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Found 64 results

  1. Hi I apologise in advance if I do anything wrong. I have never posted or written a post before. On the 13th April 2016 shopping with my children, I used a Natwest Cash machine to withdraw money. I checked the receipt as I was paid a redundancy payment and was due to pay the majority for a deposit on a new property I was in the process of purchasing. I had been very careful not to spend much money as the deposit was due on the Friday. I was horrified when I looked at the receipt, the balance available was almost £6000 lower than it should of been. I immediately returned home and called the bank. I discussed my query with a Customer Service Advisor then onto the Fraud Department, Online Bankng and Complaints. I spent over two hours passed around. The fraud team told me a refund would be in my bank within 5 days, Online Banking Fraud team informed me that they had identified that someone had been trying to log into my account from an unknown device several times over the previous 48 hours and also confirmed that my money would be refunded as it was clear I was a victim of fraud. After speaking the various departments over the phone I still felt really concerned and distressed as I didn't feel confident that my money would be refunded in time to pay the deposit and this would result in losing a house I had my heart set on. The information from all the Natwest Staff was inconsistent and now I realise it was also inaccurate. I decided to go into my local Branch and speak to the Manager as I had been advised that the bank should of refunded the £6000 immediately whilst they investigate. I sat with the Branch Manger and explained my situation, The Branch Manager seemed very understanding spent over an hour ringing various departments, looking at my account and trying to find out why the bank had told me a refund would take 5 days and not an immediate refund. I was so upset and distressed as I had taken redundancy from my previous employer and this was to secure the purchase of my first home for my family and I felt that this was not going to be refunded in time and not one of the advisors seemed to care. The Branch Manager had experienced poor customer service herself from the various departments. Eventually the Branch Manager informed me that I had not been refunded as the transactions were still pending and that these had to clear before a refund could be issued. The manager did inform me that the transactions were to a company abroad and it was evident that I had been a victim of fraud. The Manager offered to put a temporary credit in my account but could not cover the full amount for the deposit. I was given a letter from the Branch Manager sympathising with my situation, confirming that I had been a victim of fraud and CLEARLY stating that £6000 would be refunded into my account in 5 days time. I declined the offer of a temp credit and I advised that I would request an extension for my deposit as I could use the letter to prove that I would have the money in 5 days and that I had been a victim of fraud. I went to the solicitor and provided the letter as proof and an extension was agreed among the parties involved as my Solicitor had confirmed that he had seen an official letter. I waited the 5 days and checked my account and no refund, I left it till the following day and rang the bank to query why the money was not in my bank. I spoke to a rude, arrogant man who abruptly stated 'your not having a refund' I was mortified and just assumed he had made a mistake. He told me the bank had made a decision not to refund, a letter was in the post and that my account was going to be closed. I was so upset and informed him that the Branch Manager had confirmed the refund, the advisors I had spoken to has also told me a refund would be paid in 5 days. The advisors words to me where 'the letter means nothing you may as well put it in the bin' He went on to tell me that a Branch Manager has no authority to make this decision and only the fraud team could make these decisions. I was under the assumption that a Branch Manager was a person of authority and was someone who could deal with issues such as mine. I told him that the letter was an official letter and that my Solicitor had accepted it as evidence for an extension on the sale of my new home. 'put it in the bin' I had worked myself into such a state crying and totally powerless. I couldn't believe it. From there on I have contacted the complaints team, made a formal complaint, a spokesman said wrote an article about my situation and also contacted the bank on my behalf but still no refund. I have complained to the CEO and the Executive Team Manger responded and advised one of his team would be looking into my case. I rang the Exec Manager and discussed my issue. He appeared to be really sympathetic and genuinely sounded as if he knew it was the Banks mistake. I felt optimistic but within a few days I received a final response letter from the exec team identical to the response from the Complaints team and advising that the decision would not be overturned and they agreed with the Complaint Handler. I had sent a response picking out all the mistakes they had made. They had identified transactions made several months prior that appeared to be a similar merchant. The amount was completely different and nowhere near the large amounts that had been made during this fraud. I had been in hospital with Sepsis for 10 weeks throughout Novemeber and all through Christimas and it was not until I returned home I recognised unauthorised transactions on my account. I queried these but did not request a refund as I had