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  1. Hey all, just really confused about something. 2 days ago I called the telephone banking team to setup a new payee due to not having my card reader to do it myself. I transferred just short of 140 quid to my partners account. The details and such were read back to me and were correct so the transfer went ahead. However, somehow there has been a problem and the money has been sent to an old halifax account of mine (which was on my payee list, but was not where I asked the money to go) RBS said if the account was closed the money would automatically bounce back Halifax claim to have not received anything but confirmed my account with them is indeed closed. RBS then gave me the payment reference number and said that as it was sent via faster payments, they can see that it has been accepted at halifaxs end as 'accepted with conditions' Halifax claim to still not know anything about it despite RBS saying they accepted it? They also claim they cannot trace a payment with the reference number.. RBS has offered to cover the losses as they can see that something went wrong at their end resulting in the payment being sent to the wrong account. However, where has the money actually gone? RBS said if its been accepted but the account is closed, then it must be in a holding account...however I checked in branch with halifax who again claim nothing is there and no payment was ever sent?! So confused. I am not at a loss financially as RBS has covered the mistake from their own pockets, but they also said if I can somehow find the payment, I can keep it...and tbh I would rather it was in my pocket than Halifaxs (who closed my account randomly..so I dont like them much at the min anyway )
  2. hi there, I've searched the net high and wide but can't find an answer to my question, so any advice would be great. I work for a company who clearly state in their contract that we can be moved within reasonable distance to cover a business need. However another member of staff in my branch has recently been demoted and has said she's asked for her old job back (which I now do) instead of the one she's been demoted too. As my role requires 2 people and is currently being filled by myself and another colleague I feel that if anyone should be transferred to another branch, it should be the person who has been demoted. I would have a new commute of 75 miles a day and I would be unable to get childcare to cover the new hours it would be required if they do transfer me and therefore I would have no choice but to resign from my position. My question is, legally can my company move me to make a position available for someone else and would the fact I'd be unable to accept the transfer and therefore be forced to resign be classed as unfair constructive dismissal? I am being called to a meeting tomorrow and I'm pretty certain that the conversation is going to go this way, so just want to know what I can do, instead of being backed into a corner. Thanks
  3. i have had a Barclaycard for around 10 years and managed to run up big debts on it (aprox £12k). I ran into trouble after a period of being jobless and Barclaycard closed my account and agreed that they would freeze all interest on the account if i made regular repayments of £50.00 a month , at the time this seemed like a good deal overall as i wouldn't be getting charged interest and did genuinely want to clear the debt. I have just realised... (been sent a default notice by Asset Link Capital). . that payments for the last 3 months haven't left my account to Barclaycard. . am now paying £54.00 a month. . genuine oversight on my part don't often scrutinise my account. Asset Link Capital have told me by letter that i need to clear the payments they haven't received, which amounts to £162.00. Not having this amount of money to hand i rang Asset link Capital and asked them if i could just simply start up the repayment agreement with them to which they replied no, i will need to settle the late payments or am in breach of my agreed payment plan. when i asked what action they will take i was told they will apply a default to my credit record and "MAY" apply to the court to get full payment from me... currently £8000 ish... I guess my question is, why did i not receive notification from barclaycard that they were passing my debt on? they should have told me right? also... in layman terms what do their threats actually mean? Sorry for the long post Thanks in advance for any advice
  4. Don't know if we are allowed to mention names here, but here goes anyway. Interested to know if a letting agent can legally switch energy suppliers on a house up for rent without notifying or seeking authorisation from the Landlord/owner? Discovered that Countrywide 'sold' the contract to E.on, (who incidentally have a whole department dedicated to that company). Countrywide get a fee (although E.on would not say how much this was) and E.on get a new customer (we know how apathetic most people are on changing their suppliers) on any tariff they choose to set. E.on said they took the contract on in good faith (ie. that is on the understanding that the Landlord had agreed). Clearly no checks and balances on E.on's part, but then scruples are always thin on the ground when money is one the table.
