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  1. Intro info-threads have been merged to give background to the issues. Basically its only £230 but its the principle + need a new van so this would really come in handy towards that. Wrote asking for the money back they declined, wrote again threatening court again a big fat no and a copy of the ombudsman book. They state that complaint has now been closed. Should I now put in a claim with the small claims online or is there a way of encouraging them to pay otherwise? I gather egg dont tend to do refunds. All are £16 standard default charges, dont know if this makes a difference? Any advice on my best route would be much appreciated
  2. Hi I've just received a text from Newlyns saying they will attend tomorrow to remove goods. I also accidentally deleted the text!!! so can't remember the exact words a nd don't have the mobile number it came from. I remember it said to call 'this number' now. This debt is a liability order from Canterbury Magistrates for non payment of council tax. I own a small flat near there which is way too small for my family and which I'm trying to sell. I've never lived in it. Council have charged me a full year's tax with no rebate - which I will need to look into as it's 25% rebate most other places for single occupant (or no occupant?). I have been unemployed for nearly two years and now have a job. But Newlyns demanded I pay the £1200 over 6 months even though I was unemployed when I spoke to them. Having been unemployed for so long it's really crippling me trying to catch up with all my unpaid bills now, to the point where I have nothing left each month within a week of pay day. Sometimes I have to cancel a standing order. I didn't pay Newlyn in November and I didn't pay them in January. I'm just too broke. I'm facing a huge council tax bill where I'm living now which will probably need to be paid by April, which is £1100 and I'm hoping my daughter will have her housing benefit sorted by then so they will reduce the bill. I don't know how to deal with Newlyns. I've read some of the sticks about bailiff actions etc but I think this firm are really hard. I think it's disgusting that a bailiff company can be successful enough to be a PLC in this day and age. I'm scared. Does anyone know what I should do? I have never had them visit my current address or discuss any belongings with them. I know they asked for my NI number when I originally spoke to them. They said it was to check I wasn't working. thanks
  3. From today, consumers and small businesses taking out new landline, broadband or mobile contracts should be allowed to exit them without penalty if their provider increases the monthly subscription price agreed at the point of sale. http://media.ofcom.org.uk/2014/01/22/protection-for-consumers-against-unexpected-mid-contract-price-rises/ and the full guidance. http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/consultations/price-rises-fixed-contracts/statement
  4. This was seen at James Paget Hospital in Gorleston, near Great Yarmouth. Can anyone spot the errors? [ATTACH=CONFIG]48546[/ATTACH]
  5. Hello all, I made a CCA request a couple of years ago, I got the usual reply, reconstituted agreement and application form, I wrote back and told them that this was not good enough. All went quite for 2 years, then I was contacted by a debt collection agency, I asked for deed of assignment, they claimed that the account was still with the original provider, I then made a CCA request of the debt collection agency, they responded by passing on my request to the card provider, this request has not produced the credit agreement either, although I have asked the debt collection agency what further recovery action can be justified, they have not replied though they insist that I must write to card provide, this I am in the process of doing, Can I just add that all the other Debt collection firms I have dealt with on this matter have closed their files when I have made my CCA requests. Any help would be greatly appreciated Benjamin
  6. I've been a member of this fantastic site:jaw:.
  7. Hi, I am hoping for guidance or help in starting to fill the ESA50 form out. But I have three problems, my main consultant is on holiday for two weeks, my welfare advisor has a signed mandate to contact my Consultant ( my current GO knows little about me - just issues prescriptions) and finally I am supposed to go on holiday to my sister at her caravan on Isle of wight for next 2 weeks. The form has to be sent back by 28th Sept and I do not come home until 21st Sept - my sister feels there is no point staying at home worrying when my hospital consultant is also away. My disability / illness has a stigma & discrimination associated with it so reluctant to mention it on here but I don't know how to start filling in the ESA50 now then emailing it to my welfare rights specialist. The timing is just bad and I am sick with worry. I am from London but moved to Glasgow in 2004 after being forced out of work due to ill health. Any guidance would be appreciated. THANK YOU IB migration to ESA
  8. If you missed the news today so far today, read this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24690552 http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/radar/ Anyone remember Michael Fish weather forecast in October 1987.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24689376 I was stuck on Surbiton station for about 4 hours and trees on the line,No power,roads blocked. Can you remember where you was in October 1987 and the great storms ? Be safe.....