concerns that a 17 year old male I had fostered for a year may have been involved. I could not prove this so felt very restricted to confronting him. I also did not want to involve the Police as it might have had nothing to do with him. I explained this to the Complaints Handler and also informed her that I had not asked for the previous 'fraud concerns' to be refunded. I had queried it as fraud but when the transaction details were provided I left it as that. This had no similarities to the transactions made on this occasion the current fraud was £6000 over 24 hour period. The complaint team response clearly states that 'I had been either involved in authorising the transactions or had been careless with my details' They refused to provide any evidence or details of how they made this decision and told me they were not required to as it was part of the NatWest fraud , security AND INVESTIGATION procedures which they did not have to disclose. As explained their decision was clearly due to other transactions on my account, not identical and in the complaint response the information was incorrect. It was evident that this was what the handler had based her assumption on. The letter then stated that the Branch Manager had acted in good faith when writing the letter and this was written based on information I had provided. I almost choked. Are you being serious. If I went into a branch and told the Manager I had just won a million would she write a letter and confirm this information? NO. The Branch Manager is paid to make responsible and accurate decisions and as a senior member of staff are we really supposed to believe they would provide confirmation of a refund simply because a customer says so. The complaint letter provided no evidence to back up this statement but is clearly stating that I am lying and the Managers word is what they accept as true. There was no other information in the complaint response and the points I had made in my complaint had not been addressed such as the FCA principles and the lending standards board guidelines they had failed to adhere to. All Ignored and the excuse they provided for not being able to provide any factual evidence or hard copies of anything related was due to the fraud and security processes they could not breech this and these processes could not be discussed with customers. I feel I have exhausted all avenues with the Bank and the Bank has won. They are just refusing with no proof, not even a reason but I feel powerless. I contacted the FSA who advised that the bank had not followed various principles and guidelines and that I should take this to the Ombudsman. I am aware that the Ombudsman is a length process and from the information I have read on your site and several others the ombudsman seem to side with the Banks and are not required to follow the FSA guidelines. I had considered just going to the Small Claims Court. To be honest it is not as important to me now, I have lost the house I had been in the process of purchasing and as the Branch Managers Letter appeared sincere and I trusted the Banks Branch Manager I went ahead with land searches and now solicitors fees I have paid and all for nothing. I am angry upset and feeling really low at the moment. I have lost money and the house and feel devastated that over half of the money I received as redundancy has just been stolen and there is nothing I can do, Its heart breaking. If anyone has any advice or ideas that they think may help I would be very grateful as at the moment I have given up.
  2. Strictly, speaking this is not a subject that would normally feature on the 'bailiff discussion' section of the forum. However, with the subject matter regularly featuring on the popular TV series; Can't Pay We'll Take it Away' it may well assist some viewers. Anyone watching the TV series would have seen the many instances of a tenant is being evicted. Routinely, the tenants had been advised by their local authorities that in order to gain assistance with emergency housing, that they must remain in the property until the actual eviction. It would seem that this practice must stop. The following is taken from a recent article from the Sheriffs Office: Housing minister, Brandon Lewis has told all local authorities to stop routinely advising tenants to stay put until the enforcement agent arrives before they can be accepted as homeless. Mr Lewis has written to all the chief executives of local councils saying that households should not be put in this position, and clarifying the guidance about homelessness. In his letter he says, “Authorities should not routinely be advising tenants to stay until the bailiffs arrive; there is no barrier to them assisting the tenant before this. By doing this, local authorities miss a valuable opportunity to prevent homelessness.” Mr Lewis writes that the statutory Homelessness Code of Guidance, which local authorities are required by law to have regard to, is clear on this matter and contains guidance on how they should treat homelessness applications where a tenant has received a valid S21 notice. This is what Mr Lewis’s letter highlights about what the guidance states: -Housing authorities should not, in every case, insist upon a court order for possession and that no local authority should adopt a blanket policy in this respect. -If the landlord intends to seek possession and there would be no defence to an application for a possession order, then it is unlikely that it would be reasonable for the applicant to continue to occupy the accommodation. -Unless a local authority has very good reason to depart from the statutory guidance, then they should not be placing households in this position.