  5. Hi, I have a query regarding whether my landlord has followed proper procedure in relation to a tenancy transfer. I moved in to a 3-bedroom shared flat with two others on 13th March '15. Prior to this, one of the flat mates with whom I am now sharing with had lived at the property with three of her friends. For various reasons, the three friends moved on however my current flatmate wanted to remain in the property. As I understand it, the original contract for her and her three friends started on 26th April 2014 and was due to finish on 26th April 2015. The landlord allowed for her to advertise the two spare rooms to find new tenants. This lead to myself and the other new flatmate moving in. My move in to the flat was called a 'tenancy transfer'. I took over the room previously occupied by two (a couple) of the former tenants. As part of this arrangement, I paid the former tenants their deposit back and the deposit certificate was amended to my name. The landlord provided me with an assured tenancy agreement for a term of three years, starting on 13th March. There was no formal check-out procedure for the previous tenants and no inspection of the flat. Fortunately, the flat was in good condition so I was ok about paying them their deposit back. Unfortunately, the dynamic between myself and my two new flatmates is poor. I now intend to use the same tenancy transfer arrangement to get someone to take my place. I noted that the landlords own guidance on this process states that transfers can't take place in the first and last three months of the tenancy. This made me think about the process for when I transferred in. It appears I transferred in to the property in the last three months of the previous tenants' contract. At the time, the landlord said that they were treating my entry in to the property as 'effectively' a transfer. I was a bit confused at the time because they also provided a new tenancy agreement for the three-year period. I'm pretty sure the original contact for the original tenants was for one year, which would mean that a transfer in March would not be possible, due to it being in the last three months. If their original contract had a tenancy period of longer than one year, surely the contract they provided to me should have been for the remaining time of their original contract. The landlord added a statement to the contract that I signed (perhaps stupidly) that the contract was a renewal of the contract originally signed by the previous tenants on 26th April 2014. There's something that doesn't seem quite right about all of this. I'm concerned that it might take me a while to find someone to take my place in the flat and as it's not a great place to be at this time, it would be good if I had a get out. I would be grateful if someone can advise on whether my transfer in to the property was by the proper means and if not, does this make the contract void. Thanks for reading.
  6. just wondering if anyone can help im trying to buy a house at the moment and last tues 21/4/15 wanted money transfer from my account to my lawyers account by chaps got a phone call from yorkshire saying its complete i then called my lawyer to make sure but it hadn't,d appeared next day contacted bank in person said it had bounced back into my account was a very strange answer i thought but was assured it would be done by end of day (22/4) but surprise surprise it wasn,t and still hasn,t been transfered yet (25/4) all they can say its a computer glitch
  7. been accepted for a Barclaycard 0% interest. a bit new to this. i cant find anything to say that if you havent cleared it by the end of the 0% period. interest is back dated to the date of balance transfer is this true i found this site http://jmjohta.online-review.net/credit/31637.php
  8. Hi Am transfering some data from one External HDD to another - about 40gb worth. However, i have noticed that the transfer speed is only 84kbs. Doesn't need a rocket scientist to work out that this is going to take ages. Any idea why the transfer is so slow?