  9. ......Today is the 14th day of taking out motor car insurance, unfortunately my circumstances have changed and i no longer need the car insurance on this particular vehicle. Today is the 14th day but the problem is the company are closed for business today and no way to cancel for the reduced fee. Tomorrow when they open will be 15th day which adds a larger fee and extra fee for using it for 15 days. Are they allowed to close or at least not allow cancellations on a sunday? effectively in my case it leaves me with 13 days to cancel and not 14 as per their policy. Advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  10. The word is getting out.............. http://www.independent.co.uk/money/loans-credit/simon-read-bailiffs-are-an-upsetting-and-costly-way-to-collect-late-debts-8792401.htm
  11. Bob Diamond would have resigned over Barclays' results today, his successor Antony Jenkins must know he can't produce a similar set again. Bob Diamond was the arch bull when the rest of the world had turned bearish. A man out of time and out of luck, though definitely not out of pocket. He resigned from Barclays just over a year ago following the Libor-rigging revelations, but, had he not done so, he would almost certainly be announcing his resignation today. The Barclays results make grim reading: a capital hole of £12.8bn, a £5.8bn rights issue, £2bn in new mis-selling provisions, and no chance of return on equity exceeding cost of equity until at least 2016. Throughout his short reign, Mr Diamond staked his claim to the Mandate of Heaven at Barclays on two premises that have turned out to be wrong: (1) a high return on equity and (2) no new capital raising. The former Barclays chief's confidence was based on his messianic belief that the rest of the world had become too pessimistic on investment banking and banks in general. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/10210573/Barclays-Bob-Diamond-would-have-resigned-today.html
  12. Hi Dye in Court today for non payment of council tax. Had no idea i had to pay, as i was on ESA. Have rang the council , paid the council tax due. However, the only gave me a week from receiving the summons to the court date. IS this correct? Im basically trying to dispute the court fees which make the majority of the summons. I can see from their letter, they issue the Summons on a friday, send it second class which then arrives the next Wednesday to be in court on the Thursday. Also , do they have to justify in any way the costs they are trying to claim. I used to draft small claims court summons's years ago and the fee we could claim was around £70, usually took us an hour to draft the paperwork, but seems these are all produced in bulk via computer systems. I know im leaving this late. Honestly didn't know know i had to pay anything. Had issue around April with self harm, wasn't checking post etc. Thats no excuse. But does make me angry when it seems they are doing everything they can to give people as little time as possible to respond to court requests. Seems a bit like the situation re traffic fine, council are more interested in the fines that putting up decent signs etc. Anyways, have to leave around 10 am. Was trying to get help from CAB as to what notice for court appearance is required. they didnt seem to know. Suggested it may be 14 days. Does this mean they can send the summons second class last thing on a friday? Sorry for the waffle
  13. In March 2013 I received a claim form from Northampton County Court regarding a barclaycard account which was overdue and had been passed onto a company called MKDP LLP. This was the first time I had heard about this company and the balance was for £9247.00. I filed my defence using mcol stating that I did not owe all this money and sent a recorded delivery letter requesting a cca to MKDP LLP with a one pound postal order. I have heard nothing at all either from the court or MKDP until today when I received a judgement for claimant from the court. It says that I have not replied to the claim form and therefore I must pay the claimant the sum of £9247 plus £190 costs less the sum of one pound which I have already paid. Although there is a balance outstanding on the account I am sure it is somewhere round the 5000 mark and the last payment was made in July 2011. Can anybody advise me on how to proceed or is it a case of biting the bullet and contacting the above company to try to come to some arrangement any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi I have been an avid reader of this site for many years now