  3. End of March I received a letter from the hmrc telling me I was overpaid working tax credits by almost £200. Fair enough! They stated I would receive a letter shortly with instructions how to repay the amount. It's almost end of April and I've received nothing yet. Should I worry? I wouldn't want them to contact me later asking me to pay up fines or penalties. Should I make the first move? Or is it normal procedure? Thanks
  4. http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/Aldi-customers-told-register-vehicles-store-face/story-27985958-detail/story.html I don't see how this really helps with the congested car park as anybody is still allowed to park there without using Aldi...
  5. Hi, I received a call yesterday stating I had failed my work assessment at ATOS as I hadn't received enough points. The woman on the phone asked me many times and tried to force me to allow her to put me through to claim JSA. When I mentioned appealing she stated I would still need to apply for JSA as I wouldn't receive ESA whilst the appeal is pending. So my question is this the case?, If so this is disgusting. I have failed, appealed previously and won the appeal and had no gap in payments in between.
  6. Hi Everyone This is my first post and hopefully it is not a stupid question. It involves the often asked question about double yellow lines without a T-bar at the end. I am currently appealing a ticket given to me when parked outside my driveway where there are double yellow lines on the road. My appeal is based on mitigating circumstances/Health reasons why I was unable to have my blue badge on view and has noting to do with missing T-bars. However i have noticed that the double yellow lines end outside my neighbours house(with no T-bar) and change to a single white line for two houses before changing back to double yellow lines(again no T-bar) for the rest of the road. I asked the council (by Phone) if the lines are enforceable without the missing T-bar and was told that this excuse has not been allowed for over 8 years. The new law is that the yellow lines actually continue underneath the single white line so a T-bar is not needed because there is no break in the lines. He also told me if I had used that as an appeal it would be an automatic fail if he was given the case to look at. I was not convinced so I emailed the same question and quoted what i was told earlier. The reply said "As advised during your telephone conversation with this office today, a T-bar is not a requirement in terms of making a yellow line enforceable providing the restriction is identifiable to the motorist" I can believe that the T-bar loophole has been closed but I just wondered if it is actually the new law that yellow lines can now run invisibly underneath a single white line. I have not been able to find any mention of this anywhere on the Internet. I have asked them for a link where I can view the new rules but they have not supplied this information. Thanks
  7. Hi I'm desperate for some advice. Since 2010 my dad has took the finance out for me due to bad credit history. We've had 3 VW, 2 Toyotas and now a Honda. Toyota have financed the last 2 cars and the Honda we have now. We've always been upfront with the dealer. the 2 Toyotas came from the same dealer and we told them that I couldn't get finance so they asked if someone else could and my dad agreed and when we went for the Honda I to,d them as well and they also suggested I get someone so I did and my dad agreed again. Today I've found out it's illegal. I was talking to Toyota Finance due to a issue with the Honda and mentioned my dad had the finance and I drove the car and it was registered in my hisbands name and kept at our address. She said Toyota don't allow this..I told her the 2 dealers have never said a thing about it not being allowed. I've told my dad and he's shocked and said if it was fraud he'd never have agreed to finance the cars. What is likely to happen. We are looking to sell the car anyway but I'm worried they think my dad has committed fraud. It was the dealer who suggested it. Why would they do this if it was fraud.