  9. My brother and I are both executors and sole beneficiaries of our late mums estate. We would like to distribute the estate as simply as possible, but we're having difficulty finding clear answers that don't assume we are trying to achieve some form of tax evasion or ripping each other off. Any legal adviser to date is just creating work for themselves and leaving us more confused, which was the same as just before I decided to manage the probate process myself saving between £700 - £1000! Mums estate is made up of a few hundred pounds (let's say £2k max) and her mortgage free home, recently valued by Esurv at £85k. Note: on the hmrc forms we estimated house value at £120k as there had been no similar house sales in the area for some time. There are debts to be paid from this before distribution. We would like to distribute mums estate as follows: 1. Pay mums debts and all bills relating to mums estate and the upkeep since mums passing from the estate. 2. Transfer the house directly into my name with land registry. We have the physical deeds and mum is the registered owner with Land Registry. I would then like to pay my brother the sum of £35k in 3 parts, which we think will be equal to 50% of the remainder of the value of mums estate. And is the sum agreed to given my input in the upkeep of the house since mums passing. This would be a payment from me and would be paid: £10k immediately and a promissory note/agreement to pay the remainder in two parts; £10k spring 2015 and the remainder by September 2015. My brother is trying to help keep mums house in the family and wants to help me to achieve this. He does not need the cash in a lump sum and knows that, once I can achieve a high street mortgage next year, he will have access to any monies outstanding. At present I cannot access a mortgage as I have a 5.5yr old ccj for £252, I own my own business and will not have full two years of accounts until November 2014 and we have technically only 'owned' the house for less than a year as grant of probate was given in November 2013. So, we need to know: 1. Can we do the transfer with Land Registry? If so, is there a place/formal way to set out why we are transferring to one and not both of the beneficiaries, which is acceptable, legal and binding? I understand that we must leave a clear trail not just for ourselves but for future owners/purchasers. 2. DIY Land Registry: As I successfully completed documents for the grant of probate we assume/have been advised that land registry assent/transfer would be achievable save for the part where the exchange is to one not both of the beneficiaries? 3. Conveyancing: Do we need to do this? It is likely that, should I need to take out a mortgage next year to fulfil my debt to my brother, I will need to through the conveyancing process at that time. 4. Can we use a promissory note to note the payment schedule to my brother? 5. Can we draft this promissory note ourselves and have it notarised by a solicitor? 6. Do we need more than one lawyer to achieve this? Some are saying 'yes' as I am executor, beneficiary and 'purchaser'. I am hoping that someone out there can either provide or signpost us to a less biased responses to these queries and we can move forward at this painful time! Many thanks in advance.
  10. Good Evening, I have transferred from Scottish Power to another utility firm and had enougth money in the account to pay the final bills with a large credit to cover this. However, on receiving my final bills, they have added the following Other Charges: "Balance Transfer from Electricity Service" to the value of £59.62 on both Gas and Electricity. The Electricity bill was in credit before and after, so I am not sure what this Other Charge is. I transferred my account before the end date and as stated in my Terms and Conditions I would pay no cancellation fee? Any pointers? Regards
  11. I wondered if anyone can offer me a bit of advice regarding my membership of my local DW gym. I am moving 80 miles across the country in the next few weeks and I enquired at my current gym about transferring my membership to a DW gym in the town I am moving to. The girl behind the counter said that as my membership is the lower £24 per month subscription, it only entitles me to membership at one gym and in order to transfer my membership to another DW gym I would have to upgrade to their £28 per month contract. I know it is only £4 per month but I begrudge having to pay extra every month just to transfer to another gym owned by the same company! I asked if once I had upgraded my subscription to the higher one and then transferred to the other gym could I then reduce the subscription back to the £24 level. She said no as memberships can only be modified upwards and not downwards. Surely a contract that can only ever be modified in favour of one party is an unfair contract? She said if I didn't upgrade then I would have to pay the remaining 10 months on the contract anyway in addition to any charges should I try to cancel the contract. Is there anything I can do about this or am I going to have to just suck it up and pay the extra? Thanks in advance guys
  12. Hi Guys, Can anybody tell me how to make an application to transfer procedings started in CPR 8 to main stream CPR part 7, What application form or form of words should I use ? Do I need the court's permission? what happens of court refuses permission to transfer?
  13. Hi there folks. Looking for abit of advice please. My overdraft with lloyds has become abit out of hand. We became homeless just before christmas and i was able to get an over draft for £3650 which helped us find a house to rent, pay the fees and give the kids a nice christmas. (plus pay a few small debts left over from the previous address) The monthly charges and interest are currently around £50 a month. Im ok paying this amount but want to start paying off the overdraft. Im wondering if there is any way to transfer the money to a different account with less charges than £50 a month as at that rate, it wont get it paid off anytime soon. (and my credit score is not very good) They have rejected my proposal to change it into a loan so i can pay it off sooner. Im really worried that there just going to cancel the overdraft. I have no way of paying it all off at once but can most likely pay upto £70 a month to get the debt cleared. I don't want to loose my account and want to pay the debt off the easiest and cheapest way i can. Does anyone have any advice on where to turn? Many thanks in advance, Amy.