and have always found the advice I needed to deal with my many ups and downs over the last few years. I always do my best to find out the information I need trying not to block up the site with my issues when there are many many people that need more help than I do but I'm afraid today I could really do with some advice please! I have been handed a letter (not in an envelope) by a stranger knocking at my door today. It is a Statutory Demand from Hamptons Legal (Lowell Portfolio). I did not need to sign for it and the guy actually apologised for giving it to me!! Question 1. It has a date on it of 20th July 2012. This means they have taken almost 3 weeks to get it to me! How do I prove the date of service on me? The 3 account numbers quoted on the SD are not my Barclaycard account numbers as such! They are for the right amounts but it seems that when Barclaycard sold my accounts to Lowell they changed the account numbers (or did they sell an account that doesn't even exist??) I am not even convinced of the validity of this letter! It has a form 6.1 attached to the covering letter, it says it is served by the creditor but between pages 3 and 4 of the form 6.1 they have added another page telling me that if I want to avoid a bankruptcy petition I must pay the debt shown or attempt to come to a settlement with the creditor. This seems like just another scare tactic that these people try. So anyway I have had a couple of Court Claims which I have had to deal with but never a SD and Bankruptcy. I have spent the entire day reading and trying to take it all in and I am a little confused about how the procedure works. It appears that I have to apply in the next 18 days (or maybe not if they can get away with saying they sent it on 20th July!) to get this application set aside. If I don't and they decide to file for Bankruptcy they will automatically win and I will be made bankrupt. If however I do apply to have it set aside I automatically bring the case to court and the Judges decides if they can indeed make me bankrupt. So my question is do I try to set this aside and risk bringing it to court when I am not convinced that Lowells will take this action themselves. I have a property in joint names with my partner (not married) with almost no equity (£10k at most before fees) I owe many many people (am I right in saying if I am made bankrupt all my creditors will be issued a share of any money I have? - this would lead to them getting pennies literally!) I am now on a very low income with 3 children to support so part of me thinks let them try!! Can they even do this if the account numbers are wrong? The only default notice I have received on these accounts were from Mercers (not sure if that is allowed - thought it had to be from Barclaycard themselves) and they did not allow for service so not enough time given. If anyone can shed any light on any of this or if I have misunderstood any of it I would really appreciate anyone's advice. Thank you so much for reading Dearyme Ps I hope this all makes sense!
  15. well after going through tribunal for esa and getting it now have home visit from atos today for dla any tips guys xx
  16. About 3 weeks ago a bailiff knocked my door to collect a council tax debt (£930) from approx 18 mnths ago (i totally forgot). I received a letter yesterday stating that they were coming to seize goods and the police will be accompanying them. I did not open the door to the bailiffs 3 weeks ago where he wanted to come inside to discuss the matter, I told him no and that he was to go away, he wouldn't go and started threatening locksmith (actually on the mobile phone with the locksmith) but he never came. The bailiff was at my place for about an hour sitting in his car and coming back to try again, I just told him to go away again and eventually he did. I am now waiting for him to come with police which could be anytime today, any advise please.
  17. Hi could some one help me with this scenario ! i have recieved a statutory demand for a an old credit card but the date on the demand is dated 26 of march 2013 so seeing that it is now the 20th of april i presume they are trying to pull a fast one as u only have 21 days to apply to have it set asside ! what can i do now as i sent for the original cca in 2008 to Capital one they sent me a bodged up application at the time so i sent another letter saying it was now in dispute later that year i was sent another leter by then Lowell. i replied saying Capital one was still in dispute now this demand is from BWlegal !! help woukd be most appreciated !!