  8. So basically I live in a shared house. We received a letter to say that the landlord wanted to complete an inspection (we had one of these around a month ago - where they were incredibly rude, shouting at bin bags etc.). I politely rang up the letting agency to inform them that this day was not suitable for us (we were in the middle of packing to move out). They said they would inform the landlord and arrange for another day. Anyway yesterday they came in anyway. Only my flatmate was in bed as we were all out. They let themselves in, walked around and woke up my flatmate and started shouting at him for small bits of mess. I rang up the letting agency and they said they had tried to contact us, but could not get hold of us to tell us that they were coming anyway as 'they were only checking meters'. I said I had made it very clear I didn't want them coming round (I like to be in the house when they visit - I personally don't like landlord being around my things without me being there). I am extremely annoyed by this, the letting agency are nothing but trouble - have not helped us in any way this year and been an absolute nuisance. What would you advise to do? Am i within my right to cancel the rest of the tenancy and move to my new house (im currently in a cross over period). This would save me rent. Thanks for any help.
  9. Hi , Not sure if anyone can help here however I applied for finance to purchase a machine. The finance was agreed and forms sent out for me to complete. Included in the forms was a certificate of acceptance for the machine stating it was in good working order. I called the provider to say I was signing for the finance but would not sign the acceptance until I had viewed the machine. After a month of delays the machine arrived however it was not as described. There were numerous defects and it had logged over 25% more hours worked than had been advertised. I called the supplier immediately to tell them it was unacceptable and to remove it from site. They apologised and promised to resolve the issues. They have not and I insisted they take the machine back as I requested in the first instance. I also informed the finance company on the first day that it was unacceptable and not to pay out any money as the deal was to be aborted. I have since discovered that they have taken payments from my bank. They insist I must maintain payments for the machine (which has since been removed) despite me informing them that it was unacceptable and to cancel the finance. In clause 1.1 of the finance proposal it states that if I find the goods to be defective, I must inform them within 5 working days. I did so within an hour. Am I within my rights to withhold any finance payment for this machine and can I claim my money back. I continue to hire a machine as the one I was purchasing was defective as well as having to pay finance on a machine I do not have. Any comment / advise welcome. Thanks in advance
  10. I received a retention offer via email so I had to speak to the live chat team to accept it. I was quote the price and all was good. I then received a confirmation email a day later that noted there was a price increase of £3 per month. Yeah it's only £3 but it's the principle. I got onto the live chat and was told recontract offers are immediate and there is no cooling off period and the misinformation I was given was not a valid reason to 'nullify' the contract. I'm absolutely livid at how sneaky they were!
  11. My husband who has worked for the same security company for 10 years has had a phone call today from his supervisor who asked him has he received a letter off his new employer with regards to the site he has been working at has already been tuped over. my husband has been off sick since early december with an infection and matters relating to chemotherapy due to prostate cancer. he told the supervisor this is the first he's heard of anything and the supervisor said he would call back after speaking to the new employer. my husband is at a loss over what to say about his employment rights and what is in his best interests when his supervisor phones back. Please could anyone help with regards to this regards junes0000
  12. I work security. that bits simple My boss who is the Facilities manager has just been told as they supervise security staff they must have a Non-front line licence. The lay out of the companies involved is below. the Building owner appointed a property management company. That company breaks into 2 sub companies One side property management, the other, people who work at the buildings like Facilities managers. the property side appoints its preferred security contractor who then supplies the officers My onsite boss, the Facilities manager who is a direct employee of the client company (not a contractor/agency) has been told they can no longer talk to me about building matters or security until they get a Non-front line licence. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55909[/ATTACH] Strange