  14. Friend has a car on Sorn and mot expired months ago. She is putting the car back on the road next month, but she just bought a private plate for it. Will the registration change have to be done prior to MOT or can they issue another certificate without further testing?
  15. Hi, I signed up with NPower, but shortly after changed my mind and went with Spark Energy, as they offered a better deal. The gas ended up with Spark, but NPower took control of the electricty account. This was pretty cheeky of them because they did send me a letter saying they knew I had gone for a different company, so just ignore their letters and the account will end up with Spark Energy. This was now 1 year ago. I have had correspondence with NPower, and they admit they got it wrong, and also promise to transfer the account over to Spark Energy, which they have failed to do. In the meantime I am paying Spark Energy by direct debit and the account is way in credit, because I am not actually paying Spark Energy for electricity yet... I have kept good records of all of this,including meter readings and all the leters. NPower sent me a voucher for £20 to appologise for taking so long, but I did not spend it, as I don't want to take anything from them which might indicate that I am in any way happy with the situation. Its getting pretty boring phoning them up to hear their empty promises. NPower people keep coming round and asking to read my meters. I send them away empty handed. What should I do? Time to write to the ombudsman? Thanks for your help. Rupert Smith
  16. At midnight tonight I have a bond maturing at Natwest. I want to close down the account and Natwest have offered three ways of doing that. 1. A CHAPS transfer to my regular high street bank. 2. They order me a bank card and I take out a bit each day. 3. I request the full amount in cash. As I'm leaving the country for 6 months on Sunday the last two options won't work. Therefore I'm told I have to use the CHAPS method, but the fee is £23. Surely there's a way of doing this without a fee, from what I can gather CHAPS is a premium same day service. I would imagine the bank could do a BANK GIRO CREDIT or a BACS payment. The bank says they will only do a CHAPS but I don't believe this and I don't see why I should have to pay for it especially when my money has made so little interest in the first place. I'd really appreciate help on this matter. £23 might seem like nothing but it's a lot to me.
  17. Hi Sorry I am new to this and am looking for a little bit of help. About 4 years ago we had a ccj against myself and my husband for a secured loan from the Bank of Scotland. We filled in all the paperwork at the time and offered to pay a £100.00 a month which was accepted. At the time my husband had been out of work and we had got in a mess and managed to gain employment again. Just after this I was made redundant and then found out I was expecting our daughter. For the last 3 years my husband was on a reasonable wage and all payemnts were made. He however lost his job again at the start of he year anf got a new one in July although on a very low wage now and I am self employed but not really aking a profit. We fell behind with the payments the last couple of months but received no communication from BOS. This morning I have opened the post and they have given us a Notice of transfer of Proceedings there is no other information just that it has been referred. To cut a lot of waffle short I am wondering what this could mean obviously we want to pay this debt off but cannot manage the £100 a month anymore, I really dont want to lose my home even though they wouldnt get anything for the sale as it is proabbly just in negative equity, we dont really have anything for the balliffs to take and I am now in a right state as I managed to sort everything out just with everything we were behind with. I have just been reallying to read up about it as I know nothing and there is no informaton with the letter and I havent heard anything from BOS in the last 3m months. Do you think we would be able to get an attachement of earnings at an affordable rate ?.
  18. My wife has a Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile on contract and is switching to a sim only phone on the 23rd of October can she transfer all the data, music ect to her new sim card.
  19. I am trying to transfer my electricity account to another supplier. I have been on a prepayment meter since January 2012. I chose to have the meter installed as i had a small debt at the time and wanted to pay it off (under £200) which has been paid for some time N power have objected to the transfer. I checked the bill carefully to try and find a reason for the objection and in fact the account was just £5 in debit which i paid there and then! I then rang npower and spoke to a woman who checked with the relevant department and she confirmed that there is no debt on the account and cannot understand the objection either! I was told that the new company would reapply on the 23rd. I have discovered today that n power have refused the transfer again. Any idea as to what i should do now?