  18. I have just read the dreadfully sad news posted by BankFodder that Martin3030 passed away earlier today at just 54 years of age. I joined this site back in 2007 and have posted over 5,000 posts. Martin joined a year earlier and has made over 55,000 posts !!! As any regular on here will know, it takes a lot of time each day to respond to queries and from the number of posts made by Martin, it is clear that he DEDICATED most if not all of time to assisting people on this site. What a great person. I will certainly miss him. More here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?380870-Martin3030 RIP.
  19. ok i arrived home from work to find bailiffs at my girlfriends door, apparently they came in feb and she allowed them in to make an inventory of things to take and signed a form to say so, she didn't tell me about this,i have only been with her just over a year and maybe she was scared to tell me. anyway she didn't make the payments and since they made the inventory i have moved in with her and brought most of my furniture and household appliances, there was £952 owing, because i didn't have time to seek advice i payed £515 on my credit card plus a £20 fee, they also charged £170 because they came with a van to seize goods and £50 per half hour they were at our address. she has had an attachment of earnings since nov 2010 of around £50 per month,i asked her what debt she owes the council and she doesn't know!!! do you think £170 for attending with a van is a fair charge,and what should i do now. i told her she should have told me the first time they came,and she should not have let them in but thats to late now.they also said if we didn't sign an inventory for her car they would seize that for the balance of £417.56. i intent to make the 3 instalments we have agreed to,so that shouldn't really be a problem,just after some advice moving foreward, thanks you in advance phil
  20. Hi all, could anyone here advise me regarding hmrc.to cut along strory short in 2011 i wanted to go self employed and registerd online.Only to find that after registering 2 days later my source of funding had let me down.Anway i then contacted hmrc by phone and spoke to a lady regarding my problems with funding ect.And explained i wasnt going to go self employed.She advised me that i needed to wright a letter explaining but it had been logged on there system.Since then i keept recieving letters stating late payments for not filling a tax return in.So i sent a cover letter back to them and got into a game of letter tennis.After a while the letters stopped for a while (around 4-6 wks) so i thought they had finaly got the message.But thren i recieved a letter from a dca and then the phone calls started.so i rang back and explained my side of the story.the bloke who answerd said am i putting it into dispute.so i made myself clear yes i am doing.bearing in mind it is now 2013.i recieved a call today from a nice sounding lady saying she had some good news for me.And continued to say hmrc have called and i only owe them £20.95 after they have reviewed my problem.now what i would like to know is after all the stress and playing tennis letters ect do i have grounds for compensation in a county court at all.or is this something everyone has to put up with in life.Any help would be appreciated.
  21. Hi, This is probably a stupid question, but my next Housing Benefit Payment is due today and I've not recieved it. Now I know it's a bank holiday and that they are new changes in the benefits (I got the letter for it, I get a bit less than I previously got, but nothing much). My question is: will I get it today or another day? Should I contact my LA an ask? Thanks in advance
  22. Hi Just after a bit of advice. I have a reassessment 2 weeks today. I suffer with an anxiety/panic disorder. Given 12 points last time, advised a return to work possible within 3 months. DM at DWP change this decision once receiving the ATOS report and gave me 18 points and advised reassessment in 12 months. Not long after my initial assessment I developed a swallowing disorder, Dysphagia, which is a pretty bad thing, and relates to 2 Support group descriptors, ie the swallowing and chewing food ones. I had professional help filling in my form, and sent a letter from my doctor and psychiatrist explaining my illness/es, how it affects me daily, and referring it to the descriptors, specifically the Support group descriptors. I also sent proof that I am seeing a Speech therapist who is attempting to teach me to swallow naturally again, which as yet isnt helping, and also urgently referred to the ENT for a check to make sure there is no physical problem with my throat, Yet they are still assessing me again. Im not sure what else I can tell them when I visit, my illness is clear with 10 months of medical evidence/records to prove it, it has been proved to them by my Doctor/Psych by letter. I was referred to the Psych due to this condition and losing so much weight within a short space of time (2.5 stone in 2 months) plus I am on some very strong medication, including 30mg diazepam daily, 50mg quetiapine nightly (antipsychotic drug) plus 100mg setraline daily. None of the medication is working as yet, and can take quite some time before it does. Even when it does start to work, it will only help with the anxiety of swallowing, and will not then allow me to eat/drink/swallow normally again, the speech therapist will need to do this and she thinks it could take months. Im pretty angry that I am being assessed again and just dont know what else to say, I know I am going to have a severe attitude when I go into the assessment room, I have anger issues when stressed/anxious which I find difficult to control, and on this day this is exactly how I will feel. I feel quite sorry for the person Im going to see, especially if its the same witch as before, because she was rude and lied on the report she created, and if it is her I will tell her so as soon as I see her, because I am not taking any rubbish from her this time. Any advice on what to do/say whilst im there? I will attempt to stay calm, but when you can barely swallow your own saliva at times, mainly when stressed, I cant see it being a very friendly meeting. Thanks. Daz.