  13. This may be a little long winded, please bear with me. I am describing what is happening between my daughter and TV Licensing. She moved into shared student accommodation in 2013 in Exeter, on a road with many student houses, Victoria Street. They were doorstepped one evening, when my daughter was not present, told they don't have a license and needed to get one. A week later it was purchased. Fast forward several months (I don't recall the date but am in the process of finding out and documenting all this), and she receives, at her home address, a Notice of Enforcement for £340 for Use of a Television set without a license. This is the first letter received. I accompany her to a local magistrates court to perform a Statutory Declaration that she received no summons. On the clerks papers we can see that they had my daughter's student address incorrect, instead of Victoria Street it is Victoria Road. This explains why she has not received any letters to this point, and why she did not receive the summons. The clerk provides us with no papers with this information on. The Stat Dec is sent off, and my daughter calls the TV License people to explain the situation, saying please can you call off the hounds. They say no, you will have to explain in court. Fast forward again to December last year. Again at the home address she received a second Notice of Enforcement, for a different court case. Again she provides a statutory declaration. This time the court at which she provides the stat dec doesn't send it through correctly to the court issuing the warrant and they are insisting they cannot cancel the warrant - the fine stands. She is in her final year, extremely stressed by it all, cannot afford to pay the fine, and should not as she had a license. She has been to court twice, made in the region of 40 phone calls to the court and tv licensing, and seems to have no way out. She can't fight a summons that does not get sent to her. I'm trying to put together all the information to write to the Consumer Relations address to complain to TV Licensing but it seems rather a toothless approach. Anything else we can do?
  14. As anyone who has a computer with Windows 8 installed by the manufacturer will know, the Windows system has been upgraded to Windows 8.1 and this is a free upgrade. Most computers have a recovery partition so that the computer can be recovered to the way it left the factory should the need arise. We are also told the very first thing to do on a new computer is to make a backup of the system onto DVD so that can be used should the hard drive fail and you lose your recovery partition. Now anyone with Windows 8 who has upgraded to Window 8.1 and who has done a recovery will know that after the install of Windows 8, you then have to visit the Microsoft update site and download and install hundred of updates. You cannot upgrade to Windows 8.1 without the updates. When that has been completed, you then have to visit the Microsoft Store and do the upgrade to Windows 8.1. This is so time consuming that you can expect to be without your pc for the best part of the day even with an Intel i7 system and 100mb broadband. HP will only allow a user to make one recovery copy. I can understand this as any more would be for sale on ebay. I emailed the boss of HP who escalated my email and details to call. I called and explained the above and asked if HP had plans to allow users/owners to make a second recovery disc while using Windows 8.1, Windows 8 is now redundant. Their response was an astounding 'NO', we have no plans or intentions to help you or any other HP owners recover to Windows 8.1, the tone intimated 'we have your money now bugger off'. So HP, you can stuff that colour laser printer I was looking at, I will now choose Canon.
  15. I signed on at the job centre on Wednesday.When i was there my advisor gave me 3 jobs to apply for and said i had to apply for them before i sign on again in 2 weeks on the 5/11/14. She told me to make sure i apply for them along with proof i have as i could be sanctioned for not applying for them. Today iv gone in to Universal job match to find them and apply for them.Iv found and applied for 2 of them but i cant find the third even with the universal match job ID.It was definitely on there at some point because the advisor had printed it out to give to me. My question is surely i cant be sanctioned for this as i have attempted to apply for the job but it no longer exists?