  20. Hi, I am going through a divorce. My ex and I have a flat with a buy-to-let mortgage in joint names. There is some negative equity, about £15k. Mortgage payments are up to date, but a few have been a few days late over the last year or so. There are credit card debts - defaulted and now with debt collectors. We have decided that the flat should become wholly mine and want to apply to NRAM for an equity transfer. How likely are NRAM to agree to this? What are the criteria thay are likely to use when making the decision? Thank you, Sue
  21. Hello Everyone Just hoping for some advice please. Its been a while since I've had any hassle !! MBNA credit card debt sold to Arrow Global. Arrow Global instructed Frederickson's to collect on the debt. Sent letter with I&E and they agreed to £2 month. No issues for 14 months then today I get a letter from Arrow Global saying that Frederickson's are no longer collecting the debt and it has been passed to Moorcroft Agency to collect the debt. Is this normal ? Should I continue with the payment arrangement I had through Fredrickson's ? Should I prepare myself for another round of abuse from Moorcroft? Any advice greatly received... Regards Vicky xxxx
  22. Morning all, I've had a letter from Link regarding an MBNA debt (who I am in the process of taking to court as over half of the amount owing is unlawful charges and interest gained because of them) saying that unless I contact them in 7 days they will instruct Instant Silver (whom I'm sure have about as much power as instant coffee) to take over management of the account. I've had a little look around the site and it seems that I.S are link in a different frock, but everything I've found has been over a year old - does anybody know if this is this still the case? I am not sure what I should do? I am thinking to ignore and see what I.S write with or should I write to Link informing them that I am taking MBNA to court? Any advice appreciated. Up2
  23. Hi (newbie on board) My late father brought a half share in a bungalow where he lived until he died. Everything he owned has been left to my brother and I including this half share of the property Probate has been granted and everything else has been sorted out! We found that there had been an overpayment on the "rented" half of the property but this has now running out Problem is now that the property has been on the market for a while, but as the credit in rent has neared to an end the housing company (that own the other half) have sent a letter saying they can reposess the property if the rent is not paid My brother is living in the property at the moment and doesn't have to pay rent Could anyone out there help me with what forms I need to fill in to exchange the ownership into our names I have been ripped off by solicitors in the past, wanting to charge me £1500 for probate and I did it myself for £100 so i'm dubious about using them for this.... I have already been quoted £500 but want to see if I can do it myself Any advice would be fantastic:whoo:
  24. Hello, I am new to the forums, i'm not sure if this is the right section for this thread, if not, please move it. Thanks. I have been housebound for 8 years, after numerous consultations and physio etc, different reports and studys, opposing opinions, misdiagnosis, bad advice, Psychiatrists trying to convince me its in my head is the latest one. My problem is I have a winged scapula and a severely damaged long thoracic nerve. My local hospital can not offer me surgery for this, i know this can be fixed, i've read many cases and studies of this and its possible for donor nerves to be used and the scapula fixed back to the ribcage. I am in severe pain all the time and nothing will be done, I am on the NHS as i have no money to pay for the operation, i live alone and havent been out for 8 years, im mostly in my bed. Im suicidal sometimes and dont know how much longer i can cope. Can anybody give me advice or help on what to do, im going insane with the pain. Thanks very much. Dee.
  25. Hello, I am new to the forums, i'm not sure if this is the right section for this thread, if not, please move it. Thanks. I have been housebound for 8 years, after numerous consultations and physio etc, different reports and studys, opposing opinions, misdiagnosis, bad advice, Psychiatrists trying to convince me its in my head is the latest one. My problem is I have a winged scapula and a severely damaged long thoracic nerve. My local hospital can not offer me surgery for this, i know this can be fixed, i've read many cases and studies of this and its possible for donor nerves to be used and the scapula fixed back to the ribcage. I am in severe pain all the time and nothing will be done, I am on the NHS as i have no money to pay for the operation, i live alone and havent been out for 8 years, im mostly in my bed. Im suicidal sometimes and dont know how much longer i can cope. Can anybody give me advice or help on what to do, im going insane with the pain. Thanks very much. Dee.
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