  23. Hi all! I've been so busy sorting out 2 other defences for my OH, that I completely lost track of the date. Right! Claimant: Hillesden Securities (prev Black Horse) Amount: less than 5k. Aos returned disputing full amount. I have received no NOA, DN or response to my CPR31.14 request. I didn't know that Black Horse had sold the debt and the trouble started when I tried to reclaim my PPI from Black Horse 4-5 months ago. My PPI claim has been rejected but I am appealing (just with Black Horse at the moment but to FOS if necessary). My defence is due today and I'm really unsure what to do regarding what to say in my defence as the amount Hillesden are claiming for is directly related to my PPI claim. I don't know what the o/s balance would be without the PPI. I did default after running into financial difficulties back in June 2012 but I had sent a CCCS letter asking for reduced payments in 2010 - no response. We've seen through the recession and clung on by our literal fingertips, so don't want to fall at the hopefully final hurdle. I'm absolutely up to my neck in legal battles at the moment and just need some help to decide the best possible cause of action. Don't want CCJ as just going through Foster caring training. CCJ = no fostering. All advice welcome. With kind regards Kay Hillesden CC claim form 09.07.12.pdf
  24. Consumers United against Ruthless Bankers (Curb - anything that restrains or controls; a restraint; check). Banks have been found to be involved in the following:- • Money Laundering • Tax evasion • Aggressive sales (PPI) • Extortionate charges • Disproportionate Bonuses The government has not “rained in” these bankers even though it promised to do so. Why not do it ourselves, choose the worst offender of the above and boycott them; It worked with a certain coffee shop and their payment of taxes. If enough people do it, they will be brought to their knees and other banks will have to mend their ways or suffer the same fate. Choosing the (partial) state owned banks would not make sense as we would not get the taxpayers money back so we could choose these banks to move to Thus making them profitable enough to return the taxpayers investment. The switching system is much improved now so it would be fairly easy to do. We could send a letter to the bank to say: - Dear unscrupulous banker You will notice that my account has been closed and moved to another bank. I have, for a long time, considered that money laundering, tax evasion, aggressive sales techniques (i.e. PPI miss-selling) and (let’s not forget) your extortionate charges and bonuses (regardless of their legality) are immoral and unethical. I will, therefore, no longer do business with you until your bank changes its ways. I may also choose not to do business with organisations which bank with you, hopefully they (in turn) will also refuse to do business with you. Yours Faithfully A member of CURB (Consumers United against Ruthless Bankers) We could also send a letter to our local MP’s stating: - Dear sir/madam The government has failed to adhere to its manifesto in resolving the ruthless actions of bankers. Instead allowing them launder monies in other countries, evade (and assist others to evade) taxation, aggressively “sell” (PPI and other similar products), apply extortionate charges (on those who can least afford it) and grant their bosses rich rewards. Therefore, as a united body the “Consumers United against Ruthless Bankers” (CURB) has chosen to boycott such banks and deny this or any other government the opportunity to “prop up” such organisations who choose not to mend their ways Yours faithfully A Member of CURB and CURB could be part of the consumer action group
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