  16. Im due to see a concert next week tickets were purchased a year ago, on an old bank card for an account i no longer have. I contacted the arena today and was told they had not sent them yet and would do so this weekend. I told them this was not good enough as i go away next week and will not be back toll the night of the concert, They told me i can collect them with the bank card i used to pay, i made clear i did not have that anymore as the account was closed down and the card was cut up, they told me there is nothing they can do, I explained that i was told i would get the tickets today as it a week till the concert and on there website it states tickets will be received 2 weeks before the date and i made clear i had called last week and was assured they would be here today. Im wondering if there is any way i can get the tickets with out the bank card, i hold other id but they have refused to issue them to me personally and will only post them out via special delivery. Im so upset at this matter
  17. work in security and just a standard security officer in a building monitor things etc. The other day a person from a learning centre thing, that work had signed us up too, I asked what is it, they told me Marshalling/stewarding, I said oh no I'm not into that not interested, then they learning place kick off on me saying wait till we tell your supervisor you have to do what ever they say. I contact supervisor and tell him look I'm not doing marshalling or stewarding at all! and he said it needs to be done for audit reasons, I tell him no as they will make us work for the stadiums they just got contracts for, which I'm not doing, I've been on the current site for 3 years and know the contract is still on for another 2 years and have been told my job is safe, but i still would not do the course. They have now told me that if i dont do the course they will take me of the site and lose my hours and I've to now fill in a college question book for maths and english for the course. Dont get me wrong if the course was a benefit e.g. cctv i would but this is not something i want to do or waste time doing. Yes i know it silly but it the fact I know they will move us to the stadium and i do not want this, and I've told them this but still get no we want, but i know they will. Am i within my rights to refuse the course
  18. Hi and thanks for any who can help. I raised grievance for bullying, and periodic aggressive attacks on me by secretary (relation to owner). last straw was when the owners "secretary" said she was giving my admin work of home office stuff and staff files to senior care assistant. she is studying her NVQ sorry now QCF level 5. my roles are admin and Activities as per my contact. I have had attacks on me since 2011 but was unable to do grievance until now as 1. did not have employee handbook until 2012. 2. because of aggression 3. changed of matrons' who did not want to deal with my concerns or who were being bullied their selves. The care assistant has been gradually taking over most of my admin work , i have had all good feed back in the past and now, so apart from care assistant just starting her QCF, i dont know why, she relabeling, she's auditing "my" staff files' and even tried to publicly critise.even nurses are asking care staff member to do forms for them, so am unsure what they have been told too. Anyway i raised grievance, yesterday the owner asked to speak to me, she said it;s informal chat , then started asking me questions which relate to the grievance, said i would like you to focus more on activities and anyone can do admin, then said she did not know anything about the grievance/ meeting due next day today... the person who wanted to take the notes is also related but yesterday denied any knowledge of the arranged grievance hearing* when last week he called me over and said the grievance letter it.s no biggee we can sort out, perhaps we can have meeting next thursday or friday i will do a letter I said next friday would be better for me, whilst he walked passed meyesterday he told a staff member that he would not be in tomorrow. So in the end the owner said she would be coming in to the initial hearing. Today 1 hour at 1pm ish before hearing she had bad head and headed off to hospital, i was asked to put meeting back later to 3pm. at 2.46pm she rang , said she was at hospital having blood tests, i asked about our grievance hearing as the home manager who was to take the meeting was on annual leave after today. she said are you in on monday i said yes, she said it's only a grievance , i can do it on monday without the home manager.. so now im worried. firstly she tried to have informal chat in the middle of process, she is the owner and she would be the person who i would need to appeal to after the home manager has done his investigation. Now she wants to hold herself without the home manager being present..she's broke our own employee handbook policies and procedures with regard to grievances. she did ask me if i wanted to do an NVQ, i feel she's trying to sweep under the carpet. what do i do when she calls for an informal chat to deal with a formal grievance monday. grateful for advice, thanks so very much all.
