transfered. during this process the site has to be refurbished and the new owner has said that we will not get paid at all while the site is closed for 3 weeks, is this legal??? it dosn't seem right, if someone could help me it would be much appreciated.
  16. Hi Looking for help to find the best credit card to go for. I have a Natwest credit card. This is the first one I have had so not too familiar with them. Time is up now for the first year interest free. So am needing to look for another card to transfer the balance to. I owe 2k on it, actually 1800 as I paid £200 today. I am self employed & have done quite well this month so managed to make a good payment. But in about 7 or 8 months time my income is going to go down quite considerably. Even by about May time I am estimating that the balance will only be down to about £1500. This is the only debt I have. I don't owe anyone else. At the moment I have a good credit rating. That will all change next year when my income goes down. Possibly by as much as £400 per month unless I win the lottery or meet someone & settle down & share living expenses! So am thinking by new year I need to get this credit card changed. Any advice gratefully received. p.s, it's unlikely if nothing changes by May I will be able to pay any back!
  17. Hi just wondering if anyone can advise ,,,,,,,,In case of death is the debt enforceable on the partner if its not a joint account,,,,,,i.e if you die does the debt go with you ? thanks a lot
  18. Hi, I wana ask for the transfer of property by my name..property owner is dead as he was my mama ji.. his wife also died and he has no children..his sisters also died, and sisters sons are availabe like Iam and other 2 sis and bro.. My mama has other cousions but their father has done 2nd marriage sons how this property transfer ?
  19. HI I wonder if anyone could answer this please. We have a walking possession in force with Bristow and Sutor. Today we have had a hand delivered letter from Equita saying they will be returning to collect the goods unless payment received in full. Is it possible they can do this even though the walkinng posession is on Bristow and Sutor Paperwork? Many thanks
  20. Ive been offered a TUPE transfer to another company and its a few hundred miles away! I have a mortgage, another job and other family commitments to the area. However, if i dont take this transfer it looks like i wont get any redundancy..is this fair?
  21. Hi, I live in the UK and I'm due to receive an international wire transfer for the total amount of $223.00 which includes $25.00 to cover the cost of the wire transfer.. Is $25.00 enough ? The cost I'm owed is £125.00 and how do I pay the cost. Is it taken out automatically or do I have to intervene before the payment is complete I believe the payment will be sent tomorrow from Orange County, California from a multi billion dollar company into my Barclays account thanks
  22. Hi - bit of a strange situation here.... Person A made an internet transfer but entered the wrong details, accidentally using an old sort code and account number. Person A contacts their bank (Halifax) and asks what they can do....Halifax say they can do nothing and advises Person A to contact recipient bank (Santander). Santander refuse to discuss accounts with Person A as they are not the account holder. Person A contacts Person B (the Santander account holder). Person B contacts Santander Business Banking (business account) but they will not discuss account as the account is closed, no transfer history can be recalled so identity cannot be confirmed. (account in question IS closed as has been recently confirmed, and was closed by Santander themselves following a lengthy argument about huge overdraft of hundreds of pounds which amounted from an £8.50 charge levied by Santander against the account, and Santander have not been in contact about the situation in nearly 3 years following the last correspondence from Person B to Santander). Person B writes to Santander giving them 14 days to return money to Person A otherwise a complaint will be lodged with regulatory body. Person B receives letter this morning (16 days after deadline date) stating that payment from Person A has been credited to the closed account to offset overdrawn closing balance and they will not be returning the funds to Person A. My question is can a bank legally keep hold of money that they have been told was sent in error and doesn't belong to them or Person B? They obviously couldn't release the details of either Person A or Person B to either party to resolve the issue, so where does everyone stand? This has been going on since March of this year (2012). Flip the situation over; a bank accidentally credits someones account with funds, the person spends the money knowing they don't own it, and they go to jail. How is this situation any different! I'm guessing that with all the flap about excessive bank charges, Santander decided to step away from the situation and just close the account. No Credit Rating records have been effected by the account (sole trader account, no limited liability). Does anyone have any suggestions? Are they calling Person B's bluff over the threat to go to Trading Standards et al?
  23. Went for a drink with some friends from years ago today. One had done a credit card balance transfer (to or from Virgin - not sure now) then the card changed the payment date and had informed of this, but it was on tiny print on the statement rather than with a letter. So - the discount period was ended. As this was a penalty for paying late, is the interest charge that now applies to what would have been a free/low interest period a reclaimable penalty charge?
  24. Just rang my local RBS and stated that i do not wish to be transferred to santander. They have told me that as a personal customer i can insist to stay with RBS and have my account transferred to Natwest as English natwests are not included in the transfer (only scottish natwests and english/welsh rbs's) Just waiting for a call back so i will update then
  25. Hi, My Father-in-law passed away on 24th May 2012 and is survived by his spouse. He left a will leaving all his estate to his wife and as the value is under IHT we will be applying for probate ourselves. My ex wife and I are the executors of the will. All seems straight forward except that his wife does not appear on the deeds. The house was buit in 1960 and they have lived in it ever since. We have checked on the Land registry website and it comes up no details held. We have the house deeds so what is the next action. I assume we have to wait for probate first ? Many thanks Stevew48
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