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Found 7 results

  1. Dear all, I am seeing very good advise given on this forum and wish to check if there is any opportunity for me to appeal. I regularly travel on tram in croydon and always make sure i tap in. On this particular day, i remember tapping in and got in to tram and was stopped by tram ticket checkers to say my oyster was not tapped in. I was pretty sure that i had tapped in, so I was surprised when their reader didnt show the details. I was issued with a penalty fare notice, which i appealed on the 29th nov. In reality what had happened was - I was carrying two PAYG oyster cards. I usually keep one for me and other for my wife, and on this particular day, i had tapped in one card, but for some reason didnt realise this and was showing the other card to inspectors. I realised this mistake later in the day, and verified it by getting a copy of my card statement. I appealed on the same day by sending a copy of the oyster statement mentioning this. last week 16th Dec, i got a letter from First tram operations rejecting my appeal with a mention that there is no validation of the card that was checked on the day. I am now being asked to pay £40 by the 30th or risk paying £80 or appeal within 14 days. Both cards are registered in my name and it now looks like i might pay the fine. I however still want to appeal, and wanted to check if it was worthwhile doing so. Any advise or pointers? Thanks Suresh just to add card -1 - I had made many payG jouney with all day cap applied by evening on that day between Zone 1- 3, This incident happened in the morning though when i started my journey. Card 2 - tapped in for Tram only by mistake without realising i was carrying that card at all.
  2. Ive had 2 tickets from care parking and soft appealed both with exactly the same appeal, theyve cancelled one ticket not the other! I understand that the Metrolink is not relevant land under the pofa and along the gpeol I want to include it in my appeal. Can anyone point me in the right direction as I cant seem to find much on it. Thanks
  3. My daughter is being prosecuted for being on a Greater Manchester Tram 'not having a valid ticket enabling her to do so' - Reg 4 (1) (a) Greater Manchester Metrolink System Byelaws She had a pass, ( left at home in error) and can prove it , but was too late responding to being issued with a 'Standard Fare' ( GM equivalent of the penalty fare) Does anyone know if 'having a ticket' must mean physical possession at the time? Can anyone help with a contact group similar to Passenger Focus- who don't deal with trams. Any other suggestions gratefully received G
  4. Hi all. My sister has just returned to Nottingham Trent University after being home for the summer. She got on the tram as usual expecting to buy a ticket from the conductor as she always has done previously. When the conductor arrived, she asked him for a return ticket. He simply said "can you come with me please" then he took her off the tram at the station they were up to, and the tram drove off. He then told her that you now have to prepurchase all tickets before boarding the tram and because she had not done that she will be issued with a £50 fine. He said he can see from your face that your shocked and genuine, so I have to give you this but don't worry you can appeal it. He gave her lots of advice on the appeal such as mentioned how she'd been home for the summer and wasn't aware of the new arrangements. She was very flustered, close to tears, a car drove past pipping his horn and someone shouted "ha ha you haven't paid for your ticket" so she was very embarrassed, a crowd was watching plus about 10 ticket collectors were all watching. She gave him her details and ID under intimidation and with the promise that she could simply appeal it. All they have given her is a flimsy carbon copy with no details or websites or anything. She can't remember the appeals info he gave her as she was so flustered. He then said she doesn't need a ticket now and put her on the next tram to continue her journey! The fine is for £50. We assume they will send her a letter as there is no instructions on how or who to pay. Over the summer they have added an A5 size sign on a lamppost along the platform, some stickers on the tram doors which aren't visible when they're open and stickers inside the tram which is too late. The ticketmachine also has a new sticker, but the machine is at the other end of the platform where 90% of people have no reason to walk past. She's gone back and taken some pictures. See if you can spot the signs! Here is the platform with its big new sign This is the sign on the tram doors. It's that green bit, and obviously the doors are usually already open! Here is the PCN they gave her, after getting her to sign it There is nothing on the back. Should this NET ticket be viewed as worthless as those from private carparks or taken more seriously like those from the council? A Google brings up several similar stories http://www.nottinghampost.com/Tram-traveller-starts-petition-50-fines/story-21446293-detail/story.html http://www.nottinghampost.com/Vicky-victorious-pound-50-tram-fine-appeal/story-22875134-detail/story.html How should she proceed? Personally I would'nt have given him a name or ID but what would they have done about it? Being an unemployed student she is very worried, and also quite shaken as she feels like she has been found guilty of a crime and publicly shamed. Thanks