  19. Hospitals have been told to give free or cheap parking to the relatives of chronically ill patients. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said new guidelines for English hospitals have been created in order to end the stress of "unfair" charges. Patients with disabilities, those who have frequent appointments and members of staff working shifts will also benefit from the changes, Mr Hunt said. The guidelines state hospital trusts should waive fines when an overstay is beyond the control of the driver, for instance if treatment takes longer than planned. Mr Hunt last month admitted he was concerned about parking fees being charged at some hospitals after being pressed by backbenchers to end "rip-off" costs. The guidance sets out for the first time that hospital trusts are responsible for the actions of any private firms they use to run parking facilities. It also calls on hospitals to look at introducing pay on exit systems so those visiting only pay for the time they have used. Mr Hunt said: "Patients and families shouldn't have to deal with the added stress of unfair parking charges. "These clear ground rules set out our expectations, and will help the public hold the NHS to account for unfair charges or practices." https://uk.news.yahoo.com/hospitals-told-end-unfair-parking-charges-233556779.html#BM0Avdn
  20. Sophie Jones, 19, lost her battle with cancer on Saturday morning - her family say it should never have happened The parents have set up a petition in order that other young girls are not let down as Sophie was - you can sign HERE
  21. An "unreserved apology" had been issued by the government to the family of a woman who was sent a letter encouraging her to find work even though she has been in a coma for two months. Speaking in the Commons, the Minister for Disabled People Mike Penning said things had clearly "gone wrong". Sheila Holt, from Rochdale, was invited to "intensive job-focused activity". Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk said the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) was hounding disabled people. Sheila Holt's case was highlighted by Mr Danczuk during a debate on the effects of welfare reform on the sick and disabled. Mr Danczuk said: "Sheila has suffered from severe bipolar [disorder] since childhood and regularly has traumatic experiences. "She has not been in employment since she was 16 years old. However she was pushed into the Work Programme before Christmas and she was finding it extremely difficult." He said members of her family repeatedly informed Seetec, a contractor carrying out work capability assessments for the DWP, that she was not well "but they continued to get harassed by those organisations". 'Threatening her' Ms Holt's father Ken said her last job was 27 years ago and last year she was forced to go on a job-seeking course for eight days. After each day she became more and more agitated until she "cracked" her father said, and was hospitalised following a "manic episode". But while in hospital she suffered a heart attack on 17 December last year and is still in a coma after suffering brain damage. He said: "If they had left her alone she would not be in this condition. They were threatening her with cuts and she needs the benefits. "I just believe it's all wrong, you should be chasing the people who are fit, get them to work, not them that are not fit. It's outrageous." Mr Penning said: "I apologise, unreservedly, to the family as the minister responsible. "The family have every right to be aggrieved and I hope she makes a full recovery." Story taken from the BBC
  22. I am writing this to try and seek some advice for my friend as she has asked for my help and since you guys have been such a massive help to me in the past - you are my first port of call for advice. Today she received a call while she was at work - she works 200 miles from her home address and her husband was also at work. the call was from a bailiff stating that they were outside her property for a repayment of an unpaid debt (starting at £250) - in her sons name. She has not spoken with her son for 3 years and he hasn't lived with her for the same, in fact, he lives some 400 miles away. The bailiff said that they were at her front door with a police officer and a locksmith and they had a distress warrant to gain entry to her property to remove goods to the value of over £2000. The only way she could stop this from happening is to pay the debt in full over the phone. She was so worried about people going into her house and taking her things that she just gave them her debit card details for them to take the payment (bad move I know but she must have been very threatened to have done that). I have since advised her to call police to confirm if they have log at her address - she called police who confirm police have NOT attended her address. She is now left feeling like she has been conned and lied to by this bailiff who has scared her into making a rather large payment for fear of them entering her house. I am totally out of my depth with this. What can she do in relation to this? Her bank, NatWest cant stop the payment as she gave my card details over the phone but she feels like she has been mislead in the way in which she has been forced to make the payment. Is there any way of firstly getting her money back? and secondly, stopping all the mail for her son coming to her address (she keeps returning mail - 'no longer at this address' but it makes no difference') and stop these companies using her address? Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance
  23. I had to check the date to ensure it wasn't 1st April !! Read more : http://uk.news.yahoo.com/ms-parkinsons-sufferers-told-010953015.html?vp=1#m6kqvLM
  24. British Gas broke into businesswoman's home over an unpaid bill despite not having any gas appliances in her flat Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2431864/British-Gas-broke-businesswomans-home-unpaid-despite-having-gas-appliances-flat.html#ixzz2gMoyfcLV I would hope they provided this poor woman with more than just an apology !! This is not a one off situation, there are many similar stories on CAG
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