  5. Hello, For the past nine years we have had trouble with different baliffs collecting on behalf of train and tram companies. It started with a baliff collecting for many unpaid tram fines in my husbands name in 2007. My husband did NOT accumulate these fines and had no idea where they came from. We had no correspondence of the orginal paperwork. Just what the baliff had in his hand. He suggested my husband do a stat dec on them and was very understanding. A few were actually referred back to court. My husband attended court and once the description of the person fined was read out it was quickly dismissed. The description however was the exact match to his brother His brother admitted using my husbands name and address on many occasions. We thought it was all over. We moved address and didnt think anymore of it. But Its been years and these baliffs kept coming. Some we paid as they didnt give enough time to complete a stat dec others gave us time to complete it. Its been nine long years of just wondering when the next door knock will come. This morning a baliff arrived stating he wanted £825 for avoidance of fares relating to 2005 and 2007. He has given us 24hours and if we do not pay hell be back with the police and a locksmith. We are at our wits end. Again its another day off for my husband and another day of ringing around courts. Is there anything we can do to stop this baliff and the locksmiths as we really do not have the money this time to stop them and not enough time to complete a stat dec. (Although my husband is trying) thank you
  6. i came to croydon once to see a house i wanted to rent with a friend. i had been to london before and had only been on the bus, train and tube but never on a tram. i had used trams before but that's in south yorkshire in Sheffield. there we can pay for the ticket inside the tram. when i came from london victoria i had topped up an oyster card i got from my friend with £5 and got on the southern rail. i came out at east croydon with my friend and as i saw the tram approach i ran for it and got it. i assumed i could pay for it inside as i saw, what i assumed to be the conductors. turned out to be the tfl police and they came and asked to see my oyster i showed him and then he beeped it and told me i was avoiding to pay and there was -£1 in my oyster. i informed him that i can pay right here as i have the cash and i had just topped up my oyster with £5 if he could check that. he told me to get off the tram with him as he will write me a penalty fine. i tried to explain to him that i don't live here and i don't know how the system is around here. i offered to pay on the spot or he could show me where to buy this ticket. he refused and asked for my details, i gave him my name and address. i was not employed at that time so i couldn't pay this fine, i tried to get the amount they asked for but i was too late, and it increased to £80. i used to live with my mother then i moved to swindon to live with my father assuming it would be easier to get jobs there and now that i have one i was prepared to pay my fine. i called my mother to ask for the details in the letter they'd written and she told me now its £340. i cant afford that. i have no idea what to do.
  7. Hey people, Hope someone can really help me or give me some advice about this issue. About a month ago in Nottingham, I accidentally drove onto a tram route and after quickly realising did a 3 point turn and returned back out of it. Later on that week I got a fine from Nottingham City Council stating that I had been caught on an ANPR camera passing through a designated Tram Gate. I put my hands up and agreed that it was my fault and agreed that I would pay the fine. However to my surprise another fine was sent out but this time on the same day for my car caught on the ANPR camera 2 minutes later. Thats when I realised that the camera caught me on the way in and on the way out. I appealed against the second fine to say that I felt I was being penalized for correcting my mistake as I turned around when I realised I had entered a tram route. After that I assumed that was the end of that and common sense should prevail. I received a letter today from Nottingham city council telling me that the appeal had been rejected with the comments "I have noted your comments abd would advise that by turning around and re entering the tram gateway, a second contravention occured and a second penalty charge was correctly served and remains payable". After reading that letter, I am absolutely fuming and it feels like daylight robbery Someone please help me or get me some advice please!! Thanks in advance!
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